Jason Goldberg – Creating Transformations

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Creating Transformations Quest is a Complete Guided Journey to Create a Transformational Online Course That Will…Develop Your Overall Business, Equip You with a Creator Mindset, Make Content Creation Enjoyabl,..

Jason Goldberg – Creating Transformations

Jason Goldberg – Creating Transformations

Check it out: Jason Goldberg – Creating Transformations

To the coach who wants to rapidly transform more lives and elevate their business…

Imagine being able to impact 1,000… 2,000… even 10,000 or more lives a year — without hustling around the clock, without feeling depleted from running back-to-back individual coaching sessions, and without the constant stress of always having to be on the hunt for more clients.

Well, that’s exactly what you will achieve when you create and launch your own transformational online course that delivers your message and the best of your experience to hundreds upon hundreds of people at once!

As a passionate coach on a mission to help people, you’re probably very excited by the idea of impacting virtually a limitless number of lives through a transformational online course. But you’re probably also a little scared, and have a lot of questions like:

  • Where do I even begin? Am I qualified to put together a course? Do I have enough content? What can I teach? How can I easily do all the technical stuff, like recording or editing videos?

Or perhaps you already have tried to create an online course on your own. But maybe you found it hard to complete it or you struggled to enroll students. If so, you may also have questions like:

  • How do I translate my expertise into an online course that will actually create impact? How do I create an effective course from start to finish? How do I enroll students without having to pour a lot of time and money into marketing?

The good news is, all these worries will disappear because you’re about to access a proven, simplified, and fun method to easily create a transformational online course.

Jason Goldberg

Jason Goldberg

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Creating Transformations Quest is a Complete Guided Journey to Create a Transformational Online Course That Will…

  • Develop Your Overall Business

    by giving you clarity on how your online course will fit into your business model to enhance your overall coaching practice

  • Equip You with a Creator Mindset

    so you can easily get into your genius zone of creating powerful content that is fully aligned with who you are and what you believe.

  • Make Content Creation Enjoyable

    by using a FUN approach instead of bogging you down with a ton of dry technicalities and tactics.

  • Deliver Transformational Content

    by teaching you the key principles and characteristics that make a course transformational, rather than simply one that relays information.

  • Establish Your Authority

    with a transformational online course that showcases your expertise, authenticity, and values; which differentiates you from everyone else.

  • Expand Your Revenue Streams

    by allowing you to simultaneously reach hundreds of people through your online course, without any extra investment of time and money for every sale.

  • Make it Easy to Take Action

    because it will equip you with the right tools, so you can bootstrap your way to creating and launching a course — even if you’re not a marketing expert!

How Can You Create & Deliver The Transformation
The World Needs?

  1. Humanity is facing a crisis like never before. In our ever-increasing complex and busy lives, many people are struggling. Some struggle to achieve their goals, while many others suffer from stress, anxiety, grief, or the emptiness of feeling without purpose. Alongside this is a rise in depression and suicide rates amongst youth and young adults and even amongst highly successful and established professionals.
  2. What’s even more concerning is a 2017 study from Columbia University which reports that many are unable to get the help they need. How is this possible in a day and age when getting information to help us solve problems is easier to access than ever before? What’s the issue?
  3. The key issue lies in the fact that having information doesn’t necessarily create the transformation a person needs to help them through their struggles and change their lives for the better. Another factor adding to the issue is that there’s just too much information out there. This information overload makes it difficult to wade through the noise and find a solution.
  4. There is a pressing need for coaches like you to deliver your transformational content as far and wide as you possibly can, so the people who need your message are able to apply it and change their lives.
  5. The key to achieve this is through transformational online courses.
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Jason Goldberg – Creating Transformations

Jason Goldberg – Creating Transformations

$70.00$445.00 (-84%)

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