Wayne Lee – 7 Tips To Becoming a Successful Stage Hypnotist

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How to Easily Make a Six-Figure Income  as a Professional Magician or Stage Hypnotist?


Author: Wayne Lee 

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Wayne Lee – 7 Tips To Becoming a Successful Stage Hypnotist

Wayne Lee – 7 Tips To Becoming a Successful Stage Hypnotist

Check it out: Wayne Lee – 7 Tips To Becoming a Successful Stage Hypnotist

How to Easily Make a Six-Figure Income 
as a Professional Magician or Stage Hypnotist

Here are surefire strategies no one is telling you about

magine creating a huge flow of shows with minimal effort, and with no pressure or rejection….

Your phone is ringing off the hook from qualified prospects calling YOU to book shows instead of having to make those annoying cold calls….

Visualize making thousands of dollars for ‘working’ on stage for 30 to 120 minutes, delighting your audience, and leaving with a fat cheque in your hand….

You can easily achieve all the things you want with the specialized knowledge I’m about to reveal in this article .

Whether you’re a hypnotist, magician, ventriloquist, juggler, mentalist, or clown, this article will literally revolutionize your career, your business, and your pocketbook.

In the next 7 minutes, as you read every word of this article , you’ll discover how to multiply your income as an entertainer, and magnetically attract your ideal clients with a lot less stress and effort.

You’ll finally understand why you haven’t been making the money you deserve, and exactly what to do about it. You’ll learn how to quickly and easily get more bookings in a month than you previously got all year!

Most importantly, you’ll learn how I went from being a struggling entertainer to earning a six-figure annual income by using high impact marketing strategies.

You are presumably looking at this website for one or more of these reasons:

  1. You are very unhappy with the amount of money you take home from your business.
  2. You would love to do less work , but make more money .
  3. You hate competing on price and “whoever-has-the-lowest-price-gets-the-booking” style of marketing and you would love to use a totally different approach.
  4. You are an outstanding entertainer with a fantastic show , but you know you lack the knowledge, skills, savvy and experience to properly market yourself.

How to Get More Bookings in One Month 
than You are Now Getting All Year
With Half the Effort, for Twice the Profit!

Hi! Im Wayne Lee.

I started performing hypnosis for $150 per show at the age of 28 (while I was still living in my father’s basement suite) and turned my hobby of stage hypnosis and magic into a career earning
$347,513.00 in ONE year, 
from my shows alone. I have experience in all entertainment markets and have become one of Canada’s foremost comedic hypnotists performing over 300 shows per year.

Albertas most successful corporate entertainer. – Alberta Venture Magazine

A fresh young hip-notist that had the audience amazed! – Vicki Gabereau, CTV

Anyhow, enough about me. Let’s get into the meat n potatoes , shall we?

What Most Entertainers DONT Know 
and Will Never Learn About
High Impact Marketing Secrets!

The Ultimate Secret of Success 
Being Good Is Not Good Enough!

You know you are a good magician or stage hypnotist . You dazzle the audience with your amazing performance. You love entertaining people and putting a smile on their face. You give 100% every time you perform. However, if attention to all these details was all that is needed to get rich in the entertainment business, youd already be rich.

Dont fall for the industry line “If you’re a great entertainer, people will beat a path to your door.” Yeah, right. In today’s competitive, hectic world, nobody’s beating a path to anybody’s door. And in every field including this one, some of the best magicians and hypnotists are starving artists. Here’s why:

Even the Best Entertainer in the World 
Will Struggle and Suffer, and Even Go Broke 
Without a Steady Flow of Good Clients!

I have learned from all of my experiences, especially my marketing disaster of 1998. I’ll tell you what happened… I rented the Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton, Alberta by partnering with another entertainer.

We marketed the show as the “Attack of the Killer Comedians.” Without researching possible date conflicts, we proceeded with our plans, only to discover that the show fell on Grey Cup Sunday (one of the largest sporting events in Canada). Since we had planned on delivering a great show, we assumed that people would just come to the show without having to actively market to them.

We were very naïve. As the show date was drawing near, we noticed that tickets were not selling, so we bought thousands of dollars of advertising on the radio.

These radio ads produced some interest, but we ended up giving away hundreds of tickets to fill the seats. We filled a quarter of the seats and the performance went well. After the show, I realized that we had lost thousands of dollars! (Ouch!)

I realized that this was not the right way to achieve my professional goals as an entertainer.

The #1 strategy for getting more bookings for more money, with the clients you want is… word of mouth referrals.

After trying to reach out to thousands of people who did not know who I was – I was very frustrated. By using systematic follow-up strategies, I quadrupled the bookings I had, for the money I wanted. Building relationships by word of mouth was much easier and effective than paying for a lot for advertising and starting from scratch.

Like it or not, making over $100,000.00 a year is NOT only about how great you are on the platform or how many years of performing “experience” you have – it’s also about how much you know about marketing I know this shouldn’t be true, BUT it is!

You can fight it and go broke OR you can CHANGE and enthusiastically embrace it and make lots of money. (When you make this giant, mental shift you will instantly gain an enormous competitive edge over everybody else in your area!)

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Wayne Lee – 7 Tips To Becoming a Successful Stage Hypnotist

Wayne Lee – 7 Tips To Becoming a Successful Stage Hypnotist

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