Tai Lopez – Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0

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The techniques in the Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 are proven to work. Since the first release of this program it’s been refined and updated with new content. As of today, over 35,000 students around the world have used this program and extraordinary results have been achieved by many.


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Tai Lopez – Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0

Tai Lopez – Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0

Check it out: Tai Lopez – Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0


Introducing the Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0

Since the first release of my Social Media Marketing Agency program, that’s already helped over 35,000 people learn how to start an agency, it’s been refined and updated for 2018. This new version, SMMA® 2.0, now comes with exact email and phone scripts for getting clients.

Also included: the latest social media marketing tactics for Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram and exclusive content from top SMMA® students, who’re earning 6- and 7-figures a year from the original program.

Tested, Proven, & Improved

The techniques in the Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 are proven to work.* Since the first release of this program it’s been refined and updated with new content. As of today, over 35,000 students around the world have used this program and extraordinary results have been achieved by many.

Some of the top students in the Social Media Marketing Agency are earning 7-figures a year. Hundreds are earning 6-figures annually and thousands have given praise about the program.

Experience more freedom

All the tools you need to start a business and enjoy your freedom

Trend Stacking

I’ve combined the top-performing trends today — social media and small business consulting — into an all-in-one solution you can use to get started today. While most are missing out, you can get the first-mover advantage thanks to the step-by-step process in this program.

Guided Tutorials

Watch the video lessons in the members area using any device connected to internet. Downloadable “offline” templates and scripts are also included so you can learn on the go. You can spend years collecting all the necessary skills and knowledge alone OR get everything in one convenient place and launch within 4 months — before the trend is long gone.

Active Community

Surround yourself with like-minded people in highly-active community. With thousands of people interacting daily, starting a discussion, getting helpful answers, and networking has never been easier.

Learn anytime, implement from anywhere

Do more than watch videos

Advanced Online Education

In the Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 you’ll get access to more than 80 tutorial videos guiding you through every step of the process. But that’s just the beginning. Each video also includes an actionable lesson to help you implement what you’ve just learned. All of this training is available on any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

Ongoing Help

As a member of the Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 you’ll also get registered for ongoing live calls that keep you updated with the latest trends and strategies, in addition to an archive of previous calls for you to review. These lessons include tutorials from top marketing experts and provide you with case studies from other successful members.

Your program outline

Every lesson you’ll learn in the 4-month Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0

Month 1 – Business Set-Up 19 Lessons 7:11:28

  • 1. Course Overview
  • 2. Understanding Major Social Media & Internet Marketing Channels
  • 3. The Business Model
  • 4. Naming Your Company
  • 5. Forming Your Company
  • 6. Picking Your Domain Name
  • 7. Telling Your Story Through Social Media
  • 8. How To Set Up Your Pricing
  • 9. Finding Your Niche
  • 10. It’s A Numbers Game
  • 11. How To Motivate Yourself Past Your Fears
  • 12. Building Your Website with Peter Wang
  • 13. The Basics for Business Owners with Adam Torres
  • 14. How It All Comes Together Overview
  • 15. Getting Clients Without Experience
  • 16. How To Create A Facebook Offer For Your Clients with Joe Soto
  • 17. How To Get 1000 Email Leads For $100 With Facebook Ads
  • 18. How To Use Facebook Advertising To Get Results For Clients
  • 19. 5 Proven Ways To Finding Local Clients

Month 2 – Mastering Social Media Marketing 36 Lessons 14:03:01

  • 1. Introduction To Twitter
  • 2. VRIN Scores
  • 3. Instagram Growth Hacks with Nathan Chan
  • 4. Develop A Sales Funnel For Instagram with Nathan Chan
  • 5. Using Instagram For Local Businesses with Nathan Chan
  • 6. Advanced Youtube Marketing Techniques
  • 7. Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategy with Dan Fleyshman
  • 8. Audience First with Raymond Duke
  • 9. 7 Social Media Copywriting Tips You Can Use Today
  • 10. Get Customers To Write For You with Raymond Duke
  • 11. Website Optimization
  • 12. 3 Advanced Tips To Instantly Increase Engagement On Any Page with Alex Mehr
  • 13. The 4 Stages Of Email Marketing
  • 14. Strategies Behind Building 6-Figure Funnels For Your Customers
  • 15. Cheapest Way To Capture Email Leads
  • 16. How To Make Videos Go Viral On Facebook & Get Views For Less Than One Penny Each
  • 17. Google Ads
  • 18. The State Of Social Media
  • 19. The Importance Of Focusing Your Niche And Creating More Leverage
  • 20. Twitter Insight with Felix Hartmann
  • 21. Profit Cycle Formula with Anthony Morrison
  • 22. 4 Steps To Marketing eComm Businesses with Adrian Morrison
  • 23. Rapid-Testing Formula with Adrian Morrison
  • 24. The Use of Facebook Pixels with Bryson Hilton
  • 25. Turning A Lead Into A Paying Customer
  • 26. Breaking Down Google Adwords With These Steps
  • 27. Josh Earp’s Overview
  • 28. Market Research with Josh Earp
  • 29. The Power Of SEO with Josh Earp
  • 30. Getting Equity with Josh Earp
  • 31. Off-Page Optimization with Josh Earp
  • 32. Tiered Link Building with Josh Earp
  • 33. The Power of Snapchat and How To Leverage It To Build Your Business with Chris Record
  • 34. Generate Facebook Lead Ads with Michael Crouch
  • 35. Build Popular Content and Increase Views Organically with David J. Woodbury
  • 36. Facebook Retargeting with Peter Dulay

Month 3 – Acquiring Clients 26 Lessons 07:23:15

  • 1. Unique Way To Get The Ideal Clients with Mike Acre
  • 2. Using Social Media To Get Local PR with Joe Soto
  • 3. Local Agency Marketing Methods: How To Capture Clients In Your Own Backyard with Joe Soto
  • 4. Sales Strategies with Chris Record
  • 5. Finding Your Clients Specialty with Jaiden Gross
  • 6. Understanding Objections vs. Complaints: How To Pitch To Owners with Jaiden Gross
  • 7. Qualifying Business Owners with Jaiden Gross
  • 8. The Guinea Pigs: Embrace Failure with Jaiden Gross
  • 9. Telemarketing And Phone Sales with Jaiden Gross
  • 10. Strategies To Acquire Clients with Dan Fleyshman
  • 11. How To Acquire Business Clients That Make Over $10 Million In Revenue
  • 12. Persuading Clients To Sign Up
  • 13. How To Acquire Clients Using Social Media Audits
  • 14. How To Present Your Services And Get Instant Buy-Ins
  • 15. How To Collect Recurring Payments From Your Clients
  • 16. Methods To Increase Your Client’s ROI After You Close The Deal
  • 17. Going To The Source Of The Money
  • 18. How To Get Qualified Prospects with Bryson Hilton
  • 19. Exploring Methods To Getting New Customers with Bryce Hilton
  • 20. Bryson Hilton Unveils, “The Stack”
  • 21. White Label Fulfillment with Bryson Hilton
  • 22. How To Use Facebook Audits To Land High Paying Clients with Zach Johnson
  • 23. 7 Reasons Why Your Clients Will Invest In Your Social Media Services
  • 24. The Art Of Negotiation with Jaiden Gross
  • 25. 6 Steps Of The Sales Process
  • 26. Insight On landing Local Clients & “Working The Room”

Month 4 – Automating, Servicing, & Building Your Team 8 Lessons

  • 1. Outsourcing
  • 2. The Power of Collaborating With Social Media Influencers
  • 3. Know When You Should Start Building Your Team
  • 4. Setting Up The Hiring Process
  • 5. Going From Zero To One Million In Revenue
  • 6. How To Kick Off & Manage Your Clients
  • 7. Fundamentals For Client Retention
  • 8. Expediting Your Free Social Media Audit

The Vault: Past Weekly SMMA® Live Calls 21 Past Live Calls

  • 1. Jaiden Gross – How I Built A Profitable Business In 2 Months
  • 2. Joe Soto – Facebook Marketing & Leveraging Bots
  • 3. Jeremy Haynes – The Digital Agency Delivery Process
  • 4. Sean Vosler – Optimizing Websites and Creating New Pricing Strategies
  • 5. Daniel DiPiazza – How To Live The Life You Want – Starting TODAY
  • 6. Jonah Berg – How To Create Viral Content And Build Social Influence
  • 7. Michael Crouch – Understanding And Utilizing Facebook Marketing
  • 8. Pablo Arias – Social Media Hacks
  • 9. Anthony Mastellone – Breakthrough Instagram Strategies
  • 10. Trevor Koverko – How To Use Social Media To Create Your Own Niche
  • 11. Zach Johnson – Get Your 1st High-Ticket Client In 30 Days Using Facebook
  • 12. Alex Rodriguez – How To Close Clients & Build Relationships
  • 13. Nik Koyama – Leveraging Video to Attract Perfect Clients Into Your Business
  • 14. Terry Shand – Disruption: Seizing Opportunity And Thriving The Innovation Era
  • 15. Jose Aristimuno – Build Your Brand & Monetize Your Story
  • 16. Akshay Nanavati – How To Turn Fear Into Health, Wealth, & Happiness
  • 17. Pablo Arias – How To Bring In More Clients
  • 18. Franziska Iseli – How To Scale Your Digital Marketing
  • 19. Felix Hartmann – 4-5 Figures In 30 Days In The Crypto Niche
  • 20. Samir Chibane – Build a 6-Figure Dropshipping Business In 5 Weeks
  • 21. Bryson Hilton – How To Continuously Grow Your Agency

SMMA Lifestyle Bonuses 28 Bonus Videos

  • 1. How To Build A Cool Lifestyle
  • 2. How Jaiden Gross Went From $0 to $20,000/mo
  • 3. Pablo Arias – Social Media Interview
  • 4. Joel Brown – Social Media Interview
  • 5. Joe Soto – 21 Questions
  • 6. Raymond Ahn – How To Track Your Instagram Growth With SocialBlade
  • 7. Apps For Content Creation And Growth Tracking
  • 8. Raymond Ahn – Building And Promoting Pages
  • 9. Brett Fairall – Creating A Quiz To Get More Traffic
  • 10. What Equipment You Need To Start Your Social Media Marketing Agency
  • 11. Neil Patel – Acquiring Customers & Scaling Your Agency
  • 12. Colin Thomson – Building A Successful Podcast
  • 13. Colin Thomson – Getting Booked On Podcasts
  • 14. Mike Long – Instant Google SEO Ranking
  • 15. Xavier Di Petta – Instagram Insights
  • 16. Social Media Marketing For Presidential Campaigns
  • 17. Connecting With Your Audience
  • 18. James Hepburn – The Importance Of Copywriting For Marketing
  • 19. Franziska Iseli – Managing Your Agency’s Perception
  • 20. How To Attract Massive Audiences
  • 21. How To Attract International Clients
  • 22. Using Tai’s P.A.S.E. Personality System
  • 23.Riley Cronin – How I Grossed Over $50,000 In 4 Months
  • 24. Alex Rodriguez – Building Great Rapport And Relationships
  • 25. How To Generate Clients Using Bots
  • 26. How Fidget360 Went Viral Through Instagram Marketing
  • 27. Ryan Williams – Creating Your Collaboration Workflow
  • 28. Ulyses Osuna – How To Get Featured On Large Publications

Everything you get when you join today

Here’s what you’ll get instant access to

Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0

  • 4-month training program
  • New updated exact scripts to close clients
  • New social media marketing techniques for Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram
  • Ongoing live calls
  • Past calls archive
  • Lifestyle bonus videos
  • Private community
  • Official certification
  • 1 Year access
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Tai Lopez – Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0

Tai Lopez – Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0

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