Katrina Ruth Programs – The 30-Day Daily Hustle

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This is not just what you already know you need to be doing but it’s also about learning what it really takes to create a multiple 7-figure business that operates completely on your terms where you have discipline daily to get your results


Author: Katrina Ruth

Katrina Ruth Programs – The 30-Day Daily Hustle

Katrina Ruth Programs – The 30-Day Daily Hustle

Check it out: Katrina Ruth Programs – The 30-Day Daily Hustle

The truth:

The truth is you thought you’d be there by now, a DAMN sight further along then you are, that you’d have long ago woken up, stepped up, stopped FUCKING up (or around!) and that you’d seriously have shit going ON.

You wanna know the truth, the REAL truth?

You coulda, you shoulda, the fact that you didn’t IS really nobody’s fault but your own, but also? You’re not alone and you CAN change things, actually you can change things so damn fast it’ll make your head spin and while you very well may want to bash said head for not doing the freaking work sooner, what really matters?

Is that within the next 30 days you can actually change your LIFE.

You want more money? DONE.
More time? Of COURSE.
More of your ideal clients, the ones who make your heart sing and make it seem so EASY it’s almost like you’re cheating? DONE!
A better body? More energy? To feel happier, or even more at PEACE? Debts paid off, savings accrued, bucket list shit actually coming to life?


The reality is that everybody INCLUDING you is walking around operating at barely 10% of what they’re capable of! We ALL know we do it … we KNOW we could change shit practically overnight if we really decided to … we KNOW we’re capable of so much it’s actually scary … and yet we continue to let the days pass by –

FLOAT by, really!

NOT pressing play.
NOT going all in.
NOT even doing 5 or 10% of what we promised ourselves we’d do, most of the time!

Well, I for one have had enough! I had enough for me some time ago, actually, and the outcome of actually getting my shit together and acting like I gave a damn about my LIFE is that I now have a multiple 7-figure per MONTH business, which is all online and gives me COMPLETE lifestyle and business freedom, but not only that –

I get to wake up each day, do exactly what I want and am most called to do, with whomever I want, in precisely the WAY I want, and completely on my terms!

Actually what I do? I live my purpose, each and every day. I spend my time writing and speaking, creating content which comes completely from the heart (like this!) and makes me feel so damn alive I sometimes don’t even know if my feet are touching the ground.

I get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per MONTH for it.
I’m in FANTASTIC shape, yes even in my late thirties and even as a Mum.
I have an incredible impact on the lives of others, and get to hear about it daily.
I do what I want and have almost illegal amounts of fun, adventure, freedom!

I could go on and on but I think you get the point, and I don’t want to sound TOO much like I’m full of myself, but the thing is –

I AM pretty damn proud of all of this, and I’m just about as excited as you can probably imagine, because you know what?

Money, success, meaning, freedom, all of those things individually or even together may not be the ‘meaning of life’, but they SURE as all get out make it pretty awesome, and besides which the way I CREATE all this stuff is that I do what it takes, daily, to live my purpose. And that shit?

Well that IS the meaning of life.

So this hustle, this new program I’m putting together for you, this is based ENTIRELY on me knowing personally just how awesome it is to wake up each day and know you’re living your dreams, and then to go to bed each night and know you pressed the fuck PLAY, but also?

It’s based on the fact that for so many years before this I did NOT press play, not fully, I had ALL these dreams, unrealised, I honestly walked around thinking that at some point it would all just magically come together because THAT IS WHAT WAS MEANT TO HAPPEN.

And sure, I took action – more than most people, in fact, for sure!

I was ‘successful’, as well, particularly from the outside looking in. It looked like I was building a GREAT life, and people were constantly telling me how much of a go-getter I was.

The problem is, although I kind of was ‘living the dream’, I felt like I was living someone ELSE’S dream, not mine.

There was so much more I wanted.
So much more I KNEW it was meant to be about.
And despite the apparent success I really was creating it was KIND OF all falling apart.

Have you ever noticed –

That when you build the wrong life –

SO CALLED success –

Doesn’t really QUITE fucking take?!

YEP … that’s not just you! See here is what I believe:

You CAN have it all, you CAN have the life you were born for and dream of and you CAN have it on your terms, but if you want it you really DO have to wake the fuck up and take it and it’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN BY ITSELF.

You need to get crystal fucking clear on what you want.
What it will look like when you get there.
What it’s going to TAKE (now).
And then you need to do the fucking work.

And one last thing?

You can create ‘success’, if you like, without going all in on your true dreams, but just so you know (and sorry to spoil the ending, but REALLY!) – THAT SHIT DON’T LAST.

So let’s talk.

Let’s talk about doing the WORK.

About going all IN.

About doing what it takes, all that it takes, every damn day, UNTIL it takes, to create the business and life you damn well dream of and know you can have.

Let’s talk about the Daily Hustle! And how in the next 30 days we can get you into alignment and MASSIVE fucking action, as you finally press.fucking.play.

Get Katrina Ruth Programs – The 30-Day Daily Hustle download right now!

Introducing The Daily Hustle.

You and me, 30 days. Pressing the Fuck Play on every area of your daily hustle and empire creation!

I’m going to kick your ass over 30 days of intensive daily hustles so that you can finally take action on the tasks you know you need to be doing to build your business, your income, your impact and create your dream life.

This is not just what you already know you need to be doing but it’s also about learning what it really takes to create a multiple 7-figure business that operates completely on your terms where you have discipline daily to get your results, but at the same time to create your freedom so that you can wake up each day and really know that you’re spending 80, 90 even 95 percent of your time on tasks that really fulfill you and help you to come from flow.

I’ve spent the last 9 plus years online really learning what it takes to get results and to do it in a way that also feels good. I know what the priorities are. I know what needs to happen day to day in business as well as in my personal life to take care of myself, my income and my message that I want to get out there into the world and make sure that results continue to elevate week by week and even day by day. I know what the priority tasks are every single day, every week, every month and I have a process that I use to kick my own butt but also to create habit so that they get done. For me, success needs to be something that is automated. I don’t want to think about it each day. I don’t want to have to ask myself what I should be doing or where I should spend my time. I want to know that if I work my way through my daily hustle list, that I’m going to get results, things are going to flow and that things are going to grow. And so that’s what I want to share with you.

Over the next 30 days, I want to work with you daily to create your own daily hustle routine so that you know exactly what your result based tasks are in your business that you need to spend your time on day by day or get done. I also want to work with you on the big picture of building your empire. It’s not just about keeping up with the day to day, but it’s also about putting steps in place to create your vision and bring it to life. That’s what this is about. The 30-day daily hustle is an opportunity to step into uber fucking productivity where every night when your head hits the pillow you know that you did the tasks that move the needle. You’ll be able to see and feel results in your business but also in your energy, your motivation and in other areas of your life within the first 7 days. And over 30 days together, we’re going to elevate the money results, the impact results and your overall sales and marketing plan to a place that most people wouldn’t even feel possible within a year. It really is so much easier than you think to get the things that matter done and create a business that works for you so that you can do what you need to do and focus on your message and your truth.

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • Let’s look at your big vision and what you really want to bring to life. Is it happening, yes or no? We need to make sure you are attending to your daily hustle tasks but that you are also doing your big picture items that allow you to achieve those big goals and dreams.
  • What’s the daily hustle that you need to do? Every entrepreneur has critical things that are essential to complete in their daily work. I have a great understanding of what entrepreneurs and leaders who desire to build a powerful personal brand need to be doing and I want to share that with you. We’re going to nail down the top 3 critical items that are essential for you each day.
  • Everything else. Everything, everything, everything else! There are so many things that need to be accomplished each day in order to move every element of your business forward. So let’s create a process to get them done in a minimal amount of time. I’ll teach you not only what tasks are critical to build a powerful personal brand online but I’ll also show you how to get them done quickly and effectively.
  • Overall productivity and hustle. A big part of this is about being in a mindset of getting shit done fast, of being able to create immediate change and not have to fuss about details. I want to show you the exact productivity hacks, tricks and support tools that I use in order to bring my results to life, very very quickly so that I basically don’t have to fuck around.
  • Empire building. Let’s identify the key tasks that you need to be doing in order to bring your big picture items to life. And let’s work out how to bring them to life on a day to day basis.

Are you ready for the daily hustle? It’s time to elevate your productivity and finally press fucking play! Join today!

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Katrina Ruth Programs – The 30-Day Daily Hustle

Katrina Ruth Programs – The 30-Day Daily Hustle

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