Kimanzi Constable – Results Publishing Masterclass

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Results Publishing Masterclass: It can be a growth filled year for entrepreneurs. A year in which you leverage your knowledge through content.


Author: Kimanzi Constable



Kimanzi Constable – Results Publishing Masterclass

Kimanzi Constable – Results Publishing Masterclass

Check it out: Kimanzi Constable – Results Publishing Masterclass

Results Publishing Masterclass

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More Than a Business Card
It can be a growth filled year for entrepreneurs. A year in which you leverage your knowledge through content.

Customers will spend $120 billion dollars buying online training. E-commerce sales will hit $4.5 trillion dollars. There are a staggering 4.2 billion people that use the Internet every day.

We live in a time full of opportunity for those willing to work. What you know and how you do it is valuable. A book is a great platform to demonstrate your knowledge in a more strategic way.

I self published my first book in mid-2011 and it flopped.

I had no idea what to do but I was super excited to accomplish a major life goal. The book sold five copies in the first six months and three of those were to friends.

I wanted to sell this book, so I started looking at book marketing programs.

There was a course by a well-known marketer who was teaching authors how to become a “#1 Amazon bestselling author.” I bought the program.

This was 2012, so book marketing was a little different, but I was disappointed. I found out that becoming a #1 bestselling author is super simple. You pick low competition categories on Amazon.

In some of these categories, you can literally sell four books in an hour and you outsell all of the other books in that category. You can buy these copies yourself.

You then become a #1 bestseller in some random category for one hour. You screen shot the status and push that as your social proof. You can even put a badge on your website.

Now, there are definitely some ways becoming an Amazon bestseller can be leveraged. You can use that status to sell courses, get clients, and book paid gigs.

There are some good uses but I quickly found out that it rarely leads to consistent book sales. The average book buyer, who doesn’t know you, won’t see that status and be impressed enough to buy your book.

At the end of the day, I started selling books when I built my audience.

To date, my books have sold over 150,000 copies and counting. After figuring all of this out, I got the major book deal with a traditional publisher. My books are now traditionally published.

I’ve hit bestseller status but in a different way. My books have risen to as high as #64 in the ENTIRE Kindle store, not just a category. My books have made major bestseller lists like Publishers Weekly.

And, there have been days when I’ve outsold mentors.

Statistics tell us the average book will sell less than 250 copies. If you are an author, you can vouch for how hard it is to sell books and do it consistently.

In the publishing world, the same two or three strategies have been pushed for as long as publishing books has been around.

The thing is, there are about eight million more books then there were back in the day. These old school strategies don’t work in the same way and they don’t lead to consistent book sales. I’m not talking about spikes. I’m talking about the day in and day out selling of your book.

I believe in consistently selling books using strategies that can work for any author, not just the big names. Strategies that are evergreen.

In our Results Publishing Masterclass, we’re going to teach you the A to Z of writing, launching, publishing, and selling books consistently.

We’re going to show you exactly how we’ve sold over 150,000 copies and the best ways to get daily, weekly, monthly sales. We’ll also teach you all of the quick spike strategies as well 🙂 If you want to get a traditional book deal (like I did), we’ll teach you that as well.

Today’s tools, technology, and access make this possible IF you know what to do.

There’s a lot of information online and oftentimes it contradicts itself. If you’re going to use books to grow your business, you’ll need a plan and system to get there.

It’s not going to happen by simply attending free training and trying to piece together the secret sauce. You need to understand the right way to structure. You have to understand how to build an audience that’s more than your organic social media following.

You’ll need a system and plan to bring all of this together. And, the practical step-by-step strategy to write, create content, publish (self or traditional), and sell thousands of books each month.
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The Details of the Beta Program
Do you want to write a book(s)? Sell copies of a book(s) you already have? Do you want to get a traditional publishing contract? Have a system to sell thousands of books? Use your book(s) to build your business?

We have an opportunity!

We’re launching this new program later this year but we want to make sure it’s solid first. We’re taking up to 20 beta students through Results Publishing Masterclass.

The last time we did a beta launch, the spots filled in less than 20 minutes.

This is not an online course. This is a live group program that involves training and a private community with Cindy and myself.

There is a cost but it’s one fourth of what the full program will cost.
What You’ll Get
Four weeks of LIVE screen-shared (two-hour) training sessions that are uploaded to your member’s area after class.
​Documents and templates that include sample templates, system templates, sample contracts, documents to help you publish, and more.
​An amazing private group where you can ask questions, share wins and lessons, get inspired, share your homework, and network with other rock stars.
​Lifetime access to the program content because we’re going to cover strategies you’ll use for years to come. You’ll always have access as a beta student. You’ll even get access to the content as it gets updated in future classes.
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Program Content
Foundation and Structure

*How to structure your book(s) to fit your business model.
*The exact pages you need on your website, how each page should be set up, the critical elements needed on your website.
*Branding hacks and tips to create a platform and message that’s understood by your book’s readers.
*How to set up and manage your online platforms to maximize book sales.
*How to structure a book effectively.

Writing and Content

*How to set up your content to clearly demonstrates your expertise.
*How to create content for your platforms in a way that leads to book sales.
*How to write (the actual process of writing a book).
*The different types of writing styles and how to pick which one.
*How to never run out of content ideas.
*How to repurpose all of your online content into a book.
*How to create a system that allows you to write multi books a year.


*The exact process to self publish a book.
*How to set your book up on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and everywhere books are sold.
*How to create an audio book for your book.
*How to set up a book launch that sells thousands of books on launch week.
*An exact book launch with timelines and structure.
*The exact steps to get a traditional book deal.

Systems, Scaling, and Growth

*How to create systems and automation to consistently sell books.
*How to create a revenue plan for your books.
*The daily strategies you can use to create more visibility and increase book sales.
*How to create a plan to write, publish, and launch books several times a year.
*How to use books strategically to build every part of your business.

Kimanzi Constable is the author of four books that have sold over 150,000 copies. You can see my articles in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, SUCCESS Magazine, AskMen, Mind Body Green, Fox News, The Good Men Project, Yahoo, NBC News, Time Magazine, Business Insider, Addicted 2 Success, CBS News, and over 60 blogs.
Cindy Constable and co-founder of this program. She is a global consultant, accomplished speaker, TEDx speaker, and executive leadership expert. She’s a trainer in organizational development, strategic planning, communication and employee engagement. She is passionate about delivering extraordinary results. She has spoken on all kinds of stages. She has been on several podcasts and radio interviews. You can see her articles in the HuffPost, Good Men Project, and Thrive Global.

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Kimanzi Constable – Results Publishing Masterclass

Kimanzi Constable – Results Publishing Masterclass

$150.00$1,997.00 (-92%)

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