Matt Furey – My First Million

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I’ll also say that this book was far more helpful than I remember it being when I read it a few years ago.

 Matt Furey – My First Million

Matt Furey – My First Million


After uploading the PDF I decided to go through this one again, and while I was at it I invested several hours into transforming the PDF into a proper ebook.  Now, I am sharing the fruits of my labors with you! I fixed a couple typos and formatting mistakes while I was at it too. As always, if you notice something I screwed up in one of these, let me know so I can fix it and make a V2.  Enjoy!


I’ll also say that this book was far more helpful than I remember it being when I read it a few years ago.

NOW, You Can Make YOUR First Million in Record Time!

Discover how this ‘Iowa boy’ made his first million on the Internet – and how he duplicated his results over and over again!

In Matt Furey’s uncensored rags-to-riches story, you’ll be motivated and inspired to prosper in a way that will stun your friends and family.

Dear Friend,

If you’re like most people walking the earth today, you probably love the idea of having a million dollars in your bank account.

Maybe your goal is to make your first million within a year. Maybe your goal is to make it within ten years. Or, maybe you just want to have a net worth of a million or more before you retire.

Whatever the case, let’s be honest; you’d probably love to say the following one day: “I just earned my first million.”


Well, the good news is that YOU CAN say exactly that.

And even though most millionaires would agree that the first million is the toughest one to make, they’ll also be glad to tell you that the second million comes a lot easier and a lot quicker.

Not only that, but those who’ve made their first million typically aren’t scared of losing it. Why? Because they know how it’s done and they can duplicate their formula again and again.

Now, imagine yourself having the confidence, courage and strategies to help you make your first million and then many more after that.

Imagine yourself having the unlimited peace of mind, abundance, freedom and security that comes from having a 7-figure nest egg.

“Sign me up!” you say?

Good. Because I’m about to introduce you to a close friend of mine who will explain to you precisely how he made his first million dollars, and then walk you through how you can do the same.

My friend will not only show you how he did it the first time, but he’ll teach you how he does it over and over again-whenever he feels like it.

Now, how many guys who started out with nothing and made a million dollars would be willing to openly share the intimate details of their rags-to-riches story with you?

How many self-made millionaires would let you “voyeur” into their world to see all of their priceless and closely guarded secrets of wealth creation, so you could go out and replicate them on your own?

Answer: Not many!

So if you’re tired of having more “month than money” – more liabilities than assets, more bills than the money to pay them with – and if you choose to believe there’s “something more” in store for you, then take a deep breath and get ready for what I’m about to reveal.

This may just be the very letter that changes your life for the better-financially and otherwise.
From ‘Wanna-Be’ to ‘Been There-Done That’

Let me introduce myself. My name is Rob Colasanti, former President of a leading martial arts information marketing company with over 2,000 clients. During the 14 years I served with this company, I met entrepreneurs from nearly every industry imaginable. Not only that, but I personally interviewed the leaders in many, many fields for our monthly magazine. I’m talking people like Jackie Chan, Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy and many, many more.

So let me tell you, I can tell you that many of the people who were not yet successful but claimed they were going to be – never made it. Many of these wanna-be millionaires already had their own books, DVDs and courses. And almost all of them weren’t making much money from them because they weren’t really open and willing to learn that there actually is a tested and proven way to make your products sell like hot cakes.

So imagine what went through my mind the first time I met Matt Furey. It was April of 1999, when he strolled into my office in Clearwater, Florida, to shoot a couple videos that we could use in the monthly package we created for all our members.

Just so you know, our highly successful information business became a staple in the martial arts industry and we generated more than $30 million dollars during the time I was working there.

Not too shabby, eh?

So I guess you could say that I know a thing or two about creating and selling information products. And that’s precisely why I was “ho hum-here we go again” when Matt told me that he had created and was in the process of creating his own books, videos and courses.
Doubting Thomas No More

When the video shoot was complete, Matt and I sat down for a chat. My new friend began telling me about his venture into the information business which began in 1995. He had been creating books and videos for the participants of various combative sports and was very excited about the potential. He wasn’t kicking butt just yet, but he made it very clear that he was ready to crank up the heat and eventually make his “first million,” just as most people wish they could do.

But as Matt was talking, I can remember thinking, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve heard this story plenty of times before.”

Now in my own defense, so many of the people I had worked with over the years were trying to sell some combination of books, VHS tapes (at the time), training manuals, seminars, certifications, courses in a box, etc. They were all trying to break into the information business to supplement their income and increase their popularity – but they were missing important pieces to the puzzle that would allow it to happen.

Most of these guys and gals had the same problem in common. Once they had their info products, they had no idea how to market or sell them.
The Secret Code That Separates Men from Boys

There’s an entire art and science behind marketing and selling products on the Internet – and I found that the vast majority of “marketers” were simply clueless about how to do it. Even worse, most were not willing to sit and listen to someone explain how it’s done.

Now I’ve got Matt Furey in my office, telling me how he’s going to “make it big.” For a minute there, I almost felt sorry for him. I thought he would fail. In retrospect, I had every reason to doubt him.

Just before I met Matt in 1999 he had been operating a small martial arts and fitness studio in San Jose, California. He had about 40 clients and like so many other “personal trainer types” was trying to sell information products to supplement his income.

One day Matt and his wife, Zhannie, decided to close the business and move to Florida, so that Matt could continue training with one of his mentors, the legendary conditioning and catch wrestling coach, Karl Gotch.

Upon settling down in the Tampa Bay area, Matt started a martial arts class at a gymnastics center and began teaching grappling several times a week. He was working very hard, but certainly not making a bundle yet. In fact, he was now making less money in Florida than he did in California.

But then, six months after Matt moved to Tampa, he finally cracked the code. And as they say, “the rest is history.”

In Matt’s newest book, My First Million, you can get all the details I dug out of him so that you can imitate, emulate and duplicate what he has done.

I think you’ll be fascinated with what you discover in My First Million. For example, you’ll learn:

How to Go from Rags-to-Riches in a Spare Bedroom… in Any Economy

What happened between April of 1999, during our first meeting, and TODAY is simply extraordinary.

Matt went from grossing about $150,000 per year with NOTHING left after the bills were paid…to earning an easy 7-FIGURES PER YEAR with A LOT left over! In fact, from the time I first met Matt, his “small spare-bedroom info-publishing business” made more money than the company I worked in for 15 years!!!

As an aside, the company I was President of had more than 25 employees and incredible overhead. Meanwhile, Matt had zero employees and very low overhead. I’d say he cracked the code alrght, wouldn’t you?

And that’s exactly why I’m so excited for YOU! When you learn the secrets Matt used to out-perform a company of 25 very good employees, your chances of succeeding in a big way will increase beyond belief. As the saying goes, “learn from the guy who’s done it – not the person who simply writes about how to do it.”

To recap: In a very short period of time, Matt became a multi-millionaire and one of the most successful information marketers in the world. He may even be the very best marketer to ever put on a martial arts uniform or start out as a personal fitness trainer.

The truth is I can’t think of anyone who originated within the martial arts or personal fitness training industry who is a bigger success story than Matt Furey, when it comes to selling information products and services online. His products have been sold to people in more than 140 countries, in many different niches. And many of today’s “Internet” success stories are quick to admit they learned from Matt.
Imagine Being Retired or Semi-Retired in Your 40’s

Matt probably hasn’t told you this before, but he’s essentially semi-retired.

He spends a good portion of his day reading, exercising, studying, practicing martial arts and teaching a wide gamut of skills to his children. Matt has streamlined his work to the point that with an hour or two of work per day he is able to maintain an admirable 7-figure income.

Plus, he enjoys a few months each year at his vacation home in China, where he’s opened three Matt Furey Hope Schools for poor children in remote areas.

So, how will My First Million benefit you? Here’s a sampling of what you’ll get:

  • Learn how to substantially increase your income by RUNNING A BUSINESS WITHOUT WALLS.
  • How to turn your knowledge, talents and skills into info-products that sell like hotcakes!
  • WHY so many up-and-comers have failed in the info-biz-and how to prevent the same from happening to YOU.
  • Discover how to run an info-business that is almost all PROFIT!
  • Find out how to title your products so that they sell instead of gather dust. This section of the book alone is mind-blowing.
  • Become inspired by Matt’s fascinating rags-to-riches story that precisely details how he made his first million and continues to earn a hefty seven-figure income, even during the recession.
  • Lean how using the “Theatre of the Mind” will help you build your information empire BIGGER and FASTER than virtually anything else.
  • Work less hours, earn more income, while you finally become your own boss and say goodbye to “the rat race” forever.
  • Find out some of Furey’s biggest mistakes as a “newbie” info-publisher and how you can avoid making them yourself.
  • Get proven ideas on how to build your own highly profitable information business using FREE PUBLICITY and other NO COST METHODS.
  • And much, much more…

As you’ll come to understand by reading My First Million, there’s never been a better time for you to get into the information business. Regardless of how the economy is doing, people always want to learn how to improve their lives. In fact, when times are worst, that’s when people want “how to” information products the most.

We live in the information age and people all over the world are aggressively searching for knowledge that can enhance, enrich and improve the quality of their lives, or the lives of their friends and family.

Who knows? Legions of people in dozens of countries could be looking for the very information you’re walking around with in your head, right this very moment. I’m talking about the same valuable information that you take for granted because you already know it-information that others would gladly pay to learn.

Matt Furey is an ordinary guy, just like you and me, who cracked the code on how to make his first million and then duplicated it over and over again. He has been there and done it, mostly through online activities, working only a few hours a day. Wouldn’t it be great for you to do the same?

Imagine what a difference Matt’s knowledge can make in your life if you were to replicate even a small portion of his success.

Sound exciting? You betcha!
Read All About It and Do All About It!

My First Million is a guide that will change the way you think about making money forever. And if you take the time to follow the suggestions laid out for you, chances are excellent you’ll make your own fortune as well.

Naturally, I cannot guarantee such a thing. It would be illegal to make a claim that says, “Get our product and you’ll become a millionaire.” But, YES, it is possible. One thing is for sure: If you keep doing things the way you’ve done them, you probably won’t make a fortune. So why not try the tested and proven FUREY WAY?

I think you’ll agree that doing so makes perfect sense.

When you consider how much knowledge, as well as blood, sweat and tears Matt Furey put into this program, I think he would be perfectly justified in asking for $2,000.00 for. And that would be a major bargain. In fact, Matt’s sold-out seminars on this very topic commanded a higher price tag than what I just quoted.

But Matt’s not going to charge you that amount. In fact, he’s not even going to ask for $1,000.00, or $500.00. Or $100.00.

Right now, as part of holiday special, you can get My First Million for only $29.95 (plus S&H) – a surprisingly low amount when you consider the potential this book has for showing you the way to a life of financial freedom and personal independence.

What’s that worth to you?

Furthermore, Matt is NOT a guy who is giving you a bunch of theory about how to make money or recanting a bunch of stuff he read about in other people’s books, but never did himself. He’s a genuine, self-made, “success story,” who has already been there, done it and made an absolute fortune.

He truly understands what it’s like to go from “rags-to-riches” – and he sincerely wants to help you do it, too. One thing is for sure, you won’t be the first as I’ve personally met many of Matt’s students who’ve made their first million – and then some, by following the tips, strategies and suggestions laid out in this book.

-changing product. Take it from a guy who used to run the largest information business in my industry – there’s never been a better time to make “your first million”…and it’ll be a whole lot easier if you do it the Matt Furey way.

Grab your copy NOW!


Rob Colasanti

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Matt Furey – My First Million

Matt Furey – My First Million

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