Katrina Ruth Programs – Called

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For The Leaders Who Are Ready To Lead, The Magic Makers Who Are Done With Hiding, And The Next Level You Who Knows It’s Time To Rev This Shit Up. This Is Where Life As It Was Meant To Be, Begins.


Author: Katrina Ruth

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Katrina Ruth Programs – Called

Katrina Ruth Programs – Called

Check it out: Katrina Ruth Programs – Called

For The Leaders Who Are Ready To Lead, The Magic Makers Who Are Done With Hiding, And The Next Level You Who Knows It’s Time To Rev This Shit Up. This Is Where Life As It Was Meant To Be, Begins.

What is Called?

A movement.
A calling.
An answer.
A prayer.
A shift.
And now.

How does it work, how does it go down, what IS it?

A sweeping up and a gathering.
Energy increasing day by day.
A daily adjustment, a tuning in, a turning up of the dial.


How you think
How you eat
How you move
How you attend to your environment
How you create
How you build inner strength
How you connect to your soul, and find the not-so-hidden answers to guide you forward
How you message
How you sell

In just 4 weeks … (although it may certainly feel like 4 years, at times!) … you will be COMPLETELY REBORN,

From the soul out.


Into the warrior you came here to be.


Sorry NOT sorry, but this is not what it was meant to fucking be.

And if that’s too much for you then GUESS WHAT, so am I, so leave, leave, LEAVE, and go back to your shadow life.


A lot of people look at me, or my clients, or really anyone who SHOWS UP fully for their business, their art, their life, and might think, wow –

This woman is super badass, she’s so confident and she knows how to talk well and all of this sort of stuff, and ‘I could never be like HER’.

Well, it’s true that I and those like me DO show up badass, confident, ON, but that’s because it’s a choice. A daily choice, to put your ‘shit’ aside and do the work anyway. Of course it’s also because plain and simple I’ve had a lot of PRACTICE at showing up, which does lead to being more polished, professional, on point.

But why have I had so much practice? Because I did the damn thing even when I didn’t know how and felt I wasn’t able to.

So, you know, where does it (being the person who shows up like THAT) really come from?

It comes from you put yourself out there long before you’re ready. And you made it happen even when you feel like a complete fraud as well.

What other choice do you have, if you’re serious about where you want to go?

For me to do that though, I had to put aside my own insecurities, and the fact that actually I’m not naturally confident, I’m not an extrovert at all and in fact anyone who knows me, knows I am the opposite of that. In fact people who meet me in person are usually like, “omg you’re so quiet and shy compared to how you are online!”

For me to be able to bring what’s in me out and REALLY step into the true work that I’m here to do as a leader, as a magic maker, as a messenger, a writer, a revolutionary, as a badass fucking unapologetically extra woman, I had to get a little aggressive and pull this part of me out that was like ..

“what in the actual fuck have you been doing here? Like what is really happening here?”

Like I’ve said before – “you don’t know how”, or it’s “the wrong phase of the fucking moon or something”, too bad. Do you want the results or not?

In the end it’s very black and white. You’re either GOING to take action and you’re going to get there, or you’re going to stay ALL the way down with all the other jokers, living a life of bullshit.

Ask yourself – why is it that you imagine to yourself that in order to be this called and purpose driven amazing badass who’s doing his or her purpose work in the world, that you’ve ALREADY got to be confident, certain and badass all of the time?

That’s not how it works!

ur work here in ‘Called’ is so different and so unique because this time we’re not just going in to uplevel business and to be the next level you in business or with money.

Yep we ARE doing that, but we’re recognising that that is just ONE part of it.

We HAVE to also look at how you’re creating a standard of excellence in ALL the different areas of your life.

And basically turn you into a superhuman machine as we do so!!



Body, inside and out




All of it at the standard YOU KNOW IT IS MEANT TO BE FOR YOU.

Finally taking care of yourself.

Finally treating yourself like a person who has the CAPACITY, physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually to be their BEST in all areas.

Finally being in alignment, also, with what happens BEHIND the scenes, and in your LIFE, and how all of that really does of COURSE contribute to your business.

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Katrina Ruth Programs – Called

Katrina Ruth Programs – Called

$100.00$697.00 (-86%)

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