Ted McGrath – Message To Millions 2.0 Online Training

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When You Enroll in The Message To Millions™ Online Training You’ll begin Your Journey to Creating YOUR Celebrity Lifestyle Through These 7 Proven Modules


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Ted McGrath – Message To Millions 2.0 Online Training

Ted McGrath – Message To Millions 2.0 Online Training

Check it out: Ted McGrath – Message To Millions 2.0 Online Training

When You Enroll in The Message To Millions™ Online Training You’ll begin Your Journey to Creating YOUR Celebrity Lifestyle Through These 7 Proven Modules:

Module 1

The New Celebrity Story Blueprint

Your Life Story is Your Message to Millions. Without uncovering your life story you will never create your true message that makes an impact and changes lives.

This is your first step to creating an authentic message that sets the ENTIRE Stage for your success.

  • How to find your REAL story and message so you can create your own branded blueprint, enter the marketplace and earn multiple streams of income.
  • Design your life story to attract customers and create raving celebrity-type fans
  • Uncover your life lessons so you can get paid to coach, train, teach and with others
  • How to turn your story into a MOVEMENT that inspires others

Module 2

The New Celebrity Messaging and Money Blueprint

If you want Time and Money Freedom, then pay close attention… because no matter what you decide to do in life, it all comes down to: HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET PAID?

In Module 2 you are going to learn 4 Different ways to get paid:

  • One-on-One
  • Group Consulting
  • Online Programs
  • Seminars

Module 2 will teach you how to create your entire business model so you can get paid like a celebrity.

When you have an intelligent business that pays you well… PLUS earns you multiple streams of income… then you have the freedom to be at the beach sipping margaritas.

Module 3

Rock The High End Sales Conversation

If you are currently in a JOB or have your own business then your first priority is to get out of the trap of trading time for dollars… and finally get paid what you’re really worth.

Entertainers and celebrities are the highest paid people in the world. And they aren’t able to make half the impact you can with your life story and life lessons.

In Module 3 you will learn:

  • The Psychology of The Enrollment Conversation and Why Clients BUY
  • The Presentation Formula: How To Book an Abundance of Enrollment Conversations with Your Ideal Client
  • The # 1 Ingredient of the High End Sales Conversation That Will Double Your Sales
  • 7 Simple Questions Enroll High Quality, High Paying Clients
  • Effortless Techniques To Overcome The Time, Money, And “I Have To Think About It” Objections…

Module 3 Mega-Bonus:

  • The Simple Little Secret For Selling Six Figure Coaching & Consulting Programs

Module 4

The Money Breakthrough

We all have hidden, mental blocks or habits that prevent us from reaching the business and income goals we have for ourselves. It took me nearly 8 years before I had the breakthrough that changed everything for me.

You don’t have to wait nearly that long, because in Module 4 you get:

  • A scientific formula to unlock your full potential so you can create Breakthrough Results in a fraction of the time.
  • Bust through your money blocks so you can 10X your income.
  • Transform your fear of selling into a force of courage and conviction so you can attract High End Clients.
  • Learn how to access your best self in 1/70th of a second so you can be more powerful, confident, and successful.

Module 5

Celebrity Marketing Blueprint

If you have ever dreamed of making money even while you’re on vacation, you will love this module. Listen, the key to spreading your Message to Millions is Online.

Yes, you can make money online even if you don’t know the first thing about it because in Module 5 you will learn:

  • How to automate your business online so you can sell your story, your message and your products even while you’re sleeping or on vacation. (I recently made $40,000 while traveling in London!)
  • How to deliver inspiring presentations online that inspire people to BUY
  • How my client Maria made more money in one month online than she made from her regular business… and how you can do the same
  • The step-by-step process to design your information Product in less than 30 minutes… and even how to get paid to create it. (NO B.S! Hint: if you FOLLOW the Blueprint in Module 2, You’ve got it)
  • PLUS: My 30-page sales script for webinars and teleseminars… just model this proven script for sales success.

Module 6

The Strategic Partner Formula

Most people think that you already have to be super-successful in order to attract big name partners.

In Module 6 I will reveal the secret of how to get the best people in this industry to promote you when you have NO EMAIL LIST. This is the fastest way to jump-start your business that I know of.

In addition you will learn:

  • How to create a compelling vision that inspires world class promotional partners to promote your products and programs… even if you’re just starting out
  • My magic 3 step partner formula for making 1 million dollars with only 10 strategic partners
  • My exact scripts for how to communicate and add 10X value to your partners
  • How I grew my email list with an additional 25,000 people in 3 days

Module 7

The Superstar Seminar System

Once you have an intelligent business that brings you multiple streams of income… you will learn how to make 6-Figures in a single weekend.

That’s the power of workshops and seminars.

Look, even if you’ve never done a seminar before… it’s time. The New Celebrity (YOU) doesn’t hide behind the curtains. Take the stage and the SPOT LIGHT!

Module 7 includes:

  • How to make 6-figures at your seminars in a weekend… even if you don’t have an email list
  • How my client Alex Moscow did $115,000 in sales in a single weekend… with only 8 people in attendance. (That’s $11,000 per head!) The real kicker: He has a stutter! When I say anyone can do this… that’s the honest truth!
  • How I became one of the highest paid consultants in the Industry. (Hint: Seminars)
  • Why seminars are one of the greatest platforms ever to position you as a high paid consultant
  • The 11 step formula Selling Six Figure Packages From The Stage
  • And more…


BONUS 1: Personal Group Coaching with Ted (Value: $15,000)

You get 7 Live Coaching calls with me personally. One call a week for 7 weeks

I have never done this before and most likely I never will again. Until now, only my $100,000 clients have received this kind of direct, personal access to me…

This is going to be an advanced, in-depth training on all 7 modules:

  • Watch me build blueprints live on the call every week and demonstrate how each step works.
  • Imagine me crafting YOUR life story on the spot and dialing in your messaging for your whole business right then and there.
  • Listen as I demonstrate high-end enrollment conversations on the phone and how easy it is to demolish objections on the spot. (It’s easy once you know how)
  • Get insider access to how I build out automated funnel maps for practically any market or niche
  • Craft your high end offers to attract high quality clients in minutes
  • Breakthrough your fears, anxieties and money blocks right there on the phone.

BONUS 2: Two Free tickets to the Message To Millions Live event ($4,000 Value)

This is a packed, high-value 4-day amazing training that has changed countless lives.

If you’re asking “Why Live Events” – I’ll give you 4 reasons:

  1. Get Clients (You never know who will be there!)
  2. Meet Strategic Partners – You’re next 6 figure deal might happen while your honing your business
  3. Meet Me
  4. Nothing happens behind a computer screen, YOU MUST go to live events

Finally – You’ll also get complimentary tickets to my One Man Show “Good Enough” which I always perform before the Message to Millions event. Why? Because I want you to see the power of STORY Live and in action!

BONUS 3: Launch Masters Series ($5,000)

I invested over $100,000 in consultants for my first product launch. You get everything I learned for FREE when you enroll in Message to Millions including:

  • Up Close Interviews with 7 Launch masters who have each done over a million dollars in ONE launch.
  • How to get 50 or more partners to promote for you
  • The exact steps to create or grow your email list up to 50,000 people in weeks
  • The best way to structure your Launch to ensure the best result
  • How to find your message for your launch even in your brand new

BONUS 4: Quick Start Funnel ($10,000 program)

If you want to build a sustainable business than you MUST be selling online.

I personally invested over $200,000 in mistakes, consultants and advertising before I cracked the code. When you join Message to Millions I’m giving you the exact outline for your own ready-made sales funnel that includes:

  • The Marketing Funnel Blueprint that adds 5,000 leads to you list every single month
  • The Exact Opt in page that converts 71% of all visitors into subscribers
  • How to make 10-15 sales per day
  • How to upsell low-dollar buyers into $2,000-$25,000 packages


Your FB Marketing Machine
This is an Interview series with 5 Facebook experts who teach you how to find, target, and more importantly, profitably market to that niche

BONUS 5: Exclusive FB Group ($5,000)

In this business, one piece of advice can be worth $1 Million dollars to your bottom line. Seriously. With your Free Bonuses you’re getting over $300,000 of advice, coaching and consulting that I have already paid and profited from.

Yet, it doesn’t stop there. You’re also going to get access to the Message to Millions Private Facebook group. My team and I are on there every day answering YOUR questions, sharing the latest wins and sharing with you live, in real-time the best strategies and tactics that are working for the members of the community.

The only question is: What’s the answer to one question worth to you?

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Ted McGrath – Message To Millions 2.0 Online Training

Ted McGrath – Message To Millions 2.0 Online Training

$145.00$1,997.00 (-93%)

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