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There are tremendous amounts of profit underlying house deals you could be passing each time you close on a property. Almost every piece of Real Estate has some kind of a mortgage, trust deed, land contract, lien or judgment attached to it. I call this paper.


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Ron Legrand – Paper Power

Ron Legrand – Paper Power

Check it out: Ron Legrand – Paper Power

Dear Friend,

There are tremendous amounts of profit underlying house deals you could be passing each time you close on a property. Almost every piece of Real Estate has some kind of a mortgage, trust deed, land contract, lien or judgment attached to it. I call this paper.

Sometimes there’s more profit in the paper than in the house deal itself. Quite often you can make money on both at the same time. A Lot Of Money! In fact:

Only The Uninformed Would Buy Houses And Ignore The Paper.

So, I’ve created the most powerful program ever undertaken to make money with all kinds of paper attached to Real Estate. It’s called Paper Power. This 2-day event will make you enough money next year to buy a new Mercedes or send your kids to Harvard.

It won’t interrupt or in any way interfere with your Real Estate business. In fact, it’ll open a lot of new doors and could very easily be more lucrative than houses.

So What Will You Learn?

Well, we’ll cover the entire paper business. Like houses, it’s divided into pretty paper and ugly paper. Translated, this means we’ll be dealing in notes that are current (pretty paper) and defaulted notes (ugly paper) where no one is paying. These are my favorites.

We’ll also cover buying liens and judgments and how they can lead you to properties for pennies on the dollar, as well as help you capture deals that scare away the competition. In short, when you see how to capitalize on deals you’ve let go in the past, you’ll hate yourself for not knowing this long before.

Here’s A Short List Of Some Of The Things
That’ll Be Covered, And I Do Mean Some

  • How to find pretty and ugly paper and never visit a courthouse or spend a fortune on marketing.
  • How to buy over-leveraged houses no one else will touch and make a killing by getting liens removed from the house with little or no cost.
  • How to structure offers on all kinds of paper to maximize your profit and produce little known income streams.
  • How to make more on ugly paper and where to raise the money to do it. You’ll see why defaulted mortgages are a multi-billion-dollar industry and how you can find them by accident while looking for houses.
  • Who to buy from, when not to buy, and when you better move like you have lightning in your pants.
  • How to make your competitors look foolish and gain an unfair advantage.
  • How to make money on paper deals when you can’t buy the house or find the owner and don’t care if you do.
  • Where to sell your pretty paper at a simultaneous closing, just like you do your house. In fact, I’ll have the buyer in the class begging for your business.
  • Why you should be using your IRA to buy both pretty and ugly paper and how you can make it worth a million bucks in five years without making another contribution.
  • How to structure the sale of your houses with owner financing, so you can sell off the note at closing with only a minimum discount and cash out of the deal.
  • How to buy and sell notes to make $5,000 now, and several times that later on the same note, and not have a dime invested.
  • How to create monthly income by buying and selling partial payments to create free money. I’m not kidding!
  • A step-by-step plan even the most unskilled beginner could follow with no previous experience.

One of the most important tools in the paper business is the financial calculator. It amazes me how many people carry them around but can’t use them. Well, not anymore! You’ll be taught how to use this mathematical instrument so you can calculate anything you’ll ever need to know.

Don’t worry if you don’t already own one. Today we use Apps – we will show you the easiest to use. I can assure you, when you leave, you’ll know how to use it, because you’ll be doing exercises throughout the class.

The first day will be spent learning how to create numerous streams of income on pretty paper. You’ll be astonished to learn all the money you’ve lost because of what you didn’t know.

We’ll Discuss Things Like…

    • Finding notes and flipping them.


    • Optioning notes, selling off part and keeping the rest free.


    • How to sell part of the payment and let the seller keep part for cash flow.


    • How to create notes to buy houses with owner financing, so the seller gets cash and you put up no money.


    • Buy or option notes, and change the terms to double your income.


    • How to structure the purchase of a note to get a 67% return on your investment.


    • How to evaluate notes quickly to eliminate risk and ensure a fast sale.


  • Checklists for every phase of buying and selling notes.

All That’s Just The Beginning!

Then we’ll get to my favorite part of the note business…defaulted or ugly paper. There’s a killing to be made in defaulted paper even if you don’t understand it.

Every Foreclosure On Every Property In The Country Is Defaulted Paper.

Now, add that to all the liens and judgments attached to properties, and it’s literally a goldmine. Why? Because you can buy defaulted paper for pennies on the dollar! Just like you buy ugly houses at wholesale prices. When no one’s making payments, the value of the paper plummets, and that’s when I get excited. You see this paper is secured by Real Estate. I love Real Estate and defaulted paper; it’s merely a way to back into killer deals on the property.

I recently bought a house out of foreclosure worth $285,000. It had a first mortgage of $135,000 and a second for $17,000. The first was foreclosing, which put the second in a very weak position. They had to pay off the first or lose out. So I bought the second for $3,750. That means I got a $13,250 discount for flapping my lips for about five minutes. Because I bought the second mortgage, that put me in a position to bring the first current and foreclose on the property, or take any one of five other courses of action you’ll learn in class.

Worst case, I foreclose and the house is bought at the sale. Then I’d make $13,250 and never touch the house. Best case, I get the house! That means I’d be getting a $285,000 house for $135,000 owed on the first, which I could take over, plus $3,750 I paid for the second, plus foreclosure costs.

I’m not sure, but I think that beats mutual funds. Wait until we show you how to do this without even putting up the $3,750 using my special joint venture agreement with the owner of the note. Heck, you won’t even need to pay attorney fees to foreclose! Defaulted paper is an entire business within your business and you’re tripping over it every time you buy a house with a lien, judgment or mortgage that’s behind.

You’ll get my special forms and agreements designed for risk-free operation, my checklists to buy and contingency plans for anything that could go wrong. And defaulted paper is so easy to find, because most of it involves some court action that’s a matter of public records. Your courthouse is a goldmine if you know how to dig.

You’ll learn to separate the time wasters from the good deals quickly and what constitutes a good note worth pursuing. You’ll get letters to note holders, Realtors and other tools to load you down with prospects. You’ll be taught how to own notes to keep your name off public record and protect yourself from predators. What you learn in the second day alone will make you hundreds of thousands of dollars in your lifetime. You just can’t get this stuff anywhere else!

Then we get to a relatively new part of the business called…

Simultaneous Closings.

Suppose you could sell all your houses with owner-financing and then sell the note at the same closing to cash out completely. Well, now you can! No more picky banks to take your buyers to. No government backed lenders to deal with, and better yet, no long holding periods waiting for perfect buyers.

I don’t suppose I have to tell you the easiest way to sell a house is to offer owner financing. But until now, that meant not cashing out. But no more! You’ll be trained on every aspect of this exit strategy so you can find them and keep the cash rolling. A lot of time will be spent on this process so you get it nailed.

But here’s some really good news…

The People Who Will Buy Your Note And Cash You Out
Will Be Furnished To You, So You’ll Have

All The Resources You Need At Your Fingertips!

The Note Buyer IS Your Teacher!

You’ll learn ten different things to do with those second mortgages you sometimes take back when you sell houses. You’ll see how to convert them to cash without taking a discount.

All in all, this is one powerful three-day event unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You may bring your spouse, significant other, adult child or parent for free…

OK, Ron! How Much Will It Cost?

The cost is normally $2,995, and a steal at that! Even at $2,995, one little note flip to Bob, the note buyer, will get your money back times three. One small defaulted paper deal can easily make you ten times the cost. You’ll save more than that on holding costs on one house while trying to cash out the old fashion way using banks. In fact, just the closing costs you save on one deal will recoup your cost.

Simple Guarantee

You have until April 14th to totally reverse your decision for a full refund and you may sit through the first day and if not thrilled with the content simply tell the staff you’re leaving and we’ll process your refund.

You’ll also get a one-of-a-kind event manual loaded with special forms and agreements you’ll be asked not to disclose to anyone outside your business. If you miss this event, it could be like winning the lottery and having your dog eat the ticket. You’ll regret it for a long time…even after you get rid of the dog! Don’t miss it!

To your success,

Ron LeGrand

P.S. Your host, Bob Leonetti, has been buying notes on residential and commercial property for over 20 years. Wait till he shows you how note magic can make you six figures on commercial deals only a handful of people alive would know.

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Ron Legrand – Paper Power

Ron Legrand – Paper Power

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