Katrina Ruth Programs – Release

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A deep dive course with Katrina Ruth. For purpose-driven creators who are ready for FAST-FORWARD GROWTH!


Author: Katrina Ruth

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Katrina Ruth Programs – Release

Katrina Ruth Programs – Release

Check it out: Katrina Ruth Programs – Release

A deep dive course with Katrina Ruth. For purpose-driven creators who are ready for FAST-FORWARD GROWTH!

I’m writing my new sales page for you now.

{Pssst … this is it}

It’s taken a while for this one to be ready to come out …!

I thought it was one thing.
And then it turned out to be another.

I’m so glad I waited, too! There’s nothing worse than pushing something out when the ACTUAL thing to come out just wants to, well –


And speaking of flow.

Have you ever noticed how, when you’re holding on to something, when you’re stuck in an energy of sabotage, or sadness, or ‘I can’t’, or ‘I don’t deserve to’, or ‘I SHOULD – ‘

That flow just doesn’t seem to COME?

I know.

This morning as I journaled, and prayed, and looked within, I asked myself –

“God, what is it I’m meant to do?”

The answer came quickly and easily as it always does, but I asked one more question after that, and the answer took my BREATH away.


Not just for me.
But for you.

So, that’s what we’re working on next.

We are going to go so deep so fast that I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s probably going to hurt.


But – ! Before I tell you about RELEASE and about how this will not only shift stuck energy to do with how much money you’re allowing in, to do with stepping FULLY into your purpose work, to do with even why you can’t lose weight, to do with why you can’t release in sex, to do with, really, frankly, ALL the things, I gotta first tell you this.


I let the download for Release come through just this morning.

It started when I was journaling … it was just the WHISPER of it though, I couldn’t quite catch it. So, I left. Went to hot yoga. Got ready to, well, release, a fuckload of sweat and toxins and God knows what else, but most definitely –

Things I’d been holding on to, you know?
Things I wasn’t SURE about.
Things which were actually, truth be told, SCARY.

Within less than 5 minutes I felt this complete dizzy zombie energy come over me. Weird … as it wasn’t extra hot, I got enough sleep, blah blah blah, there was no reason to feel SO God damn awful. I was TOTALLY out of it though. It sucked!! It was all I could do to not lie down and just ‘stay in the room’ but not BE there.

Somehow, I kept going though.

Breathe, push, bend, twist, pull, BREATHE …

And somewhere between standing pow pulling pose and the first (thank God!) savasana, it hit me –



THAT’S what I’ve been waiting for.

It is EXACTLY what we get to dive into next, together.


I finished the class, went back to my hotel here in Beverly Hills for a 10am meditation nap (I release the idea that I can’t just go straight back to bed after Sunday morning yoga!), got up and went to the gym (weights!), did a quick sparkly-boot detour via Chanel, went to DryBar to write my blog (and, duh, hair), did a few other little errands, and now here I am.

In my chair.

Endive salad.
Grilled salmon steak.


I even posted my blog with a PS teaser about it, so now I really HAVE to. But as I sat here and pulled up a blank page, a shiver ran through me.


It spoke to me, as these things do, and what it said was, well, kind of a CUNTISH thing to say.

“Who the hell do you think you are? You’re posting about talking to GOD now? This is TOO MUCH”

The blog today was about how I spoke to God, see, and how the message that came from him was it’s time to quit denying your PURPOSE.

I definitely felt that slight self-consious feeling when I hit publish on it … I feel it anytime I really talk about God in more than a passing way.

Anyway, none of THAT should have anyfuckingthing to do with THIS, but there it was anyway –

Too ‘airy-fairy’.
Too, I dunno, WHIMSICAL or something. Woo-woo, I think is what I mean by that. lol. Whimsical sounds like a unicorn .. which reminds me of my new Chanel sparkly boots … where were we?!


I’d JUST emailed my team telling them to get ready for the sales page to hit them … asking for the banner and payment links … it was as good as LOCKED IN!

But all I could think was how UNCOMFORTABLE I felt.

A little scared … and just, kind of … squirmy. Like – get me away from here; this is TOO HARD.

It would have been so easy, too, you know?

To walk away.
Let it be brushed under the carpet; you’d never notice, never know!

But, I would.

But, how can I write a sales page when I want to RUN FROM IT?!

And then it hit me –

The irony.


15 Days of Fucking Soul & Cellular Shifting to Release Fear & Stuck Energy, Shed Emotional, Mental, Physical AND Spiritual Blocks, and Drop Into Flow, Now.

(I added the fucking just now :))

And this is EXACTLY what this is about, isn’t it?

Doing your purpose work is NOT EASY. Well, it’s actually the easiest thing in the WORLD, when you fucking do it! It’s like BREATHING. But starting … even if you’ve already started one thousand times before, or more … it ALWAYS comes with some form of fear or resistance.

This is how you know it’s the way …

It’s also why I’m so DEEPLY passionate about the work we’re going to begin together, you and I, if Release is speaking to your soul, and you know you must say yes.


Over the 15 days together I’ll be creating a DAILY Release training for you. Audios, downloads, videos, journaling every DAY, and whatever else comes up for you along the way.

This is a journey which will continue all day –

Every day –

FAR beyond the 15 days, actually! Firstly because I always end up going over. lol. But also because of course you receive all content to keep for life.

As to what we’ll be covering?

  • You. You fucking KNOW you have so much untapped power inside of you right now. It’s a burning which never.freaking.stops. Well, did you realise you’re literally BLOCKING it from coming out? Your beliefs, your thoughts, your energetic contracts, your connection to collective conscious energy and knowledge, and much more besides. ALL of this gets to be looked at … addressed … re-wired. So, that’s what we’re going to do.
  • Identity. Plain and simple you canNOT step into the identity that’s inside of you, knocking on the door of your soul and BEGGING to get let out, when your insides are kind of, well – full of shit. Stuck shit, emotional shit, fear shit, scarcity shit, spiritual shit, you name it. We’re going to CLEAR the shit. And then?
  • FAST-FORWARD to BEING. We KNOW that the fastest way to achieve something is to be that person NOW. This can only HAPPEN if the way is clear. The identity work we’re going to be doing will get the way clear. Period. Next:
  • Making it an unconscious and automated pattern. You can PRACTICE being who you know you’re meant to be … you can TRY … you can even build habits. But for it to stick, and even to work in the first place? Better of just making it unconscious. This comes down to shifts at a cellular and soul level. My favourite kind! I’m going to show you exactly what I mean AND, of course, we’re going to apply it.
  • Physical. Straight up, the weight, the slow energy, the foggy head, the lack of motivation, the shitty digestion, the imbalanced hormones, the STRESS and ANXIETY, ALL of this stuff is impacted by you holding on ENERGETICALLY. I am SO passionate about the connection between the body the soul and the mind. You KNOW it’s real … and you damn straight KNOW that what’s going on with you physically is HUGELY relevant to what’s going on internally. It’s a tremendous honour to get to dive in to this with you as part of our Release work.
  • Spiritual shame, guilt, fear, not KNOWING. I’m Christian. But I am NOT here to push my faith on you, or tell you what you should do. What I do know though, is this. YOU HAVE A SPIRIT. You also have a spiritual side to you. You have 4 bodies – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. STOP AVOIDING GOING DEEP ON THE LATTER. Well, on all of it probably  but yeah … we’re going to look the spiritual side of things in the eye. Not from a TEACHING point of view; I have nothing to teach you here. But I will show you how to look within at what matters to YOU, and how to connect to your spirit. Deeply. Fully. Yes. As part of that? –
  • Inner Guidance. Intuition is the ONLY thing that provides a clear and 100% accurate answer, always. You already use it … you already know how important it is … and you may be very tuned in already. Regardless of where you’re at, I can show you how to drop DEEPER into accessing the deep knowledge inside of you. This not only gives you EVERY business step or strategy you’ll ever need, but it means you ALWAYS know how to make a decision, and you always know your path forward.
  • SEX stuff. I’m no expert here. Heavens knows! However, my GOODNESS does it make a fucking difference when you understand how to release identity and natural desire shame and just connect to permission to being you in ALL areas, including sex! We’re going to talk about sex because, DUH, it’s pretty critical to releasing. And – everything is connected to everything. I KNOW you’re going to love what this does for you … 

And lastly … kinda … actually not remotely lastly at all, but for now, anyway …!

  • Deep. Deep. Permission.

To be you.



Which is to say EVERY fuck given, about what MATTERS.

I’ll show you exactly the mindset AND the how of simply BEING all that you were born to be and know you MUST. This is so important …

There is so much more coming through me for you on this gorgeous. SO much fucking more. It’s bubbling up so fast I can barely contain it, actually! So I expect I’ll be dropping QUITE a bit of stuff for you before we even begin, in the group.

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Katrina Ruth Programs – Release

Katrina Ruth Programs – Release

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