Julia McCoy – The Expert SEO Content Writer

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The Expert SEO Content Writer. Learn profitable SEO writing for blogs and websites, step-by-step, in one week.


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Julia McCoy – The Expert SEO Content Writer

Julia McCoy - The Expert SEO Content Writer

Check it out: Julia McCoy – The Expert SEO Content Writer

The Expert SEO Content Writer

Learn profitable SEO writing for blogs and websites, step-by-step, in one week.

Does any of this sound familiar when it comes to writing SEO content?

Feeling lost when it comes to knowing exactly how to SEO keyword optimize your content.

Struggling to identify and come up with SEO keywords and topics that hit the bullseye each time — that you know for sure will win with your audience and Google.

Finding it hard to write powerful, engaging blogs and web pages while keeping it correctly SEO optimized.

Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above?


You’re exactly who I created this course for! Keep reading — you’re in the right spot.

I’m going to let you in on a little “SEO content secret”…

The core of online content success lies in how engaging and well-written the content is.

My name is Julia McCoy, and I’m the CEO of Express Writers, an author and a content marketing educator.

During the past eight years, I’ve interviewed thousands of writers to train my core team of agency writers at Express Writers.

Every time I interview and train a new writer, I come across the same handful of SEO and optimization issues.

Many writers aren’t even aware of these, or just need some higher-level training and coaching.

And these issues exist whether the writer is a complete newbie, or a pro with years of expertise.

After years of coaching our team of writers on improving their SEO content writing, I decided to create this course for the public.

Here’s the thing… I know, more than anyone, the power of great SEO writing.

My own business, Express Writers, is entirely built through the SEO content I create. We have over 19,000 rankings from our SEO content in Google and a seven-figure annual income. Our content brings in 99.9% of our new clientele.

  • 70.6% of all traffic on the web originates from a Google search (Backlinko and Sparktoro)
  • 71% of buyers look at 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep (The Economist)
  • B2B companies with strategic content generate 67% more leads than B2Bs that don’t publish content (Hubspot)
  • Websites with a blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages in Google (Techclient)

Your Online Writing Weapon: The Expert SEO Content Writer Course

Discover the KEY online SEO content strategies I’ve used to write and implement content that ranks for over 20,000 keywords in Google. This course will dramatically grow your skills and knowledge in SEO writing — fast.

The best part? I’ve set it up in a way that is super easy for you to digest, retain, and remember these skills. Built for busy people with busy lives, this course is perfect for the day job employee or freelancer/solopreneur building their brand and looking to increase their marketability.

You can get through this course in just a week or less. There is ZERO fluff. Every single lesson is immediately actionable and ready to implement in your day-to-day online writing, from blogs to web pages.

With under five hours of on-demand video content, subtitles, audio files and easy-to-remember knowledge sheets — not to mention tons of templates and short live demos — you’ll fly through this material and be ready to apply it to your content NEXT WEEK.

Future-proof SEO Content Training

Have you ever heard of SEO training that is future-proof? This course is.

Inside this SEO writing program, you’re not just learning how to write for Google and search bots, you’re learning how to call on your own creative talents — one of the biggest “future-proof” tactics a writer has.

You’ll be learning new skills, too. This course includes skills that are critical to knowing and earning more as an SEO content creator. You’ll learn comprehensive SEO keyword research tactics that will ensure you know exactly how to find data-backed hot topics that will outperform the competition.

By knowing how to rely on your own creative talents, you protect the future of your content writing career.

While the use of artificial intelligence in the content creation industry is cause for concern for many, the technology isn’t anywhere near the level a creative human being can provide. Knowing how to pull from your own creative instincts and build an audience that craves your content, you can future-proof your SEO content skills.

Plus, with lifetime access to periodic curriculum updates, you’ll be set up for long-term success!

he Expert SEO Content Writer was built with the aspiring SEO copywriter in mind. No matter what stage you’re at in online writing, if you want to be an expert SEO content writer, this is the course for you.

You’ll get:

  • The ability to work at your own pace. There are three main modules with videos and on-demand training, as well as a brief introduction and closing module section. You’ll get between 4-5 hours of video content, guiding you all the way from beginner SEO writer to expert.
  • Clear action items that set you up for success. You can download and work from proven content templates, see examples of content formats live in video demonstrations and more!
  • Printable workbooks, knowledge sheets, and templates that help you stay on track, organized, and guided—so you never feel like you’re alone inside this self-paced course.
  • Exclusive access to a private student community to discuss coursework and trade ideas with your classmates.

Course Curriculum: What You’ll Learn

In The Expert SEO Content Writer Course, you’ll learn every skill involved in becoming an expert SEO content writer.

Across three modules, you’ll learn all about:

  • The how and why of SEO writing: You’ll gain a deep perspective on how to research and find amazing, high-ROI keywords using the best software on the market. You’ll learn to write and optimize structured content for the best chance at ranking for the target keyword.
  • How to find hot topics that will perform well in SEO and with human readers: You’ll learn not only SEO keyword research techniques, but how to use my favorite content analysis tools to capitalize on hot topics your audience will love.
  • How to master each step involved in writing SEO content, with templates: Learn and become an expert at the art of SEO writing!
  • How to write the supporting content around SEO content: This includes lead magnets, great headlines and hooks, SEO web and landing pages, email content and other forms of copy.
  • How to put an accurate price tag on your content services and how to close more clients: If you work in an agency, learn how to deliver and build proven reports that show your boss the ROI of the content you produce.

Who is The Expert SEO Content Writer Course for?

This course is designed for online writers and marketers at all levels and stages — especially if:

You want to add “SEO writing” to your skills and expertise. This is the course for you, no matter where you’re starting from! You can be a total newbie or a seasoned writer interested in upgrading your skills or a writer struggling to create content that gets results in search engines. No matter where you’re starting from, this course will take you where you want to go in the world of SEO writing.

You’re a busy bee. It’s designed as a fast-paced, intensive, one-week program. It’s been built by someone who commonly wears five hats (CEO, content marketer, author, mommy, wife) on any given day, who can relate to your busy schedule! Structured for busy entrepreneurs, freelancers, and agency staff. You’ll be able to get through it easily inside a week or less.

Who is The Expert SEO Content Writer Course NOT For?

This program isn’t for “get rich quick” wishful thinkers. If you enroll in this course hoping to make a million dollars within a year, this program probably isn’t for you. You need to put in the work, fill out the templates, download and use the worksheets, and watch the videos carefully to see real results in your SEO content skills. Additionally, if you write for fun, but don’t care about earning income or growing a brand through your writing, this course probably isn’t the best fit for you, either. Sorry.

Course Curriculum: What You’ll Learn

INTRO: Let’s Get Started

Welcome! What’s Ahead in This Course: Get Set Up for Success (9:36)

Private Student Community Access

SEO Content Writer Course Bonuses

Bonus #1: Content Template Library & Prompts

Bonus #2: Student-Only Partner Discount Codes

Bonus #3: Complete Course Workbook

Module 1: Understanding SEO, Your Audience, & How to Come Up with Profitable Content Ideas

1.1. How Do I Generate Profitable Topics? Thinking in Terms of Content Ideation Goals (4:37)

1.2 Your 4 Content Keys & Persona-Building: Understanding How to Reach & Impact An Audience with Content (6:47)

1.3 How to Understand SEO Keyword Research & Uncover the Right Keywords (With Templates) (27:25)

1.4 How to Do Content Analysis for Even More Powerful SEO or Thought Leadership Content (11:21)

1.5 Intro to Content Writing Templates: How to Optimize Content Correctly for Search Engines & Humans (16:27)

Module 2: How to Write High-ROI Online SEO Content & Supporting Formats

2.1 2 Writing Formulas To Help You Write More Structured Content: PAS & KISS (With Cheat Sheet) (9:14)

2.2 AP English vs. Online Writing: Major Differences (With Cheat Sheet) (13:00)

2.3 Modern Online Writing 101: Terrible, Good & Amazing Content (Live Recording of Julia’s Writing Coaching) (47:01)

2.4 Creating Lead Magnets & “Content Upgrades” For Subscriber Growth (with Worksheet) (10:57)

2.5 Creating Powerful Headlines & Hooks (with Worksheet) (5:58)

2.6 How to Create 2 High-ROI Blog Types (Templates & Worksheets) (3:36)

2.7 SEO Web & Landing Pages (Templates & Knowledge Sheet) (10:01)

2.8 How to Write Other Key Supporting Forms of Content: Email, Social Media & Video (10:25)

2.9 FAQ: I’m Not a Native Speaker… How Do I Up My Game at Writing? (11:02)

2.10 FAQ: Tips for Boosting Your Writing Productivity & Speed (4:53)

2.11 FAQ: Should I Syndicate My Content? & Other Top SEO Questions (16:00)

2.12 FAQ: How Should I Link to Sources or Quote in My Content? (7:26)

Module 3: Marketing Yourself & Proving the Worth of Content

3.1 How to Price Content Writing Services (With Pricing Template) (5:38)

3.2 How to Guide Content Strategy & Marketing Clients to a Close (Sales Tips) (2:35)

3.3 KPIs & Boss-Friendly Stuff: How to Look Up Content Rankings & Traction (Tutorial) (12:24)

CERTIFICATION: Quiz & Certification

Congratulations! You Did It! How to Get Your Certificate (1:23)

Test Your Knowledge: Short Course Quiz

Badges & Adding Certification to Your LinkedIn (0:22)

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Julia McCoy - The Expert SEO Content Writer

Julia McCoy - The Expert SEO Content Writer

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