Ross Jeffries – Magick and Psychic Influence Course 2015 Edition

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Amazing Magick Course Reveals: How to Influence Others At A Distance, Discover and De-Program Limiting Beliefs, Engineer Coincidence, and Delve Deep Into The Power Of Your Super-Conscious Mind!


Author: Ross Jeffries

Ross Jeffries – Magick and Psychic Influence Course 2015 Edition

Ross Jeffries – Magick and Psychic Influence Course 2015 Edition

Check it out: Ross Jeffries – Magick and Psychic Influence Course 2015 Edition

Attention Speed Seducers, NLP’ers, Wiccans, Pagans, Self-Improvers, Warriors, And Those Who Just Want A Hell Of A Lot More In Life…

“Amazing Magick Course Reveals: How to Influence Others At A Distance, Discover and De-Program Limiting Beliefs, Engineer Coincidence, and Delve Deep Into The Power Of Your Super-Conscious Mind!”
“I Guarantee This Course Will Teach You To Undo
Your Limited Sense of Self, Radically Re-Design
Your Life, and Non-Verbally / Non-Locally Influence
People and Events – Or You’ll Pay Nothing!”
– Ross Jeffries”

From The Desk Of:
Ross Jeffries, Creator, Master Teacher, And Trainer
Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dear Seeker of Success,

If you’re interesting in tapping deep into the power of non-local reality and your super-conscious mind, and mastering the 3 states of consciousness that will allow you to…

Engineer coincidences in your world,
Influence others at a distance, and
Create a future that reaches back to your present to recreate you as the kind of person who can achieve it
…then please let me say,

Your Decision To Now Claim Your
Magick, Meditation and Non-Local Influence Course
Will Be The Best Choice You Ever Will Have Made!
Here’s why:

rossjeffries-personalIn case you don’t know me, my name is Ross Jeffries and I’ve been referred to as “The Living Legend Of Seduction™” and “The Godfather Of The Worldwide Pick-Up Community”.

And in the NLP world, they call me either “That Renegade Genius” or “That Twisted Son Of A B****” (I take that last one as the highest compliment.)

But assuming you do, indeed, know me, then you also know that I think outside the box, color outside the lines, and break every rule in the book when it comes to finding out how things really work.

I’m equally devoted to finding out how quickly and easily limits set by self and society can be popped like a balloon as you watch those “limits” evaporate like the thin, hot air they are.

When it comes to creating changes for my students (and myself), I’ve studied and mastered NLP, multiple styles of hypnosis, mindfulness meditation, and to make sure I really push the envelope….

Ritual Magick
Releasing your brain power in an entirely different way.

Now, before you start thinking I’ve gone and lost my marbles, please remember I am a very precise thinker.

When I first looked into “Magick”, I was not just skeptical, I was scornful – as well you should be if you think I’m talking about twitching your nose and making $100,000 suddenly appear in your bank account, or anything that even faintly resembles “The Secret”.

(By the way, I think everyone involved in “The Secret” should be hung by their ankles and beaten with a rubber truncheon until they give back every single dollar they’ve ripped off!)

What I Mean By Magick, And Why
This Is So Important To You
Now, follow along and get excited as I describe to you what **I** mean by Magick and exactly how this course will trance-form your life.

(Skip the description Ross: I want my course right now!)

The man who started it all.
The man who started it all.

Magick, as defined by Aleister Crowley (one of the fathers of the modern practice) has nothing to do with rubbing lamps and getting wishes granted by genies.

Magick, by the definition you and I use, means:

“Change according to the will.”
It is the structured use of personal ritual, symbology, movement, and breath to:

Uncover and bring to light deeply hidden patterns that are profoundly embedded in the personality
Deconstruct them so they no longer bind you, distorting your perception and driving your behavior
Design IN, the qualities of personality and ability that you would like to have to bring you to where you want to be in your life.
Become Truly Free
Doesn’t this sound interesting and really great?

The sum of it is: this course will allow you to….

…..Kick-Ass, Take Names, And Explore
What Makes You TRULY Happy
And Fulfilled In The World
So that said, here are just some of the things I work-shop in this friggin’ great video series. You will be learning how to:

The Fantastic “F-U And Die” Exercise to drastically increase the emotional flexibility you bring into any situation
Untangle And Channel Blocked Emotional Complexes that have kept you stuck, and use their energy for your vision and purpose
Create A Glamour of irresistible attractiveness
Explore “Non-Local” Influence – the ability to connect with others and move them without being physically present
See And Set Yourself Free From The Deeply Hidden Beliefs and filters that have squeezed down your sense of possibility and stunted your freedom to move in the world
Transcend The Sense Of A Limiting Identity and self as a “thing”
Untangle Deeply Buried Emotional Knots so you see your world and your power clearly
Experience A Place of profound inner healing and peace
Dissolve The Rigid World into an ongoing flow you can channel and ride
Use Meditation To Develop focus, concentration and Magickal “Will”
And much, much more in this tightly-organized, highly-interactive video training!
ClaimYourSuccessNow, here is the most interesting (and potentially dark-side) part of the video course…

…Secrets Of “Non-Local/Non-Linear” Living:
How To Walk The Path Between Worlds To
Influence Events And People At A Distance
OK: does it seem like I’ve finally lost my marbles?

Well… here’s how it works.

Listen: you can look at humans as functioning on two levels:

(Skip the blabbering: I want my course!)

A simple, materialistic, “cause and effect” level. In this model, humans are just bags of chemicals, everything is matter, all information comes in through the 5 senses, and everything works in a straight line, with linear progress.
A “non-materialistic/non cause and effect” level. In this model, humans are more accurately described as patterns of information, we are all connected “non-locally”, no matter how physically separated we may appear to be by distance, information and order can be duplicated without having to travel across any distance, and chaos and non-linear shifts and jumps are what make the world really work.

The smart view (and the real skill) is to be able to walk back and forth between these two, according to what the situation calls for.


Now, if you haven’t already jammed down on the “Claim My Success Now” button above, let me pull back the curtain even more and show you how you’ll use that core skill to learn:

How To Create And Use Sigils – magicians use Sigils to take your desire, create a pictograph, charge it up, then bury it in your unconscious mind.  This is how you sidestep the unconscious resistance, cravings, and lust for results that get in the way of getting what you truly want out of life. You will create your Sigils, with my personal guidance, right in the room!
The “Dream DVD” – imagine the power to influence others erotically AND OTHERWISE when they are dreaming and asleep! Married or single, from the boardroom to the bedroom, THINK OF THE POTENTIAL! This is the “stealth” technique that you can use to have people thinking the thoughts about you that you want and ENJOYING taking the actions you want them to take!
How To Pre-Influence Events And Circumstances In Your Favor – Why wait for that business meeting to start or for the evening of “meeting people” to begin, before you start getting results? Learn to reach out and “pre-influence” events energetically so they roll around in your favor as you wish them to! Get the leg up on the competition before THEY even step out the door!
How To Shift The Thoughts Of Others Without Saying A Word And Without Even Having To Be In Their Presence – This can be used to shift general emotional attitudes of others towards you and pre-dispose them to be more co-operative, friendly, seducible OR it can be used for more specific thought “guiding”, as in seduction, business deals, promotions, hiring and similar areas of endeavor!
Secrets Of Command Presence! – how to radiate authority/power and silently give the message, you are a person to be given priority and respect!!!
Two Different Methods For Remotely Influencing Those In The Same Room Or Building As You – these methods are ideal for “line of sight” influencing of others, whereas the other methods I will teach you don’t even require you to be in the same city!)

Now Check Out These Unbelievable Bonuses You Get
When You Immediately Claim This Course,
For All Your Own Right Reasons
By claiming your instant access to your video course, you get each month – at no charge whatsoever, the following opportunities to connect with me, LIVE:

FREE, Private, ½ Hour Consultation With The Living Legend And Master Teacher Himself, Ross Jeffries! ($500 value)
ross-birthday-picTo really reward you for taking fast action now, here is the bonus I KNOW you’ll love.

Claim your exclusive and private access to the 25+ years of accumulated personal trance-formation skills of “RJ”, at your service, and get this area of life powerfully handled now, and get it for free, for a limited time. (Normal fee $600/hr!)

(Be assured: to protect your privacy and absolute confidentiality, these calls are NEVER recorded.)

Listen: when you consider I charge $500/hour and $5,000/day for my private clients I think you can see this bonus can find yourself pressing that “Claim My Course” button right now.

img_claimyoursnowAnd to make it more enticing, I’m going to throw in the following bonus to the next 67 17 people when you claim your instant online access now:

Membership In Our “TOP SECRET” Elite Mastermind Group On Facebook ($997+ value)

Here’s your chance to enjoy constant and private support from your fellow students as you step into enjoying the elite community.  Talk amongst yourselves, share stories and reports, ask questions, give each other encouragement…


… AND receive occasional mentorship from me (I do my best to pop into the group at least 3 times a week to address your questions, add to the conversation, and share my stories as well.)


I have been aware of and playing with psychic influence for 15 years. You present a model, which matches and validates my experiences in an astounding way. You explain this model in a clearer way than I have even been able to imagine myself articulating it until now. You are doing for psychic influence what Jose Silva did for hypnosis and meditation.

Andrew Harrington
Framingham, MA

What’s My Investment To Claim My
“Magick, Meditation and Remote Influence”
Course Now, PLUS My Free Consult With You
And Membership In The Community?
Listen: if you weren’t totally convinced before, I think you can now clearly see that the access to me alone is giving you thousands of dollars worth of value.

Adding in the membership to our “TOP SECRET” community where you’ll receive support from me and your fellow students, PLUS all the amazing skills you’ll learn in the course, ought to be reason enough for me to set your investment at $1,997.00.

But because I really want that contact and connection with you, and I love hearing students’ feedback about the results they get, I’m going to make this offer available for the next 47 people at just $397 (and there’s a payment plan if you need it.)


And remember, when you claim your access to these amazing Magick, Meditation, and Remote Influence videos today, you are protected by my


Listen: I’m so sure that this amazing video course will deliver all I promise and more, that I’ll guarantee your full satisfaction for a full year after today’s investment.

Now make the smart choice and, claim your instant access right now!

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Ross Jeffries – Magick and Psychic Influence Course 2015 Edition

Ross Jeffries – Magick and Psychic Influence Course 2015 Edition

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