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Launch It! is an intensive online experience run live with your truly and is based on the INCREDIBLE feedback I’ve had any time I share my launch strategies as well as the incredible DEMAND I’ve had to share more.


Author: Katrina Ruth

Katrina Ruth Programs – Launch It!

Katrina Ruth Programs – Launch It!

Check it out: Katrina Ruth Programs – Launch It!

To the fast-thinking, fast-talking, SUPER creative SUPERWOMAN who is sick of fucking around and not making the money OR the difference she’s born for … this one’s for you 

Hey gorgeous! Kat here and I am beyond beyond BEYOND pumped (as always when I’ve got something new!) to invite you into Launch It! my brand new 6-week online training of KICKASSERY!

Launch It! (Get Your Shit Out There. Hard. Fast. NOW!) is an intensive online experience run live with your truly and is based on the INCREDIBLE feedback I’ve had any time I share my launch strategies as well as the incredible DEMAND I’ve had to share more. But before I tell you ALL about it allow me to ask you a couple things …


Isn’t it just astounding how you can sit down, ready and charged to do something important – Powerful! Creative! Transformative! – and certainly PROFITABLE – and then 20, 30, God forbid even 2 hours later you’ve done nothing at all?

Or at least, nothing that really counts.

Perhaps you’ve spent some time updating your social media accounts. Carefully checked and then re-checked your list, or lists if you’re as anal about organisation in your biz as I am! Answered some emails, taken a survey, made a note to yourself to create your own survey, popped in on your forums, downloaded some cool interviews online, and basically been super duper productive at doing everything except the actual stuff that will, y’know … make you money, and grow your business!

Or is that just me?

Nope … didn’t think so!

Waiting for … what? A freaking sign from God?!

When I began my online business back in 2007 it was because I had a dream to ‘make it’ in some way as a writer, and also because I figured that there had to be some way this whole blogging thing might turn into income. I had dreams of an online presence maybe allowing me to successfully fill events, do some corporate personal training (I was a PT at the time, turned fitness blogger), or at least increase my 1:1 rates. I had no idea that 7 years later, which is now, I’d be running an international company generating half a million dollars a year, and growing – as much as doubling – each year.

And had I known what it would take to get there, had I actually had a glimpse into the future and all the work – the endless empowering but oh-so frustrating work I’d have to do, and the frequent need to pick myself back up and try again when things didn’t work right away –

I may have never begun.

Except that of course I would have, because being an entrepreneur and paving my own way is as much a part of who I am as my genetic or cultural background. I would literally move into my parents spare room (at 34 and with 2 kids and a husband!) before I would go and find a job. I don’t care how many times I have to dust off the blood, the sweat, the tears and go back into battle, I’m in it for the long haul and my destiny (I’m claiming it!) is one of great financial wealth, time abundance, joy, freedom, adventure, fun, making a BIG difference and living an aligned life exactly on my terms and in keeping with what I am MEANT to be doing.

Yours too?

Great, then you’re going to LOVE this program.

But just quickly, before you read on? For the love of God do NOT join this if you don’t love the fast lane, and being called on your BS  it won’t work out well for EITHER of us.

Here’s what you GET baby, when you say yes to LAUNCH IT!

WEEK ONE: First things first: whaddya actually wanna DO? (and why aren’t you SELLING IT?!)

Okay, so you know that thing you do? Where you sell stuff (or try to, or plan to) that you don’t actually freaking LOVE? Yeah … we’re not going to do that anymore.

Money flows when YOU are in flow. So what we’re gonna do? Get you in FLOW. Meaning, we are going to get BEYOND clear on exactly what you want to do, who you’re called to be, HOW you’re called to live and make a difference. And hell yeah – where the money is going to come from!

Warning: this might mean letting go of some shit! Not to mention being willing to take some BIG leaps of faith!

WEEK TWO: Ideas that KILL … and a fast way to KNOW whether they’ll work or BOMB.

This MIGHT not be what you want to hear (or maybe it is, I don’t know!) but one of the KEY ways I broke my own money drought and started bringing in the SERIOUS big $$ was simply by putting myself out there.

A lot. Boldly. Fast. Without over-thinking. Based on GUT feel.

But also based on actually knowing how to LISTEN to what people want. Some of my stuff BOMBED. And I quickly learned what WORKS, and then I learned how to get it out there even faster and with INCREDIBLE value and quality attached. You do NOT need to be hemming and hawing for another SECOND longer over what you should do or whether it will work, you just need to sort this shit out and take ACTION.

Let’s do it, yes?

WEEK THREE: My entire launch process, dotted, crossed, and delivered so you can DO it.

Strategy baby.




Sales pages. Pre-launch. Whetting the APPETITE. LAUNCH. (And how often to promote … which by the way is WAY more than you think :)). HOW to promote.  Emailing. PUSHING the end of the launch. Squeezing EVERY last sign up out. What to do if it’s not WORKING. How to make it freaking WORK.

And more. Of course

WEEK FOUR: Working your money maker.

All that stuff we just said for Week 3? You’d be crazy if you think we can cover that in a week and have you actually working that money maker! We’re going to take our time. Of course most people would take a good 2 years to figure this shit out, then have a nap in order to get over the exhaustion. I’ll give you two weeks baby!

Then we are good to GO.

WEEK FIVE: FAST funnel magic.

So if you’re going to go to all this trouble, and yes you ARE, then you might as well make it about something MORE than just a single launch or product.

So we’re going to map out your entire funnel, join all those dots, and then work out how you’re gonna make ’em sing. Meaning: how to get new subscribers turned into new buyers ASAP and then repeat buyers. Ad infinitum.

WEEK SIX: Leverage leverage LEVERAGE honey!

By far the BIGGEST mistake I’ve ever made in my business was not setting up automated and LEVERAGED sales processes that allowed me to just keep making more and more MONEY and a greater and greater DIFFERENCE from the existing work I’d done.

Now? I have processes within my processes

I’m still learning of course – that never ends! But I have GREAT stuff in place meaning that people know where to go, what to buy, my stuff literally SELLS itself and the way my entire BUSINESS and communication process is set up results in over 100k a month of now largely LEVERAGED income.

Seriously – I am NOT better or more gifted than you I just did MORE stuff, FASTER, and possibly I’ve been around longer. Either way – YOUR TURN SISTER. There’s no reason why you cannot create EXACTLY what you want in this game, and well you should. You have a calling to DO something don’t you? Then freaking do it!

It gets BETTER!

We’re gonna be talking, and getting CRYSTAL CLEAR on –

  • How often you should launch new stuff
  • Whether or not it’s cool to overlap, and if so, how
  • The BEST ways to do early-birds, bonuses, scarcity, cash machines etc so that people hit yes NOW
  • Whether or not you should have a launch / marketing calendar, and if so what the fuck that should involve (and how to actually follow it)
  • How to get awesome affiliates and JVs on board to help promote your launch AND grow your list!
  • Getting free publicity for your launch!
  • Standing out from the DRONES in your industry
  • Using your VOICE to grow your CULT whilst also selling to them
  • The easy easy EASY way I ensure that my sales processes are always SUPER high value so people actually look forward to my sales emails! Never mind they actually BUY!
  • The stuff I did so damn WRONG before I cracked this whole online thing – let me help you save time and money by sharing my mistakes!
  • And my story about selling close to 2 million dollars total in the last few years in online products and programs

Yee-hah beautiful! I really think this might be the most INTENSE and energising course I’ve ever run! What’re you waiting for? GRAB YOUR PLACE NOW so you can activate your free Rich Chick Mastermind bonus even before we begin!

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Katrina Ruth Programs – Launch It!

Katrina Ruth Programs – Launch It!

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