Robin Manuell A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling

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Hypnotic Storytelling Exercises: Each module contains a number of exercises to help develop your ability to tell stories…


Author: Robin Manuell

Robin Manuell A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling

Robin Manuell A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling

Check it out: Robin Manuell A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling

The Power Hypnotist Video DVD Program
For hypnotists who want to get better faster…

After discovering this you too will say…

“Use This NEW “Fusion Hypnosis” To Ethically Influence People’s Primal Decision Making Process…”

Best part: you can use it in everyday conversations… as well as serious business meetings… to have effective, ethical influence with other people…
And yet: nobody will ever feel like you are putting ideas in their head or influencing them in any way…

What is printed on this webpage will likely make you very envious.

It’s not my intention to make you envious. But the people mentioned on this page will, I’m afraid, have something of that effect on you.

Take “Mr. O” for example:

“Mr. O” (his full name is omitted to protect his privacy) is a high-stakes investment bounty hunter.

He pitches for (and gets) hundreds of millions of dollars of investment capital from steely-eyed executives at major corporations — including (but not limited to) Bear Stearns, Boeing, Disney, Honda, Texas Instruments, and Yamaha.

He also has ice-cold Russian Oligarchs and iconic billionaires (from Yahoo! And Google and the like) practically falling over themselves to invest in his ventures.

All in all, “Mr. O” is rather good at what he does. So good in fact that he grew his boutique investment company from $100,000,000 to $400,000,000…
During The Biggest Banking
Collapse In World History!
How does “Mr. O” do it?

I’ll tell you in just a second.

First I want to tell you about a CEO named John.

John is a quiet, yet curious, man.

He makes fools of sales gurus. Especially the sales guru his company hired to train his employees. It makes for an amusing story…

What happened is this:

John sat in on an important sales meeting with Jason, a top salesman who had been training with the sales guru who had trained all the company’s sales employees in a new and improved selling methodology.

They were sitting together in an office room presenting (and hoping to sell) information technology services to the CIO of another important company.

The employee salesperson (Jason) followed all the sales strategies he’d been taught.

And he was doing an ace job of following the new sales methodology he’d been taught. All was going well… then something disturbing happened about 5 or 6 minutes into the meeting…

What happened is the CIO took an irritable dislike to the questions he was being asked and the direction the meeting was going… and… from there… just like a runaway sledge…
Everything Went Downhill Very Fast!
And the more Jason the employee salesperson tried to “get back on track” with the sales strategies he’d been taught, the closer the CIO got to erupting in anger.

It was at this uncomfortable point in the meeting that John the CEO had to calmly step in.

John (the CEO) didn’t follow any sales strategies he’d been taught (he hadn’t been taught any!) and curiously enough he didn’t mention any details about his company’s technology services nor try and sell the CIO in any way.

But within minutes of John the CEO “taking over” the oddest thing happened:

The CIO completely “thawed” and, with no prompting whatsoever, suddenly decided to purchase the information technology services. There was no negotiating on price, either. It was just — as they say in sales-talk…

Are you wondering how John (the CEO) turned an angry prospect into a buyer without any “sales moves” or even mention of the service they were selling?

I’ll tell you that in a moment too.

Right after I tell you about an intriguing man called Gerry Spence.

Gerry is arguably THE best trial lawyer who ever lived.

How good is he?

Well, if my sources are correct, he’s never lost a criminal trial (and hasn’t lost a civil trial since 1969).

What’s even more interesting is this: because the jury always seem to “lap up” whatever point he makes… a leading member of the defence council (so annoyed he couldn’t win) once accused Gerry of:
Hypnotizing The Jury
Is that true?

Kind of.

Because although Gerry does not put the jury into a “sleep like trance” and take advantage of their vulnerability — he does make all his points through stories.

And he tells stories in such a way that his points of argument “seep into” jury members.

In fact, so undetectable are Gerry’s points (cloaked in stories) — even jury members who have already made up their mind against Gerry’s client eventually HAVE to concede (and ultimately agree with) Gerry’s arguments in court.

The “take away” point? It’s this:

It’s through stories that Gerry Spence has become arguably the BEST trial lawyer of all time.

It was also through stories that the CEO John got an angry CIO to “sell themselves” on making a big purchase decision.

And, yes…

It’s mainly through stories that investment bounty hunter “Mr. O” influences ruthless money-men to part with hundreds of millions of dollars.

No need to feel envious of any of the people mentioned though — because there’s now a way to out-do all the people mentioned on this page by using a NEW hybrid hypnosis that FUSES my advanced covert hypnosis principles with the hypnotic story telling techniques of…
“Hands Down The BEST Hypnotic
Storyteller I Have Ever Come Across!”
I’ll tell you who my “pick” as the best hypnotic story teller is in a bit.

But what’s important now is you understand just how powerful you will become when you fuse (combine) my advanced covert hypnosis principles with the best hypnotic storytelling secrets there are.

It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say that when you combine advanced covert hypnosis (to induce certain emotions) with storytelling hypnosis you will influence the pictures in another person’s mind and the emotions in their body almost as easily as you change the pictures on your TV screen with…
A Remote Control
Everyone thinks in pictures.

So: the better you are at directing the pictures inside the head of another person — the more influence you will have with them.

Likewise, everyone feels emotions.

So: the better you are at triggering emotions that fuel the actions you want another person to take — the more influence you will have with them.

Meaning: When you combine directing the pictures in another person’s head with triggering the emotions you want them to feel…
It Really Is Like Having A Primal “Remote Control” To Their Mind & Emotions And The Decisions You Want Them To Make
Thing is:

You never want them to know you are putting pictures in their head or triggering certain emotions.

The SECRET is for them to think (believe) they are “seeing” the mind-pictures that only they want to see and feeling only the emotions that they would naturally feel.

And that is a skill that very, very few people have.

Sure you have storytelling naturals like “Mr. O”, John the CEO and trial lawyer Gerry Spence — but even they are not privy to the NEW “fusion hypnosis” that combines my advanced covert hypnosis secrets along with the kind of hypnotic storytelling secrets you are going to get from the master storytelling hypnotist I’ve teamed up with.

The name of the master storytelling hypnotist is Robin Manuell.

And it is Robin Manuell that I consider to be the hands down the world’s BEST storytelling hypnotist.


Well, part of the reason his Robin’s unusual “journey” into the world of hypnosis. You could say he took a bit of a detour.

See Robin came to the field of hypnosis in a rather roundabout way. Psychology and computer models were his focus of study at Sussex University in England. Then, in his final year, he specialized in the rather “off-beat” subjects of…
Psycho Drama & Shamanism
Sounds like Robin would be more suited to Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, doesn’t it?

But Robin is actually a very practical “real world” person with business shrewdness.

During his twenties, Robin ran a theater company. And he first got interested in and began practicing hypnosis to improve his acting abilities.

It was some time in 1996 that Robin got the NLP “bug” and…

Shortly thereafter, John Grinder (one of the co-founders of NLP) invited Robin to work with him personally. Robin studied directly under the watchful eye of both Grinder and Richard Bandler.

Over the years, Robin developed a unique approach to hypnotherapy using hypnotic storytelling. His approach is easily applied to any situation requiring influence.

Best of all…

Robin’s approach is the answer to helping you become an amazing hypnotist… even if… you’re just getting started.

Through trial and error… working with hundreds of his own hypnotherapy patients… Robin discovered how to make hypnosis easy using stories. He found out that hypnotic stories are like a ferry boat taking you across frigid waters to safe harbor.

Hypnotic stories… told using my conversational hypnosis principles… turn both raw rookies… and seasoned hypnotists… into a powerful force of covert hypnotic influence.

You might be wondering “how” you can take advantage of Robin’s secrets.

Until recently, you would of had to pay a pretty penny studying with him one-on-one. The financial sacrifice was simply too much for most people.

But not anymore.

Because I convinced Robin to teach his secrets along with me… and… let me record everything as part of the…
How To Be A World Class Hypnotic Storyteller Home Study Video Course
The Key To Effortless Hypnosis For Instant Influence

I guarantee you’ll never… and I mean never… find these practical secrets in any hypnosis course anywhere in the world.
Why do I say that?
Well, because no one teaches what Robin knows. What’s more, he and I teamed up on this project. Our objective was to combine his storytelling process… with… my covert hypnosis principles.
The result: A surefire system for easy hypnosis that leads to total compliance.
Here’s a small (very small) taste of what I mean:
Module 1: Hypnotic Storytelling Foundations And The “Johari Window”

Where to find the most persuasive and seductive stories… hidden where you’re least likely to look.
Connect with people at a deep emotional level and compel them to take action in the moment. (Evoke any emotional state needed to get the response you seek.)
Why the entire world is nothing more than a story in our minds. (And how knowing this allows you to influence anyone you want.)
5 reasons hypnotic storytelling is at the heart of human interaction. (And a sixth reason which proves people will do almost anything when told the right story… in the right way.)
Think you don’t know how to weave an influencial tale? Baloney! Here’s how you’ve “engineered” compliance from parents, siblings, teachers and bosses… but… just didn’t catch on to what you were doing. Now you’ll know how to ethically influence others on purpose!
Guarantee your suggestions sneak past the mind’s critical factor. (Tired of telling others what to do and getting nowhere? This is how you by-pass the natural skeptic in everyone who is waiting to shoot your suggestions down.)
The truth behind how things really get done in the world. Proof from English anthropologist, Margaret Mead, of what it takes to motivate people into action to achieve even the most “impossible” of tasks.
The “cloak of story”: A little-known technique for relating personal anecdotes while making an important point… without… exposing yourself. (Great for shy and reserved people who want to influence the “hard cases” in their lives.)
How to “soup up” your conversational and social skills so people find you fascinating and absolutely irresistible.
The “Johari Window”: A simple technique (developed in 1955 by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham) which gives you deep insight into how people think. And once you know how they think… it’s easy to come up with just the right hypnotic story.

Why “Reasoning” With Someone Is
The Surest Path To Non-Compliance

A startling revelation I had while on a silent meditation retreat. (Listen to this account and you will NEVER be afraid of engaging other people in conversation again.)
What companies like Nike and Coca Cola are really selling… and… why you and I buy into it hook, line and sinker. (Hint: It’s not sneakers and soda. Follow their example and you’ll have no trouble getting your ideas accepted too.)
Exploit this quirk of human nature and people will cling to your every word… and then… do exactly as you say.
Bonding with total strangers so fast you’d think they were a long-lost friend. (And how to avoid breaking social “norms” and scaring people away.)
Natural storytelling talents you’ve suppressed almost your entire life. (Plus… how to build your storytelling “muscles” so you start crafting tales that inspire, motivate and induce trance without even trying.)
When it’s okay to take “artistic license” with your stories… and… when to stick to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Strange New World: A fun exercise for getting your creative juices flowing. (I often practice this first thing in the morning. It focuses the mind on finding storytelling fodder.)
Why remembering a story word-for-word is useless when trying to hypnotically influence someone. I’ll reveal a better alternative used by master hypnotists.

Module 2: Provoking Emotions And The 5 Key Elements Of A Story That Impacts The Unconscious Mind

Spinning boring life events into a compelling plot people can’t get enough of when they hear it. (The result? Influence happens effortlessly!)
How to change moods by reframing someone’s mental and emotional reference point. (Robin recounts a meeting he had with an accountant who hated his job. That is… until he was shown how to “look at it” from a different point of view.)
Feedback Loops: A secret way to lock people into a frame of mind thatleads naturally to agreement. (If they did this more in schools kids would probably love to learn.)
A simple story format for building trust and rapport. (It’s also a “gateway” to ethical emotional and mental influence.)
Afraid you’ll run out of stories? I’ll show you the easy way to tell a hypnotic story that spawns other hypnotic stories. Believe me, you’ll have more “ammunition” than you’ll know what to do with.
How to suck people into your thrilling sagas without even trying. I figured this out when I was coaching “tough-as-nails” Fortune 500 executives who were twice my age and didn’t want to listen to a young buck like me. (Never failed me yet.)

Secrets Of Spontaneous Story Creation Almost No One In The Hypnosis Industry Knows

Robin’s memory trick ensures you never forget a great story you came up with. (Now, the stories you create will stick in your mind like crazy glue.)
Another memory trick I like to instantly recall your favorite “yarns of persuasion.” (By the way, both of these tricks work when you want to remember… anything!)
The Mental Stash Technique: Yet another secret for mentally storing all of your hypnotic stories for immediate access.
The “golden thread” woven into all stories and myths from the beginning of time.
How to tell a gripping story in 30 seconds… 30 minutes… or any time frame you choose. (Expand or collapse any story depending on how much time you have to mastermind a paradigm shift in your subject.)
What Aristotle said 2,500 years ago about the purpose of a drama… and… why his advice is critical if you want to hypnotize more people in less time.
5 elements every hypnotic story must include for maximum influencial impact. (Miss one and you’re done.)
When’s the best time to end a story meant to influence? Here’s the exact moment to stop talking and let the hypnotic process take over. (If you keep going, it may actually work against you and undo everything up to that point.)

Module 3: The 7 Most Influential Stories Revealed And How To Tell Your Own Version

The Ultimate Ice Breaker: A wonderful story structure for meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends. (Let’s you break down the emotional barriers most people put up.)
Why there’s no substitute for total honesty… if… getiing others to agree with ease is your priority. (And the only time honesty can “backfire.”)
How to make people who question your motives totally comfortable with you in just a few minutes. (Hint: Tell them THIS story and watch their resistance melt like ice cream in the summer sun.)
A low-key, indirect way to make an indelible and positive impression about your character as a person. (So subtle and so effective at dropping someone’s “guard” so they accept you into their lives.)
The Bee Story: Use this when you want to look like a hero without doing any conceited chest-pounding. (You’ll have people wrapped around your little finger.)
An easy way to show people you are “harmless” and there to help. Fear holds a lot of people back from making decisions or accepting your ideas. But that won’t happen to you any more.
7 master stories of influence… and… how to rattle any one of them off at just the right time… and… without memorizing them word-for-word.
When losing a sale or an argument works in your favor.
3 kinds of teaching tales proven to change moods, minds and actions.
A formula for coming up with your own teaching tales. (Works like a charm when someone objects to a product, idea or piece of advice. Try it. You’ll like it.)
Practical Mind Reading: A simple way to show someone you’ve been in their shoes and understand their feelings. (Quite possibly the most effective way to connect with people on an emotional level. They’ll trust you with their first born if you do this right.)
How to respond to someone who refuses to “play ball” and agree to your requests. (In a matter of minutes, they’ll forget the objection and follow your lead on cue. It’s as if you’ve turned into the Pied Piper and they can’t help but to agree with you.)

Module 4: How To Turn Any Story Into A Truly Transformational Tale

How to deliver a story so it seems like a perfect fit for the person you’re addressing. You’ll say the right things at the right time without giving it a second thought.
Open closed minds with this simple story structure. (Unskilled hypnotists who don’t know this make a serious mistake when faced with reluctant subjects and the entire hypnotic context collapses.)
An uncomfortable truth about the act of storytelling. And how to use this bit of info to mold someone’s reality to your way of thinking. (Nothing underhanded about this by the way.)
Lock your hypnotic stories deep in the reservoir of your mind… and… reinforce them within seconds so they’re always available and can never be forgotten. (It’s the secret to cementing permanent memories that are almost impossible to erase.)
Keep people on the “edge of their seat” and immersed in every word you say. All it takes is this simple influence technique that glues people to your story, drops their critical mind defenses and leaves them open to your impressions.
Examples of transformational stories that change people’s lives. (Milton Erickson was an expert at telling these kinds of tales laced with hypnotic suggestions… and… helping people overcome all sorts of personal problems.)
A three-phase storytelling formula anyone can follow!
My first public speaking gig as a junior lawyer… why I consider it a total disaster… and how I became an able storyteller with the confidence to deal directly with hypnosis subjects, coaching clients… and eventually… present training seminars to thousands of people around the world.
Perhaps the laziest way to become a superb storyteller in no time. Sit back, listen to this and… before you know it… stories that persuade and influence will just pour out.
How I convinced my father that leaving a prestigious law firm — after years of schooling, sacrifice and hard work — to venture into hypnosis was not only a good idea… but… the best thing I could do with my life. (I didn’t even have to say anything directly to him and he changed his mind.)
The secret to refining stories until they pack the greatest influencial impact possible.
How to design a clear hypnotic message in as little as a three-line story.

Module 5: How To Combine Transformational Stories With Open And Nested Loops

How to leave someone else with the same mental and emotional impression you’re experiencing. (Big key to “breaking through” natural defenses like skepticism.)
Fun exercises for amplifying different parts of your story. (This is how a story comes alive and mesmerizes people until they’re like putty in your hands.)
Hypnotic Non-Verbal Cues: How to “sync” body language with the content of a story… and… keep anyone’s attention fixed on you.
Different ways to use voice inflection and tonality to hold the interest of one person or an entire roomful of people.
Why Milton Erickson told the same stories in different ways depending on the situation. (You can learn a lot from this strategy… which… was perfected by the greatest hypnotist who ever lived.)
Calibrating the emotional response coming from your subject — while making subtle changes to the story to increase it’s influential impact.
Why people “trance out” during a really good story… even if… the storyteller is not intentionally trying to hypnotize them. (Which is also why becoming proficient at telling stories turns you into a genius at hypnosis.)
Curiosity-provoking “lead-ins” and how they force people to beg for more.

Quick and easy way to cut out all the “ums”… “ahs”… “likes”… “you knows” and other nervous chatter while talking.

How To Hide Post-Hypnotic Suggestions Within Innocent Stories

The “curiosity factor” you can build into any story that is so powerful everyone you speak with will remain focused with rapt attention until you’re done. (You’ll see this technique used by high-level fiction writers… which… is one reason their novels sell like crazy.)
Transitions to shift from story to story without breaking the flow… and… the perfect point at which to begin hypnotic work.
“Story Skipping” and a clever way to overload conscious attention so you can slip suggestions into the unconscious without detection.
Mind Warp: How to throw anyone into total “mental disarray” and drop in covert suggestions they can’t help but accept.
Little-known strategies to lead conversations from start to finish.
The “Columbo Approach” to dealing with overbearing Alpha-types.
What a referential index is and how it helps pull people into your story. (They now become a character you shape and mold.)
How to lead people through a series of useful states as you tell a story of transformation.

Module 6: Creating Picaresque Adventures And How To Scale Stories Depending On Your Environment

A popular story told in Medieval Times perfectly suited for creating a hypnotic trance. (When you take people on these “mini-escapades” they get lost and become susceptible to hypnosis.)
Shape “pointless” anecdotes into epic tales that sway others to your point of view.
How to enjoy learning anything by making a story out of the experience. (One guy from India taught his students how to memorize all the bones in the body by plotting out a fun narrative.)
Why parts of your saga must stay the same… and… when it’s okay to take a little add some “spice” to make it more absorbing.
What to say or do when you reach a “peak of emotion” during a conversation.
How to covertly “seed” a key phrase or gesture you can use to transition into hypnosis. (So elegant not even a trained hypnotist will notice what you’re doing.)
Two proven and super-effective models for telling stories that influence.
The seven step influence formula that never fails.
How to gauge a subject’s interest in the conversation… and… intensify it to the point where they must listen to your every word.
Why you must distract the conscious mind immediately after finishing a hypnotic story. (Don’t mess up here!)
How to uncover the “code words” and personal trance stories looping around in another person’s mind. (And how to use that discovery to design stories that enter the conversation in their head.)

Module 7: How To Find Your Own Internal
Metaphors And Make Them Into
Stories Others Love

The importance of becoming conscious of how people naturally communicate.
Relaxing subjects: A quick way to “lighten the mood” and make others feel comfortable with you. The door is now open to drop them into a trance.
How to “trigger” any emotional state you choose in subjects. They won’t be able to help themselves.
How Robin changed himself from a dull bloke into a funny “life-of-the-party” kind of guy. (The little exercise he did might do the trick for you regardless of what change you’re after.)
Unconscious responses: How to recognize and work them into your story so it feels like the story they’ve already been telling themselves. (Very few hypnotists know this.)
Why you may lose people during a conversation — they’re attention-wandering elsewhere — and how to reel them back in.
The four elements of a story that is congruent with the other person’s experience. Essential to keep them actively listening and completely engaged.
A stealthy way to get people to reveal what’s relevant to them in this moment. And now that becomes the thrust of your story.
Keywords people say without thinking that expose their inner world. They’re like little emotional “trip wires” ideal for peppering throughout a story. Before you know it, the other person will agree to almost any request.
The “magic three-word question” which lets people give you a glimpse into their world view. You’ll see how they think about a problem or opportunity… and… then be able to discuss it on their terms. (This is Advanced stuff any hypnotist would want to know.)
How to handle a person who does not give you the right (a.k.a. their unconscious) answer to the magic three-word question. (And 3 tactics for luring out the metaphorical images lurking in the unconscious.)
How to avoid triggering a defense mechanism when dealing with people. A general rule of thumb… but… one you must never break.
A polite way to prod for the unconscious symbols most of us don’t even know we hold in mind. (Plus… how to use these symbols and create a perfect hypnotic context.)
Why you must loop “yes sets” within hypnotic stories.

Module 8: Symbolic Realities, Symbolic Influence And Putting Hypnotic Storytelling All Together

A therapy model for exploring the symbolic framework someone operates from! (Just use THESE well-placed questions give you a nice overview of their “unconscious landscape.”)
Universal symbolic metaphor themes: A short list of common themes to look for, isolate and add to a story.
How to speak the “lingo” of any specific group of people. (Want to fit in like you’ve been part of a group for years? Then develop this skill — it’s easy — and your influence will jump off the charts.)
The true story of how General Motors changed a two-word metaphor in their presentation before Congress… and… secured billions of dollars in funds from the federal government. (Amazing what’s possible when you know how to phrase things just right.)
Another true story of how a media technology company changed a two-worddescription in how they related to prospects… and… within four months… almost all of the prospects they contacted were on board with them.
What you can learn from the metaphors used by corporations. And a book on the subject you might want to read.
A secret of great salespeople who always close the sale. (It’s also the same secret of great hypnotists who always hypnotize their subjects.)
The absolute best influence strategy ever developed. (Great news for those of us who use hypnotic stories as a covert influnece tool.)
How understanding someone’s unconscious symbols opens up opportunities to easily influence them! (Removes all struggle you’d normally endure, too.)
An exercise to help you apply your newly acquired hypnotic storytelling skills for maximum influence and persuasion in any situation.
Five story themes to make long-lasting personal connections.

The video program contains too many (way too many) secrets to list.

Rest assured, Robin and I went to great lengths to make sure this course is…
Perfect For Anyone
Who Wants To Win People Over

If you’re a hypnotist… you’ll drop subjects into trance with ease.

If you’re a hypnotherapist… you’ll assist clients to live better and more productive lives.

If you’re a sales person or business owner… you’ll close more deals, clinch more accounts and boost your income and revenue.

If you’re a stressed-out parent… you’ll easily coax the kids to listen and obey.

If you’re in any kind of leadership position (or intend to be)… you’ll stand out from the crowd and command the respect you deserve.

And it gets even better…


Because the process of becoming an expert hypnotic storyteller is quick.

Robin and I are certain anyone can watch the videos and do the exercises… and… become proficient at the basics within 3 days tops.

After that… with a little reinforcement… the secrets you discover will be ingrained in the unconscious mind. So you’ll always have them available for recall at a moment’s notice.
And INSTANT ACCESS To This Amazing
Program Is Waiting For You
What you get is:

8 Video Modules Of Step-By-Step Instruction: Watch as Robin and I teach you the nuances of hypnotic storytelling. You will absorb all of the critical strategies and techniques to using stories for influence and persuasion in any situation.
Hypnotic Storytelling Exercises: Each module contains a number of exercises to help develop your ability to tell stories. In addition, the exercises show you how to come up with stories that allow hypnosis to happen naturally. As you practice the fun assignments, the skills you learn will become part of your psyche.
Bonus Complete Transcripts: Every word of every video in every module is available for you to read in the Complete Transcripts PDF that comes with the program. Exposing yourself to the videos… practicing the exercises… and… reinforcing each session by reading the transcripts gives you the ultimate advantage to becoming a master of hypnotic storytelling.

Look, if you’re a hypnotist or in the “influence game” in any way, shape or form… then… looking this program over is simply in your best interest.

Here’s the deal:

A copy of How To Be A World Class Hypnotic Storyteller Home Study Video Program is here with “your name on it.”

You won’t have to pay seminar fees. You won’t have to endure travelling to a live event. No airport lines to wait in. No cramped plane seats to sit in. No time off from work.

When you get instant access to this program… it’s like a seminar-in-a-box you can always attend.

Which is great.

Because that means you won’t miss a shred of proprietary instruction Robin and I doled out. You can rewind the videos for clarification. You can refer to the written transcripts. You can do any of the exercises over and over again as needed.

Once you get the course it’s yours… forever!

I was planning on selling the course for $997

In my opinion, that’s a bargain.

I mean…
You Can’t Find These Secrets In Any
Other Hypnosis Course Of Its Kind
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Plus… I’m also going to put my money where my mouth is and give you a…

You can order this program and review the entire training.

And if you don’t believe this is the most cutting-edge instruction on hypnotic storytelling… then… you have nothing to risk.

Because within 60 days you can request a full refund and get every penny you paid back. No questions asked. No problems.

Basically, you can look everything over… for free.

If you don’t like it, just let me know.

But I doubt that’ll happen. See, after providing hypnotists with the best training in the world for well over a decade now… I’ve learned one thing…

As long as my products deliver on my promises…

As long as the instruction is easy to learn and implement…

As long as people can experience results quickly then…

We both win!

In this case… I guarantee you… the video course delivers on all of my promises and then some… what Robin and I teach is easy as pie to learn and use… and you’ll see results the very first day after you go through the videos.

Remember: How To Be A World Class Hypnotic Storyteller Home Study Video Program is the only product of its kind… that… shows you in step-by-step detail how to come up with stories that hypnotize people… and… sway them to do as you say.

If that’s what you want then…

This is your best chance to discover how to use hypnotic stories to influence minds and get more people to agree with you. Get started right now and you’ll never look back…

You Can Get Started Today !
How To Be A World Class Hypnotic
Storyteller Home Study Video Program

The Key To Effortless Hypnosis For Instant Influence

Igor, I’m so glad you’re sharing with me the key to effortless hypnosis. I’ve been waiting to discover the secrets of hypnotic storytelling… and now… they’re mine for the taking. Thank you for giving me this chance to greatly enhance my ability to influence people.
The package I am ordering includes:

8 Modules Of Step-by-Step Video Instruction: Robin Manuell and you will teach me the nuances of hypnotic storytelling. I will absorb all of the critical strategies and techniques to using stories for covert influence in any situation.
Hypnotic Storytelling Exercises: Each module contains a number of exercises to help develop my ability to tell stories. In addition, the exercises show me how to come up with stories that allow hypnosis to happen naturally. As I practice the fun assignments, the skills I learn will become part of my psyche.
The complete transcripts: Every word of every video in each module is available for me to read in the PDF that comes with the program. Exposing myself to the videos… practicing the exercises… and… reinforcing each session by reading the transcripts gives me the ultimate advantage to becoming a master of hypnotic storytelling.

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Robin Manuell A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling

Robin Manuell A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling

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