Paul Hartunian – Million Dollar Publicity Kit

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h, I’ll also send you (while my supply lasts) an actual, authentic, collectors piece of the Brooklyn Bridge

Paul Hartunian - Million Dollar Publicity Kit

Paul Hartunian – Million Dollar Publicity Kit

Check it out: Paul Hartunian – Million Dollar Publicity Kit

How to Get a Million Dollars Or More Of ‘Advertising.’ For Your Appraisal Practice Free of Charge…

Make Your Appraisal Business and Yourself Famous Locally, Nationally Or Globally, FREE….

Publicity is even more valuable than paid advertising – and possessing my proven secrets for creating massive amounts of positive publicity is like being handed a fresh checkbook with One Million Dollars in it, to be invested in promoting YOUR ‘thing’.

Dear Appraiser,

I’ve gotten millions of dollars of “free advertising” for myself, my products and for my clients – but I really get a kick out of showing people like you how to “do it yourself”, fast, cheap and simple.  (If you call up some fancy-schmantzy PR firm with six names on its stationery, they’ll quote you “retainers” of $2,000, $5,000, even $10,000 a month to do for you what you can easily do BETTER for yourself, for PENNIES, nickels and dimes!)

By the time you’re through reading this report, you’ll see:

  1. How I’ve generated millions of dollars worth of publicity for myself on a shoestring budget
  2. Why my kind of publicity is far more valuable than paid advertising in the same media
  3. How you can mount a “guerrilla” publicity campaign of your own, keep it simple, do it fast and cheap – and get great results
  4. How to use free publicity to get rich

How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success In Getting Free Advertising —
Then Used It To Become Rich And Famous, Not Just Once, But Repeatedly!

Just so you know I’m well worth listening to, here’s a quick summary of some of my best achievements with free publicity:

  1. A simple mailing that cost me less than $100.00 brought a flood of  newspaper and magazine reporters, radio shows and TV shows to me…and they all promoted my product free, to millions, on and on for 6 months!
  2. One little “publicity release” brought the worldwide cable-TV news  network CNN to me…they sent a big truck with antennas on top right to my front door…interviewed me…and ran that interview EVERY HALF HOUR  for three days!
  3. The Johnny Carson Show! Not only did Johnny promote my product on the show, he also put together one of his special parodies based on my product.
  4. I’ve been on The Jenny Jones Show, the Donahue Show, To Tell the Truth  and The Regis Philbin Show.
  5. A Two Page article about me appeared in FORBES MAGAZINE.
  6. I’ve been interviewed on over 1,000 radio and TV talk shows throughout  the United States and in several foreign countries.

Oh, and incidentally, here are the two most important things to know about why I’m qualified to help you:

Big Point #1: I didn’t do this once.  I didn’t just “get lucky”.  For three different products and businesses…one involving collectibles, another involving “how to meet your dream mate” information…..and yet another with business products sold to business people….I’ve turned on my “free publicity machine” and attracted great media attention just as easily as attracting a swarm of bugs by turning on the porch light on a dark night.  The SYSTEM that I’ve wound up with is UNIVERSAL.  You can apply it for ANY purpose.  And it’ll work like a dream, just like the “system” of gravity works when you drop a pencil.

Big Point #2: I did NOT just get a bunch of publicity and bathe a giant ego in the warm glow of fame.  You can’t put any of that in the bank.  No, I am NOT interested in being famous just for the sake of being famous.  Nor do I want a big, fat scrapbook of newspaper clippings.  I want MONEY.  So when I crank up my “free publicity machine”, I crank up a “Money Machine” — bringing floods of cash customers… eager buyers for what I offer.  I’m going to show you how you could make great gobs of cash with free publicity.  That’s what I’m all about.

But it wasn’t always like that.  When I first started trying to make publicity work, I was a dismal failure.  I started trying way back at age 15.  I collected a table full of books by so-called publicity experts — most of whom I’d never heard of and had no publicity of their own to brag about (which should have told me something, but I was young and dumb).  I followed their instructions.  I labored over press releases and expensive “press kits”.  It took quite a while before I gave up altogether on their “normal” way of doing things.

But finally I did give up.

It turns out that most of the “pros” in this field needlessly complicate the entire process, to make it mystical and very expensive, so they make a lot of money — whether their clients do or not.  So everything they know how to do is a lot more beneficial to them than it is to you or me.

So I gave up on them.

And I struggled to find my own way.  Testing this idea, then that one.  Seeking out people who actually had gotten a lot of press coverage AND made money doing it, and looking at what they did.  Talking to media people about what I’d been doing wrong.  Looking for the FORMULA that would let me break through all the clutter and COMPEL the media to pay attention to me.

Through a sequence of events, contacts, discoveries and costly experiments you probably couldn’t replicate if you tried for 100 years, I came up with a fairly simple process that really worked.  In fact, the first time I applied it in its entirety I got more publicity and sales than I ever dreamed possible.  That was my “Brooklyn Bridge” venture.

Now, here’s what I “perfected” as a result of “selling the Brooklyn Bridge”….thousands and thousands of dollars worth of it!…using free publicity:

  1. How to come up with the “hook” that turns the ordinary into the extraordinarily interesting, that makes a great “human interest story” that attracts media curiosity like a picnic attracts ants.
  2. How to use that “hook” as the basis for a simple one page “press release”  that WILL get read. (The examples in most ordinary books on publicity are worthless, by the way.)
  3. The one kind of little-understood, little-used question or statement that  MUST be in a news release to get the media people to CALL YOU and INTERVIEW YOU (Here’s a HARTUNIAN SECRET for you: you do NOT want  a newspaper or magazine or radio host to use your release “as is”. No you  do NOT want that.  That’s how you get a few inches or 30 seconds.  No.  The  job of the release is to get them to call you, thirsty for more. That’s how  you get a FULL PAGE or A HALF HOUR!)
  4. The one question you MUST ask before agreeing to do an interview –  otherwise you’ll just be spinning your wheels and you won’t make any  money.
  5. How to give compelling, persuasive, exciting interviews that draw  customers to you and create sales.  (By the way, this is all done sitting on  your duff, at home.  99.9% of all the interviews I’ve ever done or do are by  phone, at home.  I can be parked there butt naked scratching where you should never scratch and be making money.  A while back, I broke my leg and had it stuck in a big, clumsy cast – but that didn’t slow me down.  With that cast propped up, I sat there sipping lemonade and still made $300, $500, even  $1,000 an hour just talking on the phone…to people who pursued me and asked me to give them interviews.)

Now, those five secrets alone can help you launch a new product, business or idea and get lots of free “ink” in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and, if you want it, radio and TV exposure.  But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  For example…

When Johnny Carson Called, I Discovered Yet Another Valuable Secret Of Making Truckloads Of Money From Free Publicity

Right here, I’m going to reveal something very few people understand about “the domino effect of publicity”.  This secret can make you rich, so pay close attention.

When the people from the Johnny Carson Show called me out of the blue (I had not sent them anything), they told me it was because they saw a story about me and the Brooklyn Bridge in a small midwestern town’s newspaper.

You see, the secret is:

BIG publicity opportunities often come from small publicity.

THE BIGGIES — The Tonight Show, Letterman, Today, USA TODAY, National Enquirer, etc. — have staff members constantly scouring “little media” like small town newspapers, small town radio and TV shows, specialty magazines looking for the news, different or odd.

Now most people seeking publicity ignore all the “small” stuff.

Why bother with that, they ask?  Who cares if some weekly newspaper in Podunk, Iowa writes about me?  What good is that?

They’re wrong.

Johnny Carson gave TEN MINUTES of air time to talking about me and my Brooklyn Bridge deal.  TEN MINUTES on The Tonight Show.  Do you know what it would cost just to buy 10 minutes on that show?  And to hire Carson or, today, Leno to do that commercial for you?  Millions.  You really CAN’T buy that kind of promotion.  But you CAN get it free with publicity.

New Technology Makes What Was Time-Consuming And Expensive Suddenly Fast, Easy and Cheap; That’s Why Now Is The Best Time Ever To Use My System To Help You Get Rich

Early on, as I perfected the parts of my System, I had to do everything the slow and hard way.  News releases had to be typeset, taken to a printer, then put in envelopes, the envelopes addressed, postage bought and put on, and schlepped down to the post office.  And, unfortunately, a lot of the news releases got screened out in the mailrooms and never got delivered into the hands of anybody who could do anything with them.

But new technology has changed all that.

First of all, there’s desktop publishing.  You’ve probably got a PC and some kind of simple word processing software.  Well, with that, you can sit down and create a professional, attention-commanding news release (as well as the other “tools” I use and teach) in minutes.

When the occasion demands it, it’s easy to personalize the individual releases.  It’s also easy to store it all and make small changes easily and instantly.

Second, the best thing for me since air: “broadcast FAX.”  This is perfect for the “publicity blitz”.  Get this: I can show you how to FAX a one page press release anywhere in the country for just 15 cents after 5 PM.  That’s cheap!  No envelope, no copying, no postage.  Zap.  15 cents.  It’s there in 30 seconds.  But what’s even more exciting (and profitable) is that it’s just as easy to FAX 1,000 of them as it is to FAX just 1.  No more work.  You can “blast out” 100, 500 or 1,000 of the press releases to 100, 500 or 1,000 different contacts all at one time, instantly, with the push of a button or a phone call.  You don’t even do the FAXing – it’s done for you. And by the way, this type of faxing is perfectly legal. When you do it the right way (my way) reporters, editors, talk show hosts are happy to get your faxes.

It’s instant.

It’s easy.

It’s dirt cheap.

Does it work?

A broadcast-FAXed news release is what got me a TWO PAGE ARTICLE, IN COLOR, IN FORBES MAGAZINE.

If I bought two pages of advertising in Forbes, I’d pay between $50,000 and $75,000.

I paid fifteen cents.

Which price do you like better: $75,000 or 15 cents?

For $10.00, just ten dollars, you can conduct an instant publicity blitz to 200 selected media contacts.

This is a great, cheap way to “test” a new idea, story, product or ‘pitch’.  This is a great way to respond to a very timely event, to link yourself to what’s going on in the news.  And, if only ONE out of the 200 contacts choose to do something with you, that’ll get you exposure (“advertising”) to thousands or tens of thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of people….and bring lots of buyers running to you via your toll-free 800 number, recorded message, address or whatever.  All for ten bucks!
If you go out and buy advertising, what can you get for ten bucks?

Yeah right.

Next, there’s FAX-on-Demand, recorded messages and the Internet.  These, too, are great technologies you can use to get tons of free publicity.

When you put the techniques I perfected for creating super-powerful but simple news releases with the right “hooks”, my strategies for handling the interviews and publicity so you are sure to sell things and make money, and my other publicity ‘tools’ together with these technologies, you have truly AWESOME MARKETING POWER.  You get to LEVERAGE pennies into hundred dollar bills.

Now let me tell you WHY you should want to do this.  Why you should LUST AFTER being able to do this.

Paid Advertising Isn’t Worth Spit Compared to What You Can Get For Free With My Methods

When I see how much money people waste on all kinds of expensive advertising, I get cold sweats.  Writing out checks for thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars for ads in magazines makes my skin crawl.  If I had to buy half-hours on TV for $20,000 to $50,000 each, I’d never get a night’s sleep.  Heck, even spending $500.00 on a Val-Pak coupon or newspaper ad in one town bugs me.  I like FREE better.

But being a cheapskate really isn’t the issue here.

Here’s what IS important: stories about you in the media are FAR more believable and powerful and attractive than any ads you could possibly run.  You being interviewed on a radio show is much more credible than you doing an ad on radio.

I call this “the halo effect”.  It’s as if you’ve been blessed by that newspaper, magazine or station.  What a huge plus!

Also, you get a reporter to write the story in a way he knows his readers will enjoy.  Another plus!

And here’s another little SECRET: right now, if you “fake” an article – write it yourself and print copies that look like it appeared in a publication – and use those in mailings or as hand-outs or whatever, you may wind up in a lot of legal hot water.  The Federal Trade Commission says those things are FRAUDULENT.  But you CAN reprint an article about you that is real and actually appeared somewhere.  And such a reprint DOES make a fantastic addition to a direct-mail campaign or a great trade show hand-out or, blown up big, a great window sign.

The bottom line, though, is that paid advertising just cannot measure up to FREE publicity.

Just for example, I know this business consultant who advertised his services every month, month after month, in one of the airline magazines.  Spent about $3,000 a month for a little ad.  Usually got a few leads each month.  The whole exercise barely paid for itself.  Then one month, that same magazine did a feature article on him and his unique methods (thanks to a simple news release FAXed to them).  From that article, he got over 200 inquiries and did more business than he had from two years of paid advertising.

Take my FORBES article.  You can advertise in Forbes all year long and you’re just an advertiser.  But when Forbes writes about you — you’re “hot stuff”.

That’s one very good reason why you should be crazy with desire to put my System to work for your business.

Here’s another:

It’s Fun And Exciting For You, Your Employees, Your Family, Your Investors, Even Your Customers Or Clients

I’m very interested in the practical stuff: attracting customers, selling products and making lots of money.  But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t fun having a big, long limousine roll up to my front door, take me to the airport where I travel expenses paid and appear on The Jenny Jones Show, and have all my friends see me there, as an expert on my subject.

If you have employees in your business, they love seeing where they work or the person they work for written up in newspapers or magazines or features on TV.  It makes them proud to work for you.

If you have investors or stockholders, they are very impressed with media coverage about you and your business.

Even your customers or clients love seeing you and your business on TV or in magazines and newspapers.  They like dealing with a popular, successful business or a famous person.  Celebrity status is very valuable in and of itself.

But I Know What You’re Thinking, You Skeptical, Negative Bugger, You…

It’s perverse human nature to instantly think: well, that may work for other people, but it can’t work for me because…

Well, listen up: in over 20 YEARS of working with this System and using it for my own different products and hands-on helping clients in different businesses and teaching this at high-priced seminars put on by Dan Kennedy, Mike Enlow, Jeff Paul, Mark Victor Hansen and the like, I have NEVER, I repeat NEVER heard of a product, service, cause or person that could NOT use my System to get oodles and oodles of free publicity.

You can’t stump me even on a bet.

So don’t waste even one second wondering whether or not you have something that can get lots of publicity.  You do.  (I guarantee it.)  And I can help you figure all that out.

Can You Write a Press Release That Gets Great Results Even If You Can’t Write Home To Mom?

Yep.  In my System, I not only guide you to the “hook” that is right for your situation, I also give you so many examples of super-successful press releases that it is a near-brainless task to copycat and put together yours.

There are a couple other simple one page documents you have to put together, too.

But that’s it.  No big, fancy, expensive press kits with slick folders, slick paper, color brochures and all that stuff.  No.

You really can get rich with free publicity, with as few as just three simple pieces of paper, a broadcast FAX service, and a phone.

Providing, of course, you have your documents FAXed to the right media contacts.

Of Course, You Have A Lot More Questions

There ARE a zillion little nit-picky things that, all added together, make a big difference in winning or losing.  Like: after I send or FAX the release, do I call?  If so, how soon?  Or do I send something else?  What about postcards?  How do I schedule interviews?  I’ve never done an interview before – can I do this well?  How do I spot and protect myself from hostile interviewers?  What are the “secret power words” that cause buyers to come forward as a result of publicity?  And on and on and on.

Let me assure you that I have answers to every possible, conceivable question.  I have made this a simple, step-by-step, fail-safe, screw-up proof, quick to implement System that anybody can use.  So, let me tell you exactly what is in my System and how you can obtain it:

Two Options You Can Choose From, To Put My System And ME to Work Getting You A Ton Of Valuable, Profitable, Moneymaking Publicity

When I decided to put together a System that would empower people to do everything I do for themselves, I decided I would charge less for it than most professional publicists or PR experts would charge you for an hour or to write one textbook-dull news release. Even though my System is worth a whole lot more than that for reasons that I hope are obvious, I have stuck to that original decision – so the BASIC EDITION of my COMPLETE PUBLICITY SYSTEM requires an investment of just $497.00. And here’s everything that’s included:

  • My MILLION DOLLARS OF FREE PUBLICITY MASTER MANUAL a huge manual with step-by-step instructions for finding your story, crafting your message, writing a killer press release, assembling the other documents, and more. Also included: SAMPLES, SAMPLES, SAMPLES!!! Here are the exact releases and other tools that I have used successfully. There are models you can use for every purpose. There are also detailed instructions for handling the media exposure and opportunities you attract, so that you turn every opportunity into CASH!
  • With the Manual comes my PRIME CONTACTS DIRECTORY: over 2,000 names, addresses, phone numbers, FAX numbers, etc. for some of the best media contacts in the country.
  • SIX AUDIO CDs that go beyond the Manual….I discuss every step of this process, from ideas to giving persuasive interviews without nervousness. This is like having me sit down and coach you person-to- person on all my moneymaking techniques.
  • A FULL YEARS SUBSCRIPTION TO MY NEWSLETTER that keeps you up-to- date on my latest discoveries, success examples you can learn from, new contacts, opportunities and more. Plus you’ll qualify for a HUGE 50% discount on your renewal every year that you subscribe. Plus, you won’t have to remember to renew. At the end of each year we’ll automatically charge your credit card your priority discount rate of $98.50 for another whole year of my newsletter. Of course, you can cancel any time you want.

All of that, $497.00. And Ill quickly remind you: how many times have you flushed $497 right down the toilet on different kinds of paid advertising that failed you? This is a System you’ll use over and over and over again to get mountains of free publicity designed to produce measurable, profitable results…. cash profits.

I also have a DELUXE Edition of my System. You get everything that’s in Basic PLUS PERSONAL ASSISTANCE: you get Certificates good for two Critiques of your Press Releases. You can mail or FAX in your releases and we’ll personally review them, tighten them up, give you suggestions for improvement – and my usual fee for doing this is $250.00, so this is a $500.00 value. To encourage you to go this way, I also have a collection of four special Strategy Reports that I’ll include, too:

  • HOW TO GET ON OPRAH, SALLY AND THE OTHER MAJOR TV SHOWS. Here’s the exact strategy I used – and its different from the standard, front door approach.
  • HOW TO REACH THE 24 HOTTEST MEDIA CONTACTS ON THE PLANET. These are the 24 people I have identified as the most influential in the business. Ill give you an extra strategy to be sure your releases get read by these 24 super-influential and powerful media contacts. Plus, I’ll give you their names, addresses, phone and FAX numbers.
  • HOW TO FLOOD THE MEDIA WITH YOUR INFORMATION ABSOLUTELY FREE. Here’s a nifty little technique that uses your computer instead of FAX to roll your release out to a huge number of good media contacts without even a penny of expense. This alone will save you more money than the entire System requires as your investment.
  • QUICK START & REVIEW GUIDE. In just a few pages, I overview/review all the Steps of my System. You can refer to this every time you roll out a promotion.

Each report is a $69 value, the certificates a $500 value, the Basic System $497, so this DELUXE EDITION should require $1,273.00. But you need invest only $697.00. (You save a juicy $576.00)

Oh, I’ll also send you (while my supply lasts) an actual, authentic, collectors piece of the Brooklyn Bridge, mounted, ready for framing. I want you to look at it every day and be inspired to use free publicity to make your fortune. (And it very well may be worth more than the whole System in years to come.)


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Paul Hartunian - Million Dollar Publicity Kit

Paul Hartunian - Million Dollar Publicity Kit

$147.00$1,497.00 (-90%)

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