Rohan Gilkes – 27 Days 2 Launch

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We’ll install your site for you so you can skip the technical challenges of building your website on your own.

Rohan Gilkes - 27 Days 2 Launch

Rohan Gilkes – 27 Days 2 Launch

Check it out: Rohan Gilkes – 27 Days 2 Launch

Introducing 27 Days to Launch

A 60-day program to help you create & launch your local service business profitably — without the tech struggles or overwhelming information with everything you need to know to go from idea to launch in 27 days!

  • Select your profitable local service and a business name that converts.
  • Create the brand that positions you as the world-class player in your space.
  • Build your audience of excited local recurring clients.
  • Make sales before you even finish setting everything up.


Step-by-step videos to help you set-up and launch your business in 27 days.

You’ll access the exact case study that has led to countless six and seven figure businesses and led to all the testimonials you see on this page.

In addition you’ll find modules created by other multi-million dollar entrepreneurs that followed our methods to get there. All is left is for you is to put in the work.


Live 24/7 help in our private community of local business builders from all over the world.

Find accountability partners at all stages of the business and get the latest tips and tricks to support your success. Connect with accountability partners in different stages of business to keep you on track.

Learn exactly what’s working in the real world in real-time. You’ll find the most supportive and helpful community anywhere with several multi-million dollar entrepreneurs there to support you.


Weekly Group Coaching so all your questions are answered LIVE to get you ready for launch.

With our weekly calls you’ll keep on track for the week, conquer any challenges, and set your goals for the upcoming week to keep you moving towards building a successful company.

I’m fully dedicated to making you succeed and myself and the team will be there to help map out your branding, positioning, and getting you ready to launch and grow your own successful local service business.

PART 4. Website & Technology

Website and software set-up no longer has to be an issue.

Package comes with a full wordpress theme designed specifically for local services with all the knowledge and expertise we have baked right into the site. No previous website skills needed.

We’ll install your site for you so you can skip the technical challenges of building your website on your own.

Everything is designed for you to move quickly from idea stage to having a full and functioning business.

Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • What are the critical steps to go from zero to launch in 27 days?
  • How do you take credit cards?
  • What is Launch27 and how does it change everything?


  • Select your local industry
  • Compile your customer acquisition strategies
  • Grow your email list to thousands of subscribers

Module 2: Branding

  • Create your Brand Voice
  • Write your Brand Story
  • Create your Market Methodology


  • Connect with your IDEAL business partners
  • Outline your launch strategy and review objectives
  • Set up partnership Framework


  • Price your services
  • Learn the mindset settings for launch
  • Phone closing and customer service?
  • How to work with bloggers and pre-sell your service

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Rohan Gilkes - 27 Days 2 Launch

$127.00$997.00 (-87%)

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