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It’s Only Money, Honey! The Business and Money Breakthrough Program for Women Who Want It All, Now, And KNOW They’re Gonna Get It, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how you can create the internal shifts and the practical framework to create your money success NOW.


Author: Katrina Ruth

Katrina Ruth Programs – It’s Only Money, Honey

Katrina Ruth Programs – It’s Only Money, Honey

Check it out: Katrina Ruth Programs – It’s Only Money, Honey

Do you ever find yourself wondering –

Can I really have it ALL?

Is it EVER going to happen? (for me)

And how much freaking longer do I have to WAIT?!

If your money story is anything like mine was (think: scarcity, fear, frustration and a constant desire to SCREAM because things just wouldn’t WORK already!) then I hear you sister.

This money thing? It sure ain’t for the faint-hearted.

But here’s the message you need to know. And if you take this totally to heart and don’t even keep reading the rest of what I’ve got for you today then I’ll have done my job.

You really CAN have it all, you can have it all NOW, and you can have it COMPLETELY on your terms.

But if you WANT it, you’re going to have to go out there and TAKE it baby.

And when you join me in It’s Only Money, Honey! The Business and Money Breakthrough Program for Women Who Want It All, Now, And KNOW They’re Gonna Get It, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how you can create the internal shifts and the practical framework to create your money success NOW.

Hi beautiful!

My name’s Kat (if we haven’t met!), and I spent years thinking that I WAS doing “everything” I could do to create the business, the money and the income I wanted, but the truth is that the harder I PUSHED to make money and just make. things. work, the faster money ran from me.

It got so bad, that at my worst I was over 100k in debt – 50k+ in credit card debt and 50k+ in tax debt! Yet still I didn’t learn.

I hustled my butt off, and I followed ALL the rules, but things just continued to get HARDER! And I truly started to wonder –

Can I actually do this? Like, for real?

I don’t think I ever fully gave up belief, but there were times when I really did start to question my sanity.

Have you ever found yourself wondering if your time will EVER come? And why on EARTH things seem to work so well for other entrepreneurs but yet they just don’t work for you? Have you ever asked yourself if maybe this is just your cross to bear – you can ‘succeed’ in other areas, but the money thing is just doomed to be a battle.

Does any of this ring any bells?

  • You work harder than anyone you know. You’re a hustler, an action taker, and you NEVER SAY DIE, but yet the money? Just won’t get its ass into gear and come your way.
  • You’re a high achiever who does what it takes. You pride yourself on being the best, a leader, a woman who is willing to do the tough work that most won’t face. And you are USED to being successful and the best! But for some reason, and despite your VERY best efforts, you just can’t seem to master what it takes to create wealth. And you’re starting to wonder if you ever will …
  • Sometimes your hard work does pay off, and the money comes in – it feels great! But you always seem to have more bills than what you have income, and before you know it, poof! It’s gone.
  • Your dominant feeling around money is fear. You know that this is ‘wrong’ and ‘bad’, but you can’t seem to stop!
  • For years you’ve been telling yourself you’ll save … invest … maybe even give yourself some spending money! But you can’t afford to. The money has been doled out in your head long before it ever even hits your account!
  • In your most confident and empowered times you grit your teeth and you square your shoulders and you hold your head up and you KNOW that you are going to make it, and your partner or family can think whatever the hell they PLEASE but they can NOT touch you! Yet in your darkest moments you really do find yourself wondering … are they right? DO I have what it takes? AM I being ridiculous? And please, PLEASE God, WHY have I not yet got there?

What’s wrong with me?!

I’ve been there. A THOUSAND times, I’ve been there.

And I’m happy and (yep I’ll admit it!) so damn relieved to now NOT be there.

I now run a million-dollar (and climbing) business.

I travel the world endlessly with my husband and 2 young kids – first class all the way, baby!

I do exactly what I love.

And nothing that I don’t.

I am completely in alignment in my business and my life and so damn GRATEFUL.

And that’s EXACTLY why I created It’s Only Money, Honey! The Business and Money Breakthrough Program for Women Who Want It All, Now, And KNOW They’re Gonna Get It – it took me YEARS to have my breakthrough, because it took me that long to figure out that this money game thing?

If I Did It – Created a 7-Figure Business, Doing What I Love, Then So Too Can You!

Here’s what we’re doing: the details!

When you join It’s Only Money, Honey, you’ll be working for 6 intensive weeks to create the business and money breakthrough you KNOW you can have and are now READY to make HAPPEN!

  • Your training will be delivered each week via email
  • You’ll receive exercises, homework, and business maps to use to actively implement and create what we learn together

So Here’s The Plan of Attack Gorgeous!

This program is the PERFECT mix of inner and outer work to help you figure out your money shit once and for all and create an actionable plan you know you can and WILL rock … in fact that you already START to rock right as we work together! We’ll be:

  • Identifying your current shit around money and how you THINK you have to be in your business and life in order to create wealth, so that you understand WHY all if this is happening to you. Know this: there is ALWAYS a payoff. Once we find it and you understand the reason you CHOSE this, you can then start to DEAL WITH IT.
  • We’ll be looking at EVERYTHING that is and is NOT working right now on a money level in your biz as well as a SOUL level – if your business is not fully aligned to who you were brought here to be on a soul level, then guess what? Wealth will NEVER find you. So what we’re going to do is something that few if ANY business and money programs out there do and that’s clear away ALL of the crap telling you how you ‘have to be’, so that you can finally JUST DO YOU, and allow the money to flow!
  • How to come into your own AWESOMENESS and really let your TRUE personality, beliefs and light shine – money is not attracted to a fearful or apologetic attitude. Time to start being the bare-brassed no holds barred lady you really are and show the world what you’re made of and what you DEMAND!
  • I’ll teach you the precise and ‘in full blown gory detail’ internal strategies, manifestations, workthroughs (and meltdowns!) I used to shift my mindset from fear, scarcity, and NEVER being enough into a state of true belief that abundance is mine – which, needless to say, created a true REALITY of abundance being mine.
  • And I’ll give you the step-by-step breakdown of my daily ‘money routine’, which comprises both inner work and practical steps that I still take every day to INSIST that money keeps flowing to me. Before I was doing this it was always 2 steps backward for every 1/2 a step forward!
  1. We’ll be creating an action right now Money Plan for you based on two parts:

1. Cashflow for NOW plan – to take the heat off while you work on your true BIG PICTURE vision

2. The long term vision for your ultimate business and life – crafting the practical and internal steps you need to take to make your ultimate ‘one day’ business and life dreams your NOW reality

Note: this is stuff you can take and use right AWAY!

  • And I’ll teach you exactly how to set goals that come to life every time, and even share my exact template and spreadsheet I use to do this. Every single big dream I’ve set my heart upon comes to reality because I’ve learned the INCREDIBLE power of properly framing your goals and your vision, and now I want to show you the same!
  • I also want to spend some serious time talking about INTENTION – I’ve found that cultivating the ability to TRULY intend (and believe!) in what you want and KNOW that it will happen truly does make it a reality. Effectively INTENDING what you plan to receive is a skill, and it can be practised and improved upon. Let’s do that!
  • And we’re going to talk about how to give yourself the PERMISSION and ALLOWANCE you need, now

Get Katrina Ruth Programs – It’s Only Money, Honey download right now!

Here’s what I know about creating wealth … and more of what I’ll be sharing with you …

  • No truer words have been spoken than these: You cannot create wealth from a place of the wrong service. I want to talk to you honestly about doing the really hard internal work it takes to COURAGEOUSLY step into the work and the calling you know you were born for. You simply cannot get rich without doing business this way!
  • I’m going to be sharing how I nearly broke my business by following the ‘rules’ of making it online and how I then turned that around SO DAMN FAST it made my head spin, created nearly 40k a month of DEPENDABLE recurring income as a MINIMUM within a matter of months and ‘came out’ as a force to be reckoned with and the leader I TRULY want to be … and how YOU can apply all of this to what you’re doing so that you STAND OUT from all the minions and MOST important of all so that you finally get to make REAL money, YOUR way, and LIVE YOUR ONE DAY LIFE NOW!
  • We’ll talk dealing with the doubters and haters – the greatest force or ‘enemy’ you’ll ever need to face head on is the one in your own mind, so we’ll start there! But yeah: I’ll also share the down and not so pretty reality of what it’s like to daily feel you have to convince your partner, family or friends that you’re not in fact insane and you CAN AND WILL make it!
  • And I’ll be sharing the practical steps I took on the money management side of things to eliminate my 100k+ debt and create over 50k in savings at the same time, all the while traveling the world for a year with my family and going first class all the way!

This is THE business and money breakthrough program for women whowant it ALL, NOW, and KNOW they’re gonna get it! If that is YOU and you are ready to go ALL IN and SICK AND TIRED of dealing with this money shit, then what are you waiting for?

Join us today and begin the journey that makes you realise – It’s Only Money, Honey! LET IT IN AND BREATHE!

What Can You Expect to See Happen By Joining It’s Only Money, Honey?

Here’s what it comes down to.

You really DO believe you can have it all, now, and COMPLETELY on your terms.

You believe, no you KNOW that you are going all the way.

But you’re tired. So tired. And you’re mother fucking READY FOR THIS BREAKTHROUGH GOD.

And you’re not afraid to do the work.

If all of that sounds like you and you are already someone who does the work, you definitely have to be in this program. Here’s the lowdown on what you can expect to see and feel in your life as a result of working through the 6 weeks with me:

  • Get your money shit sorted. Stop ALLOWING – yes allowing! – yourself to believe the bullshit about how things have to be tough, and you can’t get ‘there’ yet. You say you want it? Well lets figure this shit out ONCE AND FOR ALL and make a CHOICE to be free.
  • Create a tangible feeling of PEACE around money, where you just KNOW that all is now okay. Money does not come a-running when YOU are constantly running scared. It’s possible to FEEL awesome about money before you have it, in fact it’s essential! Learn exactly how to create the peace that attracts wealth and success on your terms.
  • Implement savings and wealth creation strategies that you can grow and grow for years to come. You don’t have to do things the way I did them! But I’ll happily show you the exact process I used to clear my debt, save over 50k at the same time, AND begin a first-class 12-month travel adventure. I’m no financial expert so I’m not saying my way is THE way for you. But hey – can’t hurt to learn, right?
  • Set firm dates and specifics around – and even already start to achieve – your biggest ‘one day’ dreams and fantasies. No more faffing around saying one day. And no more AVOIDING a clear plan for who you actually want to be, and how you want to get there. If we’re going to do this? Let’s do it!
  • Understand your unique brand of sabotage and what the ‘payoff’ has been that’s been holding you back. This is the good stuff baby! The stuff that holds you back? It’s ALL your choice. So let’s figure out WHY you’re making that choice, and then actively make a NEW choice to get you the true payoff you desire!
  • Create and roll out a short-term cashflow plan to free you and allow you to breathe. I know what it’s like to be so strapped for cash that you can’t even think, let alone breathe! We are ALL about the long-term vision but we are ALSO going to look at ways you can free yourself up financially NOW.
  • Implement and roll out your long-term vision for positioning you as THE leader and expert you were born to be, and growing your tribe and your income accordingly. Yep – we’re going WAY beyond the 6 weeks we’re actually working together here. Let’s create a plan! A BIG one. A VISION. Let’s be EXACT about what you want, and how you’re going to get it. And then let’s roll that mother fucker out!
  • Have strategies in place you can turn to that WORK, anytime you do find yourself entering back into fear and panic. It’s totally normal and okay to have times of panic, fear, and self doubt. What is NOT okay is to wallow in it or use it as a reason to NOT move forward. You’ll be armed with your own tailored set of go-to strategies to change your state and therefore your OUTCOMES anytime you need that inner support.
  • Learn how to be enough with who you are now, and use the power of intention (via specific processes I will teach you) to bring your ‘dream life’ that’s always in the future into reality now. You want it? It’s actually not enough to just say it (I know you know that!) and it’s also not even enough to go out and DO IT. If you really want to SEE it, you have to COMMAND IT TO HAPPEN. This requires a specific process and carefully cultivated set of beliefs. Let me show you how.
  • Finally let go of the stories and lies you’ve allowed yourself to believe and live by, about what it means to be rich and whether it’s possible for you. Did you know you can change your beliefs in an instant? It’s true. We’re going to write a new story for you, about who you are, who you choose to be, and why you are allowed to be rich and are ALREADY BECOMING the wealthy you who you want to be.
  • What it’s all about: change your money future for good, starting now. For real beautiful. You CAN do this, and you can start now. Make a choice. Take a stand. And say hell YES to creating the money future you know you can have, today.

Isn’t it time you finally took off this weight?

Isn’t it time you gave yourself PERMISSION to live the life you want to live?

Isn’t it time you acknowledged that this hard work always PUSHING approach is simply not cutting it?

And isn’t it time you stepped up and said HELL YES to actually creating the money and business story you say you want?

Join It’s Only Money, Honey today. It’s time to press play gorgeous!

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Katrina Ruth Programs – It’s Only Money, Honey

Katrina Ruth Programs – It’s Only Money, Honey

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