Julia McCoy – The Practical Content Strategy and Marketing Course

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Master practical content strategy & marketing in under 45 days with content marketing leader Julia McCoy’s self-led, on-demand course.


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Julia McCoy – The Practical Content Strategy and Marketing Course

Julia McCoy - The Practical Content Strategy and  Marketing Course

Check it out: Julia McCoy – The Practical Content Strategy and Marketing Course

The Practical Content Strategy & Marketing Course

Master practical content strategy & marketing in under 45 days with content marketing leader Julia McCoy’s self-led, on-demand course.

For entrepreneurs, agencies and freelancers who want to learn EVERY critical, practical, inner working part of a brand content strategy.

Are you TIRED of reading a gazillion blogs for marketing wisdom?

Maybe you’re sick of trying to implement ALL of the tips and tricks – especially because you never get results.

…Do you feel burnt out and FRUSTRATED when it doesn’t work?

You’re not alone.

Here are some common struggles content marketers and strategists deal with:

  • You find content creation, planning and publishing difficult.
  • You draw a blank when it comes to writing on topics that will reach your audience and offer them REAL VALUE.
  • You don’t know how to target your ideal audience and get in their head so you can create for them.
  • You are missing some part of how to do the “SEO” part of content marketing. Do you really know how to research for high-ROI keywords?
  • You’re confused about which tools to use, and how to use them.
  • You aren’t sure how to build a brand “content strategy” from start to finish that the boss or your client will approve.

Is it time for you to STOP focusing on TACTICS THAT FAIL to boost your bottom line when it comes to content marketing?

…And accelerate all of the strategies that actually work?

If that makes you respond with an emphatic YES, then The Practical Content Strategy & Marketing Course is definitely for you.

The Practical Content Strategy & Marketing Course is a proven, tested 6-week online training course that teaches you actual, market-ready content skills following actionable steps and implementation methods.

This is not your typical course.

This is not simply about reading a textbook to get a certificate and a pat on the back.

What’s inside is an actionable program with very specific, outlined steps.

Steps for you to follow and learn from.

Steps that will teach you wildly profitable content marketing and strategy skills.

Skills that guarantee you will thrive.

Skills you can take to the bank, to earn respect from your boss or win even more clients with.

Build a Brand Content Strategy from the Ground Up as You Learn the Skills That Matter in Content Marketing

Inside each module, as you learn each progressive skill, you’ll complete a Brand Strategy Exercise.

You’ll have exclusive access to our private student community with on-call access to Julia and her team as you advance, getting the full advantage of our inside knowledge and professional guidance as you acquire each new skill.

What this means is that by the time you complete the course, you’ll have a completed, working brand content strategy! Use it in your portfolio to gain new clients, or create the strategy to enhance your own brand as you go through the course.

One of the most rewarding parts of my day is found in mentoring and growing the skills of my students, team, and mentees.

You’ve heard it countless times: Content is king. But what if I told you this isn’t true?

What if I told you content simply isn’t enough to make you win online?

Because it isn’t. What I’ve learned over the years:

No matter how rich and mouthwatering your content is, it’ll get you nowhere unless you know what to publish, how to publish it, who you’re targeting, and how to maintain a great content ecosystem.

Content might be king, but your audience and your place of publishing is what rules the kingdom. And wouldn’t you rather own a castle in a kingdom, rather than wear an empty crown?

This is what I teach.

Step-by-step skills that empower YOU, as a marketer, creator, and intuitive, smart person — to know and arm yourself with content skills.

And this is what you WON’T find in the other content strategy courses out there.

Read Julia’s full story.

Get proven processes for your content creation and marketing. Learn real SKILLS. (Zero fluff)

The Content Strategy & Marketing Course is the only course in the entire content marketing and strategy industry with a proven skill-teaching system, hand-crafted by Julia McCoy and successfully implemented with hundreds of students, starting with her own agency staff at Express Writers. This means that you’ll emerge from the course with a fully-built brand content strategy in your hands–every piece built through one of the core Brand Strategy Exercises (BSEs) taught in the course. Put in the work, the time, and you will come out with skills. Guaranteed. Or your money back.

Here are the skills you’ll learn from A-Z in this ultimate content marketing course:

  • Get walked through the basics: industry definitions, how to set goals for industry success, an intro to the landscape and structure of content marketing today.
  • Next, learn how to identify what makes you DIFFERENT (or your client, if you’re setting up their strategy) from everyone else with a Content Differentiation Factor, complete with hands-on exercises where you’re actually learning all the steps. (You’re building an actual skill by crafting your very own Content Differentiation Factor)
  • Define your online topic area and how to come up with topic cores that your audience will CRAVE. (You’re building your own topic area, and learning a skill you can prove to clients and/or employers)
  • Get clear with content ROI expectations, and see high-ROI content in action.

This is two full modules with video lessons, worksheets, PDFs, Brand Strategy Exercises and templates. You’ll be able to get through both modules inside a week if you spend just 10-15 minutes every day.

  • Identify and create audience personas for any target audience.
  • Learn from hands-on video exercises how to build surveys to get real-time, valuable data about an audience you’re serving (and incentive for higher response rates).
  • Learn how to use Facebook Audience Insights to build new audience data.
  • Map your persona to the stages of awareness in the sales cycle, and learn HOW and WHY to create content that SOLVES PROBLEMS at the specific stage they’re in.
  • Know how to utilize a sales team to nurture leads to get the information that will help you create valuable, profitable content.
  • Learn how to create a brand content style guidebook that can direct content creation for ANY brand.
  • Get an overview of the best email marketing tools and how to use them.

Grow your confidence with PDFs, cheat sheets, Brand Strategy Exercise, and video lessons.

  • Learn about defining your goals for inbound ranking and overall content success.
  • Explore Google’s standards for content – find out why organic search is far higher ROI and more valuable to today’s search audience than paid PPC.
  • Reveal the biggest mistakes in keyword research that you must avoid.
  • Know how to conduct effective, in-depth keyword research, using the top industry tools. Plus learn why and how to choose an SEO tool to track ranking and ongoing positions.
  • Watch as I demonstrate proven methods on how I find a MONTH of SEO content for my agency that ranks without question!
  • Watch guest speaker Ryan West from SEMrush show you how to find a great keyword, and pull live brand keyword reports.
  • Get in-depth guidance on all aspects of SEO keyword research, including geo-targeted location content.
  • Learn how to check for important ranking factors and be able to immediately identify opportunities for low-hanging SEO content you can easily create for any client.
  • Get to know what strong online content looks like.
  • Learn all the nuances of how to build content that ranks high in search results for YEARS and how to maintain this authority over time.
  • Skip all the strategies that DON’T work: in this week, we’ll cover only the keys of what DOES work when it comes to building true authoritative online content.
  • Learn about the core content commitments and how to define them.
  • Discover why one of the content commitments we discuss matters more than anything, and learn how to leverage that for long-term gain.
  • Understand the importance of content structure, internal and external linking.
  • Get confident with social media and how to combine the right social media platforms with the right brand (for clients you work with or your business).
  • Get to know the benefits and methods of profitable guest blogging.
  • Learn from Guest Expert Dan Levy of Unbounce as he shares secrets on how they built authority solely through blogging.
  • Learn from Guest Expert Michele Linn of Content Marketing Institute as she explains how to lay the groundwork for business blogging.
  • Never get stuck for content ideas AGAIN with an outlined, physical content creation process complete with repeatable steps.
  • Learn how to pull strong brand awareness topics for any brand.
  • Use techniques from a web crawl to find questions readers are asking online that you can create content for.
  • Get proficient on professional industry tools such as BuzzSumo and Hawkeye to identify trends in ANY industry to write about! These also make killer guest blog posts that editors will DIE for.
  • Get to know buyer-focused content, and how to create content and find topics that match the stages your customer is in.
  • Learn how to create content that fits both SEO purposes and brand awareness.
  • Know the ins and outs of SEO content optimization! See live demos of content structured for success.
  • See the anatomy of web pages vs. blog pages, and learn how to create content that ranks consistently.
  • Learn about 10x content, what that truly means, and how to go above and beyond in your content for your reader.
  • Become an expert at guest blogging! Learn how to get on the publications you want, how to pitch editors, and send in irresistible topics and content pieces.
  • Learn how to optimize your content for conversions, and how to add “list building” to your content creation.
  • Guest expert Steve Rayson shares how to build strong headlines and discover hot topics.

Make real gains with PDFs, cheat sheets, guest expert lesson, Brand Strategy Exercise, and video lessons.

  • Learn from Guest Expert Sujan Patel as he kicks off the final week with a lesson on how to promote your content to draw more eyeballs on it.
  • Learn about social media post structure and how exactly to optimize your post performance for maximum brand exposure.
  • Study the intricate workings of effective email marketing, best practices for writing, scheduling and sending emails to your list.
  • Learn about setting a budget for content marketing and how to set realistic expectations for your clients.
  • Streamline your hiring process to know how to recruit professional, reliable talent to your writing team to support your content creation.
  • Ugly editorial calendars, begone. Find out the easiest tool EVER that’ll become your new secret weapon!
  • Learn how to update your content for ongoing success (and why old content is your MONEY content).
  • Know how to track and immediately see/report on content rankings to clients.
  • Know how to set up a content plan for your clients.
  • Learn from Guest speaker Dan Levy as he shares insights on the cost and return of 10x blogging.
  • Learn from Guest speaker Shani Taylor’s tutorial on creating an advanced editorial calendar.
  • Learn from Guest speaker Ryan West of SEMrush as he teaches you how to track your rankings and research competitor rankings.
  • Lock in professional knowledge with PDFs, cheat sheets, guest expert lesson, Brand Strategy Exercise, and video lessons.

For a limited time, get lifetime access to Julia & join the course community, including in your enrollment cost. This may be charged at an ongoing monthly fee later in the year! Yours for FREE right now.

When brands want marketing that converts, they need targeted content strategy. You should know how to deliver.

Content marketing that offers real worth to its target audience is the least annoying, most valuable form of marketing on the planet right now. Kraft said the value of content marketing was 4x higher in ROI than any of their other ad strategies.

When was the last time you felt comfortable with content marketing?

Are you done struggling over every content piece you publish? Have you had enough of futile attempts at building inbound content?

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, like you barely know what you’re doing.

It doesn’t have to be so frustrating.

You could save yourself time and stress.


You could achieve much more with confidence and ease.

You could accurately track real results and leads coming in and learn from them all.

You could see remarkable improvements without sacrificing your happiness and passion to the daily grind.

You could be a perfect fit for the Practical Content Strategy & Marketing Course.

I built this entire course to be your roadmap.

It can take you from start to finish – from Rock Bottom to Cloud Nine.

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Julia McCoy - The Practical Content Strategy and Marketing Course

Julia McCoy - The Practical Content Strategy and Marketing Course

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