The Multiplier Method

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A complete creative and informational toolbox that every business needs to generate revenue, including

The Multiplier Method

The Multiplier Method

Check it out: The Multiplier Method

Dear Ambitious Entrepreneur,
Why settle for gimmicky short-term business tactics when you can have the tested timeless toolkit to grow your business predictably and consistently.

If you are anything like most entrepreneurs who are running online businesses, you are usually bombarded by the latest gimmick, the newest tactic, the ever-promising scammy software that runs for certain number of days, only to throw us back on square one.

Finally in our business there has come a time, where we have moved from attracting hobbyist to real entrepreneurs.

If you are on this page, most likely you are one of the REAL entrepreneurs looking for a REAL solution you can rely on.

Here is the difference between you and most of them

– You don’t hope to run the business for the next few weeks, but you see it as something that is your legacy.
– You don’t want to jump on board with whatever is trending, you want to create a difference.
– You pour your heart and passion into your business.
– If you are a teacher, expert or coach, you slog endless hours to create a thriving community of followers and create the most epic programs.
– You don’t fit into the box.
– You know you have a lot more to offer to the world.

Here is the challenge that stops you from experiencing the business growth you envision

For some reason, our community has not evolved. The trainings and programs released every day are about the things that work now and for the next 6 weeks. After that, it becomes old news that can no longer be used.

There is a discomfort in moving on from this cycle and playing for the long-term.

The problem with the system is there are too many gurus trying to make money by teaching people how to make money. Still. In 2015. This is crazy.

They are making softwares to “hack” facebook or “hack” amazon. They are still gaming SEO.

For the next “X” days. And then we start all over again.

There seems to be little value in creating a real product, serve real clients and create a REAL business.

It feels like the system has been rigged for us to FAIL.

but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Growing a business is actually as simple as following the same proven formula.

What shifted everything for me was when I heard an entrepreneur, Jordan Belfort, say, “Every sale is the same.”

And that’s when it hit me:

It’s not JUST every sale that is the same, EVERY BUSINESS IS SAME!

Every business solves problems. From this perspective, I saw business in a completely differently light. Everything suddenly started making sense.

I found similarities in how businesses scale, and discovered the following two things present in ALL successful businesses:

1. Influence, and 2. Solving problems.

Businesses use influence to reach potential or existing clients, and they use solutions or variety of solutions to grow. As I did more research on this, I came to another important realization.

Having the influence and solutions to solve problem is just the first step – it is not enough on their own.

The 6 key pillars that grow any business is so simple, anyone can replicate it successfully

What I discovered – and later tested and refined to perfection – were 6 pillars that are crucial to build upon your foundation if you want to experience skyscraper levels of growth.

Everything else outside of these pillars are external façades and decoration. Without these pillars, it doesn’t matter what you throw onto your foundation – it may look good for a while but it will not grow your business.

Just like a building structure, if one of the 6 pillars do not function properly, the other 5 pillars lose effectiveness. Most businesses only focus on one or two of the pillars, and as a result, their business suffers.

Would you like to know what the 6 pillars are?

Then start taking notes, because this is going to shift how you grow your business immediately.

Introducing “The Multiplier Method” to build your 6 pillars of business growth and multiply your results.

In The Multiplier Method, you’ll get lifetime access to 24 videos with over 12 hours of strategies, systems and actionable steps that will accelerate your business.

Here’s a sneak peak into each pillar and what you’ll learn.

Pillar 1n – Inner Game

– How to adopt and maintain a genuinely positive state as you grow your business, without pretense or suppressing negative emotions.
– Practical steps to develop and nurture the inner game you need to consistently work on achieving positive results on your own — without letting small failures bog you down.
– An easy process to control your state of mind even when under immense pressure, so you can think clearly and make smart decisions for your business, thus saving yourself from investing unnecessary time, money and resources in the wrong places.
– Tools that develop your internal arsenal of confidence, resilience and stamina to push through whatever challenge comes your way – and emerge stronger as a business and as a person.

Pillar 2 – Strategy

– The exact templates of creating and following a business growth strategy. These are the same templates I’ve used to grow grow an 8-figure business by 41% in 6 months. You’ll no longer have to guess or risk trial-and-error strategies.
– A step-by-step blueprint to developing an effective long-term strategy. You’ll know exactly what to expect tomorrow, next month, and even a decade in advance so your business growth always stays on track without the risk or stress of “winging it”.
– How to ensure your company culture and team sticks to the long-term strategy as a GPS for your business that is always focused on your end result, right down to every daily task and interaction.

Pillar 3 – Data

– How to understand statistical data of your business so you (or someone you hire) can monitor your most important conversion rates. This helps you quickly keep your eye on the pulse of your business, so you can fix things before it’s too late.
– The 5 most important numbers to focus on that will have the biggest impact on increasing revenues, so you’ll never get frustrated or intimidated by a mountain load of data.
– Exactly how to optimize these 5 key metrics to experience exponential and positive results for explosive business growth within 12 months.

Pillar 4 – Team

– The same process I use with many successful startups to achieve phenomenal business results with no more than a dozen people on their staff.
– HOW to hire and exactly WHAT to look for in the hiring process — not simply hiring for the sake of hiring, or hiring just those with the highest qualifications.
– The importance of timing and WHEN to hire (PLUS: how to attract the top talent you need on your team).
– WHAT you need to do to create a productive culture for a business and a team that is self-motivated to achieve phenomenal results.
– PLUS: A behind-the-curtains access to a system of assigning tasks that gives your people the freedom to complete objectives – without pressure or stress – thus keeping up their motivation, loyalty, and enjoyment of working towards results.

Pillar 5 – System Automation
– How to identify and create a system that automates your business so you can improve and lower your operation costs.
– How to then create repeatable processes for your business that saves time, reduces worry and stress, and eliminates the need to work overtime.
– How to leverage automation to predict outcomes before they happen, so you can achieve more in both the present and the future.
– A complete creative and informational toolbox that every business needs to generate revenue, including:
Templates for sales letters
A step-by-step process for running successful webinars
Dozens of promotional materials
Templates you can replicate to successfully launch products

Pillar 6 – Follow Through
– Putting everything together into perspective with a clear path to follow that frees you from pressure and stress because you know exactly what you have to accomplish each day,each week, and each month.
– How to create an implementation plan with manageable steps and specific checkpoints that keep you on track – even when you are “failing”
– How to use this follow through strategy to also derive important lessons from failure, shedding clarity on exactly where you are now, where you need to go, and how to improve results at your next step.

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The Multiplier Method

The Multiplier Method

$92.00$997.00 (-91%)

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