Dan Kennedy The GameChanger DNA System

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We want to show you a system for influence that you can quickly begin using today to flood your pipeline with more customers and clients.


Author: Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy The GameChanger DNA System

Dan Kennedy The GameChanger DNA System

Check it out: Dan Kennedy The GameChanger DNA System

Dan Kennedy The GameChanger DNA System

Dear Renegade Marketer,

We want to show you a system for influence that you can quickly begin using today to flood your pipeline with more customers and clients.

You’ll be able to make significantly more money across ALL your communication channels.  And it doesn’t matter what business you are in.This can boost your income now and more importantly, lift you to an entirely new level of attraction of the kind of customers or clients you’d MOST like to have.

Think about it: having customers who are tickled PINK when they get your emails… or your promotions in the mail. And having customers thanking you profusely for your products and services.

In other words, what we have to share with you WILL strengthen results of your e-mail, pay-per-click ads, videos, and even Facebook and Twitter posts. Heck, you can even apply what you’re about to discover to direct mail. And if you’re already using direct mail in your business, then this can raise its results.

Also if you’re still finding your way to a profitable business, this will cut through the confusion that could be paralyzing you right now.

If You Aspire To Be Rich, This Stuff Goes WAY Beyond Little “Tricks”…

We’re going to reveal the secrets that’ll allow you to:

Attracting opportunity so you can accelerate your chances of gaining prosperity
Get support and cooperation from others with little or no effort
Raise capital when needed—while your competitors struggle
Attract clients and customers in abundance, so you can “pick and choose”
Create a sustainable business that’ll bring you income 5… 10… 15… 20 years from now.

You’ll be able to take a look at several case studies of REAL people who have made this quantum shift. You’ll realize what you must create for yourself, to change the making of a lot of money from difficult to easy.

Keep this in mind: too much focus is on media, not enough on the creation of magnetic influence with media. Grasp of this principle can change everything… and we’re about to reveal how you can do it!

Best Part: This Works In ANY Economy… No Matter What The “Talking Heads” On TV Suggest!

You do NOT need any special background, education or skills to use this – other than commitment to use it. You can apply it to anything you are passionately interested in or knowledgeable about.

It could be buggy whips. Underwater basket weaving. Teaching people how to fly fish. We have students using these ideas with online businesses in health, fitness, and all kinds of hobbies like quilting, teaching and coaching.

We even have entrepreneurs who invest in real estate… and some who have become a bestselling authors.  And all of them have INCREASED their incomes by double to ten times in the past 24 months. Heck, one local professional went from $30,000.00 a month to $400,000.00 a month in 5 months by using these strategies. For now, know that YOU too can turbo-charge your ability to attract and achieve with this information.

How Shiny Object Syndrome Is Sabotaging Your Profits… And That Of Your Family!

We want to free you FOREVER from the bondage of the Shiny Object Syndrome! It’s the Syndrome that has people furiously hopping after one shiny object, after another, after another… yet winding up in the same place months and thousands of dollars later.

You’ve probably heard these things in various sales pitches:

“You’ve got to make a certain number of Facebook posts or Tweets… ”
“You’ve got to launch a website THIS way, or you’ll fail!”
“You’ve got to master Google and get on top of the search engines.”
“You’ve got to post a certain number of videos on YouTube… ”

But here’s the thing: In order to make this happen you need to manage a time-consuming, confusing monstrosity of social media accounts, blogs, and video channels…and just when you’re barely above water with it all, there’s one more NEW gimmick that’s supposed to get cash shooting into your bank account like a vacuum on Steroids.

How’s THAT Working Out For You?

Listen: this pattern isn’t something new. Business owners have long been advertising victims. And salespeople long told that if they just learn just one more closing technique, all would be well.The Bright Shiny Object Syndrome has been a destructive force for a long time. It holds people hostage to activity… instead of achievement.

If you feel like you’ve been trying hard but coming up short, much may NOT be your fault. After all, if you’re given faulty directions, it doesn’t matter how good a driver you are or how fast you race down that path.This is now about a different path… a path that has led countless people to awesome wealth and prosperity.

Imagine having certainty in your business, knowing you can simply send out a postcard or email and have many raving fans happily respond – and give you money! And think about NEVER having to lie in bed at 2 am wondering how you’re going to make payroll next month, or where your next client or customer is going to come from.

This is What I Call “Gamechanger” Marketing!

Listen: It’s not really WHAT you do; WHAT media you use or don’t use that creates wealth.

It’s doing it for the right WHO, and being recognized by them as the right WHO.

In other words, it’s about creating “magnetic influence” with people able and willing to reward you generously for your particular know-how or information or products or services.
The Gamechanger DNA System

The Gamechanger DNA System

Remember, you are actually altering YOUR DNA to become more influential. Yet results can begin swiftly.

You can very quickly see more people saying YES to you more often, in greater numbers, more easily, in any scenario – speaking to one, to twenty in a boardroom, to 20,000 via webinars, via the written and printed word. Think about that.

If you could get 5-times, 10-times, 20-times more people saving YES to your requests, your proposals, your ideas, your sales presentations by all media than say YES now, what would that be worth to you?

Think about this in dollars …in marketplace strength, power and sustainability… in personal confidence and even pleasure?

Write down a number. If you were GUARANTEED the ability to get 5-times more YES’s than you get now, to your every request, proposal or offer, what would you pay for that super power?

Let’s Go Over What You’ll Get With The Gamechanger DNA System

Element #1: The Supernatural Influencer DNA Code

The Supernatural Influencer DNA Code lays out everything you need to personally internalize Influential Communication as well as incorporate the practical applications in any business.

This module encompasses three kinds of vital communication.

ATTRACTION Communication, so you can magnetically attract the prospects, customers or clients of greatest value to you – with whatever advertising, marketing or media you wish to use.
CONNECTION Communication, which gets you away from the product-focused messaging everybody else uses and lifts you to a more sophisticated place, where we connect with people in ways that build rapport, trust and pre-determination to do business.
ACCEPTANCE Communication, to put across your ideas and advocated positions. So you have people “with you” – not just sold to.

These three combined transform your business from transactional to relational, and that changes everything for the better – it makes it (1) easier to stand out in a crowded place, (2) easier to get the best customers, (3) provides price elasticity and improves retention.

Element #2: The Seven Keys Of Influential Communication And “Game-Changer” Marketing

Next, the expanded version of the Seven Gold Keys of Influential Communication and Game-Changer Marketing. This can benefit any business and can also be used as the foundation for starting or expanding an information marketing business of your own.

This Code can be applied to any communication, including:

Person-to-person, face-to-face communications… such as door-to-door sales
Making e-mail subject lines sing
Writing Facebook posts people find irresistibly interesting
Better PPC ads, audio and video scripts, auto-responder messages
Print, direct mail, broadcast. Even, speeches, tele-seminars, or webinars
Crafting new positioning for your business

You even get five Influential Communication Acid Tests, so that you can accurately judge the merits of your crafted communication, before you ever invest in putting it out to the market. This alone could save you a LOT of time, money, and heartache!

Element #3: The Lords Of Listbuilding

And then there’s the Ultimate List-Builder Course, which we think of as The Lords Of List-Building because it features secrets and methods from some of the smartest list-builders on the planet, and all equity is in the list and relationship with the list.

We do not want to just help you make a lot of one ‘n done money… we want you to leverage influence into sustainable assets, and that requires becoming a master at and a maniac about list-building.

We also want you to enjoy the rare security of being in the Income At Will Position: being able to wake up any morning and decide you’d like a cash flow surge, being able to pull the trigger by nightfall, and watching a tidal wave of money roll in the next day.

That comes from List + Influence. What would that security be worth to you?

This Course also includes the 1-Day live-recorded training Checklists, Fill In The Blank Templates, Swipe Files and a whole LOT more!

Here’s A Wrap-Up Of What You’re Going To Get That’ll Skyrocket Your Business!

So, the System includes the Influencer DNA Code, the Seven Gold Keys and The Lords of List-Building.

It includes audio CD’s, DVD’s, a unique collection of printed resources, everything you need for practical application starting immediately.

In a way, this is two Courses in one: It is a foundational system for creating and developing your own enormously profitable information marketing business.

“But my Business Is Different!”

First, many asked the “but my business is different – will this work for me?” question, one that so many use to disqualify themselves.

The Game Changer DNA System works in any English speaking country in the world. It works for local businesses in small towns or big cities, professional practices, restaurants, retail shops, wholesale, manufacturing, from the ordinary to the downright weird.

In Canada, a thriving pizza business doubled in size over the past year, with large pizzas priced at $22.00 to $38.00, successful because of the owner’s brilliant use of what we teach in this course.

Can’t be much more ordinary than pizza, right?

I KNOW Gamechanger DNA Will Work For My Business. I Want It Now!

It works for every imaginable kind of online business, including:

a lady with a site selling Scottish terrier collectibles..
a small kitchen-table business…
a young guy who has quickly built his KidsBowlFree.com business from zero to 1-million participating families using his web site and 25% market share of the bowling center industry…
a client with e-commerce topping $1 million a year operating in 5 different product categories…
…and a whole LOT more!

You see, this System can transform an existent business into something new and exciting and exceptionally profitable…

…Or it can be used as the genesis to speed the success of brand new sign-ups.

If you haven’t yet put the pieces of your ideas, tools you’ve invested in, things half-begun together, this System can get you focused.

This System Is Not As Expensive As You Think!

The investment we’ll ask of you will be less than 2% of a $100,000.00 a year income. 1% of a $200,000.00 a year income or income increase, but it represents less than 1/10th of 1% of mine.

This is about giving you the confidence you need to turn your back on the Shiny Object Syndrome and re-direct your energy to a path that actually can lead you to the success you seek. This is about giving you a new sense of purpose – to become a master of influential communication, with the certainty that doing so is possible for you.

There are two ways to accept the System. Everything comes to you immediately, but you may take care of payment over 6 months, in equal installments of just $397 per month. Or you can save about 17% in accounting costs, pre-pay at $1,997.00, and you’ll have no payments.

Listen: if you add just $100k of new income by putting the System to work for you, that’s a tick less than 2% invested, or if you add $200k, just 1% invested.

We GUARANTEE Gamechanger DNA Will Boost Your Business… Or You Don’t Have To Pay A Penny!

In any case, for any reason or even no reason at all, you may return the entire System any time within 1 year of receipt for a full and complete and instant refund. No questions asked, no hassle.

If you can’t see how this System is going to elevate your game, get you a higher income with greater ease, open doors and create opportunities, and empower you as an influencer…

…And you can’t CLEARLY see at least $100,000.00 income increase waiting for you by its use, we want you to return it for your refund.

We pride ourselves on the extraordinary results people get. In fact, our refund statistics might interest you. We average about 7%. So 93% keep whatever of mine they invest in, and the overwhelming majority invests again, and again.

Now why would ANYBODY do that if they weren’t getting great profits?

MANY People Will Be ‘Bellying Up To The Bar’ To Invest In This System… Will You?

Many people investing in the System will have begun their journeys with GKIC ten and even twenty years ago and will, for the umpteenth lime, be bellying up to the bar.

Do NOT let that scare you. It, more than anything else, is the real guarantee, certainty that our promises are real.

Of course, we cannot guarantee anybody any certain income or result, and the comments and examples should NOT be taken either as typical or average results or as representation of your potential results. Your results are yours and your responsibility alone, but your absolute satisfaction and decision to keep and use this System for months and years to come IS guaranteed.

Finally, let us remind you: this is NOT a box of gimmicks or tricks that are hot today and obsolete tomorrow. This is NOT some mountain of hype that winds up leaving you asking – where’s the beef?

This is a System built on utterly dependable, reliable, practical strategies and sophisticated psychological techniques. It is rock solid. Which is why it can be unconditionally guaranteed.

Just click the Add to Your Cart button below and complete a quick checkout, and the System will be at your door in days – ready to go to work for you.

Time is speeding up. Better you not waste any more of your own time on earth than absolutely necessary merely working to pay bills, doing work that does not genuinely fascinate you, dealing with people you don’t like or who don’t respect you, struggling mightily just to get your ideas across.

What do you HAVE TO LOSE by not acting on this opportunity?

Efficiency and productivity… And SPEED. If you can get YES from double, triple or quintuple the number of people you get YES from now – that means you get each $100k, two, three, five times faster.

There’s really no virtue in getting rich slow. And the people who insist you can’t get rich quick and decry the very idea of quick have one thing in common: they’re poor.

You CAN’T lose by acting. You have my guarantee. Mark Twain said: ”Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you DIDN’T do, than by the ones you did do.”

Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Explore. Discover.  Yet here you can explore and discover with safety.

You HAVE our guarantee!

So Are You A “Doer”… Or Are You A Pretender?

If you’re one of the few, welcome, and congratulations.

Most people desire much. Few have sincere ambition. It is by their actions that we know them – and know ourselves.

So now’s the time to join the “elite 1%” and claim your copy of GameChanger today, right now, while it’s still hot on your mind.

Your Team At GKIC

Organized into three sections:
01 – 7 Golden Keys – Dan walks you through the basics

02 – Lords of Listbuilding

Speakers: Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Timothy Seward, Bill Glazier, and Mike Capuzzi

03 – Super Natural Influencer Code

Dan Kennedy shows you how to use the “Power of the Pen” in offline and online media to Exert Influence Over Others!

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Dan Kennedy The GameChanger DNA System

Dan Kennedy The GameChanger DNA System

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