Eyal Matsliah – Tantric Ejaculation Mastery

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  • Get advance warning of the areas which others have found challenging
  • Learn how to deal with “accidents”

Eyal Matsliah - Tantric Ejaculation Mastery

Eyal Matsliah – Tantric Ejaculation Mastery

How Does Making Love for Hours with Consciousness-Expanding Multiple Orgasm Sound?

Learn How to Last as Long as You Want in Bed, Enjoy Mind-Blowing Sex With Your Partner, and Experience More Sexual Pleasure Than You Ever Thought Possible

Discover the 5 step process of Tantric Ejaculation Mastery revealed by Beducated expert Eyal Matsliah – gain control over your sexual powers and unleash deep multiple orgasms. 

“Did you come already?”

The dreaded question, when she is barely beginning to warm up, and you have shot your load already.

It happens to just about everyone, at some point. But for some, it is a regular event.
Do you experience the frustration of losing control long before your partner is satisfied? Do you find is hard to face your partner’s disappointment?

You are not alone.

Men all over the world struggle with the pain of losing control of their ejaculations, and the pressure to find a solution. Even if they were to open up to another man and ask for advice, whose father or grandfather taught them the basics of how to master their sexuality?

How to Access the Unknown, Mind-Bending Territory of Tantric Ejaculation Mastery

Millions of men are searching for answers, and mostly, they are finding rip-offs and disappointment. Maybe you have experienced the disappointment and frustration first-hand.

Little do they know that the secret they are seeking has been known to a select few men in each generation for thousands of years – and now it is available to you.

The Tantric masters learn to perceive, control, and channel many aspects of bodily functioning which are thought by the average person to be impossible to control. Modern science is only now starting to understand how these feats are accomplished.

Ancient Tantric techniques of breath control, going without breathing for several minutes, are now widely taught and practised in freediving centres around the world.

The once-crazy idea that a person could stand on his head has become mainstream, and the headstand is taught in thousands of yoga studios every day.

Just as you can learn to hold your breath for five minutes, or to stand on your head for half an hour, you can learn to master your ejaculation reflex and gain complete control over your sexual performance.

“Suddenly, I could last as long as I wanted, give my partner incredible orgasms and also experience a whole new world of pleasure!”

As you can imagine, a man with this kind of capability starts to feel incredibly powerful. Not only that – you also open the door to experience the male full-body orgasm, a mind-blowing experience that is simply impossible without control of your ejaculation.

Start your journey to long-lasting sexual pleasure today!

What you will get out of this journey

This course is for men, who want to take control of their sexuality and last as long as they want.

You will be taken on an empowering journey:

  • Over 10 hours of video lectures with transformative practices
  • 5 core modules that will take you through the steps needed to build up a new approach to orgasms
  • Each module includes exercises, because yes, this does require regular hands-on practice
  • Access to our secret Facebook group, so that you can reach out to others on the same journey
  • Advanced bonus modules, so that you can learn to bring these skills into a partnership and blow her mind
  • Through this sexual re-education, you’ll learn to pay attention to your mind & body, gaining a control of your sexual performance that feels completely natural.

The main benefits of Tantric Ejaculation Mastery are:

For the Man

  • Learn to take full control of your sexuality
  • Make love for as long as you want
  • Develop full body orgasms
  • Fuel your sexual energy and vitality
  • Give your partner a mind-blowingly satisfying experience

For his Partner

  • Hours of orgasmic bliss
  • A more energetic, confident partner
  • Greater feelings of contentment and connection
  • Increased enjoyment of lovemaking

Class Curriculum

The Motivation (The WHY)

  • Understand the need for strong motivation to master these techniques
  • Take a guided journey into your mind and body
  • Identify your personal challenges
  • Get your mindset right

The Techniques (The WHAT)

  • Learn hands-on exercises to increase your perception and control
  • Locate your personal “point of no return”
  • Discover specific techniques for lasting longer
  • Explore the full range of male sexual pleasure

The Big Secret (The HOW)

  • Understand the secrets of moving sexual energy
  • Learn specific techniques to control and channel sexual energy
  • Master the male full-body orgasm

Advanced Techniques (The HOW Part 2)

  • Learn traditional secrets of Tantrics from India, China, Tibet and Thailand
  • Master the single most powerful yoga technique for controlling sexual energy
  • Learn the super-powerful “fire breath” – and how to perform it correctly, so you don’t cause yourself injury
  • Discover how to transcend physical techniques and achieve total control with your mind and willpower alone

BONUS #1: Troubleshooting

  • Get advance warning of the areas which others have found challenging
  • Learn how to deal with “accidents”
  • Understand how to manage wet dreams
  • Know what to do if the sex drive becomes super-strong

BONUS #2: Into The Field (Playing With a Partner)

  • Transform your sex life – forever
  • Educate your partner to support you in lasting longer
  • Learn how to turn your new abilities into deeper, more profound sexual experiences
  • Discover the male multiple orgasm
  • Includes bonus video lesson for your partner on the joys of Tantric sex
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Eyal Matsliah - Tantric Ejaculation Mastery

Eyal Matsliah - Tantric Ejaculation Mastery

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