Katrina Ruth Programs – Born To Be A Queen

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5 Weeks of Soul & Cellular Shifting, to Help You Release the Story of Struggle and ‘Should’, Quit Marketing Like One of the MASSES When You’re Supposed to be the Top, and Fully Own the Leader & Queen Power You KNOW You Have.


Author: Katrina Ruth

Katrina Ruth Programs – Born To Be A Queen

Katrina Ruth Programs – Born To Be A Queen

Check it out: Katrina Ruth Programs – Born To Be A Queen

5 Weeks of Soul & Cellular Shifting, to Help You Release the Story of Struggle and ‘Should’, Quit Marketing Like One of the MASSES When You’re Supposed to be the Top, and Fully Own the Leader & Queen Power You KNOW You Have.

For my fellow Queens, who are brave enough to admit that their true power and gift to the world is simply to BE, and also to be FULLY true to every element of how they show up.

Hi gorgeous –

Katrina Ruth here, and I’m so proud, so honoured, a little nervous for sure, but most of all EXCITED to welcome you into Born to Be a Queen!

This is where you strip away the layers and get back to the core of you and what you’ve ALWAYS known is true …

And here is what I know for sure. If you’re on this page. If somehow, out of all the pages online, you’ve walked onto this one right here

You’ve always known.
Even way before you could possibly knew that you knew!

That you were born for more.
To make millions. Impact millions. And even to change the world.


We’ve spoken of it before, so many times, and if not you and I specifically then I’m going to say, well, not to get too woo-woo already, but OKAY then let’s get woo-woo – !

Your soul and mine. Somewhere in space and time where the souls of those like US inevitably do meet, and (I’d like to think) kick back over an Aperol Spritz or an Espresso Martini or something.

And here is what I mean, what your soul already KNOWS I mean, when I say ‘those like US’.

This whole thing of being born for more, of having always known it, even since way before time began and we could possibly KNOW, let alone VOICE it, this transcends the normal understanding of what being born for MORE really means, and certainly of what it TAKES.

See here’s the thing. About success the ‘normal’ way. About doing what it takes. For most people? That means join the dots, follow a plan, do it right, hand over fist, then one day you GET there, because you DID enough, you ADDED enough, to who you were, you created yourself INTO something, and you earned the RIGHT to teach, even to preach, to have people follow, and listen, and love you, and BUY.

That’s the normal way, and I’d be willing to bet that for the most part it’s the way you’ve been seeking to do it.

I get it.

I was the same, for so many years, and even now I find myself defaulting BACK to this, if I don’t check myself and remind myself who I AM.

And who I am is simple, and it’s also who YOU are, so don’t think I’m just thinking so damn highly of myself here, because I’m also thinking it of YOU!

You ready for this???

This is possibly the most scary but also the most TRUE thing you’ll ever acknowledge about yourself, and your true gifts.

The real way you and I can impact people is simply –

And fully –

To be.

To shine our fucking lights and let people see us, be touched by us, be lifted and yes I’m gonna say it even CHANGED, by our very energy.

I remember seeing this meme on Facebook some time back, and it’s one of those ones you laugh at, but for me (and I’m going to guess for you too!) as SOON as I saw it something inside of me sat straight up and said oh YES.

Hell to the YES.

And I just knew –

That wasn’t my ego talking.
That wasn’t me thinking too much of myself.

It was just truth.
Just how it is.
How it’s ALWAYS been, and only CAN be, and the only QUESTION around the whole damn thing was the question of when it might be that I’d finally own this truth, and really let the real me out.

Have you asked yourself lately, gorgeous? When it is that you’re going to let the real you out?


I don’t know about you, I don’t know how long you’ve been actively on this journey yet, I don’t know how much of MY story you can relate to, but I can tell you that for me it seems like I spent years trying so damn hard to build a business and a personal brand based on being GOOD enough.

‘Look at me, I can teach you something COOL!’

‘Look at me, I can show you what you NEED!’

‘Look at me, I have the magic PILL!’

And I hustled, and I ground, and I DID the fucking work, because I’m THAT God damned disciplined … I don’t back down from hard work.

And I still BELIEVE in hard work, I thrive on purpose-driven push.

But what I’ve found, after all those years … the better part of a decade online, actually, before I really started to wake into THIS, was the the hardest work of all, actually?

Was always going to be the work of admitting to myself just what I was really meant to do here.

And what I found, ultimately, after first making nearly a million dollars online, then walking away from it in order to commit to creating a business more on my TERMS, and based on my TRUE message, then ending up in over 100k debt and nearly bankrupt, then actually BUILDING said business of alignment to multiple-millions of flow-based income per YEAR, was this:

It was never actually supposed to be about adding more, or about creating myself INTO some sort of leader, guru, expert, person WORTHY of attention.

It was always –
Actually –
And COULD only ever be –
(In fact)

About the exact opposite.

Strip it all away.

Let myself be naked and raw and revealed to the core.

And let the real me shine.

It’s time to let the world see you.


The thing you have to understand here, the thing which took me so long to even BEGIN to understand, and which I know I’m still learning, always WILL be, is simple:

You and I, and those like us, we TRULY did come here just to live OUR lives, to nurture our souls, and BE in a state of absolute joy, flow, happines, peace, BRILLIANCE, and the way we get to impact others as well as also – both directly and indirectly – make our millions, and beyond, is literally JUST THAT.

YEP … I’m saying something so breathtakingly arrogant that I’m going to repeat it just to be clear:

ALL you need to do, to MOST do good in the world, to most HELP others, to live your PURPOSE and ultimately live the life you were born for … as well as get hell yes RICH, and not just financially … is shine.

Or in other words?

Be a fucking Queen.

Don’t You Realise? You’re Like Cleofuckingpatra. You Just Need to be In a State of GLORY.

I was talking to my client Amanda Frances last Friday on our 1:1 call, and she’s actually the one who said I HAVE to do a program around this.

It’s very rare for me to take ideas from anyone else, but it was an INSTANT yes when she suggested it.

And where it came from, is that we’d been hysterically laughing at the fucking TRUTH of how important it is for her, for me, for those like US, to simply be taken care of, so we can shine properly.

And I told her:

“You’re a Queen. And the Queen doesn’t DO stuff … the Queen might go and APPEAR somewhere, and yes she might even get down on her hands and knees and BE with the people, but really what she does is, well, she be’s the fucking Queen.

Whether it’s on a balcony waving, or at a public event, or a dinner, or whatever. Whether it’s sharing her message or whatever she has to say, or whether it’s just BEING there.

The real thing she’s doing is BEING HER. And those who see her, let alone touch her, will NEVER forget that day, and they’ll tell their children and grand-children about it, and it will be one of the most special moments of their lives FOR the rest of their lives”

Oh yes! The BREATH-TAKING arrogance of me!

But you know I’m right

And here is what else, and what I said to Amanda, who of course was COMPLETELY on board with the truth that – DUH – of COURSE she’s a fucking Queen and of COURSE her primarily role is therefore to BE said Queen:

“As a Queen, it is not only ‘okay’, but it is CRITICAL that you be in the state YOU need to be in, in order to shine properly. This means WHATEVER PREPARATION and nurturing, body, mind, spirit, soul, is REQUIRED and also DESIRED.

This means:

If you hate onions (AND WE DO, as does, duh, the Queen of England, OBVIOUSLY it’s a #queenthing, Regan does TOO) then NOT A SINGLE ONION SHALL THE PALACE GATES PASS. So to speak. But REALLY. Plus, whatever else you need for your soul to be happy!”

And we laughed, in the same way I laughed at that meme earlier on on this page, which is to say we laughed with COMPLETE FUCKING CERTAINTY that this is TRUE shit right here.

Right now, here is what I know about you:

If you’re still here reading this, you’re nodding your head, and you GET it.

And also?

You’re one of us baby.

Only question is, ARE YOU ACTING IT?


Being a Queen means it is a REQUIREMENT for you to nurture your body, your mind, your spirit, your soul. It’s not something you do when you have time … or when you desperately need it. The self-care thing. It’s something you BETTER fucking do, or how the hell are you gonna shine?



What else? Being a Queen means that your WISH IS YOUR COMMAND, and it is DONE. Don’t like onions? AWAY WITH THEIR VILE LITTLE ASSES! Want somebody to put away your clothes each day, keep your house, open your mail, coddle you in any way you LIKE?


You’re the fucking Queen. Why the hell would you be trying to do somebody else’s job for them?

There’s more.

SO MUCH more.

For example, being a Queen means:

  • Your ULTIMATE gift to the world is actually just you being you. People will be MOST transformed, inspired, empowered and also will learn and understand the most just by being AROUND you. Literally, just by being in your presence
  • So, for example: if doing a VIP day with a client, or running an event or even an entire retreat, and also for ALLL your online programs, there is literally nothing you have to plan …. ‘try to teach’ … or prepare. You can actually just show up, and let your wisdom, truth, and transformational power SHIFT people.
  • As far as what you’ll actually SAY or DO or TEACH … well, sure, if there’s something critical you WANT to make sure you cover, you will. But the real power, the real message, the real thing people need to know from you? Is gonna be whatever comes out of you, either in words or JUST in energy, at the time.
  • In a very real sense, people will pay just to hang around you. EVEN IF YOU DID NOTHING AND TAUGHT NOTHING. Because your very SOUL imparts them with what they need.
  • YOU ALREADY KNOW ALL OF THIS IS TRUE ABOUT YOU too, by the way? You’ve ALWAYS suspected it … and you’ve told yourself that’s crazy, or illogical, or who the hell do you think you are, ETC. But yet you STILL know it’s true 
  • Need justification, or to understand why it IS so? Cool – I’ve got your back. This is not REMOTELY about you ‘doing nothing’. It’s about the fact that for the past 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or even 40 years and beyond YOU have lived your life a certain way. Long before you ever remotely stepped into THIS business or life …

You’ve been the one who strives.
Who learns.
Who grows.
Who DOES the fucking work.
Who faces into fear and confrontation and then shows up for their LIFE.

You live in a way people don’t even know EXISTS … so this whole thing about all you need to do is stand there and shine and people will be moved and changed from your mere PRESENCE? Is just a simple reflection of all that has gone into BECOMING the person – the Queen – you are today.

The work that you DID, was the God damn work of living your life, and carving yourself INTO the powerful leader you are today.

And of course you CONTINUE to do that work …

But Here is What It TAKES, To Do Business and Life as a Queen

All of the above is all very well and good, but let’s get real. If you’re not honouring yourself AS a Queen, and giving yourself permission to BE that person and actually DO business and life with such simple power, then it’s hardly gonna work, is it?

So yes. PERMISSION is critical, and we’ll be doing deep work together to clear your ‘play small’ bullshit and blocks and get you INTO fully OWNING it.

There’s more though.

Here is What It Takes

As a Queen, you not only GET to, but you MUST in fact nurture and honour yourself above all else, and give yourself what you need. ‘Self-care’ is the least of all that, and it IS a freaking priority; more than – a requirement. Regular blow-outs, hair and skin just so, wardrobe that makes you feel hot AF, nails, massage, healing or therapy, mentoring, social times, sexy time, fun time, laugh and playing time – ALL of this is literally critical to you being able to show up and BE that Queen.

You are NOT ‘taking time off’ or slacking when you give yourself all of this and more. You’re allowing yourself to be able to show up and shine. The Queen has to be prepared first … as much as is necessary …. daily. So if it literally requires 6-8 hours or more of YOU stuff each day in order for you to be in a place and space to present or deliver or create or DO for 30 minutes then THAT’S HOW IT IS.

I can tell you that MY day, and the day of my HIGHEST earning, like 100k per month PLUS clients, revolves 100% around OUR needs and desires.

Inner work, fitness, all the above stuff, rest time, self-pleasure time, literally whatever.we.need.and WANT.

And for my clients (and me!) the faster that guilt or any sort of mindset of ‘this is wrong and I’m being a diva’ is released, the faster money flows in … shifts happen like magic in our CLIENTS … and we FEEL ourselves becoming powerful beyond measure and HELPING PEOPLE ACCORDINGLY.

But as for the actual TIME spent on the DOING of business? Very. Very. Little. REALLY. Think about it …

Am I going to provide you with something amazing by burning myself out on the computer all day and trying to prove myself by being the one who does MORE?

Or am I going to unleash something, that maybe only takes a MOMENT in time, to change your LIFE because it was that.damn.AMAZING, because I first FULLY nurtured and honoured my Queen energy, the ARTIST in me, the LEADER who I know I am, I took care of myself inside and out and then I was able to simply SHOW up –

And shine.
As well as let.
My power touch you.

I know it seems ridiculous … EXCEPT THAT IT DOESN’T and you 100% know this is true.

So, the question is – are you willing to leap? Are you willing to do the INNER work of allowing yourself to BE that person, and are you willing to also do the PRACTICAL work of making space for it, as well as call in the support required, with ease, from flow, no matter WHICH point of business you’re at right now?

The choice is yours gorgeous.

You can continue to make it so.damn.hard and do surface BULLSHIT which you damn straight KNOW is not your true work, meanwhile burning yourself out doing all the things a QUEEN just would not DO –

Or you can step into your God-given power and role.

Wanna know something cool?? In Born to Be a Queen I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to do all of this. How to FULLY step into your power in ALL of the above areas, and many more besides, and with EASE call in the right support around you, no matter WHAT point you’re at now.

It’s all just about how you SEE yourself, anyway, and the main thing we’re going to do is get you SEEING yourself AS that Queen.

Once that’s done?

The rest is just cream …

Speaking of which!! Want to join BORN TO BE A QUEEN?! If you know you ARE … and you’re ready to BE … then I would SO love to have you!!


5 weeks.

Each week will begin with a deep dive training together (live) in which we lay down your QUEEN focus for the week.

The 5 big areas I want to work with you on are:

1) Queen Energy & Mindset
2) Honouring Your Queenly Soul Needs
3) Calling in Your Queen Team!
4) Queen of the Motherfreakin’ EMPIRE
5) Queen Power for Life, in Every AREA of Life

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Katrina Ruth Programs – Born To Be A Queen

Katrina Ruth Programs – Born To Be A Queen

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