Zenity Fitness – Stroke Skills Book Collection


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Men talk about the G-spot like it is a mythical key that will unlock their partner’s passion

Zenity Fitness – Stroke Skills Book Collection

Zenity Fitness – Stroke Skills Book Collection

Check it out: Zenity Fitness – Stroke Skills Book Collection

Stacking is the art of intimate progression. It is a way of thinking about sensuality that will help us to arrange our S.T.R.O.K.Es in a way that will result in the kind of orgasm that we want our partner to achieve. For the first time in history sensual relating is not a gamble, a pot shot or something to get lucky with. You will feel confident in your ability to stimulate your partner with your body because you will understand how that process works.

When paired with S.T.R.O.K.E Skills sensual fitness exercises, Sensual Super Power (SSP) , Sherlocking and Sensual Geometry your body will become a machine analyse, search, love and dominate in the field of intimacy regardless of your shape or that of your lover.

-Change your size at will  -Learn how to work what youve got to perfection
-Linking your S.T.R.O.K.Es together
-Rediscover the Female Anatomy
-The role of energy in relating
-Building friction with Strokes
-The role of Misdirection in orgasm
-Use pressure to feel huge

Each of our bodies is different, so we must learn how to master how our own bodies will best relate to our partners before we can truly unlock our own potential. For the first time in history you can learn to be masterful with what you have and be an expert at applying your own shape and S.T.R.O.K.E capacity to any woman. Stacking is built to explain how to apply your erotic abilities. We guarantee this to be the biggest confidence and pride booster that you have ever experienced.


Sherlocking is the practice of surveying your woman’s body so that you can realize the location and sensitivity of her pleasure spots.

This lost art is often a key link to helping us to realize our full abilities as lovers. Stripping away the need to guess when paired with an understanding of Stacking (Sensual Progression) and SSP (sensual super power) you will have the tools to investigate, plan, and satisfy any woman using true knowledge, no guessing needed. Feeling confident in knowing what you are doing is a masterstroke.

-Learn to do a pleasure survey
-Maximize the benefits of foreplay
-Dozens of techniques for internal massage
-Mapping pleasure in your partner
-Grading sensitivity
-Recognizing sensual show and tells

You don’t have to be a pro-baller to have a mean jumpshot. You don’t have to be in the league to get respect on the court. But you do have to know your way around how the game is played and engage a strategy that will let you emphasize your strengths. Be a man of mystery and Sherlock like a Holmes.


In women its been proven that the capacity effectively communicate prior to and during sensual engagement heightens her ability to orgasm almost 2x. Women hold fear, shame and doubt around their sexual organs if you can help her to tear down these walls, help her to relax and hel her to be confident and proud around her body…. well lets just say it is a gift that keeps on giving indefinitely.

Less than .001% of men understand that her mind is the ultimate erogenous zone and how your stroke it will open up wonders on the physical plane.

Verbal Stroking is the first book ever published that is targeted at helping you to communicate to your partner in a way that will relaz her.

– Several approaches
– Numerous styles
– Multiple choice frame work so you can freestyle
– Step by step information on how to extend pleasure using
your words

This book is a must have if you want to get a reputation for your abilities as when she tells her friends some of the things you said…well lets just say if she is smart she will keep it to her self.

Whoa Factor

Men and women approach sex differently and because of that, the things that stimulate them and turn them on are different. Men are visual, getting turned on by what they see and women are mostly excited by what they feel, more of a tactile approach. Take control of your sensuality, clear away his pre-conceptions about how sex is, and show him how sex can be and he will thank you for it.

Tantra Bodybuilding

Many body fitness programs consist of disjointed exercises, performed through reps and sets in the hope one attains better health and appearance. Tantra Bodybuilding is a complete, functional training system that helps to define muscle both outside and inside. Muscle on the exterior looks better as a result, plus the strategies involved also shred fat. In addition to being healthier, the training regimens associated with Tantra Bodybuilding can be applied to one’s relationship as they help to build skill, endurance, and stamina.

Rock Solid Stamina

Learn to increase your body’s testosterone levels safely and natural; ensuring that your stamina, endurance, control and even your muscle tone remains the same.
You can improve your overall health while ensuring that your performance in the bedroom without taking any herbal remedies or pills.

Having a strong core allows you to have stronger hips, because all of the muscles connected to the area will be strong, giving you precise muscle and movement control.

-Learn to use fitness to increase stamina
-Get in incredible shape and target your sensual abilities
-All natural approach that has multiple benefits
-A great addition to any workout , especially strokeskills

Sexual ReCalibration

It is possible to break free from the false ideals of sex and pleasure that the media inundates us with. You can re-calibrate your mind and thought process so that you are giving the most pleasure and in return, you will get the most pleasure. The media does not tell us how to be a great lover, but you can learn to be one.

Being a lover takes three things:
• An in-depth knowledge of yourself and how to use what you have to pleasure others
• Knowing what and how to move to pleasure your partner
• An open mind targeted toward the idea that love must be customized to fit.

Masterstroke: The Art of Internal Massage Using Stroke Skills

Have you ever had a massage? It feels amazing, but when the massage therapist starts to go to work, they start off slow to warm up your body and then the massage gets more intense. Using sex as a way to massage, the benefits of your intimate sessions will be much more than just ending in an orgasm. It can have benefits that promote health and well-being in your entire body. After the climax she will feel relaxed, stress,anxiety will have been massaged away, and your efforts will have promoted a feeling of well-being and relaxation in her entire body and her spirit.

An amazing new way to use your skills.

Paddles Over Pool Sticks

There is huge pressure on men to perform. What actually makes a man fantastic in bed is multi-facted but across most of the world it is you have it or you don’t.

This book contains small changes that any man can make that will completely change
his sexual capacity and most importantly his self image.

Males of today live in a society that gauges their masculinity by a purely social measuring tool, one that is in their pants. And to detrimental effect. His skill and capacity is often completely swallowed by the perception of his member. He completely disregards that it is truly his ability to use himself masterfully that indicates his capacity and impacts his partner. It is this focus that makes all the difference in a man’s confidence and self perception. You will see that there is no reason to worry about comparison, when you focus on the swing, not the size, you have nothing to compare, because it means that every man is the best naturally given a keen knowledge of himself and how to use himself optimally.

This ebook proves through science and logical analysis that a man in mastering his body and skills can surpass the expectations he has of himself and completely change his self image, self confidence and impact he has across his life an relationship.

Glory: A Key to Lasting Relationships

An intimate relationship is about more than just sex; it is about empowering each other, boosting each other’s confidence and giving your partner a sense of pride in their
abilities.A man who’s partner makes him feel valued in the bedroom and who makes him feel as if he is a skilled and accomplished lover, such as promoting a feeling of glory.
Men try to obtain a taste of glory from sports, from video games from competition, but
in reality having it in his home with a lady for whom he cares deeply is what truly
counts. This practice cements her into his life is essential, as important, as an irreplaceable
part of him for all time.

This ebook examines the role of Glory and how it should be a part of our lives
and our relationships. We all deserve it, we all need it, lets get it.

Jackhammer vs. Compressor

If you are looking for the best way to pleasure your partner during sex, to make each encounter not only fulfilling to her, but to also make it deeply sensual and erotic, hold one simple thought in your mind; sex is an internal massage and her orgasm is a result. There is a serious misconception that the only way for a woman to orgasm is by engaging the clitoris, which means that intercourse often does not produce an orgasm. Men are told this and so they focus on the clitoris, then after they bring her to orgasm, they move onto intercourse so that they can orgasm. Sadly, even women tend to put stock in this misconception that sexual intercourse will never or rarely result in an orgasm for themselves.

This ebook covers the little known concept of reverse pressure and the role that it plays
into pleasing her. It is the most important aspect of sex that we know nothing about
reverse pressure. A woman guages the amount and kind of reverse pressure men apply
in her deciding if he was good or not as it drives pleasure within her.

Examine Impact style reverse pressure
Examine Compression style reverse pressure
The clitoris do and don’ts
Learning how to tell which style of reverse pressure she likes.

S.T.R.O.K.E. Science

The Systematic Tactile Rhythmically Organized Kinetic Exercise or “STROKE” method of Tantra Bodybuilding offers a unique opportunity to get healthy and fit, while simultaneously expanding your abilities to provide sexual satisfaction. This method is based on the Coital Alignment Technique or “CAT,” which has been scientifically-proven to be the most effective approach to stimulating a woman’s orgasm. What’s more, studies reveal that this method improves stamina, promotes muscle development – particularly in the abdomen and back — and improves blood flow to vital organ systems such as the kidneys and adrenal system. The STROKE method of Tantra Bodybuilding offers an opportunity take part in an enjoyable workout for the same muscle groups that you’d exercise while performing push-ups, sit-ups and squats. Download the ebook for detailed information on the sexual science of skills.

Pump + Pop

Men talk about the G-spot like it is a mythical key that will unlock their partner’s passion. However, what they do not know is that the G-spot is only one of many internal erogenous zones that their partner has. Many women are not even aware of this. The reason that so many men cannot hit the G-spot is because their approach to sex is all wrong. This concept of technique changes everything.

• How to Make a Woman Orgasm
• Illustrated Stroke Skills Application Guide
• Impact Planks
• Kinetic Communication Skills
• My Little Head is a Genius
• Rhythm Course
• Sensual Geometry
• Sensual Super Power
• Zenity Fitness Introduction

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Zenity Fitness – Stroke Skills Book Collection