Katrina Ruth Programs – Unapologetically EXTRA

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6 Weeks of UnFILTERED Immersion, with Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Katrina Ruth, in Which We SCHOOL You (hehe … FUN school …) on the Art of Selling and Showing Up FULLY As You, to Get You Famous as FUCK, and of Course PAID Like the 1% Within the 1% Premium Person You KNOW You Are…


Author: Katrina Ruth

Katrina Ruth Programs – Unapologetically EXTRA

Katrina Ruth Programs – Unapologetically EXTRA

Check it out: Katrina Ruth Programs – Unapologetically EXTRA

6 Weeks of UnFILTERED Immersion, with Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Katrina Ruth (meeeeee!), in Which We SCHOOL You (hehe … FUN school …) on the Art of Selling and Showing Up FULLY As You, to Get You Famous as FUCK, and of Course PAID Like the 1% Within the 1% Premium Person You KNOW You Are … All While Having MORE Fun, MORE Shenanigans, and GREATER Ease and Flow Than You Ever Thought Possible!

OH yeah.

Ohhhhhh yeah.

Oh YEAH baby – it’s happening, it’s time and we is going ALL the way in on this shizniz!

You ready?

Of course you are …

It’s time to get UNAPOLEGTICALLY Extra, beautiful, and THEN some!

We gonna light this bitch UP!

This bitch? The damn INTERNET, girl, what else were you thinking?!

Okay, okay, I’ll calm down … maybe.

I’m just a LEETLE bit excited, can you tell? Just a little bit!

This is the immersion of all immersions which I KNOW you need if you in ANY way are suspicious (read: quite fucking certain) that right now you’re:

a) not making the MO-nay you should be

b) not as freakin’ FAMOUS as you should be

c) about sick and tired of how damn boring you SEEM to be / have become / are worried you might just end up KEEPING on being!

And also?

This is THE thing that’s gonna kick your ass if you know that you KNOW that you know that ACTUALLY –

It’s time the world knew how damn badass your message and soul work IS, and followed and paid you accordingly!

When I said are you ready –

I already knew that you are.




Unapologetically EXTRA IS HERE!

6 Weeks of UnFILTERED Immersion, with Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Katrina Ruth (meeeeee!), in Which We SCHOOL You (hehe … FUN school …) on the Art of Selling and Showing Up FULLY As You, to Get You Famous as FUCK, and of Course PAID Like the 1% Within the 1% Premium Person You KNOW You Are … All While Having MORE Fun, MORE Shenanigans, and GREATER Ease and Flow Than You Ever Thought Possible!

I know it’s wordy.

I’m kinda wordy

AND unapologetic about it as well, so there!

Speaking of which ….

Aren’t you just a teensy bit DONE with how damn slow going all of this is?

Look, it’s true, I’m not going to tell you it’s not – !

* You HAVE to stay the course
* You MUST do what it takes
* You gotta do it no MATTER what it takes
* And until it takes
* And then keep going!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1000 times, AND I HAVE.

I stand by all of it!

But also –


I mean …


Let’s get real now. And I’m not saying this to push on your pain points or something silly like that, I’m saying it to wake you the fuck up and remind you of who you ARE –

Your shit?


A little BLAND.

And definitely … (sit down for this) … comes off like you tryna be all SWEET and shit.

In other words?


I know WHY, I’m not pretending I don’t know –

You’ve learned, in business but first in life, that SAFE is better.

Be careful.
Not too much.
Don’t want people to think of you like one of THOSE women.
And besides … maybe you ARE a little over the top, maybe it WOULD be better to tone it down, watch what others are doing, be cautious, just for now!




ENOUGH with hiding your light.

ENOUGH with being LESS than.

ENOUGH with trying to fit in, do it ‘right’, be ‘professional’.

ENOUGH with SAYING you’re different, but not showing it!

ENOUGH with being scared to SELL, thinking that selling is somehow bad or wrong, or NOT part of your art and what you MUST do!

And enough –

Enough with hoping and praying and wishing on a God damn star that if you JUST keep going for long enough, carefully carefully and just like all the other kids, that somehow one day you’ll stop being one of the masses, and become known, seen, and PAID like the premium person you are.

It’s not going to happen. Not EVER –

Not unless you flick the damn switch, HARD, and FAST, and NOW, and decide, FINALLY –

To simply be all that you are.

And not a hair less.

THIS is what we’re here to do.

Excuse me –

What I’m here to kick your ass into.

WITH love

Shall we talk about how it’s going down?


6 Weeks of UNFILTERED IMMERSION in our home study program!

For badass mofos who are ready to show up FULLY as who they are, and sell / create / build an empire / live the life they know they’re meant to accordingly … all while having MORE fun, MORE shenanigans and GREATER ease and flow than ever!


I made this for you 

Get Katrina Ruth Programs – Unapologetically EXTRA download right now!

6 Weeks of Badassery: It Looks Like This!

Here’s what we’ll be covering and here is what’s going down and here’s what I EXACTLY want to teach and support you around:

* Being All Of You, and Using That To Your Advantage

Aren’t you sick of worrying about which bits are too much … over the top … not socially or professionally ‘acceptable’ … or about what people would think if they knew the REAL you? The REAL you, ALL of you, is what’s gonna get you paid, followed, and INTO the life you’re mean to be living. That’s just how it works.

* REMEMBERING Who You Always Were

This is about stripping back all the layers which you’ve allowed to be heaped and piled upon you, and getting back to the core, the soul, the ALL of what you always were.

You, the SO crazy, SO extra, SO full on, SO loud, SO vivacious, so MAGNETIC natural born leader who people CAN’T LOOK AWAY FROM. Word to the wise: being ‘famous’ (on or offline) and also making a lot of money and truly doing your purpose work, REQUIRES you to unleash the madness. So, that’s what we’re going to do.

* Coming Up With Offers That Sell AND Fuel Your Soul

I am the absolute Queen of making shit up and throwing it at the internet. And, it works. To the tune of multi-millions of dollars per year of FLOW based income. A lot of this is about – I learned to get the fuck out of my own way, and just allow what’s inside of me OUT. You HAVE to look at your message and art almost as though it’s its own entity. Stop trying to kill what’s inside of you! So that’s part of it. But also –

After 12 years marketing online I know what sells, period, and I know how to connect it to your soul work so that it lights YOU up. Period

Can’t wait to dive in to THIS bit with you!

* The Art of Selling Magnetically, and Activating the Emotions of YES in Your Buyers

Yessss! Selling gets to be fun, easier, automatic, just like clicking your fingers! People get to PAY you with ease and from flow and just for being you! This is SO how it’s meant to be. I used to think selling was HARD, SCARY, difficult … and I would resist it as much as I could, which just made me FEEL bad … followed by eventually doing it but feeling DRAINED AND EXHAUSTED as a result. It was this never-ending battle …

Now? SO freakin’ different. I LOVE selling, and I truly consider it my ART … ’cause it is!

Needless to say, changing my mindset on selling has made it SO much easier! I never have to think or worry about it. It just happens. And I just get paid. By #beingmorekat. As it should be

Now – your turn!

* Flow-Based Branding and Marketing

EVERYTHING in your biz should get to flow, with ease, straight out of you, by being ALL of you. As with selling, so with branding and marketing and indeed EVERY aspect of how you show up online, yes even for the so-called ‘fancy’ bits like your funnel or automated emails.

Fuck the rules! Fuck the ideas of being professional or polished or pretty or just so. None of it MATTERS! People don’t CARE! YOUR people don’t care! What they WANT, and what you HAVE to finally get on with and unleash, is YOU baby. YOU JUST BEING YOU is the BEST possible marketing and branding you could ever throw good money at. But, it takes ALL of you, and of course it does also take knowing how to CONVERT that stuff inside of you INTO effective marketing, branding, and yes, of course, more selling.

I’m gonna teach you. And then? Support you to DO it!

* Speed of Execution

There’s no doubt about it, I am one of THE fastest people on the internet at getting shit done, especially at creating and launching, but also for just the day to day EVERYTHING. I do NOT sacrifice –

My health and fitness
Time with my kids
My relationships
‘Me’ time

NONE of it.

I used to! And, well, that didn’t work for me. But it also didn’t work for me to not get ALL the shit I want done! So, I figured out how to ‘hack’ the system. The truth is that what most people think is reality is SO NOT. I choose to live in a world where things happen fast, according to my specifications, ALWAYS.

One of my tricks is – I know exactly what COUNTS. I know how to get to the crux of each task or activity and JUST do the bit that has an impact. So this is EXACTLY what I want to help YOU cut to the core of.

MOST shit people think they have to do is.not.necessary. So we’re gonna cut it!

* My Entire Launch Process, the Cheat Sheet Version

Everything you need to know. ’nuff said!

* Clearing Your Shit Around Whether You’re Good Enough

Let’s get real here, there’s no point knowing what to DO, or even stripping back to where we can identify and remember all you’re meant to BE, if there’s a whole bunch of self-worth shit ruling you.

Believe it or not, I’ve spent most of my LIFE feeling insecure, not good enough, and like people don’t like me. Me the ‘badass’ was something I CREATED, by looking inside of me to what I knew was available.

But, it took work, and practice. To this day, people who’ve known me for years comment on how ‘crazy’ it is that everybody thinks I AM this confident extroverted person! The Katrina my family and friends know, and even who YOU will know if we meet in real life, has as many insecurities and uncertainties as anyone! I just got REALLY REALLY good at being driven by my purpose, and I learned to clear my shit on repeat.

I’m going to share with you my MOST powerful practices and tools for clearing YOUR inner demons, and the things that hold you back, no matter HOW much they’ve up till now ruled you, so that you can BE ALL YOU ARE! This work alone is worth doing this entire course for.

* Letting Your Personality Drive Your Sales

Know what’s even more fun than being your most ‘free’ and random / crazy / silly / whatever??

Using it to make you the monies and help you to get your purpose work OUT there!!

This is NOT just about ‘you get to be you’, AND you get to make a fuckload of money, from soul.

This is about deliberately and specifically learning how to access and USE the most ‘full on’ parts of you, to translate into PEOPLE CAN’T LOOK AWAY, AND THEN THEY DO WHAT YOU SAY.

If you’ve ever watched me in ‘entertainer mode’ or ‘preacher mode’ on a livestream, you’ll know what I mean.

This is not something that just ‘happens’ … even though it is QUITE automated now … but really what it’s about is letting what’s already IN there, out. As we’ve already spoken about  … but just … even more.

* Using Intuition to Know What to Sell – How to Sell It – How to Post for Maximum Results on Social Media – And More!

It’s really really simple –

When you say yes to soul, life says yes to you.

This is true in ALL areas.

The only thing is – knowing how to LISTEN to soul, and see and hear what it’s guiding you to do, whether comfortable or no.

I’ll teach you how to be daily (all day) connected to your intuition, know exactly what it’s desiring and requiring, and essentially ALWAYS have access to the blueprint within.

* How to ‘Turn Up the Dial’, and Increase Your Income Consistently, and Keep It Up

Exactly what it says

Precisely how I continually increase my income, and have repeatedly shifted past fear to be able to do so.

I’ll teach you the exact mindset as well as the practical shizniz I do in order to ALWAYS be dialing income up to the next level.

* How to Fully Be the Badass Leader Even If You Don’t Feel Confident, Energetically, Physically or Otherwise … and, How to Show Up in Spite of Fears of What Others Think or Will Say – OWNING Your Badassery, No Matter What

This is big! So many people say or think they can’t show up the way someone like me does because they feel as though I have something they don’t, as far as being SO sure of myself.

As already referenced though – this is not how it works. Being a badass and showing up fully as you is a MINDSET, and it’s a choice, and it comes with daily practice and attention. I’m SO passionate about this, as there’s no way I’d have the business I have right now if I didn’t understand this!

I want to show you the mantras, affirmations, beliefs and also of course the ‘how’ of the practical side of things of how I DO do this. IT’S AVAILABLE FOR YOU NOW, JUST AS IT IS FOR ME, AND YOU KNOW THIS.

* Being an Ideas Machine, and How I Do It

I NEVER run out of ideas. I can’t possibly keep up with or launch everything that comes through me! And – they’re all really GOOD ideas, too! This is a PRACTICE, and it’s also to do with permission and internal allowance and expectation. We’re going to work on BEING the person who expects, allows, and has permission to let ALL that is inside them out.

* Millionaire Mindset Training and Manifestation – Exactly How I Do It


Fun secret

MONEY makin’ secret!!

Ready? Had enough of just PLAYING, and ready to actually play LIFE, the way you know it’s meant to be?! Ready to show up FULLY and sell, receive, get paid, and even, yes, FAMOUS, all whilst having the very best time ever?!

Let’s goooooooo!

Let’s Talk Cost Then … and Make Sure You Sit ALL the Way Down for THIS!

Im sooo excited to be offering a full 6 Week Course at this price point! Normally it would be double or even TRIPLE this, but this is just the price that came through me and as always, it is what it is and thats all its is!  I know this time together is going to be AMAZING!

So what are you waiting for?!

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Katrina Ruth Programs – Unapologetically EXTRA

Katrina Ruth Programs – Unapologetically EXTRA

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