The Selling Family – Amazon Boot Camp V4.0

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  • Felt overwhelmed by all of the conflicting free information that sends you in multiple directions and takes up too much of your valuable time..

 The Selling Family – Amazon Boot Camp V4.0

The Selling Family – Amazon Boot Camp V4.0


Step-By-Step Strategies Revealed:

I’ll show you exactly how to create a full-time income from home
buying products locally (or online) and reselling them for a profit on Amazon!

Most people who try to start an Amazon FBA business on their own end up running into one problem after another, with no one they can trust to get help!

Let me guess, you have found yourself…

  • Stuck at ground zero. Completely lost and confused about how to even get started
  • Felt overwhelmed by all of the conflicting free information that sends you in multiple directions and takes up too much of your valuable time..
  • Been running in circles trying a lot of things but getting zero results and just feeling frustrated.…

and oh yeah, you’ve probably even

  • Gotten discouraged trying to find products in the store…Either everything is restricted or not profitable!
  • Felt like maybe you’ve missed the boat and there isn’t room for you as a seller on Amazon now.

I had to do Something To Make Money

And I had to do it fast!

Amazon FBA Was
The Answer I Had Been Praying For!

They took care of the hardest parts and made it so I could finally SCALE.

I created the Amazon Boot Camp to be the course I wish I had when I was getting started on Amazon

I Had Successfully Taught People In Person, It Was Time To Take This Information Online!

Steps Covered In The Amazon Boot Camp

  • Amazon Business Basics
  • Setting Up Your Amazon FBA Business & Accounts
  • Scanning Apps & Other Supplies You’ll Need
  • Exactly How To Evaluate If A Product Is Profitable Or Not
  • How to Source Products Locally And Online
  • Listing, Shipping & Selling Your Products on Amazon
  • And More!

Everything Included In The Amazon Boot Camp Course

See all of the lessons you will have access to as a course member.

Amazon Business Basics

  • Benefits Of Selling On Amazon
  • Knowing The Amazon Lingo
  • The 4 Main Amazon Business Models
  • The Two Ways You Can Sell On Amazon (FBA & MF)
  • Treating Amazon Like A Business
  • What Type Of Business Entity Do You Need
  • Tracking & Separating Your Business Funds
  • Tracking Business Mileage

Amazon Seller Account Setup

  • Amazon Seller Account Type (Professional Vs. Individual)
  • Choosing a Seller Name
  • Setting Up Amazon Seller Account
  • Seller Central Dashboard
  • Amazon Fees

Scanning Apps & Other Supplies

  • Installing & Setting up The Amazon Seller App
  • Alternative Ways of Scanning
  • Installing & Setting Up the Scoutify 2 App
  • Basic Supplies Needed

Retail Arbitrage Sourcing

  • How Does Retail Arbitrage Work?
  • Why Does Retail Arbitrage Work?
  • How to Source Clearance
  • How to Source Thrift Stores
  • How to Source Discount Stores
  • How To Source Liquidation Stores
  • How To Source Regular Priced Retail Items
  • Live Sourcing Video – Discount Store – Grocery Outlet
  • Live Sourcing Video – Clearance
  • Live Sourcing Video – Regular Priced
  • Analyzing Products Using the Amazon Seller App

Online Arbitrage Sourcing

  • How Online Arbitrage Works
  • Benefits of Online Arbitrage
  • Keeping Everything Organized
  • Items To Watch Out For
  • Must Use Tools For OA
  • Cash Back and Discount Gift Cards
  • Using a 3rd Party Fulfillment Service
  • List of Recommended Stores
  • Order Quantities
  • Sourcing Video Using Source Mogul
  • Sourcing Video Using Target Seasonal
  • Sourcing Video Using Walmart Clearance

Amazon Categories

  • Best Categories for New Sellers
  • Restricted Categories & Brands – How to Know if You’re Restricted
  • Restricted Categories & Brands – How to Get Approval

Tips For Evaluating Products

  • ROI and Profit Goals
  • Calculating Your Total Cost
  • Determining How Many to Purchase
  • Expiration Dates
  • Hazardous Items
  • Meltables
  • The Products’ Packaging
  • Is Amazon a Seller?
  • No Item Found
  • Evaluating a Product With No Sellers
  • How to Use Keepa

Amazon Best Seller Ranks & The Buy Box

  • Amazon Best Seller Rankings
  • Items That Have No Rank
  • The Buy Box
  • Suppressed Buy Box
  • Using The Buy Box When Sourcing

Listing Your Items On Amazon

  • Adding a Product to Your Inventory (from Seller Central)
  • Adding Products from the Amazon Seller App

Before Sending Your Products To Amazon

  • When To Send A Shipment
  • Inbound Shipping Settings
  • Inventory Placement Settings
  • FBA Product Barcode Settings
  • Using A Custom Seller SKU
  • FedEx vs. UPS

Packing Your Items For FBA (Amazon Videos)

  • Packaging Products for FBA
  • How to Label Amazon Products
  • Packing Cloth or Open Items
  • Expiration Date Labels
  • Packing Multipacks / Bundles
  • Packing Fragile Items
  • Prepping Liquid Items
  • Prepping Loose Items
  • How to Apply Box Labels

Sending Your Products To Amazon

  • Prepping Your Products (Before Creating Your Shipment)
  • Creating a Shipping Plan
  • Using a Thermal (Dymo) Printer
  • Printing An Item List For Your Shipment
  • Packing Your FBA Shipments
  • Finalizing Your Shipment
  • What Happens After You Ship Your Items

Managing Your Amazon Account

  • How To See Your Sold Items From Seller Central
  • Seeing Your Sold Items From The Amazon Seller App
  • Repricing Inventory
  • Buyer Emails
  • Stranded Inventory
  • Inventory Removal
  • Contacting Seller Support
  • Customer Returns

The Extra Details!

How the content is delivered and the extra benefits.


We are currently on the fourth version (4.0) of this Amazon course and our original members still have full access to the latest version! Once you buy the Amazon Boot Camp, you never have to purchase it again. You get immediate access to any updates as soon as they come out!


I know that we all learn in different ways so I have you covered.  Each lesson has been overviewed in detail, fully transcribed and closed-captioned.  Want to watch with no sound?  No problem!  Want to read along and take notes?  Sounds good.  Looking for just one point?  Find it in the descriptions.


We know that we live in an on-the-go world. So we have created our videos to make sure they will play on (practically) any device at any time. We use a paid hosting service that is constantly updating their systems to stay compatible with the latest devices.


Our private Facebook community is filled with super supportive Amazon FBA sellers willing to offer you support. You will never be made to feel like you asked a bad question or should just “figure it out!” We’ve all been in THOSE types of groups, and this my friend, is not that. Our group has amazing mentors who visit the group daily and there is rarely a question that goes unanswered. You’ll even spot Jessica in the group answering questions!  This Amazon FBA community is by far one of the most raved about features of our course.

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The Selling Family – Amazon Boot Camp V4.0

The Selling Family – Amazon Boot Camp V4.0

$62.00$495.00 (-87%)

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