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Discover the counter-intuitive beliefs that top NLPers use to help them quickly diagnose problems and design solutions that stick


Author: Michael Breen

Nlptimes – Michael Breen – Kickstart Your NLP

Nlptimes – Michael Breen – Kickstart Your NLP

Check it out: Nlptimes – Michael Breen – Kickstart Your NLP

The Ridiculously Simple Way To Dramatically Increase Your NLP Skills Easily And Spontaneously!

This Method Is So Simple And Powerful You’ll Be Astounded 
By The Positive Impact It Has On Your Life. 
Use It And I Guarantee … Year-After-Year, It Will Make Your Life 
(And That Of Your Clients) Better And Better… 

Inside Kickstart Your NLP, You’ll Learn To:

Master Your Mindset

Discover the counter-intuitive beliefs that top NLPers use to help them quickly diagnose problems and design solutions that stick

Learn about the powerful influence of the ‘Event Driven Brain’ on your day-to-day emotions and responses (learn how get it to work for you)

  • Find out when it’s a good idea to use big pictures on your goals and aspirations AND when it’s NOT a good ideato use big pictures to get yourself to take action
  • What you MUST reactivate if you want to live a life in which you enjoy greater levels of success and rewardsevery-single-day, year-after-year…
  • Why you should never confuse Goals with Wants… (this is an important one)
  • Discover a mind-blowing realisation about your wants that had eluded you… yet is essential to your sense of happiness and satisfaction.
  • Discover Michael’s unique process for helping you figure out what you really want(works great with clients too)
  • The 3 step foolproof strategyto get more of the stuff you want today
  • How to use the Meta Model and Michael’s in-house tools to discover the REAL source that is driving so many of your choices
  • The 1 word Meta Model challenge that you can use with anyone to create insights over and over again
  • Apply Michael’s “Use your advantages” strategy so you can immediately feel more resourceful, capable and knowledgeable than you realise. (This strategy is used by top NLPers and injects you with confidence every time.)
  • Discover this life-expanding distinction about ‘procrastination’ that will amaze you… (once you really get this – it changes the way you think about procrastination forever)
  • Uncover the surprising trick-of-the-mind our brains fall for which cause people to suffer and feel stuck (but can also be used to make you feel confident, excited and get in to action!)

Skills Enhancers; Transform any skill you want to improve so it moves from… “it’s possible for some, to it’s possible for me to… it’s just the way I experience the world.”

The surprising truth about ‘famous’ people that you should always keep in mind the next time you find yourself “looking up” to a role model

  • Discover the one patternMichael learned from people who had more money than they could spend (If you ever wanted to know the real secret why do rich people have money, Michael tells you why.)
  • Take on Michael’s provocative experiment to enjoying more money in your life (which he learned from his ultra-wealthy clients)
  • Discover an old school ‘occult’ strategyto having what you want… that Michael has been using since 1977! (He loves it because “It works” like crazy.)
  • The key function of the conscious mindand remarkable distinctions that it plays in slowing down or speeding up change.
  • Discover the important life lesson Michael learned from jumping out of a plane nine times (before he crashed in to the earth!)
  • Michael’s recommended way to quickly let go of your storyfrom the past and expectations others have of you that no longer serve who you are

Discover how the way we think can be used to programme new behaviours or reinforce undesired responses

  • Which questions anyone can use to create a richer, more fulfilled life starting today.
  • The ONE thing you should start doing with your goals that almost everyone misses which will have your clients think you are a #COACHING BOSS 

Of course Michael doesn’t just teach you how to 
switch up your mindset, you will also learn…

Tools, Frameworks, & Tactics:


  • The simple 5 step diagnosticto help you quickly get unstuck and moving toward a solution
  • The Magic Trick to Listening to others that can make you seem empathic… even a mind reader!
  • How the tools and components of NLP fit TOGETHER as one system
  • Refresh your knowledge and go deeper on how to use the Meta Model like a BOSS.
  • Learn Michael’s elite swiss army knife framework for making your life better and better
  • Overcome “The Choice Conundrum”that plagues so many people from living a richer exciting life because they fall trap to one major error…
  • 7 magical questions that you can use to zoom in on the real reasons why someone has failed to change and how to begin a dialogue to help them change
  • Hear a VITAL insight accepted as true about many of our most prized mental models (used in NLP and Hypnosis) that were MADE UP!
  • The minimum requirement to making major progress with NLP(or any area of your life) that anyone can do once you realize it
  • The first intervention to get right if you find yourself or client has made choices they aren’t happy with and now want to do something different but struggle to get past their bad feelings.
  • Learn Michael’s go-to tool for asking better questionsand penetrating beyond the words someone says.
  • Discover the powerful framework Michael uses to rapidly pattern to his client’s worldview so he can design interventions that land right on target
  • Why sometimes you need to map beyond a person’s model of the world if you want to create rapid change (Pro tip)
  • Why a person’s cosmology can be a cause of immense pain and learn an ‘old school’ NLP attitude that too many NLPers have forgot yet is just as relevant today
  • Use Michael’s “ultimate ecology check”on your dreams, aspirations and goals. This one exercise alone can save your YEARS on your goals…

But he doesn’t stop with tools and techniques, 
you will also learn the…

Secrets Of Change And Transformation:

  • Discover the #1 reason why most people’s approach to creating change fails to work and fails to stick (but yours won’t once you understand this.)
  • How to rapidly shift a person’s perspectiveon an issue, by asking one of two powerful questions
  • 5 questions Michael always checks with clients before any kind of change or coaching work begins…
  • What you are really there to do when working with clients that most NLPers miss!
  • Which questions to askto figure out if a person’s goals and aspirations are really what they want
  • Why Michael never focuses on increasing motivation but what he suggests you focus on instead, to evoke action … that works every time…
  • Why clarifying a small group of words clients ALWAYS use, can be VERY important if you want to create lasting change (works great on yourselftoo!)
  • Why you don’t want to waste your time playing the right vs wrong game when it comes to creating lasting change and what to do instead
  • What elite change agents dothis ONE thing FIRST before they ever provide a solution for a person’s conscious mind that makes transformation so much easier
  • What equation the body-mind is always weighing up before it will implement a change that you shouldn’t overlook (or the change will fail)
  • The secret to helping someone overcome limitationsthat once you know will enable you to help people overcome limitations with greater speed and ease
  • 2 questions to create clarity every change agent should use anytime you hear someone tell you they have a goal or aspiration but aren’t doing it!
  • The two patterns chronic thinking patterns that cause people to freeze and not take action which you’ll learn how to out-frame
  • Discover 3 powerful ways to changehow someone feels in an instant
  • Hear the surprising realisation behind why the Secret may not have been working for you. And what Michael recommends for his clients to get what they want.
  • Learn the 1 killer question Michael has operating at the back of his mind when he wants to create an effective short-cut to change
  • “The Pillars Of Change” – Discover the two variables every change agent or coach should get clear about upfront if you want to create an easy road to change for yourself or others.
  • 2 questionsthat those who get what they want more of the time are totally clear about, and those who fail to achieve are not.
  • The #1 tool Michael instructs all his students to use to quickly break limiting beliefs and poor internal dialoguefor good (Warning, you might even find yourself becoming more enlightened from using this!)
  • What Michael recommends you direct your attention to when you can find yourself with neither the will or inspiration to do what you “want” to do (but should do)
  • Whatyou should STOP doing right away that releases more energy and life and is FREE to do!
  • Learn to notice and use universal anchorswhich change people’s states in an instant and can be used to amplify both positive and negative emotions or interrupt patterns covertly. (Very handy!)
  • Learn about the two patterns that keep people stuck from taking action
  • Discover the 1 thing to reintroducein to their process that kickstarts action and creates momentum
  • The killer question to askif you want to generate action in yourself or others
  • How to deal with someone who says they “can’t take action because there is too much detail or not enough to take action”
  • Exactly what amount of detail is enough to move someone to action even if they have procrastinated for a long, long time
  • Discover what to pay attention to that tells you when change has occurred – this is the master rule that Michael suggestsyou use in every communication.
  • Why the compulsion blowout isn’t just for working with compulsions… discover the many uses Michael suggests you can use this cool pattern for that few NLPers know.
  • The trick to working with client’s limitations using submodalies that allow for covert and rapid change in feelings.Once you get this elite change distinction you will be better equipped to create rapid and lasting change.

And throughout Michael explores 
and exposes you to… 

Deep NLP:

You’ll learn…

  • What the certificate in NLP really meansyet most students missed!
  • The mind blowing idea that underpins NLP that most NLPers don’t realise…
  • What it takes to build skill with NLPFAST when you follow ONE simple strategy Michael has every apprentice follow
  • What a NLP strategy actually is and how it gives you very precise ways to know exactly where to intervene
  • Experience expanded sense of your own awarenessas Michael guides participants in a very cool submodality exercise to discover and expand the edge of their body.
  • Why you should be careful about WHO and WHERE you model from if you want to live a life that is fulfilling and rewarding
  • The very best wayMichael suggests to learn the Meta model and the Milton model (so darn easy to do!)
  • The missing key that many students overlookwhen learning the NLP language models (that when missing makes learning the language models hard and slow…)
  • The counter-intuitive understanding about sensory acuitythat 99.0% of NLPers miss… once you understand this it saves you hundreds of hours on unnecessary training that you don’t need to know to work effectively with people.
  • The vital distinction about time and space you need to know; that is mission critical to using the techniques of NLPmore effectively… but few NLPers were taught.
  • Discover the secret submodality of NLP that 99.9% of NLPers don’t know but that you can use to trick your mind in to believing things you want quicker and with a tremendous sense of certainty.
  • The surprising connection between Dominos Pizza and why so many students fail to get good with NLP!
  • What people really mean when they say “I don’t know what I want!” (and Michael suggestion for how to get behind that)
  • powerful and simple wayany student of NLP can use to get your brain thinking much sharper.
  • The mission critical sensory acuity distinction that top NLP and excellent communicators and know and demonstrate which allows them to influence people at a deep level(Once you learn this; you’ll never listen to anyone the same again.)
  • The ONE thing people who struggle to use NLP well always do and the ONE thing that when you stop doing will make every other change work you do go with FAR greater speed and ease
  • Discover an alarming insight about mental health labels that unknowingly keeps people penned in from finding other solutions and taking on limitations.
  • Experience ah-ha moments as Michael reveals key insights about many of the most accepted frameworks that you’ve come to known and accept as fact… which may be holding you back.
  • The one question Michael asks his apprentices that separates average NLPers to people who get far greater results with clients…
  • Learn the remarkable process that underpins how ideas and generalisations get created in our brains and how quickly this mechanism hardens our beliefs when we don’t notice it.
  • Discoverwhy Ideomotor responses taught in traditional hypnosis courses aren’t necessary! (And what Michael suggests you use instead that requires no setup time.)
  • Which three Meta Model patterns Michael recommends every NLPer learns to use on themselves if they want to create more freedom, choice and possibility starting today
  • Discover Michael’s recommendation for working with people who have radically different worldview to your own (useful for those people who normally run you the wrong way.)
  • The surprising reason that makes people persist in doing things that don’t work for them (and how you can avoid this common mis-take too once you discover it.)
  • The simply way to make just about any feeling disappear!




Watch Master Trainer Michael Breen… 

  • Create rapid change with participant-after-participantdemonstrating fundamental tools in the NLP toolset to help them overcome in minutes, challenges they’ve been dealing with for decades…
  • Work rapidly to decode a person’s map/model in real time and create change. Once you get good at this ONE thing it radically alters how quickly you can help other people – it’s what changes artists excel at…)
  • Help a participant rapidly overcome inner confusionabout why they struggle to get themselves to take action, about things they know they want (this is a common issue coaches have to deal with)
  • Combine counter-intuitive transformational questionsto help reframe and out frame participant’s problem states so their vanish (it’s very cool thing to do)
  • Shift a client’s submodalitiesjust with his voice and body-language. Powerful.
  • Demonstrate how to literally blow representations in other people’s minds! (It shouldn’t work, but does because of this ONE vital distinction about the human mind.)
  • Reveal ‘reverse submodalities’; Michael flips the idea of their being only one way to work with sub-modalities. This trick makes your change work look like magic even to other NLPers! Michael calls this ‘Top-Down’ NLP.
  • Reveal anew bio-hacking tool that literally SHOCKS people to create change! (note Michael does not recommend you try this at home…)
  • Create clarityfor a participant, helping him get clear on what he really wants (so you can learn how you can do this for others too.)
  • Show you how he helps clients move from “don’t know” to “know”using elegant use of the Meta Model

Plus more.

That’s when I had an idea to include something students love, a…



Expert Analysis 
Bonus Module)

As we were putting the finishing touches on this home-study course together I asked one of

Michael’s transformational questions from the course:

“What would make this EVEN BETTER?”
That’s when I realised we had a problem.

You see Michael’s so good and seamless with the toolkit that for some students – folks who haven’t yet fully operationalised the technology in themselves – the way he uses the technology can seem invisible.

That’s because no one ever taught them how to use NLP in a way doesn’t look, sound or smell like NLP at all.

Many trainers don’t know how to use it this way either.

And since I know this product is going to be snapped up by NLPers from all skill levels I wanted to make sure no one got left behind…

… that no one would mistake a story as a seemingly ‘irrelevant’ anecdote – when it actually is THE CHANGE PROCESS being done before the work had even begun.
(You’d be surprised how easy it is to make this mistake.)
In fact, I was so excited by the incredibly elegant and smooth demonstrations of the toolkit being used in the first two videos alone, that I decided to record three deep dive expert analysis videos!
In these bonus videos I breakdown every move he makes and show you exactly, step-by-step, how Michael uses NLP effortlessly…
 so you can  being to do the same for yourself and with your clients.

But Wait, There’s More…

We want Kickstart Your NLP to be one of the most useful investments in yourself you’ll make for years to come.

So in addition to the above, those who take FAST ACTION with also get these  additional bonuses, guaranteed during launch-week only.

You see there are three common areas where students struggle to operationalise NLP in themselves.

These are:

– The Meta Model
– NLP Techniques
– Language patterns

So we created 3 entirely NEW products for you (and included 2 other excellent bonuses), starting with…

BONUS # 1 

Breaking The Spell Of Words
The Meta Model In 60 Minutes

One of the original developments in NLP was the Meta Model.

It’s one of the most important models in NLP; it’s also one of the least understood and fully used tools for a lot of NLP students because of the way so many schools and books still teach it.

In a very old fashioned way, stuck in the 1970’s.

Quick background: The Meta Model made its publishing debut in a book called ‘The Structure of Magic.’ It was a book about how some therapists, circa 1975, used language with their clients. Perhaps you’ve read it.

Although a lot has been said and written about the Meta Model since then, much of what has been written and taught is outdated.

So it’s highly likely that if you have had training on the Meta Model from one of these sources, your understanding and the many cool things that can be done with the Meta Model, is out-of-date too…

What makes the problem worse is almost all trainers, teach only one very narrow application of it – as a  “tool for getting clients to fill in the missing pieces in their maps or models.”

Yet the Meta Model is so much more than this; it’s a tool for persuasion, negotiation, problem solving, change work, modelling and much, much more.

Why is this important to you?

Because with a few small tweaks and new distinctions you can greatly improve what you can do with this incredible tool too.

So you can begin to use it like an NLP pro, in your personal and business life.

Plus getting really good at applying the Meta Model to your own internal dialogue is one of the best returns you can make in yourself. Period.

So I’ve challenged Michael to teach you the key ideas and patterns of the Meta Model in just 60 minutes.

Michael has been at the forefront developing and refining the Meta Model; re-arranging its presentation and coming up with new distinctions and more effective ways to use it in everyday conversations – like business, coaching, change work – all without sounding or looking like he’s “using” NLP.

In this training you will:

  • Learn what the Meta Model is and how language affects behaviourso you can create change quicker
  • Discover uses for the Meta Model that you didn’t know you can use it for
  • Learn the 14 patterns of the Meta Model and what they do
  • Learn an integrated arrangement of the Meta Model that unlocks Presuppositions, the Milton Model, and Sleight of Mouth usage (very cool)
  • Find out why some Meta Model questions are more useful than others, which to use first, and which you should avoid using first
  • What experts like Michael Breen and Richard Bandler do different to create change in minutes… while many others struggle to create change at all.

For those who are a bit ‘rusty’ or looking for a concise up-to-date teaching of the Meta Model from a world class NLP trainer; you’ll love this exclusive bonus.

If you have read about the Meta Model before or completed a practitioner etc. but never felt you got a handle on it – this training will be eye opening and skill enhancing for you.

This training is easily worth $147.00… but you get it FREE today, when you order.

And the bonuses dont’ stop there…

You’ll join Michael and I for a very special LIVE VIDEO Masterclass Webinar where Michael demystifies the techniques of NLP for you in…


NLP Techniques Demystified
(Live Video Masterclass Training)

Richard Bandler, the creative genius whose sparks ignited this discipline of NLP, has described NLP as: “An attitude plus a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.”

For decades students have over-focused on the technique side of NLP – believing this is where all the magic is – at the cost of developing strong foundations.

Foundations which are what enable you to do so much more and go further faster.

In this LIVE video webinar Michael will:

  • Demystify common NLP Techniques
  • Myth-bust some commonly accepted assumptions about NLP techniques that are not only necessarily limiting but, in some cases, just plain wrong. These are likely contributors to why your efforts to apply NLP techniques have been hit and miss.
  • Why there are only a few key movesbehind all the techniques; tweaks in combinations of moves, which once you master, will allow you to come up with your own techniques on the fly
  • Expose the causes of how things go off-course when applying techniques of NLP, and how to work with them effectively and elegantly.
  • Reveal the one ‘magic question’ to know which technique to use when… so you can go further, faster
  • The best ways to use the techniques on yourself
  • What to do if a technique doesn’t work
  • Tips and tricks on using the techniques with others (great to know for change agents and trainers)

This training is easily worth $147.00… but you get it FREE today, when you order.

Plus you will also be able to submit your questions to Michael to answer live.

Because after the training component of the webinar has finished, we’re also going to do a…


Live Kickstart Your NLP Q&A Recordings
With Michael Breen

In this video webinar, Michael answers your most pressing questions.

When is the last time you could ask an elite master trainer questions on NLP?

Get no-BS straight up answers from someone who has walked the walk… for FREE.

Of course after going to work tuning up your listening, refining your skill with the Meta Model, discovering the secrets to using the NLP techniques well, we’ve got one more exclusive video training bonus for you.

It’s something VERY SPECIAL.

Michael and I would like you to bring you this exclusive video webinar…


Language Lab:
How To Become A Wizard With Language

( 2 Part LIVE Video Masterclass )

NLP is justly renowned for its reputation for magic with language.

Words, used well have tremendous power.

We can use them to transform, inspire, hypnotise, persuade – and do so much more.

With the right use of words it’s easy to change people’s minds, guide people in to wonderful states, create more empowering ways to move through the world, win them to our side, turn conflict in to harmony and enrich the lives of ourselves and others.

If you have had prior training in NLP or hypnosis, you may have been taught ‘language patterns’ as the way to influence others. Many students think it’s the ‘pattern’ that creates the effect so they search for more and more language patterns in the hope this will make them a more skilled NLPer.

This is simply not so.

If all you know are fixed language patterns, but don’t know the magic under which all language patterns work; the results you can create will be massively constrained.

Your NLP will look and sound like everyone elses, and “smell” funny as well… like the affected and mannered format-speaking that it is.

Michael Breen is renowned for his creative and elegant use of language to effect change.

For years I’ve been going back and forth with Michael about setting the record straight.

Nudging him to do a product that reveals the most important secrets about how to use language to create magical effects. He finally agreed.

Now you get to join this much anticipated event too…

We could easily charge $247 for a product of this kind, but you get to join FREE, when you order Kickstart Your NLP during launch week.

In this two-part masterclass, Michael will reveal:

  • Secrets to becoming highly skilled with language– things that aren’t taught on NLP trainings – held, as they are, as stock-in-trade “super secret stuff” known only by elite masters of NLP.
  • The controversial view about manipulating others that you must move beyond,  if you want to become a ‘wizard with language’ and be able to do so much more in your one-to-one and group communications
  • Reveal the mindsets and strategies used by elite communicatorsto create ‘magic’ with language… like a BOSS
  • Tune up your listening:how to hear what is being said, so you can ask the “right” questions, that literally shifts how a person codes what they hear and opens up a different perspectives in your listener (very cool)
  • What language patterns really are andhow language functions
  • The formula for knowing what to say so your words have impact and create change
  • Discover the biggest missing pieceabout using language patterns – that counts for at least half of their effect!
  • Why and how language affects behaviour and literally controls what pops up in a listeners mind…
  • Mastereasy ways to use submodalities to create bigger and richer responses in your listener (prefect for placing your suggestions inside of)
  • The counter-intuitive secret to 10x the effect you can create through language
  • How to use language to access, amplify and impact state (yours and others)
  • Strategies for knowing what to sayso your words have impact and create change
  • Tips and suggestions on how to create your own ‘language lab’ so you continue to learn and get better long after the training has ended

Plus much more.

Michael has never before released a training that takes you ‘behind the curtain’ and reveals so much of what you need to know to become a true wizard with language – able to influence, inspire and impact others through words.

And to give you a cherry on top, when you order Kickstart Your NLP today you will also receive…


Secrets Of Self-Mastery

After you’ve completed Kickstart your NLP, you’ll be ready to take on new projects and will see opportunity everywhere to elevate your game.

NLP isn’t just about personal transformation; it’s really a lifelong pursuit of Self-Mastery.
(You can always get better than you are now, right?)

That’s why we decided to give you access to a RARE masterclass training called:

Secrets Of Self-Mastery.

Want you want and everything you need can be yours if you will go to work on yourself.  Ever feel like life is harder than it should be? Well the good news is – it doesn’t have to be.
Inside this BONUS training, you’ll learn:

  • The real secretsof Self-Mastery (and how to create it for yourself…)
  • The big lie treated as fact by many in the personal development community, which actually SLOWS you down from having more of the life you want
  • The real ‘executive function’ that runs people’s life – which you need to influence if self-mastery will become achievable for you
  • Michael’s unique insights and process on to figure out what you want… and how to overcome the ‘not knowing’ state that is rampant (the rewards start coming right away.)
  • How to ‘Unfrack’ yourself and deprogram the cultural conditioning that tells you what you can and can’t be
  • 2 deadly mind traps that cause you to suffer and fail
  • The ONE thing you must generate if you want to be able to help others and not feel like you are always giving and get little back in return
  • powerfulrealisation about choice that liberates you to become someone different
  • The one simple thing you can train yourself to do which has a profound influence on whether you get to
  • The one simple fix to overcoming ‘productivity mania’ that has gripped personal development resulting in people doing more but not feeling better or fulfilled…
  • 3 most common tripping points that stand in the way of all beginners
  • Discover the ‘hall of mirrors’ and the ‘cage within the cage’ that traps many students, yet ever master makes their way out of (and you can too)
  • The surprising role your brain and nervous system has in all of this and how to train it to serve you
  • Discover 6 key mindsets to help experience greater self-mastery
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