Mikael Kristiansen and Emmet Louis – Handstand Factory – PUSH

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The push program is designed for absolute beginners, but the topics covered and knowledge provided are relevant even to those with a few years of handstand training under their belt.


Mikael Kristiansen and Emmet Louis – Handstand Factory – PUSH

Mikael Kristiansen and Emmet Louis - Handstand Factory - PUSH

Check it out: Mikael Kristiansen and Emmet Louis – Handstand Factory – PUSH

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The Push program is designed to take you from absolutely no handbalancing experience to a comfortable, straight two arm handstand. Starting with physical preparation and basic conditioning for wrists, forearms and shoulders all the way to learning how to kick up and exit safely out of a freestanding handstand. Learn to freebalance with our many rebalancing drills and gain a theoretical and practical understanding of the alignment of the straight handstand.

We teach handbalancing using a technique that is expansive – it leads to a structure that is efficient and elegant and can be used to develop towards the higher level skills such as different two arm handstand shapes, and later even the one arm handstand. There’s many different styles of handstands out there, some may balance in an arch, some may balance in more of a planche position – these are all valid in their respective contexts and usages. This program, however, teaches the straight handstand from a combination of traditional Russian handbalancing with alternative strategies of developing awareness and coordination upside down.

With the Push program, you will gain a technical understanding of the mechanics of the straight two arm handstand, and all necessary flexibility components, and learn how to program your own training and build an independent, individual handbalancing practice.

Because this is an entry level course, there is a lot of step by step programming help and a number of training templates to choose from for all various levels. You will begin to learn how your body reacts to handbalancing training, and gain insights into building a fun, holistic and efficient handbalancing practice. The program consists of 44 videos across the following sections, and you will learn to find and select suitable exercises out of these and the accompanying manual, covering skillwork, conditioning, balance drills and overhead shoulder and pike flexibility.
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The push program is designed for absolute beginners, but the topics covered and knowledge provided are relevant even to those with a few years of handstand training under their belt. There is also no flexibility requirements – it’s an entry level handstand course, after all! This program starts with the absolute basics of Physical Preparation for Handbalancing, and the basic conditioning needed to properly train the skill.

While there are no physical entry requirements to this program, it does require you to be able to train in an autonomous, self directed manner. We have included all the explanations, step by step programming as well as in depth information about all the progressions, but it is you putting in the work and showing up for the training that will get you a solid, freestanding handstand.
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Flexibility components of the Handstand Factory programs:

One of the perks of the Handstand Factory programs is that they do not only cover the handbalancing aspects of training handstands, but they also cover the necessary flexibility components you need to develop in order to progress in your training. All techniques used in the programs are chosen on the premise that we believe that with the deliberate mix of well thought out methods, exceptional flexibility and mobility are achievable for adults with all kinds of training backgrounds. These programs reflect the approach of building flexibility and resilience throughout the whole body, paying special attention to the correct application concerning the adult body.

Flexibility Part in the PUSH PROGRAM

Our entry level program, Push, has a dedicated flexibility section covering all your shoulder/overhead mobility needs. Together with the handbalance training in Push, the flexibility programming makes sure you develop the necessary shoulder flexibility to be able to balance a freestanding handstand in a timely manner. On top of that, we also begin to develop your forward folding flexibility early on, so that by the time you are ready to begin the more advanced handstand training, your hips will be prepared for the additional training.
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Mikael Kristiansen and Emmet Louis

Mikael Kristiansen and Emmet Louis are both international teachers of handbalancing and flexibility and have spent big chunks of their lives studying and understanding all aspects of these skills professionally both as performers and teachers. With the Handstand Factory, they now want to demystify and simplify the process of learning handstands, and make it accessible to anyone wanting to learn to stand on their hands. To learn more about Handstand Factory, head over to our about page.


Once you log into your account on our website, and have bought the program you will have access to 43 instructional videos that thoroughly explain the theory and practice of the straight, freestanding handstand. It begins with the total basics of physical preparation and conditioning, and takes you all the way to free balancing a straight handstand. The videos are broken up into manageable sections that clearly build upon each other. The Push program has an accompanying manual which you will be able to download as PDF, or view it in your browser. You will be able to use the manual to quickly read up on an exercise, or study it textbook style. This is the first four pages of the 113 page manual accompanying the Push program.

The website is designed so that you can watch and rewatch the videos for each course on desk- top, take notes, and fully immerse yourself in understanding the theory behind the one arm balancing training. At some point though, you’re just going to have to scrap the theory and go do the thing – but don’t worry, you can just take the videos and manuals with you and recheck things on the fly wherever you’re training, the gym, the park, at the office… with the Handstand Factory mobile version, all you need is a floor and a wall!
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Push FAQ

How long can I use the Push program?

The program is complete when you’ve achieved a comfortable pike and a freestanding, straight handstand that you are happy with, but you can use the program as long as you want. You get lifetime access to the program, with any future updates that happen so until the internet breaks, it’s all yours. It will be handy to go back if you ever want to tighten up your basics, too, even if you’ve already progressed on to the Keep Pushing or Press courses.

I am strong but not flexible/I am flexible but not strong, is the Push program for me?

That’s great! Whatever your strengths and weaknesses are, there are elements in the Push program for you. We have targeted flexibility and strength work to provide a holistic approach to learning a handstand, meaning that no matter what there will be something that you can work on already. Over the long term, this program aims to even out your strengths so that you will be both strong and flexible enough to support your practice.

How long will it take to get flexible shoulders/pike?

This varies from person to person, as a rule of thumb it takes a maximum of 18 months to completely change the levels of flexibility you’re capable of but this normally comes considerably quicker for most and you will be increasingly more flexible as time goes on. The handbalancing practice itself will aid in flexibility development (especially in the shoulders), so it tends to come together nicely by the time you begin to actively work on free balancing.

Do I need a training partner to do the push program?

Nope, the way that the push program is designed means there is no need for a partner and that everything can be done independently. Saying that, training with others is fun, so by no means do it alone!

Want to know more? These frequently asked questions covers most queries in regards to the Handstand Factory Push program. For questions relating to purchasing the programs, technical support or general training questions, please head over to our general FAQ here. For our Terms and Conditions, go here.

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Mikael Kristiansen and Emmet Louis - Handstand Factory - PUSH

Mikael Kristiansen and Emmet Louis - Handstand Factory - PUSH

$40.00$130.00 (-69%)

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