Dan Sheridan – Manage By The Greeks 2016

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Let Dan teach you the ultimate risk-management technique! Learn how market makers control their risk using option Greeks.


Author: Dan Sheridan

Dan Sheridan – Manage By The Greeks 2016

Dan Sheridan – Manage By The Greeks 2016

Check it out: Dan Sheridan – Manage By The Greeks 2016

Class Details

This class consists of 8, 1 hour long sessions.

  • You are welcome to email questions directly to Dan or another mentor outside of the class time.
  • You will have full access to each recording for at least 6 months. Each session will be recorded and archived.
  • All fees for online classes are deductible towards our GOLD Mentoring Program ($1000 limit)

Managing Your Trades By The Greeks in 2016!

In this class, Dan Sheridan shares with you how he constructs, trades, and manages his trades using The Greeks.

This class is a collection of video recordings from the actual live class that was previously offered. Upon purchase, an email will be sent containing login credentials needed to access the archived class page. Purchasing access to a class gives access to all class recordings as well as trade updates, PDF’s, and PowerPoints.


Class #1 With Dan: Foundation of Managing By The Greeks

0- Intro and information about this class and the Class Page.
4:55- Defining Concept Manage By The Greeks and how the various Greeks fit into this concept.
19:39- Questions about price movement and Volatility to ask that illustrate the concept of Manage by the Greeks.
21- Questions to ask about Deltas, Gammas, and Vega that illustrate how this concept of Manage by the weeks works in Practice?
21:55- Questions about the VIX you should ask as you Manage your trades by the Greeks?
23:10– Questions regarding potential losses you should ask yourself as you are Managing Trades By the Greeks?
25:50- Manage by the Greeks Essential Concepts
33:10- How to analyze Short Vega Trades like Iron Condors and Butterflies when VIX is 11-13?
40:20- How to analyze Short Vega Trades like Iron Condors and Butterflies when VIX is 14-17?
42:40- Manage by the Greeks Example using a Put Credit Spread in SPX as an Example.
49:05- Put Credit Spread Guidelines in SPX or RUT.
52:25- Fire Drill Analysis for Put Credit Spreads: How to do it?
1:03:05- Class Trade to illustrate Manage By the Greeks Concept
1:15:26- End

Class #2 with Mark Fenton: Calendars Spreads & The Greeks

2:00 –Introduction
8:00- Calendar spread overview of strategy
13:00- Best condition’s for entry with a Calendar spread
17:00- Fundamentals of trade entry
29:00- Graph examples of calendar spread trades and effects on the greeks
33:00- Trade execution techniques
40:00- Adjustment and trade repair
43:00- Trade exit perimeters and techniques
57:00- Live trade entry
57:00- To End Question and answer

Class #3 With Dan: Example of How to Manage a Trade By the Greeks

0- Introduction
1:05- Used Live Class Trade to give a thorough example of the Managing by the Greeks Concept. Dan used an at-the-money Broken
Wing Butterfly trade he put on live to illustrate the concept of Managing by the Greeks. He spent the entire Class explaining in detail
this very important risk management concept.
1:00:19- End

Class #4 With Dan: Credit Spreads (Manage By the Greeks)

0- Introduction and review of SPX Price Chart
7:10- Review of Live Class Trade from 1 week ago: Unbalanced or Broken Wing Butterfly. Also discussed adjustments.
22:55- Put Credit Spreads: Trade Example and Risk Management Guidelines. Dan also discussed hedging or insuring the Put Credit Spread.
1:07:25- End

Class #5 with Dan: Butterfly Trades (Manage by the Greeks): Part 1

0- Intro and Class Schedule next few weeks
9:30- Review Live Class Trade put on over a week ago: At-the-Money All Call Broken Wing Butterfly
22:30- 1 Day Live SPX Iron Butterfly in SPX!! Discussed putting this type of trade on every week.
30- All Call Butterfly 29-30 Day Duration (Balanced or symmetrical)
38:50- Iron Butterfly 29-30 Day Duration (Balanced or Symmetrical)
49:20- Trading Guidelines for All Call or Iron Butterflies (Balanced or Symmetrical)
56:20- Intro to Broken Wing Butterflies

Class #6 With Dan: Butterflies Part 2, Broken Wing Butterflies and Iron Condors

0- Introduction
1- a Look at SPX Price Chart
2:40- Balanced Butterfly All Calls
6:54- Guidelines for Balanced Butterfly and Risk Management
13:15- Unbalanced or Broken Wing at-the-money Butterfly (All Calls)
14:45- Review of Adjustments on Balanced Butterfly
18:53- Unbalanced or Broken Wing at-the-money Butterfly (All Calls)
24:05- Guidelines for Unbalanced or Broken Wing Butterflies and Risk Management
32:50- Out-of-the -Money Put Unbalanced or Broken Wing Butterfly
44:27- Guidelines and Risk Management for out-of-the-money Broken Wing Butterflies
46:15- Traditional Iron Condor and the Greeks
49:30- Equidistant Iron Condor and the Greeks
51:42- Class Live Trade for today
1:01- End

Class #7 with Dan:
Manage by the Greeks – Iron Condors & Managing Multiple Positions in same underlying

0- Intro
1:55- Traditional Iron Condor
6:55- Traditional Iron Condor Guidelines and Risk Management
12:00- Equidistant Iron Condors
14:00- Equidistant Iron Condor Guidelines and risk management
18:30- unbalanced Iron Condor
25:45- Unbalanced Iron Condor Guidelines
29:35- Applying the “Pit Process” of Managing Trades by the Greeks.
Dan illustrates the pit process by using a trade with multiple positions in the same vehicle.
1:04:15- Live class trade for today- Balanced Call Butterfly- Buy one 2135, sell two 2175, and buy one 2215. 9.50 debit, Dec 9 expiration

Class #8 with Dan: Cash Secured Puts & Wide Put Credit Spreads and Long Diagonals

0- Introduction
1:50- Cash Secured Put example in AMZN
4:13- Cash Secured Put alternative: Wide Put Credit Spread. Example in AMZN with Risk Management
25- Cash Secured Put Alternative Guidelines
28:30- SPX Cash Secured Put example
30:30- Wide Put Credit Spread SPX as alternative to Cash Secured Put.
39:45- Long Diagonal Strategy: Another cheaper alternative to an Cash Secured Put and Covered Write.
45:50- Long Diagonal Guidelines
49:55– Review of last weeks Live Class Trade
52:55- Live Class Trade for today with current market conditions? SPX Balanced Butterfly.
1:02:30 – Student Q and A: How I would use a Vertical Spread to reduce my deltas in an Iron Condor Trade?
1:09:28- End

Class #9 with Dan: Short Strangle alternatives, Back-spreads & 1 day Butterflies

0- Into
4:35- Short Strangle Alternative in SPX
24:25- Speculative Backspread in SPX
33:15- 1 Day Butterfly
40:53- End


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Dan Sheridan – Manage By The Greeks 2016

Dan Sheridan – Manage By The Greeks 2016

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