Todd Durkin – Fitness Business Success Coaching System

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Discover the ONE BIG SECRET that will create more streams of INCOME, trim away expenses and mistakes, add creative TIME back into your schedule, and help you create MASSIVE SUCCESS and IMPACT in your business & life…even if you have NO team, NO equipment, and NO previous experience!”


Author: Todd Durkin



Todd Durkin – Fitness Business Success Coaching System

Todd Durkin – Fitness Business Success Coaching System

Check it out: Todd Durkin – Fitness Business Success Coaching System

ATTENTION; STRUGGLING trainers, coaches, independent contractors,
group-X instructors, boot camp and gym owners: Read If You Want To..

Discover the ONE BIG SECRET that will create more streams of
INCOME, trim away expenses and mistakes, add creative TIME
back into your schedule, and help you create MASSIVE SUCCESS
and IMPACT in your business & life…even if you have NO team,
NO equipment, and NO previous experience!”

Have you ever thought.. “If I could just get More CLIENTS, help more
members, make More MONEY, run a leaner and better business with
a staff that operates like a team, so that I can enjoy more time off,
have less stress, and achieve More SUCCESS in my business”?

If so, Then Read Or Listen To Every Word Of This Message

You can quickly INCREASE your sales and take-home
profits…with a time tested, simple SYSTEM and TOOLKIT for
systematically building your marketing, operations, and
leadership regardless of where you currently are in your
business development…Guaranteed!

Dear Savvy Fitness Professional:

My name is Todd Durkin and I want to introduce you to a high-performance world where an ordinary hard-working fitness professional, regardless of certifications, IQ, talent, age, and background, can make an EXTRAORDINARY income. IN fact, this letter is a MUST READ if YOU are looking to achieve the freedom, independence, and liberty you desire!”

Before I give you the secret that unlocks the system, I’d like you to take a little trip with me…

Imagine having absolutely no worries in your business. And imagine being in the top 10% of your industry, and having the highest respect from your clients, prospects, staff, and peers.

Imagine having the time and financial freedom to go on more guilt-free vacations, spend more time with family and friends, to be at the kid’s games and on a date night without thinking you should be back at the office.

Or, how about enjoying an advantage over your competitors that makes you the “go-to” fitness professional in your area, maybe even in the industry, and having more of your ideal customers and staff who come to you?

Now, Think About Your Current Situation:

I want you to think about some of the challenges you might be going through in your business today:

  • Struggling to find time to get your marketing right so you get the exact clients you want.
  • Wrestling with the best way to get independent contractors/staff believing in a culture of unity and mission, and the consistency of following through
  • Stress of missing systems, and refined processes that allow your business to operate without you so that you can pursue other creative ideas for growth
  • Doubts and uncertainty that seem to haunt you on a daily basis?

Do you question your ability to
lead a thriving business in the future?

  • Am I going to be in business 1-2 years from now?
  • Can I cover rent, payroll, and the costs of rising expenses each and every month?
  • Can I grow a team that is built on success and sustainability?
  • Will I be able to keep this hectic pace for the next 5-10 years before I burn out?
  • Am I always going to be lying in bed…wondering where my next client is coming from?
  • Did I set my business up in a way that it will run successfully for the long haul – without me?

I speak to fitness professionals every week, so you’re not alone if you feel like you’re shackled to your business right now – where you visit the question: “is this as good as it gets?”

It sometimes feels like you want to fall back on blaming things like the economy for the lack of growth, or the stiff competition, or “I feel stuck and don’t know what else to do.”

ACCUSATION: You’re a Workaholic

Most fitness business owners I know experience great conflicts between their commitment to business and other aspects of their lives: balancing their spouse, the kids, friends, family obligations…and more.

Well, I’m here to tell you that:

Your Current Business Frustration or
Stagnation Is Not Your Fault!

Now, you may have taken business advice and marketing suggestions from well-meaning friends or colleagues
in the industry that told you how they would do things when it comes to running a well-oiled machine. My first
question would always be “Are they doing it
themselves and worth emulation?”

Or you may have gotten caught up in what’s called ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ or ‘Squirrel Chasing’ where you’re constantly trying new things in order to add to your bottom line.

This includes: the latest software, media platforms, coaching programs, and various “tried and true” strategies from a host of marketing and business consultants and gurus…

…those that should have worked, but never quite did.

How Fitness Professionals & Trainers
Think About Their Current State Of
Business Is Completely Wrong.

Now, what I’m going to tell you goes against the grain of what you’ve probably heard about running your business, whether you’re on the floor training for someone else, getting ready to open up your own business, or you already took that leap to open up your business.

Most people won’t agree with what you’re about to discover when you step behind the curtain of what I’m about to reveal to you today is probably going to challenge a core belief of yours. It’s something that goes way deeper than you probably think:

And that is this: heart, purpose and passion are not enough by themselves to take your business from ‘run of the mill’ to WORLD-CLASS.

And while passion, purpose, hard work, enthusiasm, positive energy and attitude are all critical, they aren’t NOT ENOUGH.

You see, it’s getting tougher and tougher to get people to pay attention to you, to respond to you, to invite you in, and ultimately, to believe in you enough to stay with you so that your business can build the culture and fulfill the mission that lives in your heart.

If you’re like me, the impact you want to leave as a legacy is of utmost importance and you urgently need higher performance strategies and tools to cut through the clutter and competition. You simply have to rise above the other discounters who are slashing their prices in panic, and fighting for scraps if you want to survive.

Now is the time to motivate your community and customers to come to you, choose you, trust you and buy from you – especially if they’re resisting everyone else.

“Waiting” just won’t do. You can’t just “wait this out” for things to change. Or “hope” that things are going to change. The emerging new economy and industry is going to demand that you show up uniquely different with these new and superior strategies permanently.

I’m an Overnight Success…Only After A 21+
Year Track Record Of Making Small Fitness
Business Owners Successful.

…and transforming “average” fitness businesses into top 6-figure and 7-figure businesses.

But, it wasn’t always that way…

…and while I’ve become known for training dozens of professional athletes, winning IDEA Trainer, ACE, and Canfitpro Presenter of The Year awards, running a multi-million dollar business, industry masterminds, live-mentorships, and presenting all over the world…

…that’s not where it all began.

Years came and went…I was still struggling.

My first studio was small; about 2,000 square feet, I had old carpet, refurbished equipment, no mirrors on the wall, and a small boom box to blare music. I also had a small staff of wonderful, hard working people. I wanted more than anything to make this business thrive. Not only for me, but for my staff, and my clients.

Despite business being “simple”, I was often overwhelmed. I was working 7 days a week, I rarely saw my wife, and I had very little downtime. And when I did, my mind was always thinking business, worrying about bills, how we would get more clients, make payroll…

Ughhh…I get a headache just remembering those days.

Then one day, it changed

I prepped to massage a new client, a gentleman by the name of Wayne Cotton. Wayne happened to be a productivity and sales specialist for financial advisors.

Little did I know that he would become one of the most impactful mentors in my life, and teach me the greatest lessons of mentorship and giving back.

Over time, Wayne shared lessons on time management, productivity, having a strategic plan, systems, mindset and much, much more.

I was blown away each moment I was with him. His knowledge was encyclopedic and I was learning faster than ever before.

It was those conversations that began on my table that opened my mind to the power of a business mentor and it became the turning point of my understanding that having others to guide you was the fast track to success.

That’s when I set the intention to grow systematically, versus haphazardly.

Mentors were essential.

You see, I was trying to do everything myself in my business. I was trying to figure out every strategy, all the marketing, operations, and I was still not sure how to manage my time properly yet.

I had a feeling after many of those conversations that something was shifting.

The result was frankly, a breakthrough that changed my business and my life.

Imagine experiencing a time-crunch of years of business and life being condensed down into chunk size and manageable lessons that you can go take action on. That’s what every session with Wayne was, like years of wrong turns and trial and error sidestepped.

Just the goal setting and productivity systems Wayne’s taught me were invaluable and led to many of my success systems that hundreds of trainers now use to master their time and productivity through my mentorship programs.

Now It’s YOUR Turn To Breakthrough!

I have personally mentored many fitness business owners toward handsome 6 and 7-figure incomes in multiple markets – from sports, fat loss, studio owners, boot camp owners, health clubs, product creation, and presenting.

In fact, in my 21+year career, there isn’t a sector I haven’t been involved in that has achieved HUGE break-throughs in their business and life thanks to either my personal guidance, or “virtually” through my TD Mastermind programs and products. And they all had one common thread:

Successful Businesses & Trainers Have A
Mentor To Show Them How It’s Possible To
Create Achievements, Not Tomorrow – NOW!

None of these people had any extra talent or an IQ that you don’t already possess. They were just ordinary people who put their pants on one leg at a time every morning like you do. They just discovered the process of mentoring and the psychology of success and the practice of systematizing the business skills that I teach, and are learnable by anyone.

…By YOU.

What’s been holding some back from attending my LIVE 3.5 Day Mentorship has varied from kids, finances, not being able to leave the business unattended, schedules not matching up for LIVE dates, etc.

But, a lot of fitness professionals have been asking me to open the doors to the “mentorship experience” and “business success systems” I designed in different ways.

This is why I decided to combine the best of my mentorship content, my award-winning business systems and all the hours I spent researching and testing how to sell, market, operate and grow a business into a simple proven success system that’ll make growing your business a simpler, more enjoyable process.

It’s my greater mission to mentor people
to live with deep PURPOSE, follow
their PASSION, take ACTION in big ways
and to create more IMPACT!

I care deeply that you design a business and life you desire.

A life where:

  • You’re at the top of your niche…and no competitor can touch you.
  • You only work as much as you need or desire.
  • You enjoy your time with family and friends.
  • You never miss out on time with your children and grandchildren.
  • You’re able to do anything you want, when you want, and without anyone’s permission.
  • You’re not stressed about money.
  • Your facility is buzzing with raving fans and customers for life.
  • You are changing the life of every person that walks through your doors.
  • You are focused in on your purpose in life and know exactly what it is you are meant to do.
  • You have created a culture of success and sustainability within your business.
  • Your team is thriving and growing because of the leader that they have to mentor them.
  • Your marketing efforts are WORKING and business is better than ever.
  • You’re making massive IMPACT in your community and on the industry.

And now you’ll get access to all my systems, presentations and strategies packaged into an At-Home fitness
business success system that’ll allow you to run a quick and sustainable profit generating business from A to Z
right from your home or office

Having said all that, it’s time to introduce you to:

Todd Durkin’s
Fitness Business Success System:

Transform Your Business & Life

My Fitness Business Success System is undoubtedly the most POWERFUL toolkit you’ll ever use in your business. It’s simply everything you need in order to develop your business systems so that you’ll be able to attract more clients, operate more smoothly, systematize your business quicker and easier, and create an income and lifestyle that allows for freedom of time and finances.

This System will save you HOURS of time, DAYS of “false starts”, and YEARS of trial & error, and testing when it comes to building a successful brand.

You’ll get it all right here when you take action today and get your hands on this system which has helped hundreds of business owners & trainers get to the next level.

The Todd Durkin Fitness Business Success System will be THE stimulus for you to make a serious income, create impact, and enjoy a better life. Expect to:

  • Expand Any Fitness Business No Matter The Size or Market. Athletics, boot camps, weight loss, corrective therapy, youth, seniors, studios, clubs, anything in the fitness service-based industry.
  • Live A “Big Life.” You became a trainer to change lives. Now you just have to scale it in order to reach more people. And whether you own a business, work for a studio or health club, or you are a mobile trainer, you probably dream of impacting as many lives as possible, working with the best, presenting on stages, and having a voice.
  • Experience Unparalleled Freedom: “Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will. ” Nelson Mandela.

Perhaps you just want to have an extra $1,000-$2,000/month to pay off some debt, take over the mortgage, wipe out your car payments. Or, you just want to make things financially easier for you.

Or, you’d be happy with an extra $50,000-75,000 per year on autopilot as a second income. Or, perhaps systematize your business so you can spend more time with family, friends, and people you love.

Of course, if you’re already kicking butt and taking names, you’ll find even more strategies and tactics, and perhaps rub shoulders with other 6-7 figure fitness business owners who will catapult your fitness empire even further.

The Todd Durkin Fitness Business Success System can take you there. If you already have interest or a passion for running a fitness business then you can do this.

These are real business success tactics
that will work to create six and
seven figures businesses.

You don’t have time to attend dozens of seminars all over the country and then figure out how to piece it together and implement. I am a huge advocate of attending 2-3 LIVE events a year. Heck, I’m at most of them and always love seeing my fitness friends and fans there.

But unfortunately, you can’t always attend all the ones you want LIVE.

So I have created this program for every ONE that has always wanted to come to my LIVE Mentorship event, get access to all the content I offer in it… and see inside our multi-million dollars business systems.

And now you can have my entire program, AND THEN SOME!

We’ve crafted together a “Big Box of Success” to go right along with and deliver to you my mentorship experience in the comforts of your own home. And you can have it NOW!!!

I’ve also bundled several years of my LIVE Mentorships and organized them into the most powerful, intensive “in-home” study program that you can possibly invest in.

The Todd Durkin Fitness Business Success System is broken down into 6-Modules of Business Success:

  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Personal Development
  • In The Trenches
  • Multi-Media Resource Library

Each module has accompanying:

  • System Objectives
  • Worksheets & Action Guides
  • Templates and sample copy
  • Guided audio/video tutorials from me to help you maximize each module
  • Course design based on developing foundation systems for your business

This way you can jump right to the ones you MOST NEED or go through it from start to finish.

I will personally be guiding and coaching YOU to make sure you maximize these systems. Until your purpose and dreams are fulfilled.

In this program, you will have access to, and learn in-depth strategies on topics such as this:

    • Skyrocket your productivity and clear your life of clutter.
    • Systematize your trainer hiring so you can retain, train, and inspire your team effectively.
    • Land corporate clients for an additional 6-figures in revenue.
    • Develop group training marketing systems so that your yearly marketing calendar is complete.
    • How to implement 30-minute training sessions for a 20% increase to your revenue and results.
    • Network with affiliates so that you can make money with your feet up.
    • Enhance your websites with 5-Easy Steps so you can put your online marketing on autopilot.
    • Run effective team meetings that get your team working in one direction.

Give raises.

  • Learn new media like podcasting 101 to get your voice out on the airwaves.
  • Implement the evolution from a trainer to an expert to an entrepreneur.
  • Discover the #1 thing you can do to become a more effective trainer.
  • Position yourself as an expert in your market for more sales – 3 Step Formula.
  • Use scripts to help you raise your rates, negotiate leases, and much more.
  • Master The 3-In-30 System that will have you accomplishing more than ever before with less time and better focus.
  • Apply the 8 Forms of Wealth so that you can live a world-class lifestyle.
  • Design Your Annual Road Map & Strategic Plan so that you can track, measure and define your business success and have peace of mind.
  • Attend my “Speaker School.” This is a presentation where I give away every tip, method, and lesson learned as a speaker and presenter. This one program alone is worth the price of the program.
  • And much more… I call it “And then some”

So, What The HECK is
Todd Durkin’s Fitness Business
Success System?

What I’d like you to have:


Module 1: Business Development

Part 1: 15+Hours “Blueprint for Success Breakthroughs” Video Series Plus: Action Guides to Success
($4,000 VALUE)

This is over 15 hours of my coaching exercises & presentations from my Live Mentorship organized into a business and personal development series that can lead to a quantum shift in your business and life.


  • “Blueprint for Success in the Fitness Business”, with Todd Durkin
  • “Systemizing Your Business: Business Operations You Can Bank On”, with FQ10 Operations Manager, Julie Wilcox
  • “Blueprint to Create Your Business Plan: How To Architect Step-by-Step Your Business Game Plan” with, Larry Indiviglia
  • “Unlock your WHY and the Power of HUMAN: Putting Purpose in Your Business”, with Larry Indiviglia
  • Business Plan in a Box Systems- step-by-step build you business plan workbook.
  • Front Desk Operations Systems-including Opening Procedures, Closing Procedures so that your staff can open and close without you, customer service expectations
  • Hiring Systems- including interview packets, new hire questionnaires so you know how to find world class staff and on-board them properly.
  • Pricing Systems- set up your prices and services quickly

When you implement all these breakthroughs in your business, you’ll enjoy more income per customer, your equity in your business will explode, and you’ll have more loyal and appreciative clients.

All this could multiply your income by at least 10 times… and you’ll also get an Action Guide to Success that’ll serve as your business blueprint for years to come.

Part 2: “How To Master NEW Lucrative Niches: Growing Your Business Model’s Success Outside The Norm” Video Training

($3,000 VALUE)
Not sure of the new rising niches where success is being created everyday? This training will delve deep into areas of new profit and growing income


  • “The Power of Small” with, Brent Gallagher, Owner West U Fit
  • “The 30-Minute Business & Training Model” with Brent Gallagher, Owner of West U Fit
  • The Evolution of A Fitness Professional & The New Profit Paradigm” with Ashley Selman,
  • “Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Fitness” with Trina Gray, Creator of The Corporate Fit Challenge
  • “Growing Your Team: Creating a Culture of Togetherness” – Todd Durkin
  • “Speakers School: How To Get Yourself on the Industry Stage” with Todd Durkin

This is where the industry is evolving and most businesses are slow to adapt. Be ahead of the curve for maximum advantage.

Module 2: Marketing

Part 1: “How To Craft A Compelling Marketing Message & Attract A Flood of Ideal Clients NOW!” Systems
($3,000 VALUE)

This is how you get your ideal client and customer’s attention with your marketing and get them to buy from you.
This training system will help you create your marketing message so you don’t have to struggle. This is something that 99% of most business owners don’t grasp and implement. You’ll get a huge advantage over your competitors.


  • “Healthy Branding: Feed Your Brand, Feed Your Business ” with Randy Hetrick, TRX CEO,
  • “Your Marketing Filter: Streamline Your Message & Grow Your Business ” with Lindsey Richardson, FQ10 Marketing Director
  • “Develop Your Brand” with Tori Hanna, Marketing Director at Under Armour
  • “Building Your Email List: Certainty & Security for Your Business” with Lindsey Richardson & Todd Durkin
  • Member Retention Systems- including New Member Welcome Packets, Seasonal Retention programs like Perfect 10 Club, Holiday Contests, and more…
  • Winning Marketing Systems & Samples- like 10 Day Boot Camp systems, Facebook marketing systems, Special offers, Class templates, Membership flyers, Email sequence examples for new clients, Member policies and more
  • Consultation & New Client Systems-Close your prospects and move them through the funnel of success in your business. Templates for new client systems including, liability, goal setting, measurements & fit testing
  • Give An Excellent Tour systems- Showcasing what matters to your prospects is the key to closing them. Here’s how.

Marketing your business will no longer be a mystery as you take a look at marketing methodology you can use as an inspiration for your own marketing materials. This can save you a lot of time and money.

Part 2: “The ESSENTIALS to Getting Online Revenue FAST & With Your Feet Up” Plus: Website Diagnostic Checklist & Assessment

($2,500 VALUE)

The changing technologies and landscape make it ever more critical that you know how to market your message online and make ADDITIONAL revenue so you can create income without trading dollars for hours.


  • “Nailing Your Website: Auto-Pilot Your Marketing” with Vito La Fata, creator of Fitness Profit Systems
  • “Leveraging the Web 2.0: Get Savvier Online Fast” with Trish Blackwell, 2013 Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • “The Power of Podcasting: Your Message Amplified ” with Trish Blackwell, 2013 Young Entrepreneur of the Year,
  • “How to Build a 6-Figure Online Business in 5 Steps” with Sean Croxton, Underground Wellness
  • “Money with Your Feet Up: How to Create Additional Revenue With Online Affiliate Sales” with Brett Klika, 2013 IDEA Trainer of the Year.
  • Website Assessment Checklist- to quickly set up, fix and market your website.
Your online marketing and website will now become clear tools that will develop your business and marketing beyond your brick and mortar.

Module 3: Leadership

“Effective Leadership Practices & Strategies ”
($1,000 VALUE)
“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”-Jack Welch

Leading your team, your clients and your self is the essential ingredient to a world-class business. Most business systems focus on the how and the what. I focus you in and train you how to develop as a leader so that your mission can grow beyond you and your business can sustain itself with a vision others can believe in.


  • Growing Your Team- Creating a World-Class Culture”, with Todd Durkin
  • “Ultimate Team Building,” with Vince Gabriele, Owner Gabriele Fitness Performance
  • “The Road to World Class,” with Todd Durkin

Module 4: Personal Development

“Creating High Performance Business & Life By Design”
($1,000 VALUE)
There’s a lot of self-doubt that can hold an entrepreneur back from their full potential. Unlock the secrets to a high performance mindset with this video series that can flip the odds in your favor.


  • “Live a High Performance Life: Mastering Your Roles In Business & Life” with Trina Gray, IHRSA 2012 Community Service Award Winner
  • “Creating Your Life Plan: Big 5 for Life & Your Decree,” with Todd Durkin
  • “Your Life Design Coaching: Planning to Get What You Want All The Time” with Todd Durkin
  • “90-Day Wonder & 8-Forms of Wealth Coaching” – with Todd Durkin
Getting your mind right is what allows you to create income and happiness at will. These strategies will have you focusing in on what needs to get done now.

Module 5: In The Trenches

“In The Trenches: Todd Durkin’s Mastering Your Training Toolbox”
($1,500 VALUE)
This is where you get an inside look and training series on how I run and architect my top selling group training sessions, boot camps, and how I get breakthrough results for my clients using Optimal Body Performance.


  • TD Fitness Class: Creating World Class Group Training Experiences
  • “TD Boot Camp Basics: How To Run a Profitable Boot Camp”
  • “Optimal Body Performance for Your Clients: Breakthrough Results Your Clients Will Rave About”
  • “Metabolic Testing: The Science Of Burning Fat & Profits” – with Pat Jak
Floods of referrals are based on your ability to deliver consistent training throughout your facility. Allow your trainers to watch these videos for a business and results you can bank on.

Module 6: Multi-Media Resources

“The Resource Archives”
($1,000 VALUE)
I’m giving you access to my vault. Whether you like to read, listen or watch your materials this multi-media DVD & Digital course caters to your preferred method of learning.
  • Printed transcripts, manuals, worksheets, even mp3.’s on all presentations for easy
  • You’ll have everything! All the tactics, strategies, and moneymaking tools…right at your
  • CEU’s for ACE, NASM, & NSCA with the product pending approval when the product

You are going to receive over $17,000
worth of fitness industry domination.

You’ll discover a different, better, saner, more
productive path to business growth
(regardless of the economy).

You get a set of high performance SYSTEMS that I’ve synthesized from decades of mentors, studying and testing by being in the trenches.
This can be used in any fitness business, large or small. And it’s perfect for any trainer or fitness pro, regardless of your title or role. You do NOT need to be the “owner” to prosper here.
Think about it. You will have your ‘slam dunk’ business systems:

  • New Member Welcome Systems.
  • New Hire Systems.
  • Opening and Closing Systems
  • Retention Systems.
  • Sales Systems
  • Pricing Systems…to name a few.

Turn-key systems without having to chase them down or fumble around and creating them yourself is how you speed up your success.
Just imagine how much happier you’ll be. Think about waking up in the morning with a smile on your face…and knowing you’re in for a day of breakthroughs.
Best part: These strategies are presented and explained in dozens of hours of video, DVD’s, supported by written transcripts for easy reference, and action guides for you to plug-and-play in your own business.

REAL Systems From Proven Businesses
And Fitness Entrepreneurs…
NOT “Made Up Stuff”…

This is a monster-sized, yet easily usable…TOOLKIT of ready-to-go training scripts, action guides and business exercises that you can start using right now.
This material is organized into key business categories with the accompanying workbook that guides you through which lessons and systems to use first, when to move on, or jump right to what you need. This way you are not asked to listen, learn and then left to your own devices on the “what’s next”. We have the tracts in the workbook all laid out for you to work through.
If I did all this for you as a private client, you’d pay over $25,000.
But, I’m passionate about small independent business owners, independent trainers, and trainers that are yearning to be the best. That is why I packaged this mentorship and massive success system neatly for you.

This isn’t Classroom Theory…
These Are Real-Life Business Practices,
Tested and Proven.

Trainings from the best FITNESS BUSINESS FACULTY. The Todd Durkin Fitness Business Success System isn’t just about me, you’ll learn from fifteen powerhouses, not just Todd’s perspective. I’m bringing some of the world’s best right to you so that you go to bed at night -every night – knowing (not wondering, wishing, hoping), KNOW ING others have paved the way for you and given you the missing pieces for how your business is going to oper ate successfully.
…with consistency, reliability and predictability.

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Todd Durkin – Fitness Business Success Coaching System

Todd Durkin – Fitness Business Success Coaching System

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