Skyrocket your Freelance career!

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”I learned a lot about different types of customers. If you are a freelancer I recommend taking The Freelance Course to help you along your


Skyrocket your Freelance career!

Skyrocket your Freelance career!

Check it out: Skyrocket your Freelance career!

What you’ll learn

    Win more projects as a Freelancer
Reach better clients as a Freelancer
Negotiate the best deals for your Freelancing business
Turn a prospect to a paying client
The best customer service and key account management as a Freelancer
Reactivating past clients
Finding new clients with close to zero marketing dollars


You should be ready to take your Freelancing career to a new level
You should be ambitious
You should believe in yourself and your expertise as a Freelancer


Have you ever experienced difficulties finding new clients?

Have you ever felt you are working really hard but you’re not earning enough money?

Have you ever felt that it’s really hard for you to close the deal with a potential client and to negotiate your terms?

If the answer to those questions is YES – it’s time for you to make some changes. There is one very big common problem with almost ALL FREELANCERS – they are great in their job, but they are not good enough at sales. In order to be successful and to make really good money you should focus on being a businessperson. This is something we’ll help you achieve with our unique course – The Freelance Course.

What is included in the course

The Freelance Course consists of 6 video lectures, each about 30 minutes long on the following topics:

1. How to turn a prospect into a paying client

Making first contact

Building trust

Client profiling

Presenting client with an offer

Effectively closing the deal

Critical steps you need to take after the deal is locked – your client onboarding process

2.  How to negotiate your projects – the real deal

Developing your negotiation skills

Main principles of negotiating as a freelancer

Planning, preparation and execution

Negotiating rates

Handling client objections

Listening to your gut

3. Don’t just communicate with your clients – amaze them!

Building rapport with your clients

Inspiring client loyalty and creating repeat customers

Your client retention approach

4.  Key account management – your long – term client relationship strategy

What exactly is the difference between KAM and Sales?

Strategizing for cutting-edge Key Account Management

How to be the best Account Manager your clients have ever worked with

5. Reactivating past clients – your additional income stream

Analysis of client loss

Crafting and improving your strategy

Bringing the client on board again – closing the deal

6. Finding new client with close to zero marketing dollars


– How to ask for feedback properly

– Going for the referral

– A couple of tips regarding business cards

Increasing sales for a close to zero marketing budget

– Storytelling

– Creating new contacts

Get immediately download Skyrocket your Freelance career!
– Nurturing and maintaining relationships

– Mutual marketing

– Choosing the right partners

– Online marketing and sales tricks

What Other People Say about the course

”I learned how to perfect my negotiating skills and communicate more professionally with clients. I highly recommend this course, both for beginning freelancers and for writers who are more experienced.”  – Catherine Writer

”I love the course! As a freelancer, a huge part of my job is to market and sell myself and as we all know, marketing and sales are all about psychology and interacting in one way or another with other people. So the information that this course presents you with, is extremely valuable.  I highly recommend The Freelance Course!!”  – Segio Sanchez

”Amazing course! Very informative and really goes in depth on ways to become the most successful freelancer/business owner possible.” – Benjamin Delano

”This course provided answers to questions I never knew I had about my profession and provided realistic, practical steps that I can take in order to organically grow my business. Many times, courses of this nature offer suggestions that are impossible to actually complete and work on due to their complexity or being out-dated. This course meets you right where you are and provides small steps that will build up to help you achieve BIG goals while building your work ethic and motivation.” – Rachael Palmer

”I learned a lot about different types of customers. If you are a freelancer I recommend taking The Freelance Course to help you along your journey. Not only will you learn a lot but it will help to refreshen things you may have forgotten about.” – Regina Basile

”I absolutely loved the advice found in The Freelance Course and will be using it in the future to promote my freelancing services . Nothing is sugarcoated here in the sense that people who want to promote their business have to really get into the trenches and meet people, generate loyal customers, and do the hard work that it takes to reach them and keep them. At the same time, the way the course is written makes doing such work inspirational and, ultimately, beneficial from a financial perspective. ” – Sal Nudo

Who this course is for:

Beginner Freelancers who want to skyrocket their Freelance career

Anyone interested in becoming a professional Freelancer

Intermediate Freelancers who want to increase their revenues

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Skyrocket your Freelance career!

$17.00$49.99 (-66%)

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