The Power Of Creative Visualization From Mindvalley

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The Power Of Creative Visualization From Mindvalley

The Power Of Creative Visualization From Mindvalley

Check it out: The Power Of Creative Visualization From Mindvalley

Finally… The Most Advanced, Updated & Complete Creative Visualization Course Designed To Improve Any Area Of Your Life In Less Than 20 Minutes A Day

For Those Who Want To Learn A Concrete Method To Tap Into The Invisible. There’s A Creative Force Inside Every Human Being That Can Make Any Vision, Dream Or Desire A Reality.

It’s a big claim, but it’s true: you really can transform ANY aspect of your life, so you experience more abundance, love, happiness or any other kind of success you desire.

YET, there are millions of people today who are trying so hard to “net” a mega success… only to end up with struggle and frustration.

And it’s because of a popular myth about what it takes to succeed.

It’s a myth that’s so misunderstood that people still cling to it — even though it rarely creates effective results.

The myth is that you need to “take action now.”

But the truth is… this simply isn’t enough.

In fact…

Taking Action Is Often Counterproductive

Yes, naturally, you should aim to move in the direction of your goals.

But truth is, a whole lot of inner work needs to be done before you start taking action. Otherwise you’ll automatically experience negative states like procrastination, anxiety, stress and even self-sabotage each time you try to make positive changes.

That being said, if anyone wants to rapidly progress towards a truly extraordinary life… there’s only ONE way.

And that is to…

Tap Into The Incredible Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

The spiritual teacher Esther Hicks said:

“Seventeen seconds of focused, pleasurable visualization is stronger than 2000 hours of working to obtain a goal.”

This is a secret that proponents of creative visualization have known for years. Today science is beginning to show some evidence why…

Most people only set goals at the conscious level — which is only 1-5% of your potential resources.

But according to cutting-edge research from Dr. Bruce Lipton at Stanford University Medical Center, it is your subconscious mind that ultimately casts the deciding vote on how much success, abundance, happiness, health and freedom you experience in your life.

Dr Lipton explains that “most people don’t even acknowledge that their subconscious mind is at play, when the fact is it is a million times more powerful that the conscious mind, and that we operate 95 to 99 percent of our lives from subconscious programs.”

And your subconscious mind has been programmed with a blueprint that contains limits for (among other things) how happy we can be, how much money we’ll make, what our relationships can be like, what type of vacations you’ll take, how fit you can become, what kind of car you’ll drive…

So now, the question becomes this: Are there proven methods to change your subconscious blueprint and create breakthroughs in every area of your life?

The Key To Changing Your Subconscious Blueprint To Match Your Dreams

It doesn’t matter if you want to drive a newer car, take a five star family vacation, lose a few excess pounds, find a way to get a pay rise — or even if you want to totally transform your life.

Creative visualization is the key.

In fact, celebrities like Oprah, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith and Bill Gates have endorsed some form of creative visualization and claimed it had a significant role in their success.

And you’d be hard pressed to find an Olympic gold medalist in the last 20 years who doesn’t visualize their perfect performance in their heads.

For the countless people who visualize each day, they’ll say — without exception — that what you visualize, you begin to invite into your life.

What Makes This Program Unique

The Power Of Creative Visualisation is a unique program because of the following:


We bring in two hours of video training (with slides) on the latest techniques and mental models needed to make creative visualization work for you. More on this below.


You get 12 Guided Journeys designed to produce high “emotions” in 12 major aspects of life. Most books on creative visualization downplay the power of emotion. But that’s the rocket fuel that powers your visualization.


You also get brilliantly engineered soundtracks that you can use to create your own mental creative visualization journeys. These are based on advanced sound technology and are known to put you in the right state of mind for creative visualization.

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The Power Of Creative Visualization From Mindvalley

The Power Of Creative Visualization From Mindvalley

$40.00$197.00 (-80%)

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