Little Black Book of Scripts

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It all starts with knowing what to say. This begins with having a framework of a conversation so that you’re never stuck.

 Little Black Book of Scripts

Little Black Book of Scripts


Durning the last couple of decades we’ve tested, proven and assembled a unique system. This system allows ordinary people in Network Marketing… to become top leaders in their companies.

The KEY part of becoming a Network Marketing superstar… is to be able to talk with anyone at any time about your products or business.

This is step one…

Becoming a fearless prospector and having the confidence to be your best self… in any situation.

It all starts with knowing what to say. This begins with having a framework of a conversation so that you’re never stuck.

Here’s a quick example of my six-step prospecting framework…


Step #1 – Introduction: This is where the conversation starts. Here the connection process begins and you start to connect with your prospect.

There’s certian way you want to do this, that increases a “YES” in the conversation. Inside this training you’ll discover this tactic so you can start to 10X your YES rate.


Step #2 – Ask for Permission to Continue:      

Once I’ve asked the opening question… which by the way, I don’t pause until I do so, I then ask for permission to continue based on their answer.

This part is KEY, because you want to make sure THEY are open to hearing more from you. Now, in this training, we’ll cover everything in great detail… including what to do when they say no.

When they say YES, we move them to the next step, which is…

STEP #3 – Probe and Qualify:

Step #3 – Probe and Qualify:      

This part of the script is based on feel. Here you’ll ask them a series of questions. These are all layed out for you in the Little Black Book of Scripts.

Again… you MUST be paying attention to your prospect’s answers, both WHAT they say and HOW they say it. 

Remember… because the question is in the probing and qualifying section of the script, it doesn’t mean that it MUST be asked. We’ll cover this in great detail inside the course.

The next step is…

STEP #4 – Information Gathering Process:

Step #4 – Take them Through the Information Gathering Process:      

At this step, if you’ve identified that this is someone you would like to work with and it’s a good fit. You then want to move them to a CTA #1(call to action)

Here you’ll send them to a 3rd party tool, like a website, webinar, audio, etc, to learn more information. You also want to setup the next appointment right here.

This way they can view the information and you both can then continue the discussion. Let the tool’s do the work for you!

Then on your next call you’ll…

STEP #5 – Take Their Temperature:

Step #5 – Take their Temperature:      

Here you’ll take their temperature and see what they liked best about the information. You’ll see exactly what to say at this step… it’s all layed out in my done-for-you prospecting scripts.

Once you have postive feedback and you feel they’re ready to get started, it’s on to the last step…

STEP #6 – Closing to Action:

Step #6 – Closing to Action and Getting Started:      

You’re nearing the end of the process with your prospect at this point. They will either not be interested, and if so… you ask for a referral. If they are moderately interested… you find out what they require to make an informed decision, or you sign them up.

If you haven’t signed them up yet, you’re objective is to do so! They probably simply need a little more information and validation. Perhaps even a little time to think about it.

However… if they DO say “I need to think about it”, be sure to ask them, “What is it specifically that you need to think about?”

In this training course, you get scripts showing you exactly how to conduct a 3-way call and how to effectively set up reliable follow-up calls. You’ll also discover how to close your prospects.

Jonas, what I’ve outlined above is a small example of how we move people into the exposure process in a systematic way.

Inside my Little Black Book of Scripts, you’ll get access to ALL my prospecting scripts. This way you can start using them right away and start signing up your next rep within a few days from now.

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Little Black Book of Scripts

Little Black Book of Scripts

$25.00$67.00 (-63%)

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