The Birthplace of Chinese Metaphysics – China 2014

Joey Yap’s Feng Shui Excursion Online Season One: The Birthplace of Chinese Metaphysics, China 2014 is a travelogue from a Feng Shui perspective that compiles the Feng Shui studies of China’s most fascinating landmarks.

From mansions to mountains, and magnificent temples to historical heritage, this excursion promises to impart knowledge of the sophisticated science of Feng Shui and how it is applied since ancient times. Designed for an exceptional learning experience, Dato’ Joey Yap unravels the wonders of the diverse landscapes of China as he walks you through the significant landmarks, empowering you with techniques that can be applied in your personal life.

How can you benefit from this series

  • Understand how the vibrant history of China is influenced by the significance of Feng Shui.
  • Astute observations and easy-to-understand explanations to identify important Feng Shui formations.
  • Comprehend Feng Shui principles for self-applications and practice.

Let this series bring you to China to witness and experience the real Feng Shui in the land where it all began. Deepen your understanding and knowledge of Feng Shui in the comforts of your home. With a comprehensive guide and clear depictions of natural landforms, you will be able to learn about Feng Shui with ease. Take this life-changing adventure with Dato’ Joey Yap, and immerse yourself in this unique travelogue.

Course Curriculum

Joey Yap’s Excursions – Season 1: China

  • Location 1 – Longhu Shan & No-Mosquitoes Village (23:26)
  • Location 2 – Mao ZeDong’s Summer Residence (17:31)
  • Location 3 – Shangqing Ancient Temple + Great Shangqing Palace (19:33)
  • Location 4 – Tian Men Shan (16:58)
  • Location 5 – Sanqing Shan (11:14)
  • Location 6 – Qing Long Shan (33:02)
  • Location 7 – Shaolin Monastery (16:28)
  • Location 8 – Bodhidharma Cave (15:20)
  • Location 9 – MeiLu Villa & Zhou EnLai Villa (23:08)