Private Label World Summit 2016


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We’ve had thousands of private label owners FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD check in so far and they’ve learned: How to use advanced sourcing and product research strategies, The process for taking your products onto other platforms, How to get into retail…



Private Label World Summit 2016

Private Label World Summit 2016

Check it out: Private Label World Summit 2016

We’ve had thousands of private label owners FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD
check in so far and they’ve learned:

How to use advanced sourcing and product research strategies

The process for taking your products onto other platforms

How to get into retail

How to boost sales without breaking the bank using Sponsored Products

How to adapt to changes in policies and terms when selling on Amazon

AND how to you launch a product with no incentivized reviews

And that’s just for starters!!

The beauty of this being an ON-DEMAND VIRTUAL conference is that the presentations are all there to watch IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME, AT ANY TIME YOU WANT!

But don’t just take our word for how good this is…

…here’s what people are saying about the Summit RIGHT NOW:
“Great Q&A session today. Got incredible info regarding the fundamentals of setting up my business properly from the beginning and the importance of having an accessible team. #PLWS16” — Sigrid M

“Great job on the #PLWS16 – such a great line-up of speakers and the format is perfect! I really didn’t know what to expect, but the value that’s in this on-demand conference is WAY more than what it cost!” — Adam S

“#plws16 did not disappoint! Great sessions, the first day was worth the $ of admission alone!” — Alf B
Here’s the full lineup for the Private Label World Summit 2016
We’ve brought together the top private label entrepreneurs from all over the world so that YOU can learn how they achieved their success!
Will Tjernlund
$8m Private Label Seller
Using Wholesale Accounts to Find Opportunities in Private Labeling
Profile image
Greg Mercer
Founder of Jungle Scout
The New Product Launch Process (post incentivized reviews)
Profile image
Scott Woldow
Partner, Trademark Attorney, Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP
Protecting Your Brand’s Intellectual Property with Copyrights and Trademarks
Profile image
Mark Hirsch
Director, Corporate Development, Marketing and Product Management at Qbrands LLC
Preparing Your Private Label Brand for Eventual Sale or Exit
Profile image
John Rossman
Co-Creator of the Amazon 3rd party marketplace
How to Use a Future Press Release to Create Massive Value for Your Products & Brand
Profile image
Brian Johnson
Sponsored Products Expert, Founder of PPCScope & Co-Founder of Sponsored Products Academy
Staying Ahead of the Curve with Sponsored Products Advertising
Profile image
Chad Rubin
Founder of Skubana
Going Beyond Amazon, Expansion Into Jet, Walmart & More
Profile image
Gil Lang
Rock Star Private Label Seller from Germany
Shares His Secrets of Domination
Profile image
Thomas Albiez
Founder of, the largest German FBA Community
Picking the Brain So You Can Duplicate an 8-Figure Amazon Success
Profile image
Gianni Munday
Founder of Extra Direct UK
The Simple Steps to Crossing the Pond, and Selling on
Profile image
James Thomson
Former Amazon Executive, President and Co-Founder of the Prosper Show
Grey Market Sales & Brand Protection on Amazon
Profile image
Brian Burt
Founder of Ecomazon, co-founder of Sponsored Products Academy
Harnessing the Power of Outside Traffic to Drive Your Sales
Profile image
Kevin Rizer
Private Label World Summit Host, 7-Figure Brand Builder, Host of PLP and Co-Founder of ZonSquad
Find Your Why, Find Your Purpose & Explode Your Business Growth
Profile image
Anthony Lee
COO of Zonblast
The Three Pillars of Private Label Success
Profile image
Will Moffett
Co-founder of Upfund
Use Crowdfunding to Fund Inventory for Private Label Growth
Profile image
Joe Junfola
Founder of Zonblast
Product Launch Success
Profile image
Rachel Greer
Former Amazon Executive, Founder of Cascadia Seller Solutions
Adapting to Changes in Policy When Selling on Amazon
Profile image
Timothy Bush
Retail Industry Expert, Host of “On the Shelf” podcast, blog and Founder of TLB Consulting
Getting Your Private Label Product to the Front of the Retail Shelf
Profile image
Michael Devlin
Award Winning Digital Marketer & Brand Builder
Advanced Product Research and Sourcing Strategies
Profile image
Manny Coats
Host, AM/PM Podcast
Simple Hacks that Exploded My Private Label Sales
Profile image
Tracy Hazzard
Co-Founder of Hazz Design & Contributor
What to Sell Next!
Profile image
Danny McMillan
The Amazon Seller, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker
Merch By Amazon – Is It For Me?
Profile image
Steve Rasmussen
Hiring Expert, Founder of
Using a Bucket List to Hire Right, the First Time
Profile image
Private Label World Summit Host
Kevin Rizer
Always the entrepreneur, Kevin Rizer heard of the opportunities available to build a brand of physical products, and dove right in. Admittedly, he thought that the new venture would be more of a hobby than a business. That view changed — and quickly, when his first private label brand, in the pet space, found a voice and grossed over $1M in sales during its first full year.

Today, Kevin has several brands of private label products, and a growing team of dedicated individuals helping him build an empire. Kevin is one of the co-founders of ZonSquad, the preeminent authority on launching and growing a brand.

Kevin started Private Label Podcast in April of 2015 to bring the stories of successful sellers and brand owners, as well as industry leaders and experts to an ever-growing audience of private label entrepreneurs. Today, the podcast reaches 60,000 + brand owners each month, through audio, video and online content.

“Kevin REALLY knows his stuff. Every minute I spend watching or listening to him equates to real dollars for my private label business”– Josh, Ohio

“PLP is my favorite podcast by far. The guests are top notch. The host is engaged and asks great follow up questions. I implore you to check it out!” — Stan, Florida

Sounds pretty good, huh?
“Serious Knowledge Bombs dropped here by Chad….Strategic, Smart, and Big Picture….Well Done and Thank you” — Christopher A

“Great presentations. While I’ve been implementing many of these talking points already, some of the other nuggets were fantastic. Thanks!” — Jeanne

Now you know how annoying it is when you sign up for a replay of a webinar, and it’s only available for, like, one day?

Well, you can access ALL of the presentations until September 2017!!! So you can revisit, re-listen and re-learn tips over and again from THE BEST EXPERTS in the industry.

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Private Label World Summit 2016

Private Label World Summit 2016