Perry Marshal – New Rennaissance Club 1 Year Membership

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New Renaissance is for people who are now ready to discover the new business inside your old business, the exciting NEW salvo that harnesses your hard-earned skills in a new way.


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Perry Marshal – New Rennaissance Club 1 Year Membership

Perry Marshal – New Rennaissance Club 1 Year Membership

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Exclusive Access to Modern Marketing’s Most Level-Headed “Fight Club”

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New Renaissance Dear Online Marketing Professional,

If you know me, you’ve heard my Amway stories. Amway was the long dark night of my Multi-Level Marketing soul where, while demolishing my weeny engineer comfort zone and developing street smarts, I also made NO money.

I saddled my faithful wife and finances with years of suffering. Racked up huge quantities of disappointment and debt.

It was the classic entrepreneur journey… except it was all effort and no reward.

In the 90s, most cars had cassette players. I sucked down motivational tapes like 64 ounce Slurpees from 7-11. I had hundreds and hundreds of tapes in my garage and I was buying more every week.

I would don my suit for a meeting and the tapes would crunch under my feet when I climbed into my green Toyota. I used those tapes to anesthetize myself against the rejection and disappointment of building a business month after month that wasn’t actually “building” at all.

One of the things I loved best about the tapes was hearing the speakers move the audience. I imagined my future self onstage: a motivational superhero, mesmerizing men and women, scanning the crowd and looking them in the eye, them looking back at me.

I imagined conducting a throng of thousands like an orchestra. Filling them with hope and delivering my own unique brand of mojo. I thrived on the applause and energy and stories.

Those tapes kept me alive during many long drives home from many an unsuccessful meeting.

But gradually the rose-colored glasses began to shatter. One day, driving down the road and listening to one of those tapes, a thunderbolt realization struck:

  1. Perry, most of the people you are hearing on that tape – most of the laughing, clapping, cheering, stomping throngs in that audience – they are GONE.If you could see them now, you would see that have quit, they have already moved on to other things. They have vanished. This thing has more CHURN than a barrel of buttermilk on a Wisconsin dairy farm.
  2. Perry, 99% of the people in those crowds are, technically, LOSERS. They have no business. They are making no money. They don’t know anything. They got recruited into this thing two months ago. They showed up at this event and they’re hypnotized by the pageantry and drama.The people in this audience have no credentials, no qualifications. They’re allroiling with frustration and frankly they’re all MARKS. Just like YOU. Their applause means NOTHING. Their approval means nothing. Their cheering and stomping mean nothingOther than the fact that they, like you, spent their hard-earned (borrowed) money to be here. 1% of these people are making money, but they’re making money on the other 99% because this thing is nothing more than a glorified Ponzi scheme.
  3. Perry, it’s the smart ones who quit. It’s the dumb ones who stick around. Heck, don’t even the people onstage say all the time: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results”? It’s time to STOP. Stop being gullible. Now.

So stop I did. In time I un-wrapped myself from that axle. I swore I’d never drink “business opportunity” Koolaid again.

To this day I can’t stand listening to business opportunity pink koolaid. It gives me the shivers. It’s the familiar sales pitch and there’s a thousand versions of it. It’s all about having time with your family and lots of money, and security and approval from your wife. New furniture, plenty of cash, trips to exotic resorts and stuff.

It’s POWERFUL and it works on the average lizard brain. It works on the above-average lizard brain too. Few are those who have not, at some point, fallen for its promises. But it’s for the kiddie table. Not the grownup table.

I spent six long years at the kid table. And I learned a LOT of stuff. And I mean a lot. Much later it did prove to be quite useful.
But I moved on.

And guess what – once I left the fantasy world behind, my career in the real world – the “is” world – lurched forward in a most gratifying way. Almost everything I did started working. To the delight and amazement of my wife and checking account.

New Renaissance – my membership for online marketers – is for entrepreneurs who have moved on, who graduated from that and are ready for the real stuff.

New Renaissance is for people who are now ready to discover the new business inside your old business, the exciting NEW salvo that harnesses your hard-earned skills in a new way.

If you still fall for business opportunity “biz-op” pitches, then New Renaissance is not for you. If you still think you’re going to waltz into some market that is totally foreign to you, make a killing and leave, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

If you still need (and deep down desire) to be emotionally manipulated with hypnosis techniques, if you need to be TRICKED into investing in yourself, into learning what you need to learn, you’re still at the kid table.

Most of us needed a few trips through the biz-op koolaid machine before we had finally gotten smashed to the ground enough times to be ready to learn the REAL stuff.

That was certainly the case for me.

If you’ve already been there, done that, got the T-shirt – if you’re finally ready to master the real mechanics and strategies of building a sustainable business – then Planet Perry and New Renaissance are for you.

Because the plain truth is, most people need several rounds in the school of hard knocks before they’re finally ready to listen.

Symptoms of people who still need more school of hard knocks:

  • They live in constant fear that whatever they did yesterday is already obsolete by 2 o’clock this afternoon
  • They are OBSESSED with the latest tricks, techniques and fads. The first thing they look for is the date of the blog post. They want to make sure it’s less than a week old. Otherwise it’s out of date.
  • They’re secretly more interested in doing something “glamorous” than owning a real bona fide cash producer that serves real customers with real products and services. They look down on “boring” businesses.
  • They prefer the “should be” world to the “is” world
  • They constantly fall for Bright Shiny Objects. 90% of everything they started never got finished
  • They don’t read. They watch videos.
  • They’re suspicious of any information that’s more than 3 months old
  • For some reason they like to go to seminars and webinars where people deliver the appearance of content (but almost no actual content) where someone levitates $2,000 out of their wallet. They take the thing home and the shrink-wrap never comes off. They like being sold more than they like experiencing success
  • They experience something resembling sexual desire every time someone starts discussing a clever technique. They love hacks. They crave tricks. But if someone begins explaining anything resembling an eternal, unchanging principle – anything that might be just as true 10 years from now as it is today – they slip into a coma and take a nap
  • They never have time to do anything right the first time, but somehow they always manage to have time to do it over again a second time
  • They like being scammed because they recognize they’re learning by example how they can scam other people. (The faster they pass the buck, the faster they make a buck.)
  • They love being seduced and they’re on 17 different email lists.
  • They believe you can Lego together strategies from 17 different gurus and somehow make them work. Embracing a single philosophy or model and sticking to it – a single alter-ego where they can literally channel that one voice of knowledge and know what it would say – is foreign to them. Besides, mastery is boring.
  • They’ve been through the idealization – frustration – demoralization cycle so many times, they can’t wait to get from demoralization back to idealization of some new thing, so the fantasy can begin again.
  • They are active on at least six different Social Media networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, YouTube, Reddit, and Pokemon. They’re liking and tweeting and retweeting and generating a flurry of activity constantly. They have at least a thousand “friends.” (But none who would come and help them change a flat tire on a snow-covered highway.)

People like that generally need multiple journeys through the washing machine (and maybe divorce and bankruptcy) before they’re ready to become a student of real business.

If you need more trips through the rinse cycle, if you need still more punishment, heartbreak and failure before you’re ready for real business, it’s easy! Just pop over to Facebook. Click on the very next marketing promo that appears in your news feed and start buying stuff.

There is an abundance of $5,000 and $12,000 “coaching programs” run by people who have no business coaching anybody. Their only success stories are more people running other coaching programs.

If you’re finally finished with all that, once and for all, then you’ve come to the right place. You can put that chapter of your life behind you.

New Renaissance is the most unique marketing education on the Internet because it’s the affordable place where the adults play.

  • We are the best in the world at teaching Google AdWords to beginners, intermediate players and consultants than anybody. Many of the best people in the entire business have been trained by us. The reason our students are so good is, we teach AdWords STRATEGY and not just tactics. Our students are grown-ups.
  • My co-author Mike Rhodes runs the largest AdWords agency in Australia and he finds out what Google is up to long before the rest of the pack. If you join New Renaissance and prepay one year in advance, you also get Mike’s AdWords Mastery course, a state of the art AdWords education which includes a deep dive into scripts and automation.
  • Facebook University propels you from “zero to sixty” on Facebook advertising with more speed and less drama than anyone in the world, via the world’s bestselling Facebook advertising author, Keith Krance. We don’t punch your panic buttons. We don’t constantly interrupt you with “urgent news” that isn’t really urgent at all. What you get is immediate access to a state of the art course and dense monthly updates with everything you need to know.
  • We are the best in the world at teaching 80/20 thinking to marketers and entrepreneurs. We find the invisible levers in your business. We hunt down the invisible leaks in your boat. In 2014 I held a now-legendary seminar with fractional billionaire Richard Koch, establishing the two of us as the undisputed masters of 80/20 in the western world. Planet Perry is the world’s largest active 80/20 community.
  • We host the largest tribe of ethical, caring marketers and advertising geniuses with a conscience. You can talk to them, ask them questions, hire them, or hire yourself out to others via our member’s marketplace
  • We are among the world’s very best at long-term relationship marketing. I have clients who have been paying to receive the New Renaissance newsletter for more than 12 years.
  • We are the best in the world at teaching ordinary Joes to become PPC consultants who get paying happy clients. We have hundreds of members who make a full time living managing AdWords and Facebook for clients. They share their stories, their techniques, their approaches.
  • New Renaissance is an all-you-can-eat buffet where you don’t have to use everything, and you never have to feel guilty for not using 50%, 70%, even 90% of it. One or two strategies will pay for your entire year’s subscription.
  • New Renaissance puts a heavy emphasis on principles that last forever – instead of techniques that last 3 months or 3 days. Our members spend less time re-building what they built last year than members of any other marketing group. We build businesses that last.

In New Renaissance, you get access to Keith Krance’s Facebook University; prepay one year and you also get access to Mike Rhodes’ adroit training course, AdWords Mastery. You get access to our private Members forum which is the largest “adult table” collection of Pay Per Click marketers, people who have a wide range of robust experience in all aspects of marketing.

You get my New Renaissance newsletter which is delivered each month via snail mail; you get private hangouts and free call-in days with me.

Every month I cut a vein and bleed. This is the eye-opening, skull-expanding, crystal-ball gazing entrepreneurial insight that keeps Mastermind members checking their mailbox obsessively asking, “Where’s my Renaissance letter?”

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Perry Marshal – New Rennaissance Club 1 Year Membership

Perry Marshal – New Rennaissance Club 1 Year Membership

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