James Beattie – Ecom Domination Version 3

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  1. The BEST WAY to Start an Online Business in 2017 is through E-commerce


James Beattie – Ecom Domination Version 3

James Beattie – Ecom Domination Version 3

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“How I turned a $500 Investment into $1.7 Million in sales”

With 7 Figure Entrepreneur James Beattie


– Starting a 6 Figure Ecom Business From Scratch

– Why you don’t need any technical skills

– You don’t need to risk it all and quit your job

– Start with as little as $500

– Flave the freedom to travel as you aren’t holding stock


  1. The BEST WAY to Start an Online Business in 2017 is through E-commerce
  2. The BEST WAY to drive traffic to your store is through facebook ads


Who Am I?

– 20 Year Old

– B & C student at school

– Did some online business in school and had moderate success

– Went to a corporate job (PwC) after school for a year

– Realised the corporate life wasn’t for me

– Got back into the online game with Ecom

– Since then have been doing over 6 Figures per month consistently



So Are You Ready To Start Your 6 or 7 Figure Ecommerce Business Today?


What’s your why?

Your why is the most important thing! Without a WHY you probably won’t get very far!

– You don’t enjoy what you do?

– You want to fire your boss?

– You want to spend more time with your family?

– You want to buy that car you have always dreamed of?

– You want to be financially free?

– You want to clear your debts?

–  You just want a few extra thousand per month so you can go on that dream ■ holidav?


The 3 Secrets

  1. How to Set Up An Ecommerce Website With No Technical Knowledge
  2. How To Pick and Source Products That You Never Touch
  3. How to Get Super Targeted Visitors to Your Website


SECRET #1 – How to Easily Create an Ecommerce Website in Under an Hour

Now let me tell you a quick story…

Back in high school for my A levels we had to create an ecommerce website for a local business

Rather than help me it baffled me. We had to code these websites using an ancient program and worst of all It was going to take a year.

I got a C in my A level for that class which is pretty ironic considering I build these websites in under an hour now and they make seven figures a year.

Back in school I actually did some research (trying to get that project completed quickly) and found out how to build these websites and within two weeks I was making more than my teacher selling these websites to clients. It’s that damn easy a 17 year old kid did it!


So The Tool I found Was Called Shopify



Heard of it?

I’m guessing you probably have but it really has changed the game.

5 Years ago it would cost $10,000s for a website… Now it costs $29 and a few hours of your time!

Let me show you a quick demo of how Shopify actually works just incase you don’t believe me on how quick and easy this really is.


So Now I have shown you how you can easily create an ecommerce website without any prior experience or knowing how to code. Isn’t that awesome?

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Don’t we have to spend a LOT of money on stock?

– So if you were starting an amazon or ebay business you might need to invest $10,000s in stock

– Its one of the biggest issues people have. They don’t have enough money to get started.

– How many times have you thought about opening an online store but just didn’t have enough money to buy stock?

– Well you don’t have to worry about stock with the strategy I am going to teach you!

– We don’t even have to touch or ever see the products, unless you want to


I Used To Struggle To Find Good Products

– I used to bang my head against the wall trying to find hot products but just couldn’t seem to get it right. It took me a month to get my first sale.

– Then I realised I was doing it all wrong.

– I now have an arsenal of product research methods that help me find winning products consistently.

– Let me show you one that I use right now…


If you could even sell 10 a Day what Difference Would That Make in Your Life?

10 x $17 = $170/Day

$170/day x 30 = $5100/month Profit

$5100/month x 12 = $61,200/Year

On just one product! Scale this strategy to multiple products and you can go much higher.


So Do You Think You Could Find Hot Products and Easily Sell Them For A Massive Profit?





Spamming your friends?

So the biggest problem I see people make Is they spam all their social pages when they start their new business.

Look I have been there before but is this really the right way to run a business?

Of course not, we want to have a consistent flow of people coming into our store each and every day! And we don’t want our friends to hate us!

So what do we do?


The Solution!

– While we do have multiple options for paid traffic Facebook ads are hands down the easiest way to run traffic to your store.

– You’re probably saying “but James don’t we need a lot of money to advertise on facebook”?

– That’s where people go wrong. We don’t! We can start from as little as $5 per ad and start sending people to our website.

– Let me show you

……and more

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James Beattie – Ecom Domination Version 3

James Beattie – Ecom Domination Version 3

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