Michele – Trade on the Fly

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Trade on the Fly program include: Chapter 01: Introduction, Chapter 02: Getting StartedWhat Is Swing Trading? Pross of Swing Trading Cons of Swing Trading,…


Author: Michele



Michele – Trade on the Fly

Michele – Trade on the Fly

Check it out: Michele – Trade on the Fly

About Michele
Michele has been a full time trader since 2001. Her style includes both day and swing trades, with an emphasis on swing trading.

“One of the biggest rewards for me with the TradeontheFly community is helping other traders…..I love seeing the light bulb go off for new traders and get a lot of satisfaction from hearing that something I explained in a webinar or on my site has been added into a traders tool belt.”

In 2013, Michele verified $545,000 in trading profits on Profitly. In 2012, Michele started sharing her trade ideas and setups on her blog TradeontheFly as well as including some stories on rural life in Montana.

Michele graduated from Montana State University with a degree in Finance. She grew up in Montana and still lives there with her husband and many 4-legged kids. They enjoy fly-fishing, hunting, hiking, riding and skiing. Michele also serves on the Board of Directors forTraders4ACause.

Michele – Trade on the Fly DVD contents:
Chapter 01: Introduction
Chapter 02: Getting Started
What Is Swing Trading?

Pross of Swing Trading

Cons of Swing Trading

What Are ETFs?

Examples of ETFs

Why You Should Care About Technical Analysis?

What Is Technical Analysis?

What Is Chart?

Types of Chart?

What Are Technical Indicators?

Which Technical Indicators?

Strategy – What Is Your Trade Plan?

Your Trade Criteria


Chapter 03: Introduction to Technical Analysis
What Is Technical Analysis?

Technical Indicators

Chapter 04: Long Setups
“Long”depicts the direction you wish the stock to go

“Long” has nothing to do with the length of time you are in the trade

Buy low, sell higher

Several chart patterns,lets go over few

Chapter 05: Short Setups
Bearish setups

Profit from the price going lower

Four main patterns

Chapter 06: Support And Resistance
Develops over time

Helps us find good risk to reward areas to enter positions

Helps with areas to exit as well

Once key support breaks, it often becomes resistance – and visa versa

Chapter 07: Tools of the Trade
Finding setups

Using multiple timeframes to find entries

Using the technical indicators

Managing the trade & exits

Chapter 08: Questions & Answers
How do I scan and find setups?

What brooker do I use?

Do I use level 2?

I´m a new trader and I can´t find my way

I’m trying incorporate swing trading into my strategy, coming from a day trading background

and other questions & answers…..

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Michele – Trade on the Fly

Michele – Trade on the Fly

$90.00$997.00 (-91%)

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