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We couldn’t be more thrilled to have you taking your next step into achieving your dreams as a writer by purchasing the lifetime All-Access Package for AuthorConf. In these 35 presentations and inverviews that you will be able to access from your computer, tablet, or phone

Patrick Vlaskovits – Unwrap Your All-Access Package

Patrick Vlaskovits – Unwrap Your All-Access Package

Check it out: Patrick Vlaskovits – Unwrap Your All-Access Package

Dear Future Bestselling Author,

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have you taking your next step into achieving your dreams as a writer by purchasing the lifetime All-Access Package for AuthorConf.

In these 35 presentations and inverviews that you will be able to access from your computer, tablet, or phone, you will uncover:

  • How a book positions you as an authority that CNN, Disney, and Penguin want to listen to
  • The #1 mistake aspiring (and bestselling!) authors make in book proposals
  • The 4 psychological reasons people buy books
  • The trick to speakers bureaus and how authors can get high speaking fees
  • Writer’s block is total BS — find how pre-writing is the insider SECRET to writer’s block
  • The unfair tactics that professional book marketers use to create bestselling books over and over again
  • How to sell a self-published book to a traditional publisher for six figures
  • Avoid these common pitfalls that doom book crowdfunding campaigns
  • The only 3 reasons to do a traditional publishing deal – and why you should self-publish otherwise
  • Why some of the most successful authors use ghostwriters
  • The easiest way to build 7-figure infoproducts and courses based on your books

AuthorConf will have you knowing more about what works in modern publishing than 99.9999% of authors out there

With +35 bestselling authors, agents, publishing professional, ghostwriters and marketing experts speaking, AuthorConf is guaranteed to be one of the most valuable events of the year for aspiring, current and future bestselling authors.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? The authors at AuthorConf have collectively sold over ten million books. Yes, 10,000,000!

Here is a preview into your journey into mastering success as a professional author:

  • The Book is the New Business Card! Entrepreneurs, business coaches, consultants all know that nothing — literally nothing else — establishes credibility and authority like having written a book. Even better, self-published books no longer suffer from the stigma they unfairly suffered for years.You can achieve higher speaking fees, better consulting arrangements, and a more fulfilling career by writing your first book. Would you do business without a business card – why do business without a book?
  • Discovering the secrets between the Pros and Amateurs! Writing and successfully publishing a book doesn’t have to be a never-ending thankless exercsie in agony.It is entirely possible to take the secrets of the Pros and publish great books that are read widely, that leave a legacy to your family and friends, and establish you as an expert authority. AuthorConf’s experts show you exactly how.
  • Most book marketing today is done by authors, not by publishers! First-time authors are always surprised to learn that publishers expect the authors to do 99% of the heavy-lifting of marketing a book. And if you’re not Oprah Winfrey, book marketing can seem daunting.But book marketing isn’t hard – at all – when you know the latest tips and tricks by AuthorConf’s professional book marketers.
  • There is no better time to write a book than right now! This year’s science-fiction movie hit, The Martian, starring Matt Damon started off as a blog-to-book deal. Heard of a mega-hit (and self-published!) 50 Shades of Grey?The tools to self-publish have never been easier to use and more available. AuthorConf speaker James Altucher self-published a very profitable WSJ bestselling book – you can too! What’s more is that traditional publishers are buying self-published hits all the time.


The Experts You’ll soon be learning from in the authorconf all access package

Tucker Max

3x #1 New York Times Bestselling Author & CEO of Book In A Box
Tucker Max

Why The Book Is The New Business Card And How to Stand Out As Expert Authority

  • What are the ONLY 3 reasons you should use a traditional publisher
  • Why publishers handwrote him letters telling him to never write again
  • How to go from fired lawyer to 3x #1 New York Times bestselling author
  • How he became the first person to go from blog-to-bestseller and blog-to-movie
  • 3 questions you MUST answer to figure out the book you should write
  • What Pablo Picasso can teach you about making money as an author
  • The #1 thing we can do to make the world a better place
Jeffrey Gitomer

NYT Bestselling Author of 9 Books, Sales in the Millions
Jeffrey Gitomer

How To Start From Nothing, Sell Millions Of Books & Dominate Your Entire Category

  • 3 Reasons how he went from college dropout in Germany to selling millions of bestselling books
  • Discover why he REFUSES to write in the first person
  • Why people don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy
  • How he wrote a book that will outlive him
  • Why you must write about how the reader wins AND make it easy for people to reach out to you
  • The #1 thing all publishers care about more than anything else
Rachel Hanfling

Media Coach & Emmy Nominated TV Producer for Anderson Cooper & Oprah
Rachel Hanfling

Media Training 101: How to Pitch TV, Radio, Print, and Online

  • How to position yourself for media, PR and publicity opportunities
  • The 5 P’s for succeeding at a high level as a media personality
  • Tips and tools to boost Your presence, influence and income
James Altucher

Author of 17 Books, including WSJ Bestseller Choose Yourself
James Altucher

How to Bypass Traditional Publishers And Self-Publish Bestsellers

  • Why you should self-publish 99.99% of the time
  • The #1 common theme in every good book, both fiction and nonfiction
  • How you can create your own global movement
  • Which social media channels are the best to create your own platform
  • Why typing out the books your favorite authors have written can take your writing to the next level
Scott Hoffman

Founder of Folio Lit, Representing 150 New York Times Bestselling Authors
Scott Hoffman

Understanding Traditional vs. Self-Publishing, How To Write A Killer Proposal & Secure An Agent

  • Why your book can change the lives of others
  • The 4 reasons people buy books
  • How YOU can get a 6-figure book advance
  • How to choose between traditional and self-publishing
  • 3 Elements of successful book proposals
  • The #1 mistake new authors and bestselling authors make ALL the time with their proposal
  • The Film at 11 Rule: Why people don’t like books as a medium for bad news
  • Why now is the best time in history to be an author and anybody who says books are dead is flat-out lying to you
Lisa DiMona

Literary Agent To Multiple NYT Bestselling Authors, Including Seth Godin, Josh Kaufman, Tara Mohr, Srini Rao & Ramit Sethi
Lisa DiMona

How To Get Discovered And How To Work With An Agent

  • Why the reason you are writing a book matters
  • How ‘bookiness’ matters to your agent and publisher, and why it should matter to you
  • Why knowing your book’s logline is critical to writing a good proposal
  • The value in presenting information in new ways in books
  • Why good agents are like consiglieres and cheerleaders
Tim Sanders

New York Times Bestselling Author & Former Yahoo Executive
Tim Sanders

Living The Life Of An Author, Speaker And In-Demand Thought Leader

  • How to become a New York Times bestselling author by accident
  • Why no great book is written by one person on their own
  • How to avoid burnout, stay creative, and keep energized
  • What is the Speaker’s Bureaus and the secret to working with them
  • The #1 most important element for a Speaker’s Success
  • 3 Most important things for getting discovered as an author — it’s not what you think!
Jay Papasan

#1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of The One Thing
Jay Papasan

Transforming An Idea Into A Mass-Market International Bestseller

  • The art, science, and quirks of an uber-successful publishing journey
  • How to put yourself in the shoes of your audience and write for them
  • How to manage a project, work with coauthors, and produce bestselling books
Stephanie Land

Ghostwriter & Editor for Gary Vaynerchuk and others
Stephanie Land

How To Work With A Ghostwriter and Co-Create Bestselling Books

  • Why you never know what you are actually interested in until you give it a try
  • What it’s like working with authors such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Jon Krakauer, Seth Godin, Naomi Wolf, Spencer Johnson, Herb Boyd, J. Edward Russo and Paul Schoemaker, and Gary Klein
  • Riding or Setting: Where on the wave is your book?
  • What really is a ghostwriter and how they get the best book out of you
  • How to get over the resistance of a ghostwriter as an author and reader
  • How to think of your audience as a ghostwriter
Srinivas Rao

WSJ Bestselling Author and Host of the Unmistakable Creative Podcast
Srini Rao

Podcasting: How To Use An Old Medium To Reach New Readers

  • How to go from podcast to influential author
  • Are there still opportunities in podcasting or has the ship sailed?
  • Why he didn’t even know he was a WSJ bestselling author
Matt Kepnes

New York Times Bestselling Author & Travel Expert
Matt Kepnes

Turning Your Passion Into A Successful Writing Career

  • How to get featured in the New York Times, CNN, National Geographic, Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and BBC
  • The importance of creating a following before launching your book
  • Why having a published book gives you more credit than your blog
  • Is blogging still relevant?
Sunni Brown

Author of Oprah Book Selection, The Doodle Revolution
Sunni Brown

Visually Wowing Your Readers With Design And Humor

  • The Oprah Effect and what that could mean for your book
  • Being comfortable in the public eye and starting TED Talks with dirty jokes
  • Why doodling can make you a better writer

America’s Bestselling Business Book Publisher, Millions of Books Sold
Ray Bard

Finding Your Audience, Finding Your Category & Solving A Market Need

  • The Ray Bard Principle of Finding the Right Audience
  • 5-Frames of books you need to know NOW!
  • The different types of customers and why they matter to your business
  • Secret to an effective 60-second message
  • How to give your readers a ridiculous amount of value
  • The RIGHT way to publish a great book that sells
Alexander Osterwalder

Bestselling Author of Business Model Generation with Millions of Copies Sold
Alexander Osterwalder

From A Book To A Social Object To A Global Movement

  • Apple Design Principles: How to create a book as social object and movement
  • The future of strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Building a meta-communication tool and what that means for your book
  • How a peer-to-peer model can growth hack global social movements

Author of Write. Publish. Repeat. & Co-Host of The Self-Publishing Podcast
Sean Platt

How Writers “Wreally” Write & How To Self-Publish Your Own Bestselling Fiction Books

  • How to use “pre-writing” to keep you from being dead in the water
  • Writer’s Block is total BS, Find out why!
  • Has Amazon killed the Golden Goose of serialization?
  • Why you should never rule out writing fiction
  • The beauty of treating writing like a science, not an art
  • How to create worlds and characters that write themselves
  • Discover why JK Rowling’s slammed every single one of her critics
  • Can you handle the 4-minute mile of writing?
Mel Abraham

Author of The Entrepreneur’s Solution & Founder of Business Breakthrough Academy
Mel Abraham

How You Need To Structure The Business Side Of Your Author Career

  • How to think about and structure your book like a business
  • The importance of finding entrepreneurial professionals to advise you
  • Not a natural writer? Dictate yours instead
  • Find yourself an entrepreneurial CPA with these auestions
Shaa Wasmund

#1 Bestselling Business Book Author & Founder of Smarta
Shaa Wasmund

How To Create Profitable Masterminds, Retreats, And Conferences

  • How to position yourself as an authority that CNN, Disney, and Penguin want to listen to
  • Why you should write for your niche and nobody else
  • How online courses can build an email list
  • Lessons learned from Don King and Sir James Dyson
  • 4 Tools you need to plan your next event
John Durant

Author of The Paleo Manifesto & Founder of Wild Ventures
John Durant

How To Create, Write For, And Connect With Your Tribe


  • Why you should welcome enemies into your tribe to achieve greater success
  • Masculine or Feminine: Where do your ideas fall?
  • How does your Tribal Core want to be represented?
  • Hacking the minds of publishers, bookstores, and bookshelves
Neil Patel

World’s Leading Content Marketer for Amazon & NBC, 3x Startup Founder
Neil Patel

Growing Your Influence And Reach With Content Marketing

  • How he created a blog with over 10,000,000 visitors each year
  • Why Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, Techcrunch, and Viacom have all come to Neil to grow their digital revenue
  • Tips and tools on getting more traffic to your website TODAY
  • What founding three successful startups have taught him that you can apply to marketing anything
  • How to build a high-converting sales funnel
  • When and how often should you email your list
  • Must-Follow proccesses for growing YOUR online platform
  • 5 Marketing metrics you need to track so you aren’t flying blind
Clay Hebert

Crowdfunding Expert Who Has Raised Over $30 Million
Clay Hebert

Crowdfunding Your Next Book And Raising Millions Before You Launch

  • Crowdfunding Momentum: How he’s helped over 130 entrepreneurs raise over $30 million on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo
  • Getting rewards and pricing right on your crowdfunded book
  • Avoid the easy mistakes that everyone makes when crowdfunding
Ryan Williams

Author & Host of The Influencer Economy
Ryan Williams

Influencing Influencers And Attracting Celebrities To Your Projects

  • Why you can influence influencers from Day 1
  • Picking the right medium for you: podcasts, blogs, and books
  • How to have New York Times bestselling authors coming to you for advice before you ever publish your first book

Growth Hacker & Book Marketer for over 20 New York Times Bestselling Books
Brent Underwood

The Basics Of Book Marketing & How To Get Media Coverage

  • How Newsjacking can growth hack your book launch
  • A Maestro Book Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing for Book Launches
  • How he marketed not one, but 20 New York Times bestselling books
  • The Elements of an effective media publication pitch
  • Why you MUST bake marketing and positioning into your writing
Rachel Kersten

Product Creator for Bestselling Authors with over $35-Million in Sales
Rachel Kersten

Beyond The Book: How To Develop A Successful Online Course

  • Why you should start selling your course BEFORE you develop it
  • How to avoid dreaded writer’s block when creating a course syllabus
  • 3 Fail-safe methods to organize your course content
  • How to avoid the Field of Dreams Mistake
  • The Ugly Jerry: How you can change buyers perception from Yes or No to Which Version Should I Buy?
  • How pricing helps customers decide to buy your course
Jon Levy

Human Behavior Expert & Founder of Influencers
Jon Levy

How To Access The A-List And Build A World-Class Network

  • The Benjamin Franklin Principle of Asking for Favors
  • Why you shouldn’t ever tell a celebrity that you’re their biggest fan
  • Don’t fall into the False Familiarity Trap
  • Taking care with the Trading Up Strategy
  • Why YOU must give celebrities and influencers a disproportionate amount of value first
  • How the Silicon Valley networks and why you should never diss the less influential
Nathan Barry

Author of Authority & CEO of ConvertKit
Nathan Barry

How To Turn Your Books Into A Six-Figure Side Business

  • How to build and successfully monetize your email list from scratch
  • Should you 100% self-publish OR sell on Amazon?
  • Your New Best Friend: Double or even Triple your revenue with a tiered pricing model
  • How to build 6-figure and 7-figure infoproducts to accompany your book
Keith Perhac

Advisor for NYT Bestselling Authors & Co-Founder of SummitEvergreen
Keith Perhac

Repurposing Content: How To Not Fall Off The Revenue Cliff

  • Learnings from running 7-figure launches
  • Why you should repurpose your blog content
  • Content is hard: How to utilize your audience to give you a creative boost for content
  • Hack your product sales with targeted content
  • The psychology of bad reviews and how they can improve your business
  • Keep your audience engaged with online course content “dripping”
Justin Mares

Author of Traction & Startup Founder
Justin Mares

Going From Self-Published Book To Having A Traditional Publisher Court You

  • Why Tier 1 publishers are looking for bestselling self-published books
  • What you can learn from startups to market your book
  • How to leverage the reach of others to propel your book and YOU
Nick Morgan

Speaking Coach to Emmy-Award Winners & NYT Bestselling Authors
Nick Morgan

The Business Of Public Speaking And Why Storytelling Is The Golden Ticket

  • 3 Unknown mistakes every speaker should avoid
  • 6 Things you must have to become a successful speaker
  • How to use the Art of Storytelling to become the best speaker!
  • What is the Fundamental Foundation to a great speech
  • Elements EVERY remarkable speech must incorporate
  • The best way to start a powerful speech: Framing the moment
Jordan Harbringer

On-Air Talent & Founder of The Art Of Charm
Jordan Harbinger

How To Monetize Your Podcast And Build Your Social Influence

  • Forget launching your own podcast to sell books
  • How to get on podcasts that actually move books
  • The reality of launching your own podcast
  • What is a Podcast Blitzkrieg for succesful book launches

Author of 8 Books, Writing Coach, Contributor to NY Times, GQ & Playboy
Spike Gillespie

The Art Of Memoir & Books As A Tool For Healing

  • How to write your memoir and find YOUR audience
  • The evolution of stories and books in the digital age
  • How to heal others and YOURSELF through your writing
  • Why writing can alleviate suffering
  • Non-traditional perspectives on a successful writing career
Pagan Kennedy

Award Winning Author, Former NYT Columnist & Pioneer of the Zine Movement
Pagan Kennedy

The Art Of Invention & How To Develop Ideas For A Book

  • Why finding a great book idea means throwing out many good ideas
  • How to develop ideas, topics. and hooks that sell publishers
  • Why timeless trumps timely and how to make your book stay relevant
Brian Solis

New York Times Bestselling Author & Global Influencer
Brian Solis

How To Design A One-Of-A-Kind Reader Experience Through A Book

  • Why you should rethink the look of your book in the Digital Age
  • How to User Experience (UX) your design for a killer reader experience
  • The power of a collaborative team for your book
Tom Morkes

Bestselling Book Marketer & Author
Tom Morkes

The Step-by-Step Bestseller Process

  • The Bulletproof Book Launch Strategy
  • 14 Principles to successfully launch a book over and over again
  • How to write a killer pitch email
  • Secrets to a bestselling book launch
  • Product Launch 101: How to impact the RIGHT audience
Jocelyn Glei

Bestselling Author of 3 books, Founding Editor of 99U
Jocelyn Glei

How to Build, Inspire And Serve Your Community Through Books

  • How to leverage experts in your community to contribute awesome content
  • Why building selective partnerships will help you sell a ton of books
  • How to develop books that your audience will use again and again
  • 3 tips you need to follow if you want to succeed
  • What does “community” really mean and how do you find what they NEED
Claire Diaz Ortiz

Author of 7 books & Helped Put the Pope on Twitter
Claire Diaz Ortiz

Rapidly Accelerate The Writing Process & Market For Impact On Social Media

  • How to turn a crappy 1st draft into a genius manuscript
  • Ways to maximize your time and FINISH THAT BOOK!
  • How to write a great book while still enjoying life
  • Tools and practices for becoming a more efficient writer
  • The TWEET Model: Leveraging the power of Twitter for a successful book launch

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Patrick Vlaskovits – Unwrap Your All-Access Package

Patrick Vlaskovits – Unwrap Your All-Access Package

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