Tina Forsyth – Create Your Certification Training

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Because of this I certainly missed the boat on some key opportunities along the way (and quite honestly made less money as a result of that.)


Tina Forsyth – Create Your Certification Training

Tina Forsyth - Create Your Certification Training

Check it out: Tina Forsyth – Create Your Certification Training

Curious How I Created The Certification Training Program that Has Been the Backbone of My Business for 5 Years Now?
No Need to Wonder Cause I’m Spilling the Beans and Giving you the Goods in this Brand New Step-by-Step Training

I receive emails like this a few times a week.

“Tina – I’m looking to create a certification program like you did and I’m wondering if I can ask you a question about X”

I’ve been happy to answer questions along the way but the thing is that I knew I wasn’t really helping that much… simply because there is SO MUCH to know about the Certification model!

For the past few years I’ve been mulling the idea of doing a training program to help YOU create your certification program but the timing just wasn’t right. Now it is.

I started my first Certification training in 2009 – The Online Business Manager Certification & Training program – and it remains the backbone of that entire division of our company. It is the main program that we sell and it leads to our high-end Mentorship and coaching programs.

And having lead this program now for 6 years I can say with full confidence that we have nailed it… it’s a solid program that continues to serve both our clients and us at a very high level.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Because of this I certainly missed the boat on some key opportunities along the way (and quite honestly made less money as a result of that.)

I’m now in the process of creating our second Certification program and I thought “hey, now is an IDEAL time for me to map out the steps to creating a certification while we go through it again and invite you to follow along”

So you can “peek over my shoulder” as I create another certification program – and take my blueprint to create your own!

Dreamy yes? Especially if you are nosy like me and really love to get a behind the scenes look at the process from A to Z (yes, i’m nosy and proud of it… hehe)

I am literally mapping out the steps as I go through this process again so that you can follow along to create your own certification. I will talk through my own reasons and thought process as to what I’m doing and why, so that you can decide right along with me.

AND we will also have time for direct application and “on the spot” questions as we go – so we are working together to create your certification at the same time as i’m creating mine.

So let’s break down the journey we’ll be taking together:
Session #1: Certification Business Models & Pricing

So what exactly do you include – or not – in your Certification program? What are the various elements that you need to consider? This first session is all about deciding on the business model and elements of your Certification program.

First, why do YOU want to create a certification? It starts with knowing what’s in it for YOU so that you build your program to match <– This is an area that I did NOT consider when I created my first Certification program and I later regretted it
Second, what’s in it for THEM. Who do you want to sell this Certification program to and why would they want it? Important to consider 3 key elements here as you develop your program to really suit what they need.
The risks of Certification – what to know and how to prepare for them.
The different between licensing and certification – and how to know when to do one, the other or BOTH.
How to determine the best price for your Certification Program using the opportunity pricing model.
The distinction of giving them skillset vs. business building guidance – how much do you include upfront or in a later program?

You need to come into this training with your own clearly defined, proven proprietary system that you want to base your Certification Program on.

This means that:

You have your own proprietary system, program or training – it is something that you created and is 100% yours to do with what you like.NOTE: You don’t have to have every step laid out in detail – you can work on that as part of this training. But you do need to have a clear idea and general outline of what you would be teaching.
It is a proven system – you have been using it yourself in your own business and have worked with your clients to prove that it works.

If you don’t have these 2 things in place this isn’t the program for you YET (as shared in this video I did recently)… you first need to focus on building your own business with your proprietary system and then you will be ready to train others to do the same. Makes sense right?

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Tina Forsyth - Create Your Certification Training

Tina Forsyth - Create Your Certification Training

$87.00$997.00 (-91%)

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