Peter Vargas Stage to Scale

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BUNCH of a-ha’s – ninja moves. All day long I would recommend this to other people.”


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Peter Vargas Stage to Scale

Peter Vargas Stage to Scale

Check it out: Peter Vargas Stage to Scale

Introducing:The Stage to Scale Method
The A to Z Formula for Reaching 6, 7, or even 8-figures PREDICTABLY.
On This Page…

    Build a reliable, proven system for scaling your business – any business.
Increase your impact and income just by sharing your story with the right people.
Get more followers fast so you can build your reputation – and spread your message.
Discover exactly how to position yourself and create an unforgettable “Signature Talk”.

Stop leaving money on the table – and finally get paid what you’re worth (even if you don’t have a product yet).
Transform gatekeepers into allies and get invited to the best speaking opportunities.
And do it all in less time than you’re probably spending on your business already…

How Can the Stage to Scale Method Change
Your Business… and Your Life?

We call it the S2S (“Stage to Scale”) Method because we know getting on the right stages – being invited to speak in front of the right audiences – is the single fastest way to grow your business.

And this method works even if you hate speaking, or are terrified of stepping onto a stage (keep reading to find out how.)

Let’s face it – you want a faster way to grow both your profits and your reputation as a leading expert. This is the way.

You can bypass years of burnout and “hoping” to get noticed… and instead, quickly make a name for yourself and start getting paid what you’re worth.

Like freedom from overwhelm and stress wondering HOW you’re going to grow your business with all the options available…
Sharing a message that resonates with the world (and changes) lives…
Consistent, stable revenue due having the highest conversion rate out of any marketing medium. (We’re seeing 7x to 10x higher opt-ins in just 60 minutes of talking to a live audience!)
The “pre-framing” which has already taken place by the time you step on the stage is powerful. You are instantly positioned as the authority.
And now you have the power to rivet their attention to your message, as you speak directly to their hearts for 60 minutes (Good luck keeping people’s attention spans even half that long using an online video.)
It may sound crazy but in just 1 hour, you can make MORE money than most online launches… without all the added expenses or headaches.


“The single biggest contributor to growing my business has been stages… and my good friend, Pete, is THE guy that the biggest names work with to land stages and use them to dramatically grow their business”

– Peng Joon

“I’ve been speaking for over 22 years.
In fact, back in 1998 I spoke on 68 stages in 90 days. They weren’t fancy stages or big crowds, and I never left my province of Alberta. The impact was so huge that I haven’t needed to market that business since. I’ve shared with people how I did it, but I’ve never met anyone with a more powerful system for finding and getting on stages than my friend, Pete Vargas.”

– Todd Herman

“My secret weapon the past 2 years: Stages.
Over the past year I’ve found speaking to be a major avenue to accelerate my business growth. The guy that helped me figure out how to crack the code to stages was Pete Vargas… over the past decade he’s helped people get on 25,000+ stages and generate tens of millions in new business. If you want to share your gifts with the world, this is the place to learn how.”

– Selena Soo

“I’ve been doing this a long time, and no one teaches this process better than Pete does. No one that I’ve seen holds a candle to where Pete is”

– Steve Olsher
That’s why we’ve nicknamed this method the
“One-Hour Launch™”.
And all you need to do is talk to the
right people and know what to say.
Here’s how…
the “SECRET WEAPON” for Fast Growth

Nobody really talks about this, but one of the easiest and most reliable ways to build anything – a business, a movement, or a ministry – is through speaking on stages. You can build your reputation quickly and meet your first customers (clients, fans).

No list, no fancy tactics. Just going out and talking to people.

Many of your favorite experts got their start just this way, but this method isn’t only for famous people. Regular folks use it too: consultants, entrepreneurs, service providers, you name it.

And while everybody assumes you need fancy technology to get your name out there, the truth is people have been doing it for centuries without Facebook ads. Socrates got known at public debates and talking to strangers in the street.
At the end of the day, people decide to follow you
because they like you. Because they trust you.
Because you have a relationship.
Not because of your Facebook ads.
Best of all, these opportunities are
waiting for you all over the place.
Not just physical stages, either.
Think about.


Networking Events

Media appearances
Online Media

Vlogs and Blogs
Membership Sites
Social Media Livestreams

online, offline, ANYWHERE your audience hangs out!

A stage could be as small as your living room, or as big as a stadium, or anything in between. Wherever two people or more are gathered together, you can bring your message with impact!

Wherever you can meet people, change a life, close a deal. In fact, we have done extensive research and have identified at least 80 different types of stages! How many of them are you are using right now?
There are 7.6 billion people in the world…
And Many are looking
For your help right now.

A certain small group of these people are waiting for you – you specifically – to step up and deliver your message to them.

Why wait for them to find you?

Why not go where they’re hanging out and talk to them?

This works no matter what business you’re in!

Because whatever you’re doing, you need customers, fans, press coverage, and qualified leads.

And the fastest way to get all of those things is by “going where the fish are.” Why work so hard to make them find you?

When you get on the best stages, you can leap past your competitors and accomplish in months (or days) what takes other people years.

And you can command much, much higher prices while you do it.
Just In Case You’re Not Sure Who I Am…
Hi, I’m Pete Vargas.
Stage to Scale Method is my life’s work … in 3 easy steps

For 15 years, this method helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get known, reach bigger audiences, and grow their dream businesses.

This is more than simply a business for me.

It’s more even than a passion.

It is my life’s Magnificent Obsession – helping people spread their stories, ideas, and messages for maximum impact.
How a Speaker Changed
My Life in 60 Minutes

Over 15 years ago, my life was deeply impacted by ONE man on a stage… in just 60 minutes, he helped my estranged father and me reconcile.

In that moment, I learned the POWER of stages … and dedicated my professional life to helping people spread their message and scale their businesses.

The right stage can mean the difference between success or failure for anyone with something to say or sell.
I Became “The Wizard of Oz” for Speakers

I was the ‘man behind the curtain”, helping businesses grow… many of them to 8 figures.

We tested what worked and what didn’t, and spent 13 years in the “lab”, working one-on-one with our clients, perfecting our system.

We booked over 25,000 events around the world, generating tens of millions in revenue.

We “won” (meaning we “won” the invitation and privilege) to speak on the most coveted stages out there–Oprah and the White House.

We saw what a huge impact the speakers we worked with were having and wanted to help more people, so we decided to bring our proprietary system to the market, and became our “own client”.

We used our exact system to focus on the biggest opportunities and ignore all the stuff we know doesn’t work. And in the last 3 years, we’ve grown our Advance Your Reach company from zero to $5 million/year in revenue, almost exclusively with stages.

“When you’ve got the right strategy and you know how to leverage the right stages, that can mean millions of dollars to your business. Adding this whole dimension of speaking has opened us up to bigger opportunities than I could’ve ever imagined, bigger partners that we can now incorporate into the other aspects of our business, relationships that I never would’ve formed had we not started to go down this path. I think had we not done this, we would’ve limited ourselves. We would’ve limited our growth.”

– Stu McLaren, Founder of Tribe

“Platform creation and stages are the essence of what I do. If you’ve ever felt called to share your message with the world Pete is the guy you need to learn from.”

– Lance W

“Pete is a guy that not only has helped me significantly, but is someone I know can serve my community in getting their message out to the world.

You already know how books have been key to my success, but what you might not realize is how critical STAGES have been in helping me make a difference and grow my income. There’s no one else out there in the world that understands how to get on the right stages like Pete does.”

– Hal Elrod


“I have done every training that Pete Vargas has ever put out! Every time I hear Pete teach I learn something new that immediately increases my success. This program is one of the best things you can do to take your knowledge as a Posture Expert & go out into your community & grow your practice while making greater impact!”

– Dr. Krista Burns

“For many years, I’ve used stages to grow my business and have seen great results. However, when my good friend Stu McLaren introduced me to Pete, I realized I was just scratching the surface of what was possible…

Pete not only is a great human, but this guy understands how to get on stages and use stages better than anyone I’ve ever met. And, his methodology for winning stages transformed everything I knew about using stages to grow my business, and has helped me share my message with the world in a more powerful way.”

– Ray Edwards

“My very first stage two years ago was an $18,000 stage and fast forward to today and stages as a whole will be a million dollar customer acquisition channel for us this year.”

– Chandler Bolt, Founder of Self-Publishing School

“When you’re on someone else’s stage, they’re hearing the real you. And you’re building that relationship that is required before someone can trust you to then reach out and ask for something and take advantage of your offer.”

– Pat Flynn, Founder of Smart Passive Income

“It’s incredible, the first couple of stages I spoke on were awkward, weird, and it’s fine. It’s like anything, when you get your reps in, you get really good. The first stage I spoke on, only handful of people enrolled. Of the last two stages I spoke on, the first one we had a 100% enrollment into our program. The second one had a 90% enrollment. It’s not a brag, but it just goes to show you that there’s no better way to enroll people than stages.”

– Ryan Levesque, Founder of The Ask Method

“PSA for winning corporate clients: Stop speaking at local networking events, HR groups, and chambers. Instead get booked to speak at the major industry conferences. Pete Vargas’s training on how to find those top-quality stages is is phenomenal.”

– Angelique Rewers

“We were already doing well in speaking, right, but we didn’t have any type of process. I came to you after hearing from people that I really trust that have been through your program and that believed in it.

Then, I went to the seminar in person and I brought my Chief Marketing Officer with me, and it exceeded expectations. We’re just now starting to see some of the dividends of that in about 2 months, and we’re already booking some stages. I couldn’t encourage it anymore. You don’t have to start with the big event in person, but whatever you’re offering, I could not give a higher recommendation for people to try.”

– Brett Hagler

Now, you must remember…
Myself, and Everyone Mentioned Above Do NOT Have Any Majestic or Special Talents…

It’s not that I think I’ve already attained some “ultimate success”, or that I’ve even laid hold of what I was made for. I’m still running the race, just like you – and these days I’m now fully dedicated to helping you win the stages you were made for!

I’m helping business owners from all walks of life, not just the rich & famous. Stages work for everybody because it’s about being authentic and connecting with people’s hearts, and that’s a core human need no matter where you’re from or what industry you’re in.

I didn’t learn any of this stuff out of a book. Actually, when I was brand new, I got overwhelmed by the “shiny tactics” out there and wasted time spinning my wheels on things that didn’t work.

Part of the problem was, nobody had a solution for how to build a businesses by leveraging speaking on stages.

There were books and courses and things like that for how to give a talk, sure. But a complete system? How to build from the ground up? Tell your story, get known, turn your talks into a money machine?
That System Just Didn’t Exist
So We Built It!

I swore if I ever figured it out, I’d help others follow in my footsteps. So I started carefully testing to see what worked with hundreds of my clients.

The Stage to Scale Method is the result. Now, I’d like to show you how you can do all this for your business, too.
Here’s How Stage to Scale works, and
What Happens the Moment You Enroll today…

There are 50 video lessons (all transcribed so you can read along, plus audio files you can download and listen anywhere … on the road, during your lunch hour, whenever you like).

Each lesson focuses on a key piece of growing and scaling from stage–one bite-sized action or tactic you can easily learn and start using immediately. So it’s easy to follow along and implement as you go.
We organized the lessons into 5 sections.
Here’s a preview of what’s inside:

We start with the foundation – this is the first step in implementing the Stage to Scale system. Inside this section, you will learn:

Why Stages matter to “Advance Your Reach” and why they should for you.
What the Stage to Scale Success Path is for all the insightful material in the course.
What a BHAG is and how to create yours to maximize your chances of success in the program
Why aligning the 3 components of Story, Scale, and Stage is essential for your business to thrive


“I continue to use my Signature Talk framework in everything I do. I did my talk in front of 14 people at my Powerhouse Retreat, and made an offer, and 10 people said yes. It was my biggest week = $111,000. A small yet powerful stage!”

– Amy Y.

I believe that your Signature Talk is your single greatest marketing tool one can have in their arsenal.

A common misconception is that you need to create a talk for each speaking gig. YOU DON’T. You can build one high-value presentation which you use over and over again – we call this your Signature Talk. As my good friend and client Stu McLaren says, “It’s easier to find another audience, than it is to create another talk”.

In the first section of Stage to Scale, you will be creating (or refining) yours, using our proprietary Story Braid framework.

Why you should absolutely teach your audience when you speak, not tease them – plus exactly what you should and should not teach (so you don’t destroy your sales)
How to create the perfect Signature talk, and convert 50% – 90% or more of your audience into leads


The best defenses against stage fright, even if you currently can’t talk to people without shaking like a leaf (don’t worry, I’ll walk you through this))
Give great presentations but choke when you have to sell? I’ll teach you how to sell from the heart without sounding being sleazy or salesy (your audience will thank you)
The “room set-up disasters” you’ll find in almost every speaking venue – and why you must take care these before you set foot on stage
Presentation magic: these are the “little hinges swing big doors”… These small tweaks make you into a world-class speaker, even if you’re afraid of speaking
The easy method to pace your delivery so the audience stays on the edge of their seats as long as you’re on stage


How to close big sales numbers from stages even when you can’t sell.
The EXACT time to share your call to action, so the audience takes the action you want them to do (hint: it’s not when you think)
The #1 technique to open and close your talk – it guarantees the audience feels connected to you.
Maximize sales without EVER feeling sleazy, slimy, or salesy.
Our magic formula to maximize your call to action, reduce the perceived risk, and increase urgency so your ideal prospects say “yes!” right there, on the spot.
The five key things you must do during the offer to achieve maximum sales
Don’t fear the Q&A: we show you how to maximize Q&A sessions to your advantage, so you sell more, yet seem less like you’re selling at all.

We put all the “little things” that make a world-class speaker into this one module, and because of that, you will be able to keep the audience on the edge of their seats through your entire talk.

“We took content I was already good at and created a presentation that I could have never created without you. You have an uncanny way of putting sparkle on a presentation that converts. I really appreciate you. Thank you.”

– Shanda Sumpter
HeartCore Business

“Since I implemented Heart-Head-Hand-Heart into my presentations plus 2 or 3 ninja tricks that I learned at Stage EW, I have had two phenomenal nights. Normally our appointment set percentage is 45-50%. The first night I set 17/20 appts and second night 14/14.”

– Caleb Collier, Collier Financial

“There’s so many ways that you can apply this method into anything where you need to communicate a thought, theory, or story, and that’s what I find so easy about it is because it takes away all the brain work.

I just go back to the framework, apply it to the story I want to tell and what I want to teach, and it’s done. And therefore, I eliminate the weeks, upon weeks, upon weeks of practicing, and stressing.”

-Jill Stanton, Screw the 9 – 5

Get immediately download Peter Vargas Stage to Scale

THIS is where you make the revenue! So many people feel limited by their Keynote fees or are unsure how to REALLY make money after you’re done speaking (on the backend). In the Scale section we will teach you how to scale beyond the stage.

How to find your “sweet spot” of offering the right kinds of products that fit your ideal clients
Our exclusive Stage Revenue Model. We’re going to reveal the 8 Ways to Scale Past the Stage, and we show you how how to build all eight!
Ready to make more money while speaking less? Get results without being a “road warrior” (and win back time with your family).


The three different types of opt-ins you can get from a stage and how to use which converts the best
The Art of Collecting Leads: Maximize the number of opt-ins you receive


You get our exclusive Step-by-step Playbook of what to do Pre-Game, Game Time, and Post-Game to maximize sales at every talk you give.
How to systematically increase your “Stage Value Indicator” and earn more with every new stage you speak on
How to increase revenue on Free & Sponsored stages (this is worth the entire value of the program)
The surefire way to position your offer so the audience can “see” themselves receiving the outcome they desire… and so they feel the pain of not saying yes to your offer.


“I’ve been speaking for 20 years. I’ve been a sports broadcaster and an entrepreneur, but this is the first time where I’ve had a real system and a methodology for what I’m doing and how to maximize what’s on the stage. I was just awoken to how much money I’ve probably left speaking on the stage and how I need to build the systems to monetize that stage. Absolutely mind-blowing!”

– Frank Shamrock, UFC Middleweight Champion & Entrepreneur

“I was told for 5 years that I needed to create a digital course. Pete helped me do it in ONE DAY. And that digital course now not only sells over 100 courses every single month, it’s impacting people every single day.”

– Hal Elrod, Miracle Morning

“In the last 6 months … we’ve booked 20+ stages and have brought in $250k+ from the stages I landed. The best part? We now have a scaleable plan (and repeatable system) to continue scaling stages to become a $1M customer acquisition channel for us this year.”

– Chandler Bolt, Self-Publishing School

“I’m two and a half weeks out of the workshop and our numbers are already improving. We normally convert 40% and we’re now already in the 50% range.”

– Romney

“I’m getting asked to be on incredible stages, but working through this workshop and your methodology, I’ve realized that I have left of tens of millions of dollars on the table over the last several years. “I’ve left 10’s of millions of dollars on the table, but not any longer.”

– John Ruhlin

“Listen to Pete Vargas and his program – over the last three years, we have four of our sponsorship speakers that have come out of Advance Your Reach. We have eight other speakers that have had some kind of contact with Advance Your Reach. What he is saying about stage acquisition is working.”

– Don Shaffer

“Pete will teach you how to build a business around your speaking. That, to me, was a revolutionary thought, when he exposed me to the 80-some stages that he had identified, which probably is more than that by now. You’ll learn a ton about how you can monetize your speaking, but not to get ahead of yourself on that they will also help you build the content.

You will feel like you are loved through the process, supported. He reaches out to me, I’m not a client, I’m a fellow and he wants to help me, and I know he goes way beyond that for people who he’s working with. I’m impressed with the work they’re doing.

– Phil Mershon

Now that you are GREAT on stage and you know how to SCALE past the stage, it’s time to start winning stages!

In the “Stage” section of the Stage to Scale Method, you will WIN stages. We will teach you the exact EXACT campaign we used to book over 25,000 stages.

You’ll learn how to craft your personal plan to get on the right stages as soon as possible-after this session, you have total clarity on what to do next, and how you’re going to succeed.

Get inside the mind of the person who controls a stage (the Meeting Planner)… so you know what they need and want, and what their audiences crave. This is the difference between success and failure as a speaker!


Get our exclusive Positioning Checklist, and make sure you create the tools you need to position yourself as THE expert in the market


In-depth into the Five Types of Revenue-generating Stages, and which ones are right for you
The 8 Types of Online Stages. Yes, you read that right, there are eight kinds of stages you can use online – which means you don’t even have to leave your house (if you don’t want to)!
The 8 types of Offline Stages. We show you which stages are right for you, and how to figure out on which of the eight types of offline stations you belong.
How to know which stage is your “dream stage”, and how to win that stage sooner than you think possible.

Find (Gold Mining)

How to find the perfect stages for your market: whether they are corporate, associations, education, small business, faith based, sponsorship, donations, non-profit, entrepreneur, health & wellness, and more!
The fastest way to find and win the right stages: identify and tap into the power of your personal champions.


The 5 marketing channels you must use to win stages, and exactly how to use all 5 of them.
The final session will bring the entire training together, and you create your very own personalized Stage Action Plan – you’ll know exactly what to do next.


“We never thought about Dream Stages before meeting …and now, we think about them all the time. We’re constantly using Dream Stages as our primary booking strategy.

We’ve walked away with 90% of the room, in our hands, on cards, that we’ve been able to follow up with. I would say we probably book from any Dream Stage we do 10 to 20 events just from those events alone.”

– Jeremiah Callihan

“Life changing…I came here thinking I was going to just get a few assets, but I got a whole lot more. I walked away with the business plan. And a BUNCH of a-ha’s – ninja moves. All day long I would recommend this to other people.”

– Romney Navarro
Financial Advisor

“Just follow the script they give you. Follow the rules they give you. That’s the biggest thing that has led us to all of our success. Advance Your Reach does a phenomenal job at documenting everything you need to precisely do. If you just integrate the system into your current systems– it only takes our team and myself a total of one hour a week to book one to two stages.”

– Molly Grubb
Grubb Wealth Mgmt.

“I was asked to be a speaker at a Women in Democracy dinner at the Governor’s Mansion in Seattle in 2018! OMG! I’m honored to be seen as an “inclusion expert” AND that one of my champions recommended me! So many layers of gratitude for this program.”

– Rachel R.

“The response was FANTASTIC. At the evening reception, we received at least a dozen leads, not just individuals, but corporations for our training program for women in Tech. We also received two very good leads for cybersecurity consulting for our consulting group.This stuff works. THANK YOU AGAIN!”

-Karen W.

Inside the Fifth and final section of the Stage to Scale Program, we CELEBRATE you and everything that you have accomplished. There are surprises, advanced content, and other goodies!

We have one of the highest course completion rates because we want EVERYONE to graduate
We have your back every step of the way with our ENTIRE TEAM to answer your questions and give feedback
We celebrate YOUR wins
Graduate with your Bachelor&

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Peter Vargas Stage to Scale

Peter Vargas Stage to Scale

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