Zach Spuckler – 5-Day Challenge

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How will The 5-Figure Challenge be a game-changer for me? I’m giving you FULL ACCESS to what works. A look under the hood of MY successful business – leaving nothing unanswered…


Author: Zach Spuckler






Zach Spuckler – 5-Day Challenge

Zach Spuckler – 5-Day Challenge

Check it out: Zach Spuckler – 5-Day Challenge

Go cross-eyed just trying to visualize your launch from start to finish 

  • Feel overwhelmed by the gazillion pieces of the puzzle YOU need to coordinate 
  • Fail to build momentum 
  • Don’t know how to reach the “right” people 
  • Miss the boat trying to streamline your marketing efforts 

Analysis paralysis is crushing all your efforts.

The combo of feeling stuck & financial stress is a toxic cocktail and you can’t help but wonder…

“What am I doing wrong?”

“Why can’t I keep my FB group engaged?”

“Why does it take me SO long to create a successful launch?”

“What piece am I missing?”

“Why’s nobody buying?”

“Should I just give up?”



You can wipe out your problems & doubts in an instant if you stopped trying to launch like a big fish.

Like 99.9% of the online business owners you DON’T have the tools, team or budget to do a massive launch.

The good news?

You don’t have to pull off a massive launch to make great money!

You don’t need…

  • Big webinars
  • A ginormous budget for FB ads
  • Enough email sequences to keep you tied to your computer for months

That’s not what you’ve been told.

But think about it…

“Gurus” wouldn’t be able to take you for a ride (and take your money!) if they did!

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need a million bells and whistles to have a successful launch.

There’s a LOW risk, HIGHLY effective system that’s PROVEN to work, so you can launch more in less time.

Can’t wait to spend those FB ad dollars on yummy dinners or finally go on a holiday?

Then keep reading and I’ll tell you HOW!

I Flipped a 5-Day Challenge into a 5-Figure Launch!


There’s a fast track to building your list, launching your program and selling without sleaze:

The 5-Day Challenge!

It’s low risk. It’s as easy as ordering your favorite coffee.

This is your chance to bypass thousand-dollar webinar software, the need for a big team and a huge budget.

The four phase system I’m going to share with you, has literally taken people from Failed Launches to 5-Figure Challenges…

Running this challenge once added close to 400 people to my list, and brought in over $6,000. I also now have an active fb group with over 700 people. I will also admit that I got tired and didn’t actually implement all of the follow up, I will next time so I know it will be even better! I also find that my copy writing has majorly improved because of the structured templates. So. Happy. With. These. Results!

Molly Mahoney, Live Video Confidence Coach

My first thought was… really molly? ANOTHER PROGRAM??? ; ) I have joined so many programs. I always get value, but I find it hard to actually implement everything because it’s too much info, or it’s very generalized and wishy-washy. Being a creative (sometimes crazy) person, I need systems that are super clear and actionable.

-James Wedmore, Head Honcho at

After being online for 9 years, I’ve seen and been through a LOT of launches. Webinars, videos series, you name it.

But when I learned about challenges from Zach I was suddenly introduced to a launch system that was so simple and effective – I couldn’t believe it.

Zach has a mind that turns problems into profits, and he’s the go to for all things challenge launches. If you want to have a successful launch for your digital business  without feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and broke – Zach is your guy.


You’ve got a million ideas, plans and directions.

I’ve got an A to Z system that takes a chainsaw to the fluff and gets you PAID.

Ready to ditch the “fill in the gaps” and “be your own expert”- approach?

Did I just catch you with a “YES… BUT…- face”? (see image)

You’re still reading because you’ve been…

  • Attending all the webinars
  • Listening to every training call
  • Buying all the courses
  • Read the blogs
  • Downloaded freebies

You’re a hustler. YET, your bank account doesn’t reflect it. You don’t want to throw money at yet another program that leaves you feeling MORE frustrated, so you’re asking yourself…

Can we get REAL for a hot second….

How will The 5-Figure Challenge be a game-changer for me?

I’m giving you FULL ACCESS to what works. A look under the hood of MY successful business – leaving nothing unanswered.

I believe that if you pay to work with me – you should be able to see exactly what I am doing.

No theories, ideas or strategies sending you in a tailspin.

Instead, you’ll get TOOLS, TEMPLATES and SCREENSHOTS of what I’ve done to create my first $22000.00 launch.

All you need to do is plug it into your business.

It’s the Perfect Combination of…

Low Budget Launching. Targeted List Building. High Impact Sales.

What exactly IS The 5-Figure Challenge?

When you take the 3 things that determine the success of YOUR business…

  • Mindfullness of Your Budget
  • Strategic and Effective Listbuilding
  • Simplified Sales Systems & Emails

…and combine them into an easy-to-follow, fail-proof system – already successfully tested at every level of business (from $600 to $60,000) – then you take out the stress & the guesswork and end up with RESULTS!

Join the 5-Figure Challenge and you’ll get…

  • A proven system for turning a 5-day challenge into a 5-figure launch
  • The blueprint my students have used to add hundreds of people to their list – in just a few short weeks
  • Copies of the emails, scripts, and even advertisements we’ve used. If I’ve done it why should I keep it secret from someone investing in working with me?!

We used Zach’s challenge system to re-launch our introductory course, thinking it would be a small promotion. We did the 5-day challenge followed by 5 days of the cart being open. It turned into a six-figure launch! Our challenge had a 5.5% conversion rate (amazing!) and I’ll definitely be doing more challenges this year. We’re already planning our next one!”

Mariah Coz, Owner of Femtrepreneur

After going through and taking action on The 5-Figure Challenge I added 600 NEW people to my list, built a brand new Facebook group of RAVING fans, and as a direct result, I sold over $14,000 of group coaching.

I’ve learned in a few short weeks how I can magic up a group of hungry buyers from thin air – purely by following some simple steps.


I would abso-freakin-lutley recommend the 5-Figure Challenge to anyone looking for a simple and effective launch system. Everything was laid out in such an easy to follow manner that success was inevitable 

Laura Husson, Business Strategist

Not only was I able to use this to grow my list by a couple of hundred & generate $8250 in a weekend, more importantly was able to see how the system clarifies my offer and work to my audience that will pay in perpetuity 

The FFC system laid out a step by step plan so that I didn’t have to try and figure it out. This plan helps quiet some of the inner voices of doubt and fear because all you had to do was show up, work the steps, and trust the process. 

If you need a system that takes you from concept to creation to cash hop in now! Stop spinning and stalling so you can start winning with the FFC system! You truly covered everything from email templates, ad copy templates, trouble shooting. There wasn’t one thing missing in this training!

Aandra Bohlen, Sales & Mindset Teacher

This was the 4th challenge I’ve done in a year and the first time I used the system to work it – and it worked!!! Conversions were over 6% List grew by 200 Challenge participant engagement GREW during the challenge We sold over $8,000 in the 48 hours of cart opening/closing!

So why did I (we) create this system…?

Back in February 2015 I Had Just Started My Business when overwhelm hit.

I was trying to…

  • Pull off a “Big Launch”
  • Get my program off the ground
  • Find TIME to make my business grow

I was STUCK in my life & business.

I was working for someone else – hustlin’ my entire day, trying to accomplish somebody else’s dream.

I struggled. I wasn’t excited about life anymore.

Even after I discovered livestreaming and started to get REAL traction in my business – I was still spending WEEKS & MONTHS preparing for launches, UNTIL…

I Built and Ran a 5-Day Challenge in TWO WEEKS that Generated Over $22,000

The 5-Figure Challenge Four-Phase System is the Framework for SUCCESS in Your Next Lauch

An Experience That Creates Results

What’s Included In The 5-Figure Challenge?

The 5-Figure Challenge includes over 15 checklists, workbooks and handouts to help you craft your challenge. It offers 35 videos to walk you through the 4 phases – so you can leverage your challenge and create a successful launch.

This is an experience that creates results, one step at a time. Whether this is your first launch or your fiftieth – this is the SYSTEM you’ve been searching for.

Here’s how we help you achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of:

After you complete the first phase of the program you will…

  • Turn FREE challengers into PAYING customers – even if you’ve never sold anything in your life!
  • Develop a challenge that converts.
  • Increase Challenge signups by 20-50% – using our Cyclical Challenge Signup System.

Phase 1: Learn It

Become familiar with the 5-Figure Challenge Launch System from a birds-eye view.

After you complete the second phase of the program you’ll have…

  • Built your ENTIRE 5-Figure challenge. This includes emails, social media posts, and livestream training. We’ll create the entire system together!
  • Connected your social media to your challenge. That way you can maximize engagement and grow your reach while we grow your bank account.
  • Uncovered the additional “page” you need to skyrocket conversions. Turning challengers into customers and increasing your profits.

Phase 2: Build It

Experience for yourself this is not just another program. Together we’ll design your challenge framework, AND teach you how to customize it for your business.

After you complete the third phase you’ll know how to …

  • Promote your 5-day challenge in multiple ways – so you can get the highest possible engagement
  • Use Facebook Ads for your challenge in the most effective way – even on a tight budget
  • Identify the 3 types of customers (on your list and in your audience) and develop promotion that speaks directly to them!

Phase 3: Fill It

Learn the core strategies we use to fill our challenges – even if you have a small or quiet list!

After you complete the final phase you’ll know how to…

  • Turn your free challenge into a profitable launch – including what emails to send, which deadlines to use and even what to say to sell.
  • Go from self-conscious to sales confident with our non-salesy scripts
  • Generate as much as $5,000 in sales in one SINGLE livestream during your challenge – using the exact system we’ve used.

Phase 4: Sell It

Nail your sales messaging, so all you need to do is click “go” and let the sales roll in!

Check out how these business owners used the 5-Figure Challenge Blueprint to create their successful launch!

In the last challenge I did, before I had even heard of this training I had 73 people join my challenge and I made exactly zero from it… This time I made $10,000 in a WEEKEND!

I’ve been taking courses on how to market and how to sell and how to grow my tribe for many years and many of them just didn’t fit into the way I wanted to do sales with authenticity, service and openness. They just never seem to fit with my values and how I want to do business so I did have some concerns that this would just be another process that would not fit into my business model 

I’m thrilled with the changes it has created not just in my business but also within my mindset. I have 21 clients in my new program (19 of them new to me and my work). I have been able to achieve for the very first time a $10K+ weekend and I’ve started to believe that I can have the kind of business where I get to give massive value and make good money for it. 

The 5 Figure Challenge program has been incredible…it’s put me in front of hundreds of my ideal clients, shown me how to bring even more value to those clients in a way that feels great to me and it has greatly increased my capacity to make more money in my business and I can use it over and over again…finally a system that works for me and for my clients…it’s a win, win, win! 

I’d highly recommend it to other (spiritual) entrepreneurs who are seeking ways to serve their community that fit comfortably with their values and gifts. The course had everything I could possibly need to get my challenge up and running.

-Anne Aleckson

(Transformational Speaker)

I really believe that using Zach’s system is THE WAY to go big right out the gate. I made $250 last month. This month I surpassed my teaching salary.

I wasn’t expecting this, but I gained so much confidence and clarity. I was flying by the seat of my pants (hey, I’m procrastinator, what can I say), but I knew that Zach had a well-thought out system.

I even gained 1:1 clients from this! The challenge is where this all starts people! It’s the perfect system to show up big online…whether you’ve made $0 in your biz to date or have consistent 10k months.

-Lindsay Padilla

(Teaching & Learning Consultant)

“The program was exciting to implement and is worth 10 times its value.” 

The 5-Figure Challenge has been a gold mine of information, tips, specific strategies, and behind-the-scenes video and checklists to get all of the pieces moving together. Implementation is what this challenge is all about! I finally learned FB Ads and drilled them with confidence. The program was exciting to implement and is worth 10 times its value.”

-Cherylnn Thomas

(Founder, Rise Up Ideal Life)

“Our last 5-Day Challenge generated $8500 with a mere $300 ad spend! 

Thanks to the sound and proven techniques inside Zach’s courses, we were able to fill, execute, and deliver a badass Challenge while growing our list! Can’t wait to do the next!”

-Kristi and Jessica

(Founders, REVITA5)

I made $10,504 on the 4-week course I sold after implementing my 5-day challenge. I also added 500+ people to my list.

Before joining The 5-Figure Challenge I was really questioning whether this system would truly work for me. I ended up learning a valuable way to launch a program, and make a pretty good chunk of “change”. 

This was my FIRST five-figure launch! I’d absolutely recommend this course – because if you do the work, the system works! 

Apryl Beverly, Copywriter

Even though I considered myself as a seasoned challenger – after taking Zach’s course I had a sales conversion of 4.4% making 2.2k! 

And as an additional bonus I actually felt completely prepared!

Now I have a plan! And focus! Plus everything I do now is measurable which helps me to plan the next even better challenge!

The video lessons and worksheets are precise and super actionable. Plus Zach really cares about your results!

-Sandra Pilarczyk, Visibility Trainer

I have been “just” a photographer for the past 7 years… and now with the release of my online class it’s been so cool to connect with a bigger audience online, be seen as an expert and educate. I had 700 people sign up for my challenge (previously my list was only 200). 

I also $1000 profit after ads which is really cool! That’s an extra $1000 revenue stream that I can only grow and now I have a system to re-launch my course again and again!

My only hesitation was the cost, it was definitely a “stretch” investment… I can definitely say it was totally worth it!

-Ashleigh Henning, Owner, Asheigh Taylor Photography

Not only did I gain two new clients for my 21 day online cleanse bootcamp at $297, but the whole positive energy around the launch spurred on from the 5 day challenge actually turned several of my former fans (who had become silent members) back into an engaged active community, yay! 

Right out of the gate I was able to break even with my marketing & FBads costs and I’m excited to say this was my first ‘real’ launch, and profitable! I also added 350 people to my email list for the 5 day challenge. 

Another noteworthy change is that I have actually had 4 prospects fill out a form on my website to become my 1on1 coaching clients, and I have noticed a significant influx of people reaching out to me for help and advice through my Facebook business page. 

-Sandra Boehner, Nutrition Habits Coach

Wanna Run A 5-Figure Challenge?


(Over $6,000 Worth of Bonuses)

Join The 5-Figure Challenge Today Get These Amazing Extras…

(Plus Some Additional “For Members Eyes Only” Bonuses)

1. The 5-Figure Challenge Community (Priceless)

Once you join the EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group, you’ll have the power of community and accountability behind your business every single day! Connect with other people JUST LIKE YOU for support, get answers to your burning questions, and have an endless supply of inspiration. Not sure what to do? Need help with part of the program? In this community you’ll have help at your finger tips!

The private community includes my support as a moderator in the group through the end of June 2017.

2. Small List, Big Challenge Training ($500 Value)

Wondering what to do if you have a small (or non-existent) list? This little bonus takes care of that problem. Our students have gotten HUNDREDS of people signed up for their challenge without a list, leveraging this EXACT system.

3. Complete Tech Library ($1000 Value)

Does ConvertKit, LeadPages, Email Scheduling make you go like GULP? Not anymore!

The course Tech Library takes you through everything you need to rock your challenge – from scheduling emails in ConvertKit to installing Facebook Ad Pixels.

4. Templates & Sample Challenge Emails ($1000 Value)

Feeling overwhelmed by having to write your email sequence? Problem solved! With these fill-in-the-blank templates you can copy and paste in your own promotion and… DONE! As a bonus for joining, you’ll get EVERY EMAIL you’ll need to send during your challenge. Not just “ideas” or “guides” – these are EXACT samples & TEMPLATES from my challenge.

5. Live Coaching ($2000 Value)

This is a 4 phase program. There will be a LIVE coaching call for every phase, scheduled over 8 weeks. Ask questions about your challenge and get my personal feedback! Each call will be recorded and saved into the online membership site – for you to go through whenever it suits YOU!

Note: I only take on a few one-on-one clients at a time. Currently I’m full. Want to get my eyes on your business? This is your chance!

6. Facebook Ads For 5-Day Challenges Training ($500 Value)

Facebook Ads can take you from “unknown” to “everywhere”! I’ll take you inside the Power Editor and teach you how to set up ads so you can fill up your 5-day challenge even faster. By the end of this training you’ll know how to run ads to add new people to your challenge – even if you’re new to ads, or have had trouble in the past!

7. The Course Outline Playbook

($200 Value)

I’ve generated over $300,000 selling online courses – so I know the value in having one! Even if you’re BRAND NEW to the online game and don’t have a course, this bonus will hook you up! You’ll learn how to outline your first course so you can pre-sell it before it’s even built and PROFIT BIG from your challenge!

8. The Listbuilding Masterclass

($100 Value)

Over the past 18 months I’ve added over 15,0000 subscribers to my email list. In this bonus training I’ll uncover my top 5 favorite ways to increase the number of people you’re adding to your list.

9. Additonal Members Only Bonuses

($1000 Value)

Inside the training you’ll find additional bonuses we could fit on the page about list building, sales pages, and more – PLUS some exclusive discounts on my FAVORITE software!

But you have to join to see them all!

We added 10,000 people to our email list AND we had our biggest 5-figure launch EVER.

 The 5-Figure Challenge is NO JOKE. We now have a much clearer understanding of how to rock out a launch after this program. Before Zach’s help, our launches lasted 1 day and the product we sold was offered at a significant discount for that time period. 

With that method, we still made 5-figures, however, when we followed Zach’s challenge, we doubled our sales. Y’all, this formula WORKS. Hands down, ABSOLUTELY. 

It’s a small investment in the whole scheme of things. Think about it… if someone told you that if you gave them $1000 you’d make back $10,000 wouldn’t you do it? 

Would we recommend it? Um, yes. The answer is yes. What if they said you’d make back $20,000? Or $30,000? (You get the picture!) You’d say yes every time, right? YES!!!!

Rachel Perry & Amanda Holland, The Tag Team

I felt great confidence in taking action at each step because I clearly saw how each step built on the previous. It was a lot of work, but it was directed and purposeful work so I never worried or dallied.

My list grew 300 subscribers as a result of the first challenge and when I launched my membership at the end of the challenge for the first time, I gained 21 members. Another 24 people who weren’t ready to join purchased a related e-book later that week.

Together this yielded a potential annual revenue of $8K, which exceeded my expectations for my first launch!

A final unexpected outcome is that many of my subscribers are grabbing more and more of the content upgrades on my site – I believe that the challenge provided me with credibility that no other technique has allowed.

Marnie Ginsberg, creator of

I Grew my stagnant list to over 800 Got 670 people signed up to a challenge Completed a successful 5 day challenge Gained raving fans (obvs because I’m awesome too though) Made $7600 in a week!

I saw other people having success with it and decided I was tired of sitting on the fence with my product launch (a year of procrastination). 

This program helped me see a quick, clear way to engage my target audience and launch in a week. Yep totally. 

Zach helps you get tangible results based on real metrics that WORK. I’m eternally grateful to have finally found a way to make real money and fast

-Hannah Dixon, VA Trainer

Honestly it was one of the best programs I’ve ever taken. And I’ve taken courses from some of the biggest names in the industry!

Since starting 5 Figure Challenge, I got massive clarity on who I’m serving, how I can serve them better, and how to actually talk to them so that they see that I’m the clear choice for them. I doubled my email list, learned how to run FB ads that work, and made $600 on my first ever challenge. Now I know what works and how to do this better next time and have a valuable method for launching in my business toolbox! 

I now feel more confident in my skills as an entrepreneur, knowing that I have a repeatable system I can use to generate sales whenever I want!

-Niya Champaneria Owner of and Host of BizMomTV.

My favorite thing is that I have a system I can use over and over again! I’m not incredibly tech-y – but this program was SO easy to follow, and I’m excited to do it over and over again!

Both my Facebook + Instagram accounts grew by 100+ the week of the challenge, I also added 350 new people to my email list! And perhaps the biggest change/accomplishment is that in 24 hours – we created $15,921 in revenue!

I’m not incredibly tech-y – but this program was SO easy to follow, and I’m excited to do it over and over again! I also love the other 5-figure challengers – everyone was so helpful in my journey to creating my mini-course, before, during and after! Yes! It’s a GREAT tool to grow your business. 

The content is FRESH – it really works! AND it’s easy to implement – which I think is an issue for most entrepreneurs. The content is so detailed – it takes you through every step you need to make this a success.

Alionka Polanco, Life + Success Coach

You’re a coach or consultant looking to fill your programs and land high-end clients. Need a “launch model” that doesn’t require a million phone calls and buckets of networking? Then you’ll love The 5-Figure Challenge! You create digital courses or sell info-products in the online space. But… your bank account doesn’t reflect the time and money you’ve invested in creating and launching. If you’re ready to stop the frustration & get PAID, then the 5-Figure Challenge is what you need!

You run an online business and you need a launch format to release your product to many customers at once. The 5-Figure Challenge will help you do that! 

The Digital Based Coach or Consultant…

The 5-Figure Challenge was created with a very specific person in mind.

Not 100% sure? Other trainings left you feeling burned? This is for you…

With THE “FINISH A CHALLENGE” MONEY BACK GUARANTEE I’m giving you a full 60 days to…

  • Join the course
  • Implement the content
  • Run a complete challenge 


When I started working with Zach, I basically only had an idea for an online course, but after working with him for only 3 months, I grew my list size from 23 sign ups to over 3,000 leads, I built out a full online course, I launched that online course, and made over $17,000 from my very first launch! 

Zach helped me with every step along the way from growing my list, building out my online course, setting up a launch plan, executing a very profitable webinar with over 950 sign ups and completing a $17k launch. Working with Zach was the best decision I have made for my business.

Jamie Dana, Hairstlyist and Instagram Expert

Working with Zach was the best decision I have made for my business.


Our work together supported me in being able to help MORE people without adding MORE hours to my day and giving me the time and energy to be with my family and spend time with my little boy.

Zach helped me believe in myself and helped me find the courage to get over my fear of emailing my list! I’ve been able to create and sell programs that I believe in and offer group coaching to help reduce my one-on-one client load. 

ach is amazing and he’s doing great work in the world! You’re awesome Zach, I feel like you gave me wings and helped me to create more freedom in my business. 

Our work together supported me in being able to help MORE people without adding MORE hours to my day and giving me the time and energy to be with my family and spend time with my little boy.

-Celeste Frenette, Soulful Coach

In just 3 months of one-on-one coaching with Zach, I had Facebook Ads converting at less than $1/lead, doubled my list, doubled my revenue, filled all 10 slots in my beta round of my online course, and created a fully systemized passive revenue stream for my business. 

My business was truly transformed! I would highly recommend working with Zach! He is wise beyond his years in business and in life. Zach is an incredible mentor and true friend, and I am truly grateful for all that I’ve learned while working with him.

Rachel McMichael, The Techspert™,

Working with Zach was incredible! Zach taught me how to reverse engineer my goals, create my first big-girl sales page, create lead pages and webinars that convert, set up my first sales funnel, and more.


Plug into a community of entrepreneurs committed to getting results and build REAL relationships to improve your life and your business.

3Share your wins, vent on your failures, and get feedback every step of the way. No more suffering in silence, only growing with the group!




Get support from Zach AND the community as a whole. STUCK is a word that we remove from your vocabulary inside the private community group.

Join now and get INSTANT ACCESS to a community of high performers, achievers and straight up hustlers – just like you. Not just another “Facebook Group” but a home for people ready to take the leap and…

6. I LOVE what you’re sharing here – but I don’t have a team yet, can I pull this off by myself?

Frequently Asked Questions

About The 5-Figure Challenge

Need a few more answers before you can pull the trigger on The 5-Figure Challenge? I’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of the most common questions that I get about the course with answer below!

Can’t find the answer you need? Then shoot an email with your Q over to [email protected] and someone from Team Heart, Soul & Hustle will hook you up with an answer asap!

8. What can I expect once I join The 5-Figure Challenge?

10. What if I get stuck or have questions?  Is there additional support?

5. My digital course isn’t ready yet or hasn’t been created… Can I still plug into this system!

As a member of The 5-Figure Challenge – I want you to know that I GOT YOU!  There are several ways that you can get support anytime you need it!

#1. Our EXCLUSIVE Facebook Community

The community is YOUR SPACE.  A place to get support, ask questions and get feedback on your challenge.  I’ll be there on a regular basis to support our members!

#2 LIVE Coaching Calls

When you join you get access to four LIVE coaching calls where you can get direct face-to-face feedback on your challenge and business from ME!

#3 My Support Team

If you ever have tech issues, login issues, etc – I have a team that is on standby and ready to help!  If you have tech issues you just shoot an email to [email protected] and we’ll get you fixed up ASAP!

7. I’m seriously tech challenge, if it requires a login – it’s almost guaranteed I’ll break it – can I still do this?

1. How is this different from all the other courses I’ve seen (and may have taken, but not gotten results with…)?

9. What is the guarantee/refund policy for The 5-Figure Challenge?

The 5-Figure Challenge was designed to not actually be a course packed with “learning”.  While you will LEARN my system, that’s only about 20% of the course – most of the course is TAKING ACTION – and that is where the results happen in business.  The core things that set this course apart are:

#1. ACTION STEPS – Most digital courses want to TEACH you a ton of content that YOU are responsible for plugging into your business.  This “course” is actually a series of step-by-step instructurs to build, fill, and sell with your own 5-day challenge.  Yeah, you’ll learn the system – but we spend more time DOING than learning.

#2. FULL TRANSPARENCY – You’re going to get a look at my emails, my stats, my results, and more.  I’ve said it before – but I’m not afraird to share what does and DOESN’T work.  You’ll get REAL answers – not fluff.

#3. ACCESS – Most (if not all) of my students will tell you that you get CRAZY access to me.  I’m present, I show up, and I answer your questions – because THAT is what you paid for.  Access is VITAL to your success, so you get it!

This program is designed to fit YOUR schedule. In addition to 24/7 access we’ve given you templates and trainings designed to speed up the entire process. You don’t have to design anything from scratch – we’re giving you a pre-made model that you can plug your content into.

So whether you only have 10 hours a week for your business, or your full time – this can fit your schedule.

To complete the course in about 30-60 days, I would recommend you have 2-4 hours a week, and 8 hours the week of the challenge. That’s it!

2. I don’t have a massive list, and my audience is on the smaller side – is this still going to work for me?

100% YES! Within the bonuses you get when you join is the “course outline playbook”.  This bonus will teach you how to outline your course, write a simple sales page, and pre-sell it before it’s completed.

We have pre-sold EVERY course that Heart, Soul & Hustle has launched and it’s how I recommend ALL my students and clients do their first launch.  If you build it FIRST it may not sell then you’ve wasted all that effort.

If you SELL IT FIRST then you only have to build AFTER you know that people are hungry to buy your offer!

You don’t need a BIG list to get BIG results – we have students with list smaller than 100 people that are doing multiple-thousands in sales on their VERY FIRST CHALLENGE.

The Small List, Big Challenge bonus that I’ve created will help you build you list FAST and AFFORDABLY so that your challenge and your list can both uplevel in your biz!

I knew that this question would come up, so I decided to run an entire 5-day challenge on my own without any help from my team!

Conclusion: YES! You can pull this off all by yourself and with the bonuses, templates, and support group – it takes even LESS time than you’d expect!

3. If I’m a total newbie to this online business thing, will this course help me get started?

Of course!  I know that a lot of people just starting out can struggle with stringing it all together – you’re not alone!

That’s what I created the Tech Library Bonus where EVERYTHING you need to do from scheduling emails, to posting ads, to creating a signup page is covered in a screen sharing style tutorial!   tutorial!

All the tech is covered – I got you!

The 5-Figure Challenge was created for those that are ready to move from “beginner” to “intermediate” in their launches.  If you haven’t started your biz yet, then this probably isn’t going to work for you.

If you know what a list is, understanding how to send emails, and understand the basics of marketing – you’re ready!

If you are still working out “how do I get started”, “how do I create a website”, or “how do I decide what my passion is” this program is a bit too advanced for you!

Once you complete your order, you’ll instantly get an email with your login information.

After your first login, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to the course, bonuses, and members only Facebook Group.

The entire course is avaialbe from the moment you login with the exception of a couple bonuses as noted above.  You also get access to lifetime updates as they come!

4. Zach, I’m SUPER BUSY!  How much time do I REALLY need to commit to this program?

Whether you select the Payment Plan OR the Full Pay option, you have a FULL 60 Days from the date of your purchase to refund.

If you’ve gone through the training, implemented and run a challenge, but haven’t seen any results – I’m more than happy to refund your money.  HOWEVER, I do require that you do the work.

I take 100% ownership of you getting results if you DO THE WORK, but if you don’t do the work…. I KNOW you won’t get results.

I want there to be NO RISK so if you’re ready to do the work and get paid – there’s no risk to you. Please see the Terms & Conditions for FULL details!

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Zach Spuckler – 5-Day Challenge

Zach Spuckler – 5-Day Challenge

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