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What you will get in the self-paced home study video course, “Amplify: Making a Bigger Difference, Enrolling Clients, Creating Abundance through Workshops and Live Events”


Author: Franziska Iseli Evercoach





Franziska Iseli Evercoach – Amplify

Franziska Iseli Evercoach – Amplify

Check it out: Franziska Iseli Evercoach – Amplify

Let’s get right to the point:

You chose to be a coach so that you could change people’s lives, make a positive impact in this world and live the abundant freedom-lifestyle of your dreams.

And not to become an expert at SEO…. At running Facebook ads, crafting 18-part email marketing campaigns or trying to make sense of Google Analytics.

Yet somehow there seems to be no way around digital marketing for you as a coach. Because if you want to sign on high-paying dream clients and make the impact and 6-figure income you deserve, then online marketing is the only way to go.

Or is it?…

Let’s look at the facts:

If you are like most coaches out there, then marketing your business online is daunting and hopelessly overwhelming. You never quite know what you’re doing, the trial and error is draining your energy, and, on top of that, digital marketing turned out to be way more expensive than you thought.

What a bummer.

Why is that, you wonder? The answer is simple:


And your purpose in life is not to create the highest-converting Facebook ads or draft the ultimate email campaign…. It’s to make a positive impact, create deep and lasting transformation for your clients, and to serve at the highest level possible. Because that’s who you truly are. This is the mission that’s 100% in alignment with your heart’s desires. And this is what you do best!

But I know…

  • Somehow you have to get clients, otherwise you can’t serve them.
  • Somehow you must market your business, otherwise you can’t make an impact.
  • And somehow you need to get your message heard, or you can’t fulfil your purpose.

But the problem is that everyone in our industry tells you that digital marketing is your only option.

So you end up frustrated, stuck and heart-broken… because instead of being the easy-peasy tool the industry proclaims it to be, online marketing is actually the thing that stands between you and your ultimate success as a coach.

Mindvalley has been recognised for Workplace Happiness (World Most Democratic Workplace Award 8 Years Running) and as Top Ten in Customer Support worldwide by So when you order from Mindvalley, you know your happiness is our top priority.

What if I told you there was a fun, rewarding and impactful way for you to get high-paying dream clients and amplify your success?

  • A way that allows you to build meaningful connections and lasting relationships?
  • To serve at the highest level possible and 100% in alignment with your purpose and gifts?
  • A way that enables you to help more people in less time, finally get your message heard and achieve epic levels of transformation for others?

Whilst creating more abundance and freedom for yourself.

And I promise it has nothing to do with complex sales funnels or crazy social media campaigns! In fact, it is something you can successfully do without any knowledge of online marketing whatsoever… Because all you need is a message to share and the desire to make a positive impact in this world!

I’ll reveal the “big secret” in just a second, but let me ask you 3 important questions first:

  1. Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with online marketing?
  2. Would you like to discover a more fulfilling and highly effective way to get clients and grow your business?
  3. And are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and leverage your personal gifts to amplify your impact in this world?


Then let me finally reveal the fun, rewarding and powerful alternative to online marketing that I’ve been talking about this entire time:

Workshops and live events!

See, delivering value live and in person is one of the most fulfilling and profitable ways to be of service and rapidly grow your business as a coach.

But there is one big misconception, one limiting belief that most coaches have in their heads which probably comes up for you too at this point….

The belief that running workshops and live events is only for the Tony Robbins type of coaches amongst us – the coaches who are already extremely successful. But the great news is that if this is what you believe, you’re wrong!

Because even though the industry makes you feel like you have to be “famous” in your field or you need to have at least 2 bestsellers published before anyone would come to your live event, that’s far from the truth!

And I want you to know that you don’t need to wait for permission from anyone, you don’t have to be perfect or know it all to run a successful workshop or live event….

Running workshops and live events is not only for the coaches who have already made it to the top… It’s actually the tool that gets you there, fast

Doing successful workshops and live events positions you as an expert and authority in your industry and allows you to build a reputation in the marketplace faster and more efficiently than anything you could ever do online.


I’ll tell you:

Because when you are fully present in a room with your audience, you instantly…

  • Amplify your message.
  • Amplify the energy.
  • And amplify your impact!

“But Ajit,” you might want to say, “that’s all great but fact is that I’m NOT Tony Robbins or anywhere close yet, so how the heck am I supposed to fill a room with people who want to hear what I have to say?”
“How do I even structure a live workshop?”
“What are all the key elements I need to consider?”
“And where should I even start?”

All of these are great questions and exactly the reason why we created Amplify for you!

Author Profile

About Franziska Iseli

Franziska Iseli is a maverick entrepreneur, leading marketing and brand strategist, speaker and author; and has been successfully running workshops and live events all across the globe for almost a decade. She has been leveraging the power of live events to grow her own businesses and she has taught thousands of others to do the same.

In 2013 Franziska was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award recognising her innovation, creativity and philanthropic involvement.

A true visionary, no challenge seems to be too big for Franziska. She is known for her rebellious nature and challenging the norm. She has the rare combination of being both creative and strategic, which makes her a powerful thought leader in the business world.

Franziska is also the author of Bananas About Marketing – How to Attract a Whole Bunch of Clients and regularly contributes to various publications including The Huffington Post.

She is regularly featured across the media including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, SmartCompany, Dynamic Business Magazine, MyBusiness, Online Entrepreneur Magazine, BRW, 2UE, Channel 9.

As a Swiss born Aussie, Franziska has an amazing ability to forecast and execute strategies with precision results like a Swiss clock; and the key to her success is her down-to-earth attitude, infectious energy, integrity and, fearlessness to take the lead.

And now she took all of her natural gifts, combined with almost 10 years of professional experience, and packaged it into one easy-to-comprehend and in depth training for you!

If you think that running workshops and live events is only for confident extroverts and “natural born speakers”, you’re wrong and

here’s why:

See, I’m an introvert by nature! And for the longest time I’ve been terrified of getting on stage myself…

It wasn’t that I was bad on stage or that my content wasn’t valuable enough. But yet I had this crippling fear that I might be a bad speaker, that my message wasn’t strong enough, and that I would embarrass myself in front of a room full of people.

I would compare myself to every successful speaker you can think of, which obviously made me feel like I was never going to be good enough. It made me think that I don’t have the “swag”, that the way I speak wasn’t clear enough and that I simply couldn’t pull it off.

And the worst part? Was that I knew in my heart that IF I had the courage to get up on stage and share my message… I would actually love it!

Now all it took for me to finally create the shift in my mind that allowed me to get over my fear, was one conversation.

This conversation I had with a dear friend and highly successful speaker made me realize that every time I let fear get in the way, I’m taking away from the people who need to hear my message the most.

So let me ask you: Do you believe in your message? Do you feel like you have something valuable to share?

Then it is your responsibility to take a deep breath and let go of the fear.

Will you never be scared again? Probably not! I’m still scared every time I go up on stage and speak…. But the huge difference is that I don’t let this fear hold me back from serving at the highest level possible and making the impact I know in my heart I’m meant to make.

Plus, when you join us for Amplify, you’ll get the systems and strategies I wish I had when I started presenting, so that you can boost your confidence levels and deliver massive value!


What You’ll Learn

Introducing Amplify

The ultimate step-by-step system for coaches that takes you by the hand and walks you through the entire process on how to amplify your business with workshops and live events

I admit it: When it comes to running workshops and live events, there’s like a gazillion mistakes you could possibly make…

If you don’t have the right systems and frameworks in place!

Is it going to be difficult, a big financial risk and a potential shit-show if you offer a workshop without the crucial knowledge, trying to “wing it” and figure it all out on your own?


But imagine you had a professional who’s been successfully running live events for almost a decade step in and do all the work for you.

Imagine this expert would take you by the hand and walk you through each and every step you need to take to make sure your workshop is a big success.

Imagine this person had answers to all of your burning questions and could provide you with systems and solutions for every little detail….

So that all you had to do was show up and do what you do best:


Would you jump on this opportunity?

The answer is obviously hell yes!

And the epic news is: This is not just wishful thinking. This expert with almost 10 years of experience in the field of designing and running world-class live events is not just an imaginary friend you wish you had…. She’s actually the host of Amplify!

Here is what joining Amplify and running live events will do for you and your success as a coach:

01 Amplify Your Marketing

No ebook, no “free Skype consultation” and no webinar could ever come close to the impact you’re making when you’re delivering massive value face to face with your audience. The energy is undeniably more powerful when you’re in a room with people instead of having a screen (and possibly a couple thousand miles) between you and your prospect… And who do you think is more likely to buy (even your higher-priced) services? The person who you just inspired, uplifted and empowered at your live event or the person who just signed off from your webinar? Obviously the first one! Not only can you liberate yourself from frustrating, overwhelming and expensive online marketing, when you decide to use live events as a marketing tool…. But you will also dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing – which results in more clients, more money and more impact for you!

02 Amplify Your Expert Positioning

What do all of the most successful and extraordinary coaches in the world have in common? You’ve guessed it… They run live events! Whether you have 5 or 500 people showing up to your workshop, the point is this: Leveraging live events as a tool to be of service to groups of people instantly positions you as a sought-after expert in your industry. You don’t have to wait until you’re “big” enough, successful enough or “famous” enough to do live events…. With Amplify you get to reverse-engineer this strategy and use workshops as a tool for rapid growth and recognition instead!

03 Amplify Joy And Fulfillment

Live workshops are by far the most personally rewarding and fulfilling way to deliver value and be of service as a coach. Seeing people’s faces when they have their breakthrough moment and experiencing their heartfelt gratitude is simply priceless. No other method of teaching gives you the opportunity to connect with your clients and prospects on such a deep level and truly witness the impact of your coaching…. Which is why you’re here after all, right? To experience the joy of making a difference in this world and changing people’s lives for the better.

04 Amplify Your Income

Running workshops and live events will not only enable you to sign on new dream clients with ease…. It will also allow you to sell higher-priced packages! It’s only logical: You’ve already delivered huge value (way more than you could possibly do online), so the people in your audience have proof that your work creates tangible results. And while the truth is that you will have to invest a bit of time and money to put together a workshop your prospects love, the return on this investment will be much higher than for any Facebook ad you could run or email you could send to your list.

05 Amplify Your Growth

It’s no secret that public speaking is one of the most common fears – and most coaches are no exception! Which is why Amplify not only gives you all the systems and frameworks you need to design a killer live workshop, but it’ll also equip you with the necessary confidence to get out of your comfort zone and grow as a person. You will discover the mindshift you need to make to get over the fear of speaking and presenting (yes – even if you’re an introvert like me) and how to show up as the best version of yourself. After all, you’re here to be of service. Not to let fear hold you back!

06 Amplify Your Relationships

Who would you feel more connected to? The person who’s webinar you joined a couple weeks ago…. Or the person who’s live workshop you attended, who’s hand you shook and who you shared a few laughs with over lunch during your break? The answer here is obvious…. Running live workshops allows you to build lasting and meaningful relationships with your prospects. And – as a coach more than anyone – being able to build impactful relationships is the make-or-break factor of your business.

07 Amplify Your Sales With Ease

You know that awkward moment when a presenter is moving from content to sales pitch? Thanks to the systems you’ll learn when you join Amplify, you will not only have the right tools in place to get rid of the “sales-awkwardness” for good, but you will actually be equipped with a framework that will make people ask YOU how they can work with you instead. Whether you want to sell $100-Dollar-tickets for your next workshop or 12-month coaching packages at $15,000 each, as soon as you get started with live events you can wave awkward or pushy sales tactics goodbye, and sign on new clients with ease and integrity.

08 Amplify Your Brand

Most coaches let fear, doubt and ego-thoughts such as “who am I to run live events” get in the way… so they end up procrastinating or never doing live events at all. Here’s why that’s great news for you: This gives you an incredible opportunity to stand out in your industry, get noticed by your dream clients, and differentiate your brand from the rest.

09 Amplify Your Impact

Live events are real, raw and powerful! Just like listening to your favourite band play live in concert and dancing in the crowd with thousands of people is much more exciting than listening to their songs alone in your car; live events have a much bigger impact on your prospects’ lives. And if you’ve ever been to a live event yourself, you are probably living proof for the fact that this is true. Running workshops as a coach will give you the opportunity to serve your audience at a much higher level. Your prospects will experience deeper and faster transformation, and you will be able to help more people in less time. What a beautiful win-win situation!

Amplify is a tested and proven framework for coaches that teaches you how to master workshops and live events to amplify your message, get high-paying dream clients, and make an extraordinary impact in this world

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new coach or a seasoned coach but if you’re not doing workshops right now (or you’re doing them not quite successfully yet), this is the smartest investment you can make to grow both your business AND your impact at the same time.

Amplify will not only give you a structured approach to design and run workshops like a pro, it will also give you the confidence you need to make sure you won’t let fear hold you back from taking action!

Franziska has never shared most of this content before but in Amplify she went above and beyond, and she’s giving away her most effective and powerful secrets to you. Now she’s finally making all her frameworks available, showing you step-by-step how you can master workshops and live events – from the planning phase to the execution strategy and even the mostly overlooked follow-up process.

For every single question, every moment of doubt or insecurity that might come up for you when you think about putting yourself out there live, you will find tools and systems in Amplify that will allow you to transform your doubt and fear into unshakeable confidence and excitement.

All of the content is packaged into easy to digest videos chunks and actionable worksheets, so that you can go through each module at a time and let all each concept sink in before you move on to the next part. This guarantees that you are able to learn at your own pace and you won’t ever suffer from paralyzing content-overwhelm.

The whole training is designed in alignment with our intention behind it: To offer you a way to grow your business that truly resonates with who you are and is highly effective at the same time… So that you can create more abundance and freedom for yourself, make a bigger impact in this world, and serve more people in less time without the having to freak out on a regular basis because you’ve wasted time, money and energy on digital marketing that got no results.

Course Information

What you will get in the self-paced home study video course, “Amplify: Making a Bigger Difference, Enrolling Clients, Creating Abundance through Workshops and Live Events”




In this module you will discover:

  • All the key elements you need to consider when planning and preparing your workshop
  • How to find the perfect venue for you and why even the shape of the room matters
  • How to create a great ambience and choose suitable music for all different workshop scenarios
  • Where to find epic playlists and other done-for-you resources online
  • Whether you need catered food or just coffee and water and why this varies depending on the type of workshop




Content Planning

In this module you will discover:

  • The 4-step content framework that basically structures the entire workshop FOR you so that you never get stuck in “I don’t know where to start”
  • How to capture attention and keep people engaged from the beginning to the end of your live event
  • How to speak to and engage all 4 different learning types (auditory, visual, reading, kinesthetic)
  • Whether or not to use handouts and worksheets, and what content to include
  • How to avoid “death by power point” and create easy-to-follow slides
  • What to do when you feel like you’re losing people’s attention and how to hook them back in instantly




The Pricing Pyramid

In this module you will discover:

  • The pricing pyramid framework that allows you to simplify the whole process and make sure your prices never backfire on you
  • How much exactly you should charge for your workshops and why
  • How to create and position your packages and offers in a way your prospects can’t resist
  • The difference between paid and free workshops, when to do which, and how to choose the perfect option to grow your business




Your Audience

In this module you will discover:

  • The desires vs frustrations framework that helps you to truly get to the bottom of your clients’ needs
  • Why understanding your audience is the one thing that will help you to attract them
  • How to overcome your audience’s objections before they even pop up in their heads
  • How to increase show-up rates and make sure that people stay engaged from the start to the finish





In this module you will discover:

  • Advanced branding strategies to be remembered
  • The little things that matter most
  • How to come up with memorable names for your workshops that grab attention and stand out
  • How you and your brand can become “talkaboutable”, irresistible and unique to your audience
  • Franziska’s best ideas on which branded products and materials to use at your workshop to leverage the power of your brand




Marketing Strategies

In this module you will discover:

  • How to get noticed by the right people
  • The top 10 most effective marketing strategies to book out your sessions with hot prospects
  • How to choose the right strategies for you depending where you are in your business to save you both time and money
  • The fastest way to spread the word about your workshops including free and paid marketing tools that are guaranteed to create results




Social Media

In this module you will discover:

  • Which social media channels to select for your coaching practice to avoid overwhelm and get the biggest results
  • How to leverage social media throughout your event to create buzz and a community of engaged prospects
  • The secret photo strategy that will get you bookings for your next event





In this module you will discover:

  • The 10-step sales process that allows you to sell without being salesy or creating that awkward sales moment everyone dreads
  • How to maximize your post-event sales for ultimate business growth
  • The pitch formula that converts every time and doesn’t change the energy in the room including the best moment for your pitch




The Follow Up System

In this module you will discover:

  • The perfect follow-up system that allows you to convert the “slow buyers” who need more time to buy instead of losing them
  • When they go home after your event
  • How to create urgency without sacrificing your integrity
  • How to maximize your efforts by identifying your audience’s buying behavior
    how to systemize and automate your workshops and follow-up systems




Maximizing and Optimizing

In this module you will discover:

  • The friend’s list strategy that allows you to multiply your business and your impact
  • Which questions you need to ask to receive constructive feedback and valuable testimonials from your audience
  • How to get people to talk about your event and make them send prospects to your next event


In-course Bonus



The Profitability Formula

In this module you will discover:

  • The profitability formula that uncovers how much money you need to spend for each person who comes to your workshop
  • How to consistently increase your profits and your business growth by getting the numbers right (no worries, it’s simple even if you hate math)
  • How to continuously improve on your workshops
  • How to lower the cost for your workshops whilst increasing conversions and the frequency of sales

I know that when you join Amplify you’ll want to go even deeper, so we’ve added this special bonus for you:

When you join Amplify now, you’ll also get Franziska’s book “Bananas About Marketing” as an instant download. In this book, Franziska teaches you even more practical marketing how-to’s and actionable strategies to grow, market, and amplify your coaching business.

It’s packed with examples and powerful know-how that takes the “pain-factor” out of marketing thanks to its fresh, fun and cheeky approach. An entertaining story-line perfectly illustrates the simple yet effective strategies Franziska presents and will help you position your business for rapid growth, attract more clients with ease and make your prospects fall in love with you over and over again.

What Students Say

Here’s What People Say About Franziska Iseli

“Attending Franziska’s workshop gave me a toolbox which is simple and easy to use. The format for preparing a presentation is so easy to learn and packs a real punch when you deliver it.”

Tim Pharo

CEO, Pharo Cleaning Services

“You are simply the best! Your knowledge, energy and contribution to small business is outstanding and I recommend you whenever the opportunity arises!”

Jan Littlejohn

Marriage Celebrant, Ceremonies with Style

“I set myself a goal that this financial year I would get 6 new clients this year. Doesn’t sound a lot but given the nature of what I do, the bottom $ were the objective. Well it’s the 11th of July (1 1/2 weeks into the year) and I have 4 new clients already AND I have changed my pricing structure so that these 4 new clients will bring in an additional 25% more revenue than they would have last year and they are getting more value too! Doing a very happy dance tonight and booking the family on a holiday as a reward to celebrate!”

Kathy Benson

Director, Accountable Bookkeepers

“I found it to be the most practical workshop I’ve ever attended. I don’t think I’ve ever received so much useful, easily understood skills so quickly!”

Helen B

Director, O’Brien Bousamra Accountants

“I’ve been working with Franziska and Christo for a while now and would recommend them to anyone. They are great fun to work with and deliver their message in such a refreshing manner. Their work rate seems boundless! I trust what they say, and given this trust, I have made incredible changes to the way I run my business and have seen immediate results!”

Chris K.

Sailing school

“Thank you for a wonderfully informative workshop on Marketing Planning. The ideas around better defining my target market and also the framework provided for the marketing plan is extremely helpful to me. The workshop was fun and informative and I can’t wait to attend another session!”

Claire Morris

Director, Kandoo Online Agency

“What I loved most about the marketing workshop with Franziska are the emotional and psychological aspects of the training as well as how to structure my proposals and pitches successfully to improve results. Who would have thought that there is a magic formula! Franziska and Christo are outstanding presenters too.”

Othmar Hug

Head of Marketing and Sales, Swiss Climate

“Christo and Franziska bring an amazing excitement to this world of marketing. I am so happy to be working with them to build my business and already their support has been incredible.”

Tracey Daniel

Founder, Causatum Business Consultancy

“After only a few months in the program, we had such a successful end of year (more than we could have imagined!). It’s so easy to get stuff done while I focus on looking after my clients. I love the step-by-step approach to avoid overwhelm and making sure I focus on the right things and the right time.”

Caroline McKenzie

Paralegal, McKenzie Conveyancing & Legal

Enroll Now

Your one-time investment for long-term, scalable business growth

Can you imagine that before I did my first ever live workshop, I invested about $40K in coaches who trained me and helped me prepare? But don’t worry… You don’t have to invest $40K or anything close to that number! You don’t even have to invest $1,000 to get the step-by-step blueprint that allows you to amplify your message, your success and your impact through live workshops.

Because Amplify is now available at just a small $495.


Amplify is NOT for you if you….

  • Are just looking for ways to make a quick buck without being of service
  • Want to keep procrastinating and don’t plan on taking action on the tools, systems and frameworks you’ll learn
  • Don’t want rapid business growth, high-paying dream clients and to make a positive impact in this world

And here’s why:

Do we want as many coaches as possible to have access to the systems, frameworks, and step-by-step blueprints they need to run successful workshops and live events?


But Franziska has NEVER before shared all of her secrets and the strategies she personally tested and optimized over the last 9 years…

These are super powerful tools so we only want those coaches to have access to her treasure box, who are willing and ready to COMMIT.

Are you ready to commit to….

  • Amplifying your business, your success and your income?
  • Sharing your message in the most powerful and rewarding way?
  • Serving on the highest level possible – even if it means you have to conquer your own fears?
  • Coaching, teaching and inspiring live and from the heart?
  • Using these secrets and systems to make a positive impact and change more lives?


Then we can’t wait to see you in Amplify!

The Mindvalley Advantage

You don’t have to make up your mind right now. Try first for 10 days and then make up your mind.
  • Advantage 1 You are about to be blown away by the sheer quality and attention to detail of every exercise, session in this program.
  • Advantage 2 Your growth is our biggest passion. This program and everything else we do is designed to get you the results you deserve.
  • Advantage 3 If for any unlikely reason this training doesn’t live up to any of these promises email us and you will be refunded 100% of your investment up to 10 days from your date of purchase.
  • Kristi Anier
    Customer Happiness Team Lead
Remember, when you join Amplify now, you get:
  • Easy-to-digest chunks of video lessons so that you can learn at your own pace and avoid content-overwhelm at all costs
  • Actionable pdf-worksheets that help you to implement right away and design your first workshop as you go
  • All the systems, structures and frameworks Franziska has tested and optimized over the course of almost a decade so that you have a step-by-step blueprint to follow
  • PLUS: You get her book “Bananas About Marketing” as a free Bonus to go even deeper and discover more powerful ways to grow your business
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