Personal Story Power Pack – Bo Eason

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Your income is in direct proportion to your emotional impact you have on people. There is no better place to learn about it than with Bo


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Personal Story Power Pack – Bo Eason

Personal Story Power Pack - Bo Eason

Check it out: Personal Story Power Pack – Bo Eason

Personal Story Power Pack – Bo Eason

With this powerful tool, You will learn how to express the core of your personal story, becoming irresistible to everyone around you.

People don’t connect to numbers and percentages, but they do connect to stories and other human beings.

There is one simple – yet powerful – way to create instantaneous rapport and trust. It’s the ability to tell a compelling personal story.

Let me help you discover the power of your personal story at home, in the office or while traveling, with my Personal Story Power Pack. We’re going to dive deep into your story together, capturing, physicalizing and telling it in a way that will ultimately help you grow your company, build a stronger family and live a life that is more authentic and representative of who you truly are.

A lot of programs out there teach “personal story.” But unlike trainers who are jumping on a trend or bandwagon, I’m bringing thousands of hours of experience that has prepared me for telling my story on any stage. As an NFL player, Broadway playwright, actor and speaker, I’ve worked with people who’ve come from every background imaginable.

From the locker room to the boardroom, I can tell you that no matter where you come from or what your life’s dream, we all relate to each other through story. Story is the connective tissue that bonds people to a leader. Story is what makes people latch on to you, want to follow you and want do business with you. Your authentic, powerful personal story is what makes people fall in love with you. I am convinced there is no more powerful way of taking every part of your life to the top.

Here’s the deal—I know that transformation happens one day at a time. I also know how busy life can be—trust me, I have three kids. That’s why the Personal Story Power Pack is an intensive training that you can do at your own pace. I’ve taken all of my best stories and most important lessons and poured them into this program.

Using my journey, I walk you through a step-by-step process for identifying, connecting with, embodying and sharing your own personal story.

In this 6-step intensive program, you will learn to:

Capture and create your personal story

This includes exercises that help you identify some of the themes in your life, locate your defining moment(s) and shape the story that you will ultimately tell to build connections and make a deeper impact than you would with just metrics and data.

To do this effectively, though, you have to go through the process of putting all the pieces, moments and themes of your life together in a way that no one will forget. We’re pulling our audience in and challenging them to go deeper with us. I’ll show you how to do it with the very exercises I’ve used to capture and develop my own stories.

Embody your story through physical expression

The body is the most perfect instrument for physical expression. But the Information Age has weakened our communication muscles. I’m going to help you get them back in shape by relaying the lessons I’ve learned from training with the best and brightest performance and movement coaches in the world.

Have you ever watched the way predator cats move? Do me a favor, (even if you don’t buy the Power Pack) search online for videos or turn to the National Geographic channel the next time there’s a show on about cheetahs, panthers, leopards or lions. Look at how they use the ground. Every step or motion is so efficient, so powerful. The way we naturally move is much closer to how they move. We’ve just gotten lazy. Once you learn my secrets, you’ll be able to own every stage you walk onto with the power of a predator.

Master your life story

For your story to make real impact, you’ve got to master it—attach it to your molecules. The key is an awareness of time. When I got to college, I had four years to master my position so that I would get drafted to the NFL. Mastery is what ultimately lets you take the stage (or field) and own it with every cell of your body. But to do that you have to eat, sleep and breathe your story so that it just naturally comes out in how you physically move with your hands, arms, hips and legs.

Once you’ve mastered your story, you can engage intimately with your audience with complete confidence. This is how you create instant rapport and trust with clients, colleagues and other valuable connections so that you can take your business or career to the top.

Warm up like a pro

Do you know how to get yourself ready to perform? We’ll go through a series of physical exercises for freeing up your body and getting it ready, physically, for full-out expression. In most industries, people spend 90% of their time performing and 10% preparing. The opposite is what you should be doing. Most people don’t take the time to do this kind of work, but it’s critical.

Much of this lesson is about getting into the mindset needed to fully connect with your audience and learning how to get in that state every time you perform, like clockwork. Confidence is self-created and with this training, you’ll understand why it’s your birthright to be on the stage. I’ll teach you my secrets for rehearsing so by the time you’re on stage, you’re ready.

Give all of yourself

The level of effort you put into preparing is directly related to how well your business will perform and it’s all within your control. This is what generosity means to me and I’ll show you how that translates to everyday practices in your life.

In addition to this deep dive program, you get a video of my play, “Runt of the Litter,” as well as the manuscript. This single story has allowed me to employ myself forever. Soon to become a major motion picture, “Runt” is a semi-autobiographical account of my life and career as a safety for the Houston Oilers in the 1980s. I include the play because I want you to see how I use different parts of my story and apply some of those techniques to your own.

As you go through the program, absorbing each story and lesson, you will naturally begin to uncover more of your own journey in a way that you haven’t before. You will learn things about yourself and those around you that have the power to cause dramatic shifts in your relationships and life. To me, this is one of the most powerful aspects of the Power Pack.

In the Personal Story Power Pack, you get:

  • 6-Part System with hours of recorded audio training on…

    • Capturing your greatest personal stories in a way that creates transformative shifts in your business and for you personally.
    • Using the body as an instrument for communication. The second you walk on stage to give a speech or presentation, your audience will not be able to look away from you.
    • Mastering your story with authority. I’ll show you what it takes to attach every word of your personal story to your body’s molecules.
    • Preparing for those days when it’s time to perform. Most of this work is not about when the stage lights are on. This is about the relentless training you do before that moment arrives.
  • Runt of the Litter: You get a video of the play, which isn’t for sale anywhere, along with the original script.

    • This is the story that changed everything for me because it created opportunities – business opportunities – that transformed my life.
    • Having performed it thousands of times, I got the stage experience I needed to create a career on my terms. I no longer had to wait for somebody to choose me. Story … this specific story … allowed me to choose myself.
  • Personal Creative Journal: This is your personal notebook for crafting your story. It’s your own private space for getting everything in your head on paper. If you’re serious about becoming a world-class storyteller, this will be the cornerstone of your story

You create momentum by taking small steps that build on one another every day. There will come a day when you look back and realize your whole life has moved in a completely new and more authentic direction. The Power Pack is your first step in that direction. We’re doing more than simply telling stories together. We’re using our life experiences to become the leaders that everyone else wants to follow.

Thank you for letting me serve as your partner in this journey. I’m here to support you every step of the way. I look forward to hearing your own personal story of transformation and to seeing you one day at one of my live events.


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Personal Story Power Pack - Bo Eason

Personal Story Power Pack - Bo Eason

$80.00$797.00 (-90%)

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