James Tripp – The Freestyle Mindshifter’s Toolkit

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The Freestyle Mindshifter’s Toolkit. A  5 part online training for developing the skills and understanding to imporvise powerful, personalised changework


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James Tripp – The Freestyle Mindshifter’s Toolkit

James Tripp - The Freestyle Mindshifter's Toolkit

Check it out: James Tripp – The Freestyle Mindshifter’s Toolkit

The Freestyle Mindshifter’s Toolkit!

A  5 part online training for developing the skills and understanding to imporvise powerful, personalised changework
Moving minds moment-by-moment. No scripts, no recipes… just powerful tools backed by real understanding!

Welcome to this information page on The Freestyle Mindshifter’s Toolkit – a five part online training through which I will be sharing the core ethos and understandings that underpin my personal approach to changework/coaching, along with some of the most effective ‘tools’ for moving minds and transforming behaviour.

Hypnotherapy, coaching, changework… I’m sure there are a lot of distinctions that could be drawn between these things and different emphases that one could attribute (I certainly do), but one thing they all have in common is they are all about moving minds.

Why moving minds? Because our minds direct our lives! Much of our personal behavioural repertoire is patterned in at the unconscious level, and triggered by mind made evaluations. We automatically do whatever behaviour our mind dials up for us in the moment.

In the video above I talk about how we live our lives and engage with the world largely through habitual trances. These can be useful trances (sometimes called high performance states) or trances that are somewhat sub optimal (we never get completely dysfunctional trances, because all serve us in some way by some criteria, but we may experience trances that are sub optimal in getting us ideal results).

However these trances are working for us, they are all mind made and mind maintained. This is why, if we want to shift them, we necessarily must shift their structuring within the mind. This is what I mean by mindshifting or mind moving.

For many reasons (not the least of which, it radically changed my life) I love NLP. I think, without question, everyone who is interested in moving minds should get well versed and well skilled in it. I also recognise that it it has it’s shortcomings (and what doesn’t).

I don’t want to get into a big analysis of NLP or the state of NLP as a field here, but one shortcoming of many NLP trainings is they seem to turn out a lot of what I call ‘Process Jockies’ – people who don’t really have too much insight into how people work psychologically or learn grow or change, but have learned pre-formed step-by-step processes that are supposed to lead to change. And sometimes they do! The trouble is, sometimes they don’t. And if they are being run without any real depth of understanding about how each part is intended to work, they end up being run without nuance or true flexibility in terms of working with what is unfolding in the moment. (I don’t want to knock people using pre-formed processes – sometimes they are just fine as they are and do enough of what they need to. But I do want people to know there is a much more exciting world beyond that, which is the direction that I would suggest that true mastery and optimal efficacy lies in).

Now, we also see this occurring in the world of hypnotherapy training too, and something far worse – the script!

Let me be clear right here – there are no magic scripts that change people!

They do not exist! Scripts ignore individuality and ignore reality. Again I’m not 100% against them as a learning tool – creating scripts can be a very useful learning exercise (as can studying them intelligently).

So, with that said, it should be clear that The Freestyle Mindshifter’s Toolkit is not about scripts or pre-formed processes… indeed it is about putting you firmly on the road to going way beyond that!

What does a true master of mindshifting look like? (According to me!)

A true master of mindshifting (coaching, changework, hypnotherapy etc.) doesn’t use scripts or rely on pre-formed processes. So what do they look like? What’s happening when they are working?

A true master sits with their client (or stands or walks), switched on present and aware and takes the lead in what will be a dynamic exploration and transformative unfolding. They know they are working in real time with an intelligent dynamic, creative system that is their client in the environments they want to transfom their engagement within.

The master sits filled with curiosity and perhaps a little excitement about what they will be creating with that client here today. They are switched on and switched up to what is happening with that client in this moment – what trance/mode of mind they are in right now. They have a sense or an instinct of how to begin nudging this person towards growth and change. They nudge… and notice what they get.

They have in their possesion a set of understandings that enable them to listen to and observe how this client is structuring their trances. They have a set of well honed ‘tools’ (questions, devices, metaphors etc.) which they can bring to bar in real time to nudge and stimulate shifts. Theyt have the acuity to track shifts and make the next move. It is a real-time game of responses… a moment by moment exploration and cocreation. It is an art and a craft.

Now, I’m no poet and my words above are doomed to fall short… but my desire here is to convey to you some of the magic of taking changework beyond the prescribed and pre-scripted an into the realms of realtime transformative co-creation… of what it is like to develope the art and craft of Freestyle Mindshifting.

And by now you are probably getting a sense of whether this is something you would like to connect more deeply with or otherwise (either is good – no rule to say what the right path is for you).

What this is, what this isn’t…

This is a relatively short online training, so I’m not going to lie to you – it is compromised! Ideally, if I wanted to do my very best for you in assisting you in developing deep skills, we would work in ‘real space’ across many months of skills drills, demos, deep explorations and personal coaching. But that is not what we have here.

What we have is a limited amount of time on line, so I am going to give you a few key things…

  1. An overarching understanding of everyday trance and how to move it.
  2. A set of specific tools, explained in detail (it is important you understand exactly how they work and why) that you can start practising straight away (practise will be necessary to develop skill).
  3. Some attitude and mindset ‘installations’ that will put you in the zone for doing great work with people.

The delivery of this is planned to be across 4 live 90 minute live broadcasts and 1 follow up Q&A. Obviously, each webinar will be content rich, so you will get recordings afterwards that you can go over as many times as you need to (there will be a lot of depth here, so do make a commitment to revisit the recordings to get as much from this as you can).

What I will be sharing here will be my personal insight and understandings on these tools, along with all the associated nuances that come from really using them and trouble shooting them over and over.

What you will end up with is a deep understanding of the toolkit and how it works – work with it, inculcate it, get it into your system and ou will be able to do some very cool things.

To be clear, whilst I am not going to bar anyone from the training, you WILL get the most out of this if you are either already working/practising with people or are willing to get into doing immediately you begin the programme (I will cover some tips on doing that safely in the live broadcasts).

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James Tripp - The Freestyle Mindshifter's Toolkit

James Tripp - The Freestyle Mindshifter's Toolkit

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