Robert Stukes & Shawn Anderson – Comment Growth Badassery

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BONUS 2: Want the scoop straight from the creators of ManyChat on best practices using the Comment Growth Tool?


Robert Stukes & Shawn Anderson – Comment Growth Badassery

Robert Stukes & Shawn Anderson - Comment Growth Badassery

Check it out: Robert Stukes & Shawn Anderson – Comment Growth Badassery

REVEALED: The Simplest (and most powerful) Messenger Bot You Are NOT Using…

It’s finally time to unleash the power of Comment Growth Badassery – Never-Before-Shared strategies of FB messenger’s most powerful (and misunderstood) tool

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Run 2 Bots on 1 Ad

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When messenger bots first came out, there was only ONE tool we used.

It worked SO well we didn’t even look at anything else because it just wasn’t worth our time.

Then EVERYONE started using it and it pretty much was gone overnight.

Facebook stepped in, changed the rules and *poof*, our new found ‘gold rush’ was over.

So we dug in and started to dominate with the other tools at our disposal…

…that is until recently.

We sat back and wondered if we could revisit our ‘goldmine’ we had relied on so much at first.

And guess what?


What are we talking about?

Using the ‘Comment Growth’ Tool in ManyChat.

If this is your first time hearing of it, the basics are this:

1) Someone comments on your ad
2) That ad is connected to ManyChat
3) Your bot turns them into a subscriber

Easy peasy.

Or it used to be.

Everyone and their brother started running ads doing what Facebook calls ‘engagement baiting’.

Asking people to comment a keyword to fire off their bot.

Basically spam.

But it worked.

And worked WELL.

Until it no longer did.

So up until now we had to take a step back.

Make sure that the virtual dust settled.

And now we are back!

In fact here is a quick tester ad from one of our niches:

Pretty cool huh?

So between the two of us we decided it was time to not only re-introduce this in our own businesses…

…but it was time to show YOU how.

Not only how to set it up, but how to do it effectively.

How to do it safely.

Now be warned…

This is NOT something we want everyone doing again.

The masses ruined it last time.

In fact we are in ALL the Messenger Groups out there.

And the question KEEPS coming up:

“How can we use the comment growth tool again?”

Well, we’re the ones to show you.



This is the 30,000 foot overview so you’ll know exactly how to fit this into your business immediately.

We go over the entire process from the start so you never wonder what to do next.

Whether you have used this tool before or not, you will know EXACTLY how to fit it into your business.


Module 2: Old Way vs. New Way

We need to show you the way we USED to do it so you can avoid those traps.

Did they work? Absolutely.

Did they stop working? Yes.

But now there’s new strategies that work better than ever.

Now you will be armed with the best way to attack.


Module 3: Facebook Ad Objective

This may go against EVERYTHING you have been taught but that’s ok.

We tested and refined these strategies deep in our top secret “Mad Scientist Labs” and came out with a true winning formula.

We’ll even show you that there’s more than one way to do this…but this one WORKS.


Module 4: Complete Facebook Ad Setup

These ads are different than most.

And that confuses most people that try to use them.

There’s no need for you to worry about all that.

Instead of getting caught up in campaign killing details, we show you from A-Z how to set up EVERYTHING.

So you hit the ground running with winners.


Module 5: ManyChat Overview

We know that this may be your first time setting up things in Messenger.

Don’t worry, we sort you out in this module so you can be assured that you do things the right way the first time

No guesswork. No “will this work?” here.

We’ve plotted your course and tell you literally step-by-step how to do it.


Module 6: Connecting ManyChat

This setup is SO easy BUT…

You need to set this up 100% correct to make things fire off.

We got you covered:

We go through the entire setup, testing and deployment as you watch “over our shoulder” so you can emulate the entire thing for yourself for instant success.

Now we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t give you the FINAL missing pieces as bonuses.



BONUS 1: Adding Comment Growth to Existing Ads

This bonus is MASSIVELY USEFUL and will save you a TON of time.

You can actually connect this growth tool to existing AND other ad types.

Yes, we are showing you how to have 2 bots in ONE AD for absolute maximum efficacy unrivaled by what anyone else is doing (most “gurus” don’t even know this is possible)


BONUS 2: Want the scoop straight from the creators of ManyChat on best practices using the Comment Growth Tool?

Guess what? The official documentation was basically BURIED.

We uncovered the official ManyChat tutorial (in print form).

This will give you a HUGE “leg up” on not only ManyChat’s but also Facebook’s official position on several strategies you should (and some you should not) be utilizing.

This is crucial stuff to go through to make 100% sure you are doing everything 100% correct.

So there you have it.

7 Modules of Pure Actionable Content. (plus 2 epic bonuses)

No fluff.

No rambling.

Training is ready to deploy NOW.

You get instant access to everything.

Not to mention our world class support.

So if you are FINALLY ready to get some real results from your Messenger Marketing… THIS IS IT!

See you on the inside…

Shawn & Robert (the Bot Badassery Team)

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Robert Stukes & Shawn Anderson - Comment Growth Badassery

Robert Stukes & Shawn Anderson - Comment Growth Badassery

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