Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero To $6K

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Copy and Paste This 7-Sentence Email to Land Your First High-Paying Client… Skyrocket Your Copywriting Income Past $6,000 a Month… Discover the Step-By-Step Blueprint of How to Go From Complete Beginner to Living the Dream Remote Working Lifestyle In As Little As 8 Weeks..


Author: Ning Li & Austin Lee





Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero To $6K

Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero To $6K


Check it out: Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero To $6K

Copy and Paste This 7-Sentence Email to Land Your First High-Paying Client… Skyrocket Your Copywriting Income Past $6,000 a Month…

Discover the Step-By-Step Blueprint of How to Go From Complete Beginner to Living the Dream Remote Working Lifestyle In As Little As 8 Weeks

> This client-closing template has worked for 31 out of 36 copywriting students I’ve taught it to

> It helped me quit my PhD studying elephant seals and become the chief copywriter at PaleoHacks, a multi-million dollar health company

> Today, it could be the missing link you need to make your freelance copywriting career EXPLODE, even if you have zero experience and zero connections

Freelance Copywriter,

Would you believe me if I told you I was psychic?

Bold claim, I know… but I’m a bold man.

So let me prove it by reading your mind right now. 

Are you ready? Here we go…

You’ve read dozens of copywriting blogs and books.

You’ve looked at a few copywriting courses.

Hell, you may have even landed a few clients.

But you have no clue how to start making actual money…

Or how to scale up your freelance copywriting income so you can make a living off it.

Well, that’s EXACTLY what I’m here to show you today.

Today, I’m going to show you a step-by-step system to

go from complete copywriting beginner to making up

to $6,000 a month… in just 8 weeks

You see, as a freelance copywriter, all it takes is one email to change your life. 

Because all you need is one high-quality client to say, “Yes, I’ll hire you”…

And… BOOM.

Thousands of dollars would be plopped into your bank account, instantly.

Enough to quit your job. Enough to transform your life.

You may think this is completely outside your reality right now…

But I promise you, it’s not.

With the template I’m about to show you, it’s absolutely possible for a beginner copywriter to achieve this in just 2 short months, and I’ll prove it to you.

> Even if you have never landed a single client in your entire life and have ZERO connections…

> Even if you’ve tried copywriting courses in the past and haven’t gotten anywhere…

> And even if you’ve sent tons of emails and messages to clients without a response.

Oh, and our system will let you get clients regardless of the economic conditions.

(With more people than ever bored & buying stuff from home — the demand for good copy has never been higher.)

This proven system lets beginner copywriters 

close high-paying clients…

Using easy, step-by-step emails

with copy-and-paste templates…

This system has worked for 31 out of 36 copywriting students I’ve taught it to…

And today, it can absolutely work for YOU.

You see, since January 2017, my friend Austin and I have coached an exclusive group of 36 copywriters as part of Derek Johanson’s CopyHour Certified Coaching Program…

It was a tightly knit and closed group… with each student paying up to $5,500 to learn these secrets from us.

The majority of these students started right where you are today…

In other words, at the VERY beginning, with little to zero experience.

Yet in just a short amount of time, their lives were TRANSFORMED.

For example:

Joel B. from Denver was in our first coaching program ever, way back in 2017.

He had never written a sales page before, but by the end of the program, he had finished a $500 sales page and booked a $2,000 one.

One month later, he used the exact templates we gave him to secure a $5,000 project. Today, he’s working with one of the premier copywriting agencies in the world, writing for big names like Agora Financial and Investing Daily.

Joel second from the left, that’s me on right in the red – from our copywriting agency trip to Breckenridge, CO

Austin L. (not the coach) took the steps laid out in our method to land a full-time, remote paid salary from, the multi-billion dollar furniture site.
Josh E. added $10,000 to his monthly copywriting income using our exact guidance (below – sorry for the squished text).

The majority of these students were plagued by imposter syndrome (“What if they find out I’m a fraud?!”)…

And struggled with writing copy at first.

Yet with this simple system, they overcame all of that.

They’ve quit old jobs they hated

Discovered new lives of freedom where they get to work where and when they want

And all they did was follow our system (down to the templates and scripts I’ll show you how to get today).

Thanks to this simple step-by-step blueprint, students have gone from boring “prison cell” desk jobs to living the dream remote working copywriter lifestyle

Simply put, CopyHour Certified Coaching has been one of the most successful freelance copywriting programs, EVER.

All we do is teach our students this simple step-by-step process…

We hand them the email templates…

And they regularly go from total newbies to making $2,000… $5,000… or even more per month in just 8 weeks.

All over our CopyHour Coaching Slack board, there are messages like these:

Students regularly send in video testimonials (without us asking!) like these:
Jonathan F. from Cape Town, South Africa — went from virtual zero to getting personally hired by Austin to write a full health funnel in the online yoga space

This coaching program has been so successful

that Derek Johanson (the owner of CopyHour) begged us to

reveal our client-closing system to more students

In truth, we didn’t want to at first.

Austin and I both write for major direct response publishing companies…

And we simply don’t have time to coach more students.

But then, Derek had a great idea…

What if we released our entire step-by-step blueprint,

complete with templates and all, to the public?

Because when news got out about how successful the program was, other writers were clamoring for the secrets.

By releasing it this way, we could make it available to more students without sinking more time into coaching.

And since it doesn’t directly involve our time, other students can get the same secrets without the $5,000+ price tag!

That’s why…

For the first time EVER, Austin and I are sharing our step-by-step formula and email templates for skyrocketing your freelance copywriting income FAST

That’s what I’m here to show you today.

And I promise you…

What I’m about to show you has the potential to absolutely change your life.

I mean, think about it…

What would it be like if you were to wake up and NOT have to sit in traffic or go to a desk job?

Want to work 3 hours a day? That’s fine.

How about taking a day off? That’s fine too.

You work when you want, and you work the hours you want.

Want to take an impromptu trip to Hawaii? Australia? Colombia?

Thailand? Greece? 

No problem: just pack your laptop and go!

All the while, you’re pulling in $4,000… $6,000… even $8,000

a month by typing words on your computer & getting cash

in exchange for Google docs

Think this is outlandish and impossible?

Think again.

Because that’s the exact lifestyle me, Austin, and the majority of our students live.

Austin and I both live by the beach in sunny San Diego, California.

I eat out literally every single meal.

I work between 1-5 hours a day.

I nap and surf most afternoons.

I travel when and where I want, with infinite paid vacation days. (yes, really… PaleoHacks literally gives me these benefits – plus healthcare – to stay with them)

Here’s a picture of Austin and me with Dan Ferrari in Bali. We went for a month in August 2018, just surfing, riding scooters and writing copy.
Here’s Austin snowboarding at sunset in Hokkaido, Japan.
Here’s me taking my girlfriend on a surprise trip to Akumal, Mexico this past summer.
And it’s not just us… our students have dramatically changed their lives as well.
Joel B. was able to visit his girlfriend in Colombia with his flexible schedule.
And here, some students and I went on a trip to Santa Monica, California for a $1,500 personal development workshop.

See those few guys sitting next to me and my girlfriend?
Those were 2 of my students who started out as complete beginners, just like you.
All they did was follow the system I’m about to show you.
In other words, no matter how unlikely you think it may seem…

With this step-by-step system, this kind of lifestyle is

something YOU can absolutely achieve… in a time

frame MUCH shorter than you think

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Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero To $6K

Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero To $6K

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