Katrina Ruth Programs – 300K+ In 5 Days Case Study

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I’m taking you behind the scenes of a week (well, 5 days!) in the life of my biz, and showing you ALLLLLLL the things!…


Author: Katrina Ruth

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Katrina Ruth Programs – 300K+ In 5 Days Case Study

Katrina Ruth Programs – 300K+ In 5 Days Case Study

Check it out: Katrina Ruth Programs – 300K+ In 5 Days Case Study

I’m taking you behind the scenes of a week (well, 5 days!) in the life of my biz, and showing you ALLLLLLL the things!

* How I make money
* What the mindset and idea-creation of bringing a launch to life looks like
* How I get myself in SUPERFLOW to ensure that the results I want are DONE
* EXACTLY what my manifestation process looks like
* The critical importance of surrendering and fully letting go of the ‘how’ and even of the entire outcome itself
* What ‘showing up’ really looks like
* A typical day for a multi-millionaire who does whatever the fuck she wants (me!)
* And so much more besides!

Are you ready for this gorgeous???

This is going to be fucking PHENOMENAL!

AND, just a sneaky quick heads up before you keep reading:::

SUPER low cost as well. Yep, superflow for super low! Haha.

Here’s what we’re covering in this badass workshop! It’s a LOT! Who knows how long it’ll even go for! As long as is needed, I imagine.

1) Wording of Successful Manifestation:

Exactly how you MUST term things in order to believe AND receive … and no, this is not just ‘state it as though done’. That’s manifestation 101. We’re talking about connecting to what YOU specifically need to say for YOU.

If you feel as though you’ve ‘tried manifestating’ and it doesn’t quite work for you, then what I share in this segment ALONE will return your investment to you 10-fold and beyond!

2) Gettin’ EMOTIONAL, with Purpose and Intent:

How to use emotion to proper your results into the NOW and make them ACTUALLY as though ‘done’. It’s not enough to say it … claim it … even say you BELIEVE it. You have to ACTUALLY believe you can believe it (see point #1), and you have to also feel it.

I’ll show you exactly what I do to get into the VIBE as well as the VIBRATION of already being there, because without that? Well, you’re very unlikely to GET there.


This is probably THE most critical ‘missing link’ aspect of successful manifesting and receiving with ease. The biggest way we limit ourselves is simply not asking NOW for the things we see inside of us, because of some STORY that says that’s too much … crazy … howwwwww … I can’t … not yet.

I want to show you how to not only be clear and decisive, and connect with an intention which is aligned and that you can believe and also FEEL, but I want to share with you how you can TRULY surrender the ‘how’ and let the fuck go of worrying about it.

THIS IS AVAILABLE TO YOU. I set the CRAZIEST big ass dreams and goals, and then I truly don’t fucking worry about it. This enables me to be in the now and do what I need to do! So, we’re going to talk about the ‘how’ of surrendering the how

4) Daily Manifestation Practices:

Exactly what I do, and exactly how I do it; my daily practice around claiming and RE-claiming what I know is done and what I choose, including my favourite manifestation ‘hacks’. This is gold! And it’s quite astonishing how much it works when I DO it versus, well, does not work when I let resistance beat me and I don’t do it!

So – we’re gonna do it!

5) Showing the Fuck UP:

What the day to day of ACTION needs to look like, for all of this to work. Which is about … faith. Leaning in. Knowing there is NEVER anything you have to do, but yet there is always action to take. Look – success Kindergartner style is following a list and a plan. The next level is following ONLY soul guidance, faith and flow. Yes, this takes a little practice. Yes, you can let go though and start now. Let me hold you as you do that … and as I talk you through how I do it.

6) My Day, Revealed:

I’m going to take you through multiple examples of what a typical day looks like for me, from dawn till dusk and beyond. EVERY bit of it, so you can fully understand what I DO and what the day of a multi-millionaire who is ONLY about soul desire and purpose looks like! I think this is probably worth signing up for the entire workshop for as well!


Okay, so basically this is don’t sell shit that doesn’t excite the PANTS off of you. Or else!! lol. Seriously though … AND, I know that this ultimately comes down to believing in YOU, and having clarity around your true message and purpose work, as well as how best to share and SELL it. So – we’re going to talk about that. Get you clear as FUCK on the fact that the niche is YOU, and yes you CAN sell that as well as any other fucking thing you want.

No point showin’ you how to superflow if what you’re trying to do super sucks energetically!!

8) Being ALWAYS in the Energy State of Superflow and Receiving:

I don’t even have anything to add with that. It’s just … freaking essential. And I want to kick your ass on it as well as show you how to tap into that all day and ERR’day, for you.

9) Practical Shit!!

I nearly forgot to mention this! Yes, I’m going to take you through the exact SALES process of what I did. I mean, you KNOW that the mindset and vibration is what gets these results. But, I know it’s still helpful for me to share the ‘what I did’.

So I will! Of course!

10) What to Do When You Still DOUBT …

Fear not, doubt does NOT have to stop you.

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Katrina Ruth Programs – 300K+ In 5 Days Case Study

Katrina Ruth Programs – 300K+ In 5 Days Case Study

$50.00$137.00 (-64%)

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