Sami Abusaad – Elite Mentorship Home Study

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You can actually make money by breaking your ‘unbreakable’ trade management rules — but only under certain conditions. You can skyrocket your trading productivity with 4 simple keyboard shortcuts. You can buy stocks ahead of earnings and make consistent money. You can sidestep market makers trying to fool you on the Level II screen


Author: Sami Abusaad



Sami Abusaad – Elite Mentorship Home Study

Sami Abusaad – Elite Mentorship Home Study

Check it out: Sami Abusaad – Elite Mentorship Home Study

Level Up to 6-Figure Trading With 100+ Tips, Tactics, and Techniques From a $5,995 Mentorship Program… at a Price You Won’t Believe

Learn the Unconventional, Unusual, and Just Plain Weird Secrets Behind Sami Abusaad’s Success

There’s a reason traders just like you have paid up to $5,995 to attend one of Sami Abusaad’s Elite 5-Day Mentorship Programs.

You hear things you’ve never heard before… things that may sound just plain weird if you follow conventional trading wisdom.

For example, you can make huge money on a tiny gap.

You can actually make money by breaking your ‘unbreakable’ trade management rules — but only under certain conditions.

You can skyrocket your trading productivity with 4 simple keyboard shortcuts.

You can buy stocks ahead of earnings and make consistent money.

You can sidestep market makers trying to fool you on the Level II screen.

The Truth About Trading

He’ll explain why your trading might be what he calls “in a mess.” But you can fix it — Sami’s trading used to be “in a mess,” too.

He’ll explain why you need stop wasting your time improving your weaknesses, and build on your natural strengths.

You’ll even learn that most traders want to lose money. That wasn’t a typo. Most traders do want to lose. They just don’t know it. Do not stay in this category.

The most profitable 6- and 7-figure traders are not doing what everyone else is doing.

They don’t just follow conventional wisdom. They test everything and keep just the 0.1% that works.

That’s what this program is… the 0.1% that works.

The 0.1% of knowledge that can accelerate your path to becoming a 6-figure trader… or more. It all depends on how high your goals are.

Why We Launched the Elite Mentorship Home Study Program

Sami Abusaad currently hosts 3 Elite 5-Day Private Mentorships a year.

It’s 5 full days of nonstop education and live learning. Traders fly in to the US from as far as Israel, Germany, Colombia, Argentina, and Canada for these events, paying $5,000+ or more each time.

Some traders have signed up for multiple events!

But not everyone can make that commitment. Not everyone has the time or resouces.

And sometimes, the seats just fill up too quickly.

That’s why you now have access to the Elite Mentorship Home Study Program.

Get 9+ hours of video footage from Sami’s February 2019 Mentorship, covering the most impactful parts of his trading strategy.

You also receive 12 PDF trading guides and 5 trading spreadsheets specifically prepared for Mentorship students looking to break 6 figures or more.

Your Curriculum

Your 9+ hours of video are divided into 5 chapters. Each gives you dozens and dozens of actionable tactics and techniques for more profitable trading.

Chapter 1 Topic: Trading Gaps Like a Pro

-Learn to spot which gaps are significant (professional) and which ones are not (novice)
-Use a simple 5-point rating system to determine the power of any gap
-Detect Tier 1, 2, and 3 gaps so you can focus on the best gap trade opportunities
-Understand the ultimate target for a Tier 1 gap
-Profit from a specific class of news-driven gaps that tell you a certain stock is “The One”
-Spot gaps that are tiny — but that signal a coming mega-move in a stock
-Understand what to watch in the premarket so you can spot actionable trades after the open
-Avoid playing the wrong types of gaps
-Read the Level II screen like a pro so you can spot a favorable imbalance that works in your favor
-Stop getting fooled by market makers manipulating the Level II
-See where Sami looks to get filled on his trades
-Defy conventional wisdom like “gaps need to fill”
-Trade gaps in a calm, logical manner with specific rules, stops, and targets
-Set targets for professional gaps, novice gaps, and mini-novice gaps (they are all different)
-Know when a gap is exhausted
-See how gaps can actually last for years on end
-See the kinds of gaps that fail in a bull market
-Play both A+ and imperfect setups at the open in a calm, calculated manner
-Grab the best trade setups after the open
-Pick up Sami’s 5 best entry patterns
-React exactly the right way when a swing trade gaps big in your favor
-Determine targets using different types of resistance levels (time frames are critical)
-Follow how Sami manages his trades – the single most challenging and important part of trading
-Eliminate the fear of giving back profits too quickly
-Avoid getting stopped out of trades right before a reversal in your favor
-Properly manage trades that don’t get to their targets
-Drop the losing “all or nothing” management strategy too many traders use
-Understand the 2 times you should break trade management rules
-Get Sami’s method for trailing stops
-See what to do differently when you have 2 different targets on a position
-Understand how to balance trading theories with your instincts
-Stop suppressing your opinions and start learning from them
-See what Sami does when he doesn’t feel good about a trade
-Know when to pass on trades that look good on paper
-Balance position sizing with your trade management so you don’t dig yourself into a hole
-Avoid taking bad trades for bad reasons
-Get Sami’s personal formula for share sizing
-Handle a swing trade that goes climactic in the right way
-Understand why volume is overrated, except in two very specific situations

Chapter 2 Topics: Entry & Trade Management, the “Atom” of Price, Trading Earnings, Building a Trading Plan, Money & Risk Management

-Stocks follow earnings growth — see why that means nothing short-term
-Find stocks that will gap up in the direction of the trend after an earnings report
-Understand the basic way which stocks move using ‘The Atom’
-Understand the 4 stages of stock movement in The Atom
-Identify the best stage to buy and the best stage to sell
-Combine ‘Master Trader Keys’ to find the most powerful stage of every trend
-Avoid the stock stages that offer the worst risk-reward ratio
-See why “The Greater Fool Theory” makes you money
-Get out of a trade the right way — even if you don’t feel like you’re right
-Avoid being a latecomer to a bull market (which will destroy you)
-Learn how to use moving averages to easily identify a powerful trend
-Understand when to buy every dip — and when to short every rally
-Play Sami’s 6 patterns for high-probability earnings trades
-Identify strong stocks with low expectations
-Identify weak stocks with high expectations
-See what a picture perfect pre-earnings short looks like
-Understand how Sami enters orders for his earnings plays
-Learn how Sami closes the trades once the market opens
-See why options are not the best way to play earnings
-Get the best way to manage risk on earnings plays
-Find out how Sami sets up his trading platform to speed up his earnings trades
-See how a stock can “shock” in your favor

-Start believing in yourself — a key to becoming an elite trader
-Understand what you need to do on a good day — and on a bad day
-Learn the weird reason Sami uses PowerPoint to create his trading plan (which you will want to copy)
-Match your trading to your personality so you can feel good when making money
-Take trades that play into your strengths while ignoring your weaknesses
-Understand the difference between strategies and patterns
-Know the specific environment in which Level II trading works best
-Set personal goals that make sense for you
-Know the exact profit level you need to hit before trading bigger size
-Stay in stocks longer, knowing you will not give back everything
-See the amount of profit Sami always protects on his trades
-Get the amazingly simple trade management secret behind Sami’s $46,000 day
-Protect realized and unrealized gains (they each have their own rules)
-Set a max loss per day or per trade
-Avoid ever hitting your max loss per day with just a few simple rules
-Learn how to get a huge P&L without a huge account
-Learn how to manage risk with multiple positions open at once
-Learn when to stop trading for a day or week — sometimes you need to sit on your hands
-What exactly you need to do to turn around a losing streak
-Change the time frame on your charts to boost your psychology
-Take a lesson from Wal-Mart — and completely change how you track your trades

Chapter 3 Topic: Scanning and Planning for Powerful Patterns

-See the strategies Sami scans for every day, and why they work
-Know when to look for breakouts and pullbacks
-Have a specific plan when a stock goes climactic
-Learn the 7 signals that recognize a pattern with incredible accuracy
-See the ‘hidden’ stage of price cycles that Sami uses for 50% of his swing trades
-Learn to handle powerful igniting gaps that give you big trades
-Spot the 1 feature of an igniting gap that “tips you off” to something bigger
-Identify the moving average that can negate an igniting gap
-See when you need to spot a green bar after a big gap down
-Understand the only moving average you need at the start of a trend
-Recognize how exhaustion gaps form, and what they mean for what’s coming next
-See what Sami uses for entry after a big exhaustion gap
-Scan for high-probability earnings plays the same “old school” way Sami does ​
-Understand how Sami blasts through hundreds of charts in seconds
-Listen for when a gap tells you the trend is over
-Learn how Sami alters his exit parameters based upon a stock’s liquidity

Chapter 4 Topic: The Power of the 15-Minute Pristine Buy Setup, Speeding Up Your Trading With Hot Keys

​-Learn the specific criteria for “smooth” 15-minute Pristine Buy Setups
-Identify the correct retracement percentage so you can handle pullbacks with ease
-Transform a pattern into an actual winning strategy (these are 2 very different things)
-Avoid a “buying disaster” by avoiding a certain kind of rally
-Know the only 3 ways to find an entry into an uptrend
-Manage tight or manage loose — they are each valuable at different times
-Find the signs that a pattern will actually hit its maximum profit
-Understand Sami’s “Bleed” pattern, which is his #1 short-term trading setup
-Skyrocket your productivity with just 4 hot keys
-Start using your keyboard the wrong way — and make a quantum leap in your trading speed
-See how Sami avoids accidentally triggering trades
-Get Sami’s specific metrics for automatically triggering orders, including the amount of slippage he allows for (and when he allows zero slippage)
-Understand why using multiple Level II screens is essential for fast trading with hot keys
-See the special function Sami assigns to the ‘Escape’ key
-Take a specific type of chart image after the trading day to accelerate your learning speed
-Identify the specific weaknesses that are holding you back, and fix them
-Use a special type of software (It’s 100% free) to review your charts after your trading day
-Receive a list of “non-trading factors” that are essential to your trading plan

Chapter 5 Topic: Pristine Climactic Setups, Your Psychological Weapons Toolbox

-Understand the most powerful setup for a volatile market
-Learn why it works so well on higher-priced stocks like AMZN on a certain time frame
-Turn a pattern into a strategy by using a small set of powerful factors
-Easily spot accelerations and extensions – the most important factors for success
-Know the only 4 ways stocks go climactic, and why you need to analyze them in two time frames
-Learn to play a stock that has exhausted itself
-Define accurate targets and protective stops in climactic trades
-Understand the one way 90% of all trends end, which is 1 of the 2 ways breakouts fail
-Learn the exit rule and which trades it applies to
-Recognize valid breakouts by measuring follow-through
-See what it looks like when a trader operates out of fear
-Learn the 5 simple steps of the in-between management method
-Ask yourself the right questions and finally see your real strengths as a trader (they’re not what you think)
-Get to the bottom of the issues that are holding you back
-Understand why your trading is “in a mess,” why you’re not aware of it, and why there is nothing wrong with it (because it can be fixed)
-Find out why most traders don’t actually want to be profitable (and how to be one of the few that really want success)
-Avoid the #1 attachment in life that will cause you to fail as a trader
-Stop the #1 activity that is draining your personal power as a trader
-Copy the truly annoying thing Sami does that gives him the mindset for trading success

Bonus Items: Sami’s Secret Toolbox of 23 Trading PDFs, Presentations, and Spreadsheets

PDF Guides & Presentations:

-Sami’s Simple Trading Plan
-Sample Trade Reviews

-Introduction to Gaps

-Gap Strategy Guide

-How to Review Gaps
-Trading Notebook
-Determining the Opening Market Bias

-How to Scan for Winning Plays

-15 Minute Buy and Sell Setups

-Climactic Buy and Sell Setups

-Reversal Times Explained

-Sami’s Hot Keys Guide
-Trade Management
-The Earnings Strategy

-Pro and Novice Gaps

-The Exit Rule

-The Management Rule
-Trading Facts You Need to Know


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Sami Abusaad – Elite Mentorship Home Study

Sami Abusaad – Elite Mentorship Home Study

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