Paul Mascetta – Influential Expert

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There are six essential steps that must be taken to ensure that when you are ready to reach your audience, you will be able to reach them with maximum power and you will have maximum effect on each and every one of them.

 Paul Mascetta – Influential Expert

Paul Mascetta – Influential Expert


Learn The Same Secrets I Used To Turn My Knowledge Into Recognition, Admiration And Money And How You Can Too In No Time Flat….Guaranteed”

The Influential Expert training program
is composed of five special areas or modules
that I’m going to share with you right now:

MODULE 1 – The Prerequisites

The “fuel in the tank” is composed of three things that an influential expert should possess that will allow him to tide the wave of initial obstacles to his goals and will also allow him to create the best ideas and best strategies when he is trying to implement new plans. The third essential item will be his defense against bad decisions and poor planning.

There are six essential steps that must be taken to ensure that when you are ready to reach your audience, you will be able to reach them with maximum power and you will have maximum effect on each and every one of them.

The single most important step in the whole process involves tapping into your market to discover what they need. The process of creating answers to people‟s needs is no longer one-sided. Some decades ago, companies created products that people may or may not like. It‟s different now – it has been proven again and again that if you interact with people first, you will get a better return of investment. I‟ll show you why in the training program.

After launching your new image and business as an influential expert, there is another step that you need to do if you want to ride the skyrocketing motion of success that is the logical result of all your hard work.

Tired of falling off the wagon when you really want to accomplish? I‟m going to share with you a secret strategy that is so simple (yet it is missed by so many people) that will allow you to produce products and solutions without burning yourself out in the process.

This masterful tip works in any field regardless of where you are right now in your career path. It doesn‟t matter if you‟re in engineering or writing, this tip will work and you will be extremely happy that you did follow this tip because you won‟t have to deal with „falling off the wagon‟ ever again.

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MODULE 2: Your Image

There are 5 key components needed to build your credibility as an influential expert from ground up.

These components will allow you to communicate with your audience in an effective manner, without sparking resistant or doubt as to whether your words are true or not.

These components will also ensure that you will be well respected as an influential expert and people will love you for what you are doing and for what you represent. The best thing about all of these key components is that all of them can be learned and developed over time.

The spoken language is the most direct way of relaying information to other people. People expect you to be not only articulate in what you want to convey but also effective, generally, as a communicator.

There are seven distinct techniques that are used worldwide by gurus from every field that you can apply to your own seminars, speeches, etc.

These techniques are effective because they create a natural connection to your audience and your audience will readily respond to you because the communication is so flawless and effortless.

These techniques will also help you develop better self-confidence and will boost your natural communication skills so you would be absolutely ready to speak any time.

Using these techniques will allow you to convey all of your ideas easily and masterfully. Let the expert in you shine with these seven essential techniques!

Spoken language accounts for only 30% of face to face interactions.

Believe it or not, verbal language accounts for 60% – 70% of the content in our face to face conversations.

If you want to be an effective speaker, you need to learn how to appear truthful and sincere with just your body language. You also need to learn how to increase the intensity of people‟s emotions and thoughts with a simple gesture.

I‟m going to teach you all of these inside the training program, don‟t worry. I‟m also going to show you a little-known technique that will allow you to speak for hours without exhausting yourself.

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MODULE 3: Creating Your Role

People are naturally drawn to stories. As children, we grew up with family lore and that is our first introduction into the larger local culture.

Naturally, people prefer stories to hard facts and opinion, so it you need to make one yourself.

In this module I‟m going to show you how to create your personal story in such a way that people would believe it and your story would be something that people would value immensely.

You will be creating an instant connection with people through your personal story and your story will become your own personal brand.

Creating a new, powerful role for yourself involves five distinct steps.

These steps will enable you to clearly delineate yourself from others and these steps will also help you pare down the options. I know for a fact that many of you can do different things at once. But is this really the best approach if you wish to become a relevant and influential expert?

Later in the module I‟m going to show you how to increase the relevance of your public image by improving how people perceive you. Believe it or not, it‟s up to you – not up to the public. If the public views you poorly, that means you are doing something wrong. The public image that we project to people is always our personal product not the product of the public imagination.

In the final phase of this module, we are going to explore the three main paths that you can peruse as an influential expert. Influential experts are known for their knowledge and expertise, but if you do not set out on a definite path, you won‟t be able to sustain the effort. You need to find out which type of expert you are.

There are three main routes that you can explore. Each route focuses on a particular aspect of being an expert. Some experts are really good at straight information, while some prefer to focus on something else. You will find out what type of expert you really are in this part of the module.

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MODULE 4: Solidifying Your Role

It doesn‟t matter if you‟re 25 or 50 – you still have to study because your main role now is that of an expert and true experts don‟t stop studying.

I‟m going to show you how you can create direct output from your studies and how you can make sure that what you‟re producing is viable material for future products.

When you are done researching and organizing all the knowledge that you can get your hands on, it‟s time to introduce you the various vehicles that you can use for all of your expert knowledge. There are several vehicles or media that you can use.

The more traditional vehicle will allow you to add text and images directly unto the media. Another type will allow you to add your voice to the material. Still another vehicle will allow you to add graphics and recordings of your material.

For those who want the whole package, I‟m also going to teach you some fine pointes on establishing a stable foothold on the World Wide Web and how you can use the World Wide Web as an effective information and sales platform for your new business. It‟s not as hard as you may think – I‟ll show you the way.

Discover a masterful strategy in getting people to trust you by way of giving value immediately to people.

You‟ll also learn the many ways that you can add value to your brand or product so you can sell to people more easily afterward. The goal is to of course sell well and I‟m going to help you achieve that.

Find out how you can use people‟s own words to boost your businessthrough the power of social validation.

Discover an easy way to utilize your competition so that all the benefits flow into your business.

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MODULE 5: Maximizing Your Role

Discover a quick and cost-effective way to reach literally millions of potential clients and audiences across the country and around the world.

Find out how you can start creating the executive circle of customers that will give credibility and income to your new business.

Learn how you can continually improve your ability to communicate with your audience

Find out how the true influence experts adapt to the changing times

Create different avenues for your knowledge using different vehicles of information

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Paul Mascetta – Influential Expert

Paul Mascetta – Influential Expert

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