Katrina Ruth Programs – The Millionaire Hustle

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The Millionaire Hustle: Over the course of the 30-Days, we’ll be covering specific areas of daily mindset practices and belief and thought changing processes AND we will get you doing the daily work (aka sales hustle / activity / money makin’ STUFF) that it takes to play at the millionaire level and beyond.


Author: Katrina Ruth

Katrina Ruth Programs – The Millionaire Hustle

Katrina Ruth Programs – The Millionaire Hustle

Check it out: Katrina Ruth Programs – The Millionaire Hustle

Boy oh BOY is this a GOOOOOOD one gorgeous!

In fact, I’m so excited to share this with you I’m tempted to just whack a YES KAT GIMME IT button right here at the top of the page and be done with it, because if there’s one thing I know fo’ SHO it’s that of COURSE you want to know more about how to sell effectively and MAKE.MO’.MONEY!

Am I right??

I’m right

So anyway. A QUICK apology first! I hate to admit it but the truth is (and I hardly EVER do this so I feel really bad about it!) I’ve been holding out on you for over a month on The Millionaire Hustle!

I know!


I don’t even have an excuse, either! But I think you’re going to love love LOVE how I’m making it up to you, not just with everything we’re gonna get HAPPENING for you in The Millionaire Hustle but also with some pretty damn HELL yes bonuses if you’re a fast-action taker.

You KNOW I love a badass fast-action taker! Probably because I am always one myself, and I know that those who make QUICK gut-based actions and act on them get the best results and are also the most fun to work with. They also tend to be HOTTER!

Just saying

Anyway –

Short version of what I’m trying to get to here?

The Millionaire Hustle is ready for you!


It’s very simple …

There are certain “laws” when it comes to making MONEY and doing it on your terms, and these laws are as rock solid real as GRAVITY.

Millionaire Law #1: She or he who creates more value and SELLS more, wins.

Millionaire Law #2: She or he who wants to create true WEALTH must.fucking.pay.attention to it!

Millionaire Law #3: She or he who follows or at ALL resonates with how I do business and make money SO damn well from alignment and flow and wants to LEARN from me and does NOT in fact sign up for The Millionaire Hustle is bat.shit.crazy.

Introducing The Millionaire Hustle, Baby!

30 Days of Alignment & Asskickery to Get You Into DAILY Sales Hustle and Wealth Creation, Comprising Daily Guided Exercises & Accountability, PLUS Support to Show You Exactly What to Do and Exactly How to Do It to Sell and HUSTLE Like a Millionaire!

If you know you don’t HUSTLE and SELL like you need to …

And you’re not actively and CONSCIOUSLY growing your income and wealth daily …

And you want to know exactly what I do, day in and day out, to sell to the tune of not just millionaire but MULTI-millionaire –

(Yep, the mindset AND the practical ‘what to do’ side of it!) –

You’re gonna want to be part of my MILLIONAIRE HUSTLE!

We’re kicking off on Monday March 6 …

I’m gonna kick your butt and HELP you daily …

And the community of fellow Millionaire Hustlers you’re gonna get to hang with is going to be BADASS …

OMG YES Kat! It Sounds Amazing! Tell Me More!

Okay! I’m glad you asked! Let me try and get straight to the point here for once and tell you EXACTLY what you can expect when you join me in The Millionaire Hustle!

Epic and MIND-BLOWING Content to Get You Into DAILY Sales Hustle and Wealth Creation, Plus INSANE Daily Support to Show You Exactly What to Do and Exactly How to Do It. Basically –

Everything You Need to Know to Sell and HUSTLE Like a Millionaire!

And Check Out the CONTENT!

So here is what it’s about, and what we need to cover, live into, BECOME, for you. Here is how we get you a’hustlin’ like a millionaire! Like the 7, no MULTIPLE 7-figure badass you know you were born to be and are now 100% READY to be!

Think Like a Millionaire, Hustle Like a Millionaire, BECOME a Freakin’ Millionaire!

Over the course of the 30-Days, we’ll be covering specific areas of daily mindset practices and belief and thought changing processes AND we will get you doing the daily work (aka sales hustle / activity / money makin’ STUFF) that it takes to play at the millionaire level and beyond.

I’ll show you exactly what to do and exactly HOW to do it when it comes to:

  • Daily sales activity
  • From low end to high end
  • Pushing out a launch
  • Running the ENTIRE launch race from go to WOAH
  • Following up
  • Generating extra cash flow NOW
  • Doing upsells and VIP offers
  • Bringing new ideas to life fast
  • Every element of the daily selling and millionaire hustling’ process!

All of this is based EXACTLY of course on how I personally hustle each day. I’m giving you the exact daily processes I use to run and grow my multi-million dollar from alignment empire, and then I’m supporting and helping you to implement them in your biz!

Plus – check it!

I’ll also teach you how to COMPLETELY release limiting fears and beliefs so that you can get on with doing the work – and creating the results! – you know you came here to do.

And, of course, I’ll be pushing you DAILY to expand your consciousness around what is possible for you, how QUICKLY you really can bring things to life when you simply make up your mind to do so, and how TO do just that!

We’ll be diving deep into reprogramming your sub-conscious mind, and we’ll be looking at how to start SEEING yourself as already BEING where you want to be. When you can FULLY see it, you WILL create it!

Here are just a few of the topics we’ll be covering as part of all of this!

Deciding to Become Rich – and Happy!

In the end, you’re never going to get there if you don’t first SEE that you WILL get there, and where this starts is MAKING UP YOUR FUCKING MIND. There is a difference – a critical one! – between saying you want something and that you’re ‘going to get it’, and having ACTUALLY made up your mind.

I’m going to show you exactly how to do the latter, and KNOW that you know.

This will be partly through our daily hustle work, and partly through some of the deep mindset work we’re going to get you doing to help you receive.

Get Katrina Ruth Programs – The Millionaire Hustle download right now!

Result-Based Action, 24/7/365

It’s not about whether or not you FEEL like it, is it now?

If we all went around taking action based on whether or not we feel like it or have the time available then we’d be a sorry bunch altogether! Well, look around – most people freaking ARE. That is the NORM. But not me and NOT YOU EITHER BABY. In this section we’re going to get you into the DAILY process of doing the fucking work. This is part physical, part mental, pretty fucking emotional and even goes a little bit spiritual, but what it all comes back to? We turn you into a motherfucking MACHINE.

Speaking of which!! —

Relentless. Motherfucking. Determination!

Wanna be a badass, live like a badass, make money like a badass and do it with EASE, from FLOW, and just by being you? Then you’re going to have to harden the fuck up and learn to get ON with it. All day. Every day. Fuck, I’m getting excited just thinking about it right now! I’m even typing faster as I think about YOU stepping into YOUR badassery! And that is what this is all about. You do not GET to back the fuck down, not today and not any day, once you cultivate a TRUE mindset of success, and of rich. You do what it takes. No matter what it takes. Until it takes.


Some of us were born with this streak inside of us and just quietly I think that is YOU. Now it’s just time to activate it!

Millionaire Mindset on Repeat!

Let’s keep it OH so freaking simple and result.based.now. There are specific practices I use – daily, no less, and sometimes more! – to get my mindset, my state, my energy, my VIBE, where it needs to be. I WANT TO SHARE THEM WITH YOU. So that’s what I’m gonna do. Actually you’ll get these DAILY, and they’ll layer on each other! In particular of course I’ll be featuring the handful of mindset processes I DO come BACK to daily because they’re that freaking powerful and GUARANTEED to create rapid change. No joke: what I’m going to share with you as far as the ‘actual’ mindset practices here? This alone is worth 10x what you’re going to pay for this ENTIRE FUCKING PROGRAM.

Pretty cool

Millionaire Hustle: Creating the Daily Actions to Guarantee Success!

Discipline is a HABIT, success is a habit, WEALTH creation is a habit, fuck even being a BADASS is a habit! The cool thing with habit creation is that it just gets easier and easier to be a freaking success MACHINE. Sooner or later you get to where I am and where I know you already are TOO (you just wanna level that shit up!) which is that you’re so IN the habit of being a successful person you couldn’t stop if you wanted to.

But you wouldn’t want to.

Because success is awesome!

So let’s go get YOURS!

Daily Wealth Growth Routine

Same sort of thing, baby, but just specific to MONEY. MOOLAH. DINERO. LOTS OF IT. I have  a DAILY and pretty in-depth (although pretty fast these days!) wealth creation process I follow, and no it’s NOT actually just ‘thinking about it’ (although that is ALWAYS and forever the most ijmportant thing).

I actually go through a very specific set of money PRACTICES each day, using templates and processes I’ve developed over the years whilst making my millions online! This keeps me in check and focused on what I want to GROW, aka my wealth! It means I can never wriggle out of knowing exactly what’s going on, and I’m always on the ball when it comes to what I need to create MORE of. I’m going to share with you my PERSONAL daily money processes, both the mindset and inner work side of things as well as the practicalities of what I do, what I track, and how it helps me get EVER FUCKING RICHER.

And you too now!

What to Prioritise and DO First; How to Do It!

It’s very simple:

I will show you which actions work, when it comes to making money and seeing it grow on repeat.

I will show you which ones matter MOST.

I will teach you how to do them.

And then I’ll support you as you do!

How to SEE Yourself as Already Being a Millionaire

Yes, yes, yes, fucking YES! THIS is what it’s all about. You don’t DO the work, you don’t WORRY about the work, you don’t CARE how you FEEL about the work, you just make it freaking simple on yourself and you BECOME the work! You learn how to live and breathe and BE success, and have it so deeply ingrained into who you are that motivation, discipline, getting shit DONE is as automated as the fact that at SOME point before you leave the house you DO in fact manage to get not-naked.

THIS IS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING!! AND it can be taught. AND it be be installed INTO you. AND you can seriously just BECOME that unstoppable success-orientated MACHINE of a badass, now! I’m just a little bit amped up about sharing this with you! In case you can’t tell  but SERIOUSLY? Don’t you just want to be DAILY freakin’ motivated to achieve what you came here to do?

It really IS nice to have success be so much part of who you are, honestly!

Millionaire Upleveling: Smashing Beliefs and Fears

STRETCH baby, STREEEETTTTTTTCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHH …. ! Look, I GET that you’ve set big goals and they’re awesome and they’re BOLD and they’re truly fucking BADASS as well, but honestly? I kinda –

Sorta –


That you’re holding back. And look, it’s okay! I’ve been there, SO many times, and what’s more I’d be willing to bet that before too much time has passed I look back even on where I am NOW and realise I was STILL there! I actually think we never GET there as far as realising what’s possible, and dreaming all the way big. But I do know this:

You ain’t gonna get even anywhere CLOSE to there if you don’t get USED to that stretch. It’s so not about focusing on a goal, a vision, your mission, your purpose, until you get there! If you’re not setting NEW limits and a higher fucking bar well BEFORE you hit the previous one then you need to get used to getting just a LITTLE BIT MORE UNCOMFORTABLE.

It’s the VERY fastest way to grow. Plus it’s super fun, trust me

Millionaire Action In Spite of Resistance

Okay. O-kay! The biggie, I know. Really if you think about it, unless you’re actually just a lazy good for nothing which we BOTH know you’re not, the only reason you’re not where you want to be is FEAR. Fuck, even the failure to create HABIT really just comes back to fear in the end! Fear of it hurting, or you not feeling like it, or what the fuck EVER.

Either way: fear is part of life, get used to it. And it’s NOT about eliminating that shit, IS it now? It’s about learning to DANCE with it. Seeing it, heck even feeling it, and then saying, you know what? DO YOUR THANG BABY ‘CAUSE I’M GONNA DO MINE.

Then doing it!

Automating Wealth, On Your Terms

Ultimately what ALL of this is about is turning you into an AUTOMATED SUCCESS AND HUSTLE MACHINE. Where you think, breathe, embody success. Where your freaking DNA is imprinted with it, and it’s ALL YOUR CELLS KNOW.

Everything we’ll be working on, working at, digging DEEP to unleash and ultimately CREATING, will make this a done.



Meaning that YOU getting to RICH, and beyond, plus EVERYTHING else you ever dreamed of?

Let’s Get Real Here Gorgeous …

If you want to make more MONEY …

In a way that absolutely suits you and is aligned and FEELS good …

And you want your work to also reach more people and have a bigger IMPACT …

Plus you’re sick and tired of feeling held back by limiting beliefs and fears around wealth, money, being ALLOWED to be rich …

And you want to know exactly how to DAILY hustle and sell like a millionaire, not just to get daily RESULTS but also to set up automated income and build a TRUE online empire where the cash.just.keeps.coming day in and day out and even while you SLEEP …

And you’ve at ALL ever wondered how the hell I get it all done and sell so MUCH without it seeming ‘salesy’ or BAD …

Or you just want to FINALLY create hustle habits to GUARANTEE results …

Then you damn straight KNOW you need to be part of my Millionaire Hustle!

What Are You Waiting For Gorgeous?

You KNOW you want to make more money …

You KNOW you want to do it on your terms and in a way that makes you FEEL good …

You KNOW that you CAN!

And you damn straight know that right now you are NOT doing the DAILY work you could or should be and also that you don’t know what you don’t know about what that work.

Just so you don’t have to scroll back up … !

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Katrina Ruth Programs – The Millionaire Hustle

Katrina Ruth Programs – The Millionaire Hustle

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